US Lawmakers Propose a Bill That Will Mitigate Risks from El Salvador’s Bitcoin Use

The world has been closely watching the situation in El Salvador ever since the country decided to drop the Dollar and adopt Bitcoin in full. It has led to an Read More

President Biden’s Executive Crypto Order Will Destroy the US Industry, Ex-Treasury Official Says

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Australia Proposes New Laws that Will Regulate Cryptocurrencies and Online Transactions

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The First Bitcoin ETF Begins Legal Trading

Eight years ago, the Winklevoss twins first applied for a legal ETF (Bitcoin exchange-traded fund). That was a long time ago, and since then, the USA SEC has blocked all Read More

With a Possible Market Crash Soon, Financial Advisor and Celebrity Recommends Stocking Up on Cryptos and Gold

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PayPal Expands Services with Bitcoin Investments

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Rise of Stablecoins and EU Calls for Tracable Transfers Leads to Massive Price Drops

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US Inflation at the Highest Point – Bitcoin Tanks as a Result

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Mexican Drug Cartel Members Charged with Money Laundering Via Bitcoin Casinos

A couple of weeks back, the US Department of Justice has charged six individuals with money laundering. The persons were part of a Mexican drug cartel that has been laundering Read More

DC Court Rules That Bitcoin is a Form of Money

A Washington DC court recently ruled Bitcoin a form of “money” which was instrumental in the United States vs. Harmon case. The ruling played a key role in the court Read More