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How do you fancy playing at an online gaming site where there is no house taking a chunk of your potential winnings via the house edge that you find attached to all casino games? Well if you are then allow us to introduce you to the phenomenon that is the brand new Peer Bet site where there is no such thing as a house edge attached to any of their games!

The Peer bet site is one of the only sites we have ever seen in as much as you are not playing against the house but instead you are gambling directly with other players, so if they lose you win, but if they win you lose!

This site really does turn gambling upside and on its head, and with all of the gambling opportunities on offer at Peer Bet being zero house edge then you have a fair chance of winning much more often hat you would at other online gambling sites!

Not only that but as the Peer Bet site accepts and allows you to make your deposits using Bitcoin, and also allows you to bet and gamble using Bitcoin then any winnings you make are paid back out to you at lightning speed using, you guessed it Bitcoin!

Let us now show you in a little more detail just what you will find on offer at the Bitcoin accepting Peer Bet site, we just know that when you discover just how easy their games are and with the added advantage of having no house edge to worry about, you will want to give this brand new gaming site a try!

Betting Wheel – You may get to like the betting wheel game that is offered at the Peer Bet site, for it offers a new way of gambling but without the usual house edge. On this wheel based game you will find the wheel is divided up into different segments, and the aim of the game is to predict which segment of the wheel is going to spin in opposite the winning pointer.

You can choose to place a bet on any of the segments or by the laying of those bets, and when doing the latter then if the player loses you will win their stake amount, however if that player correctly predicts the segment of the wheel that is spun in and wins then you need to pay them out their winnings.

This is a fun to play and very fast paced bitcoin gambling game and one that you may soon find becomes one of your all time favourites. Make sure you visit the Peer Bet site today where you will be able to see this game in live action and you will soon get a full understanding of just how it works and operates.

Raffle Game – The other game you will find on offer at the Peer Bet site which may just be one interest to you is the Raffle Game, and this is another game where there is no house edge involved and as such everyone taking part in it has a fair and more importantly equal chance of winning when playing it.

You are of course able to set up and make live your own Raffle game and as such if you want to do this then simply click on the Make New Game link and then you are given the option of the game playing structure for your  Raffle.

You can enter just how many tickets that you wish to make available on your own unique Raffle along with how much each ticket will be priced at and the prize structure and you can then either make this Raffle private or public.

By making it a private Raffle you can then invite your friends or family to take part in it, however if you opt to for public Raffle setting then anyone who visits the Peer Bet site is able to take part in your raffle.

Once all of the tickets for your Raffle have been sold then the draw will take place, and the winners will then be announced and they will instantly be paid their winnings.

Genuine Fair Games – You are able to double check the games are completely random when you are playing at the Peer Bet site for much like many of the other Bitcoin accepting sites you will find online they have an easy to follow way of you double checking their fairness and integrity of all of the games they offer.

For more details of how to check the fairness of the Peer Bet Bitcoin games or to see any of them in live play simply get yourself over to their website and choose which games or information you want to see and view by following the respective links.