Big Fish Casino Review

Big Fish Casino Features

  • Now accepts bitcoin
  • Buy and Play bitcoin casino games
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and Android

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Site Name: Big Fish Casino
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Big Fish Casino Review

One of the leading developers for online and mobile game platforms, Big Fish has rolled up a new casino platform called Big Fish Casino, available for PC, Mac, IOS and Android. It is an application that contains several popular titles, which differ depending on the version being played.

Big Fish Casino is excellently designed and optimized to work for desktop and mobile users alike, with intuitive interface and loads of options for expanding the experience.

The great thing about Big Fish Casino is its approach – by playing, users earn credits that can be used to place bets, spins and other gaming activities. While currency like US dollars and other is supported, the real treat is playing with Bitcoin – fast, secure and anonymous way of making online transactions.

Design and Performance

All versions of Big Fish Casino across the available platforms look more or less identical – the use of vibrant colors, fluid animations and offer of games is a standard.

The difference comes in the form of several game additions and support – mainly, the mobile versions have incorporated social media supported via Facebook or Twitter, with Game Center linkage being available as well.

PC receives the shortest end of the stick, when compared to the mobile counterparts since the application was clearly designed to be played on a smaller screen with touch controls. Still, the overall design and interface is intuitive enough and fast (performance-wise) for pleasant game sessions.

Casino Bonus

Big Fish Casino has an interesting take on bonuses. Players earn chips by playing games via the casino application, though they are also entitled to a chip bonus that is redeemed once a certain level of wagers has been made. Players new to the casino also get a starting chip bonus to get them rolling.

Casino Games

Here is the list of games you will find at Big Fish Casino:

  • Word Ace
  • Blackjack
  • Hold’em
  • Roulette
  • Slots

The games at Big Fish Casino are played using credits that can be either won by playing or purchased via their banking options. Payments can be conducted using several available currencies, with a required sign up and a variety of credit packs.

Alternatively, you can use Bitcoins to fund your online gaming sessions, which are faster and more secure thanks to the simplified process of using a Bitcoin wallet.

Word Ace

This is a game with a concept very similar to that in Texas Hold’em, with the highest card rankings swapped for words. The rules are exactly the same as the poker counterpart and the competitiveness is an all time high since you will be playing against other players via online play.


Another standard table game variation with the competitive element added through the social feature of Big Fish Casino. There is also a live chat option for interaction with other players.


The 5-reel video slot that is part of Big Fish Casino has enough bonus features to attract most players, as well as engaging competitive play with other players. The game is quite stimulating, especially by the fact that other players might get the jackpot before you do!

Social Features

One of the most important aspects of Big Fish Casino is its integration with social media applications like Facebook and Twitter, as well as the social factor when playing online. No matter if you’re playing a single player game like slots, there are thousands of players out there who are sharing the experience.

Leaving comments, chatting and creating competitive challenges is an essential part, especially in a mobile environment where interaction thrives in these circumstances.

Facebook and Twitter profiles help when it comes to promotion and score bragging as well as inviting your friends to share on the fun.

Banking Methods

Making online transactions with Big Fish Casino is made easier thanks to their intuitive system of buying chips / gold which act as virtual currency for the games. There are several types of chip packs, each granting bonus in the form of tickets, 100% XP boost, etc.

Using Bitcoins is the easiest, fastest and most secure way though, with only a valid Bitcoin wallet address needed to conduct the transactions. For those who prefer the conventional payment methods, the casino supports credit cards and a selection of e-wallets.

How to use bitcoin at Big Fish Casino


Big Fish offers an expansive and detailed Q&A about their games as well as the issues related to payments and/or performance. However, if you still need personal assistance you can contact their highly-capable support team via their official email


Big Fish Casino will thrill mobile users with its excellent design, sleek graphics, fluid animations and highly rewarding games. PC users will find it an enjoyable ride that offers several improvements like the use of Bitcoins for online transactions and the integration with social media platforms.

Overall, it is a mobile experience for casino players that should not be missed.

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