Panama’s President’s Blocks Law that Should Have Regulated Bitcoin and DAOs

For a while, Panama’s been on the list of the next countries to legally recognize Bitcoin and DAOs. The crypto law was supposed to be passed soon, but it’s now Read More

The EU Moving Closer with New Crypto Legislative Package

Experts in Europe believe that the European Union is nearing a deal that will introduce the special legislative package known as MiCA, which is short for Markets in Crypto Assets. Read More

Lithuania the Latest European Country to Adopt a Crypto Law

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After Making it Legal Tender, CAR Plans on Launching the First Bitcoin Investment Platform

More than a month has passed since the Central African Republic decided to make Bitcoin legal tender, and now it’s planning to launch the first Bitcoin investment platform. It’s more Read More

A High Court in China Says Bitcoin has Economic Value

China was once the world’s biggest Bitcoin mining center, until the government decided to push miners out of the way. Since then, there’s been plenty of talk about legalizing cryptocurrencies, Read More

As the MiCa Legislation Nears, the European Commission Warns That It Might Breach Trade Law

The MiCa legislation is reaching final stages, sparking concerns that it could breach international trade laws. Per CoinDesk’s report, a document from the European Commission raises serious doubts about the Read More

The Central African Republic Officially Makes Bitcoin Legal Tender

It’s not just El Salvador anymore. Last week, the Central African Republic made Bitcoin legal tender, becoming the second country in the world to do so. It’s the first African Read More

Brazil’s Senate Proposes a Bitcoin Law After Its Popularity in the Country Soars

Great news for bitcoin fans in Brazil. In a plenary session earlier this week, the Senate approved a cryptocurrency bill that paves the way for official crypto regulation in the Read More

Mexico Pondering Bitcoin Legalization

At the Bitcoin conference that took place in Florida a couple of weeks ago, Ricardo Salinas, founder of the Salinas Group, stated that Mexico is looking into the possibility of Read More

Honduras’ Special Economic Zone Makes Bitcoin Legal Tender

Ever since El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender, many other countries have been contemplating the same move. Of course, it’s not easy just quitting the dollar, as it’s an established Read More