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Just Dice

There is a rather unusual online gaming site that may appeal to you if you are seeking to play a very fast paced bitcoin dice game and play at a site that allows you to make hassle free and completely anonymous deposits using Bitcoins.

The main selling point for the Just Dice site and one that you may be very much interested in is the fact that their dice game boasts a house edge of just a tiny one percent, now that is a game worth playing and we doubt you are going to find many other sites offering such a low house edge game as this one.

This being a Bitcoin accepting gambling site, then all of the transactions you make both into and out of the Just Dice site is completely anonymous and the game is structured in a way that you will be able to rattle through a huge number of games whenever you choose to log into their site.

The idea behind this Just Dice game is simple you simply need to decide whether the roll of the dice is going to be a High result or a Low result, and if you placed a Bitcoin wager on the winning outcome of any one single game you win, it really is as simple as that!

The one percentage house edge is derived thanks to the winning payout awarded to the player’s placing a winning wager on the outcome of the dice. If a player wins on the High or Low bet then they are paid out at the rate of 1.98 times the amount they staked.

Live Chat Room Feature – To make playing at the Just Dice website as enjoyable as it can possibly be they have added a live chat room feature to their platform, and if you so wish you can then use this chat box to interact with everyone else who is playing at the same time as you are!

Share in the  Profits – There is an additional way in which you can profit from the Just Dice site and that is choosing to invest in the sites bankroll, this may seem strange, however when you opt to invest in the float of the site then you will profit when the house wins.

For more details on opting to invest in the Just Dice gaming site and to have your chance sharing in the financial success of this site please visit their website for more details of how you can do just that.

Instant Deposits – You will of course be able to rapidly fund your Just Dice account and as they uDicese just Bitcoins then this is a completely hassle free process, as is when you have requested a winning payout, they get your winnings sent straight back to you, and importantly these winnings are of course paid in Bitcoins.

Fair Dice Game – What we are seeing more and more at the many brand new Bitcoin accepting gambling sites are that the majority of them, including the Just Dice site have gone to great lengths to ensure you are given a completely fair and random game.

You will never be left wondering if the last roll of the dice was above board and fair for you are able to check the results instantly whilst verifying each individual roll of the dice was completely random, and this you can do whenever you so wish, checkout their website for details of their fair game player self verification process.

Watch and Learn – You do not have to join up or register at the Just Dice website to view the game in motion, simply get yourself over to their website and you will see the games in play along with the results of each individual games being displayed on the side of the screen.

It is probably best for players to do this and observe just how the game plays and pay without any risk first to enable them to master and get to grips with the finer points of how this dice game works. However you will soon get the hang of playing it and will then be able to play for real Bitcoins whenever you are good and ready!

Player Support – You are able to chat to the customer support team should you need any help or advice on how to play or use the Just Dice website and to do this you need to look out for the chat support agents who are usually in the chat room!

Should you not be in a rush for an instant answer then you can always drop the Just Dice site an email and they will get back to you with the answers you are looking for as quickly as is possible. Checkout their website for details of the email address or visit the chat room to chat to their support agent whenever you need any form of help!