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Bitcoin Live Bets

We are always excited when a new Bitcoin Sportsbook opens up and launches, for this allows us to put that respective betting set through its paces, and one betting site that has finally gone live after a considerable amount of time in a beta mode is the great looking Bitcoin Live Bets site.

We do have to admit that they have put a lot of effort and research into the design and layout and unique features this betting site has to offer sports bettors! Anyway, we set about testing this betting site out and below you will find the results of us giving it some serious attention.

Multiple Language Settings – One aspect of an online sport betting site that is often overlooked by the designers of such sites as well as the operators of such sites is allowing their army of would be customers to be able to choose their home language as the option in which they can access the site.

This is something that you will find available at the Bitcoin Live Bets site, and as such you can opt from several different language options including German, Dutch, English, Polish, Russian and Turkey to name but a few.

What is the point of visiting and placing bets at an online betting site if you cannot fully understand what you are betting on! Well thanks to those language settings you can soon be online, logged in and placing any type of bet in your mother tongue!

Multiple Odds Display Settings – Another part of the design of the Bitcoin Live Bets site that you will find advantageous is in regards to the way that the odds are actually displayed on all of their live betting opportunities.

You can pick from several different ways to display the odds on all of their betting markets including but certainly not limited to Decimal odds, American Odds, Hong Kong Odds and Indonesian Odds, so couple this with the above language options and you really will be able to tailor your betting sessions perfectly.

Plenty of Betting Markets – Now one thing which you will of course be demanding from any sports betting site that you choose to sign up to is betting markets, and lots of them, and this is another part of the Bitcoin Live Bets site that will not in any way shape or form leave you disappointed.

They offer one of the biggest and most diverse ranges of live up to the minute betting opportunities including betting markets encompassing many different sporting events and sporting fixtures, and that means no matter what you are looking or wanting to place a wager on you are guaranteed to find it here.

Name Your Bets – If you are looking to place wagers on any sporting event or sporting fixture that Bitcoin Live Sports are not offering any betting markets on then get in touch with them for they are always pleased to hear from their army of customers who have some specific types of Wish Bets they want to place a wager on.

If you do get in touch with them they will do their very best to respond to you promptly and offer you the odds on the betting markets and event you are looking for! They also offer around the clock customer support so any questions you may have will get answered promptly by their own in-house team of support agents.

Banking With Bitcoin – You probably have already made up your mind that Bitcoins are the best way to keep all of your finances completely anonymous, and thanks to this virtual currency offering the maximum privacy then you are able to bet and wager at the Bitcoin Live Bets site using Bitcoin just as anonymously.

If you have been longing to find a very well run and very well operated online sports betting site that you are never going to experience any kinds of problems at, plus one that will offer generous odds on exactly the type of sporting events you are seeking and one that pays you hassle free and promptly then this is the site for you.

Simply Sign Up Process – You are never go to have to give any of your own personal details to bet and gamble at the Bitcoin Live Bets site, however you will need to get yourself an email address and this is what you will use to have your password sent to you and the way of accessing your account.

Signing up is therefore completely anonymous other than supplying an email address and then once you have chosen your bets and wagers for the day simply top up your Bitcoin Live Bets account using Bitcoins and you will be able to have all of your chosen bets and wagers placed and approved in no time, good luck!