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Site Name: Satoshi’s Roulette
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Satoshi’s Roulette

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We are pleased to introduce to you the new Satoshi’s Roulette site that has just been launched online, it was on June the first 2013 that they launched this standalone Roulette site which is unique in as much as it offers a single zero Roulette game, which you can prove is fair and random yourself and they accept and allow deposits using Bitcoin.

There are many unique qualities of the Satoshi’s Roulette site and to give you an overview why we think this is the ideal site for everyone wanting to play Roulette online for real money, and completely anonymously then have a good look through this review and make your own mind up!

Unique URL – When you log onto the Satoshi’s Roulette website you are issued with your own unique and exclusive URL and this is what you need to access your own unique gaming session. So when you log in and make a deposit using Bitcoin it is advisable that you bookmark that URL so you can return to the game whenever you so please.

By using this unique URL you are never forced to have to sign up or register or even log into any kind of gaming platform, as the Roulette game offered is web browser based, so in fact if you have made a note of your URL you can play it from any device using a web browser whenever and where ever you are.

Single Zero Roulette – You will find a number of Bitcoin accepting sites online, however you really do need to pay attention in regards to the Bitcoin Roulette game variant they are offering you for many sites tend to give you access to a very poor paying variant.

However, when you play at the Satoshi’s Roulette site it is the European Roulette games you will be able to play and this means the house edge you are playing against on each spin you make is just 2.70%, and when you compare it to the 5.26% house edge on the American Roulette variants offered elsewhere you can see why playing here has its benefits!

Bitcoin Deposits – You can be up and play Roulette quickly and with no fuss or hassle at the Satoshi’s Roulette site, for they allow quick and easy deposits using Bitcoin. You are free to withdraw your account balance at any time you like and as such your withdrawals are paid rapidly back to you.

Please be aware that your deposits will have to be verified before they will pay out your winnings, however this never takes too long so any winnings you do amass will be sent back to you without any large time delays!

Fair Roulette Games – One of the major advantages of playing at Satoshi’s Roulette apart from the obvious fact that this is a Bitcoin accepting Roulette player’s site, is that you can prove their games are completely fair and random. This is done by the server calculating the hash value of the next game that is going to be played at their site along with the random string and the game identification number.

For any of you may be thinking is it possible the outcome of the next game can be predicted, this is of course not possible due to the sheer number of possible outcomes.

However, once the game has been set in motion and the result declared you can then verify that the outcome was indeed completely random and fairly arrived at, to do this just click on the hash value that is published alongside the result of the game you wish to verify yourself and all will be revealed.

This way of ensuring that you are getting a fair and random game of Roulette is why the Satoshi’s Roulette site is proving to be a big hit with Roulette players who are seeking a great online Roulette playing experience at a site that always pays you promptly when you win!

Point and Click Format – When you play any kind of Roulette game the aim is for you to have all your bets placed before the Croupier announces no more bets please. As there is a new game of Roulette played at Satoshi’s Roulette once every 40 seconds or so, then the way in which you place your wagers is important.

When you are playing Roulette here all you need to do to place all of your wagers is to point your mouse at the betting locations on the betting layout in front of your and click those bets in places, as soon as you have placed your wagers then you simply sit back and watch the ball spinning around the wheel once the onscreen time has ticked down to zero, and winning bets are paid out and then the countdown for the next game will begin!