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  • 20+ Casino Games
  • Multi Player Games
  • Pick Your Odds

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Site Name: Strike Sapphire
Network: Proprietary
US Players Accepted: No
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Strike Sapphire

One site that you just have to take a look at in your quest to find a brilliant Bitcoin accepting online casino at which to play at is the brand new Strike Sapphire Casino site that has been designed to give casino players, from all over the world, the best gaming experience bar none!

You can sign up in seconds and once you are a member you will be able to play any of their wide and growing range of casino games a try for free or you can play for free and win prizes or if you prefer you can get stuck into playing any of their games via the real money versions of the games, and that is where those Bitcoins will be there for the taking!

The Bitcoin Casino site really has had no expense spared in its design and being a completely user friendly casino site is has been developed with you, the end user in mind, and as such it really is a breeze to navigate around and the game playing controls are easy to find and operate!

Below we have compiled a small collection of reasons why you should give this great looking and brand new Strike Sapphire Casino a try, read through them all and then you will be in a good position to make an informed decision on whether it is worthy of your custom, and having played there ourselves we most certainly think it is!

Over 20 Top Paying Games – We can guarantee that whatever the casino games are that you like to play and return to time and time again, you are going to find them offered to you as a player at the Strike Sapphire Casino site.

As all of their games have free to play options, then if you are new to this Bitcoin accepting casino site why not have a session playing at no risk, and check each and every game out for yourself completely free of charge, you will soon discover just how great playing they are, and the free play games are structured and operate just in the same way as the real money versions.

So by playing for free you will get a true and honest feel for just how great paying these games are, and remember you can be confident that their gaming suite is fair and random and you can verify their payouts yourself!

Play Multiple Games at Once – Another cool feature which you will not find at other Bitcoin Casinos but one that is readily on offer here is that you are able to open up to six, yes six games all at the same time, and instead of these games all being in their own windows when you open more than one game at Strike Sapphire Casino you are playing them in one easy to use and see game window!

This really is going to appeal to a lot of players, probably players who like setting the games to play themselves via the auto play setting and then simply sitting back and watching them all playing out before their own eyes!

Multi Player Bitcoin Games – One thing you may really enjoy is the fact that the majority of the casino games which can be instantly accessed at the Strike Sapphire Casino site are multi player games, this means you can sit down and get stuck into your favourite games and be playing them alongside players who could be from any part of the world.

As such thanks to chat room boxes you can, if you want to of course, chat and interact with those fellow players, wish them good luck, heckle them or whatever you want to do to them, within reason of course!

There are not that many casinos offering you 100% fair and random games and games that can be played instantly in a multi player format, however that is exactly what you will find on offer should you sign up and become a new player at the Strike Sapphire Casino site which we really think you should do one day soon!

Pick Your Odds Slot Games – The one type of games which really does stand out from most others at the Strike Sapphire Casino site are the bitcoin slot games which let you select your own winning odds, these games really do have to be seen to be believed, and as you are always in control of the winning and payout odds then you will certainly have a much fairer chance of winning!

We really do rate the Strike Sapphire Casino site highly and as such are more than happy to introduce you to them as being one of our top rated online casino sites, you won’t find a better run site offering Bitcoin casino games than this one!