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Site Name: CaesarBit Casino
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Caesar Bit Casino

You are going to come across more and more online casinos that are opening their cyber doors in the next few months which offer you the ability to completely anonymously deposit and play real money casino games, but by using Bitcoin as the method of depositing, playing and withdrawing your winnings.

With the advent of the Bitcoin currency this has led many gaming sites to open up, however much like other online activities you are always best advised to stick to the better run and operated sites or in this case online casinos, for you never want to be playing at sites that offer unfair games or never pay you when you win!

With this in mind we would like to showcase to you a first class Bitcoin accepting online casino that has a solid and proven track record in giving their players a first class experience and one that you will wish to return to time and time again.

This brand new Bitcoin casino site is the fun named Caesar Bit Casino, and should you be looking for a new place to call home in regards to playing casino card and table games then this site comes very highly recommend. Below we have listed some of the outstanding qualities offered by the Caesar Bit Casino site, have a look at what they have to offer you as it will allow you to make an informed decision on whether you wish play here or not.

Low and High Stake Gaming – The chips values at the Caesars Bit Casino are of course fully adjustable and as such whenever you play their games you are able to pick and choose just how much you are going to wager on each game you play.

To enable you to have a full understanding of the actual chip value settings they have an exchange rate which values one single chip at their casino as 0.001 Bitcoin, the chip to Bitcoin ratio always remains the same and as such if you have had a winning session and wish to cash out your winnings then you will be paid out at that exchange rate also!

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals – When you use Bitcoin you will become used to having your transactions processed in the fastest possible time frames, and this is going to be the same experience whenever you deposit or withdraw winnings from the Caesar Bit Casino site.

Your deposits usually get credited into your account within a minute or so and when you make a withdrawal it usually takes around 5 minutes for the casino to have them processed and then around an hour for the Bitcoin Network to have validated the transaction, so it is safe to say if you win and make a cash out at Caesar Bit Casino you are going to get paid those winnings much quicker than you ever would at an online casino!

Gaming Suite – One thing you will definitely notice when you are playing at the Caesar Bit Casino site and that is they prefer quality over quantity in regards to the games they offer and as such they are primarily a casino card and table game player sites.

This means you are going to be able to instantly access a Blackjack game offering some very liberal game playing rules along with a Roulette game which boasts a low house edge. These two games are very easy to work and operate and you should have no problems playing either of them whenever you log on to play!

Customer Support – You are always going to be able to access the support agents at the Caesar Bit Casino site for they are always on duty and eager to help. Should you have any questions then simply visit their website and click on the Support link and fill out their online form, and they will get back to you in no time.

However, it should be noted that a listing of their most frequently asked questions along with the answers to these questions can be found on their website, so before getting in touch with the support team do check out the FAQ section of their website for the answers to the most commonly asked questions can always be found there!

100% Deposit Bonuses – To give you even more value when you are playing at the Caesar Bit Casino site you can also take full advantage of their generous 100% deposit bonus offer which will give your available casino game playing budget a huge boost in value.

For details of this bonus along with details of all of their other ongoing promotional offers simply visit their website and everything will be revealed to you, they are a top class casino site and one that we just know will supply you with everything you are looking for.