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Satoshi Bet

A site that all you Bitcoin users should find interesting, if you like playing casino games of course, is the Satoshi Bet site, this is a recently launched online casino site offering a small yet very dynamic collection of casino games.

Being a Bitcoin casino they have the unique position of allowing players to verify that their casino games are fair themselves, you are never left wondering if the cards being dealt out to you, the spin of the slot games reels or the spin of the  roulette game is completely fair and honest!

This casino is shortly going to be releasing a new suite of additional casino games and as such it is certainly one site for you to keep your eyes on, and if you like their current suite of games, which are listed below then their new games, will tick all of the right boxes too!

One other major advantage for Bitcoin users is that you are able to play the games offered anonymously so you are not going to have to give them all manner of personal documents nor will you either have to give them your banking details, for you can instantly deposit using Bitcoin and all winnings are then paid back to your Bitcoin Wallet account.

Let us now take a quick look at the Satoshi Bet casino games currently available, be aware that these games are instantly available to play and as such you do not need to download any software for they are all browser based casino games that load instantly and are ready to play whenever you want to play them!

One Zero Roulette – The Roulette game found at the Satoshi Bet is going to impress you, it is a simple single zero variant and that will mean the house edge on this game is fairly low and works out at just 2.70%, and which very big and easy to find and use game playing controls you will have plenty of winning opportunities when you play Roulette at Satoshi Bet Casino.

You will also be able to keep all of your previously made bets on the Roulette table and as such if you like repeating the same numbers on each bet you make then this game playing feature will appeal to you.

If you were wondering what the paybacks are on this game, they are exactly the same as found on all single zero European Roulette game variants with the best paying bet being a straight up number which pays you out at odds of 35 to 1, if of course you bet on the winning number!

Casino War Game – The way in which the Casino War game which is another of the easy to play games on offer at Satoshi Bet works is simple, it is you playing what is known as a heads up game with the Dealer. You first need to pick a stake level at which to play and then give the Deal button a click.

Once this has been done then the Dealer will deal a card to you and a card to himself, and the highest valued card wins the game! In the event of a tied hand then you go to war and place another stake and another card is dealt out to you and the Dealer.

This is a simple 50/50 type of casino card game and one that is going to appeal to players who like very easy to play card games and ones that can often result in your going on a long and wild winning streak, sop do give it a try if you are feeling rather lucky today!

Lucky 7 Slot Game – The lucky 7 slot game is based on the more commonly found classic slots that are found in casinos all over the world, and as such if you like playing simple playing slot machines then you are going to love the playing structure of this one.

You are going to be able to put into play just one single win line and with a large every growing jackpot up for grabs it is certainly a slot game that can return some rather high payouts, in fact there are many different symbols in play on the slot reels and whenever you complete a winning combination of three of them on that single payline you will win a cash prize.

You can also choose to set the auto play setting when you are playing this Bitcoin Lucky 7 slot game and this will then allow you to sit back with maybe your feet up and a drink in your hand and what all of your pre programmed games all playing out, all winnings are instantly added to your credit meter and you can turn off the auto play setting whenever you wish.