Enjoy Your Brand-New Miami Garage at FortuneJack

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FortuneJack Miami GarageThousands of players have FortuneJack as their favorite Bitcoin casino and its easy to see why. The site offers hundreds of games including Bitcoin slots as well as some of the most innovative promotions in the industry. What could be so different about a promo? A glance at the Miami Garage promo will tell you all you need to know.

A new and exciting promotion available to all of FortuneJack’s customers, the Miami Garage can be filled with exciting vehicles and even a yacht. The rules for getting in are simple – play the games to accumulate points and reap bigger and better rewards. In terms of prizes, you can earn cashback bonuses and reloads every week and month. This will line your pockets nicely and give you loads of extra cash to play the casino’s Bitcoin games with.

Earn Status Points by Playing Games

FortuneJack cares for its players and wants them to have a great time at the site. It’s quite the generous host, giving you plenty of chances to earn points the moment you start playing. Both new and existing customers can take part in the Miami Garage promo. All you need to do is play the games and there are hundreds of them. The more bets you place, the more status points. Accumulate enough and you can pimp your garage up with greater rewards.

There are four levels in total depending on the number of points you have:

  • Scooter – 0-50 points
  • Tesla – 51-300 points
  • Lambo – 301-1500 points
  • Yacht – 1501+ points

Unfortunately, the names of the levels do not indicate the rewards you can win. However, they are just as valuable for FortuneJack’s members. The higher your status, the better the prizes. For example, Scooter level members can get 3% cashback, while those who own a Yacht membership get 10%.

It’s the same with the reload bonuses. Get to the highest level and you can earn yourself a 40% reload bonus up to 1 BTC every month. The weekly cashbacks and monthly reloads are guaranteed for each tier of the neon-lit Miami Garage. Continue playing the games and your ride will keep getting better.

Miami Garage is one of the most innovative loyalty programs we’ve seen lately. It’s open for all players. As long as you place bets on FortuneJack games, you will accumulate points and reap the neon-lit rewards.

How to Get the Keys to Your Garage

The whole process of getting the keys to your exciting garage starts when you join the Bitcoin casino. As a beginner, you will get a Scooter. As you progress up the levels, you will get to a Tesla, a Lambo, and finally, a Yacht.

You earn status points and progress through the levels by making real money bets. A bet of 1 BTC equals 100 points. Of course, different casino games have different contributions toward the status points. Slots are your best bet since they contribute 100%.

FortuneJack has added a status points calculator which will check if you’re ready for a new ride soon. Start playing the games today and work those points up to get the keys to a fantastic garage.

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Israeli Startup Invents Undo Feature for Bitcoin Transactions

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With Bitcoin casinos becoming increasingly popular, Bitcoin transactions have exploded recently. More and more people are realizing the potential of cryptocurrencies for online transactions and choosing Bitcoin and the bunch over playing (or shopping) with fiat money. There’s only one problem with it – you can send your cryptos to the wrong wallet and lose them forever.

Although rare, these kinds of situations have happened. Since Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that’s not fully regulated in most countries around the world, you can guess that getting your cryptos back is hard. Well, not anymore. An Israeli startup has found a new way of undoing Bitcoin transactions online. It’s as easy as hitting Ctrl+Z and will save you a lot of time and unnecessary stress.

Irreversible Crypto Transactions

Kirobo is a small Israeli blockchain startup supported by the Israel Innovation Authority. Audited by the Scorpiones Group, Kirobo wants to make Bitcoin (and crypto) transactions as easy as possible for everyone. It certainly has with its latest invention – undoing irreversible crypto transactions.

The next time you send your cryptos to the wrong wallet address, you can undo it with ease. Kirobo calls it the “Retrievable Transfer”, allowing the sender to cancel a transaction sent to the wrong address. It works like this: the company gives the sender and recipient a special code they both need to enter to complete the transaction. If sent to the wrong address, the sender can cancel it until the recipient enters the correct code.

For those of you wondering if this means that Kirobo has access to your funds, don’t worry – it doesn’t. Up until now, Bitcoin transactions were irreversible. As soon as one is confirmed on the blockchain, it is sent to the recipient’s address. There’s no way to get your Bitcoins back if you send them to the wrong wallet address.

This happens all the time. Bitcoin owners happen to send cryptos to the wrong address all the time, and some have been victims of phishing scams. Such situations are more common than you think, but thanks to Kirobo, they can now be a thing of the past.

Available on the Ledger Bitcoin Wallet

At the moment, the feature is available on the Ledger Bitcoin wallet only. Kirobo CEO Asaf Naim says that the invention adds finality to crypto transactions and a layer of logic into blockchains. It is supposed to protect crypto owners from human error and prevent phishing scams that can leave you without your hard-earned Bitcoins.

The coolest thing about the Retrievable Transfer is that it will be free of charge for transactions up to $1,000. Kirobo’s goal is to make Bitcoin and crypto transactions as easy and as safe as online banking. While it remains to be seen how successful it’ll be, knowing that you can get your Bitcoins back if you happen to send them to the wrong wallet offers reassurance.

It also makes crypto transactions way more secure than ever before, so we’re rooting for the Israeli startup.


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Win Big at the Café Casino Tournaments; Massive Bovada Welcome Bonus for Newcomers

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Café casino, the most relaxing Bitcoin casino online, is hosting one-of-a-kind tournaments across all its casino games. The site’s tournaments section has all the details on each of the tourneys. From slot tournaments to blackjack, video poker, jackpots, and beyond, there’s plenty of extra cash to be earned if you’ve got the skills and a bit of luck.

The slots tournaments have been very popular recently as most players were stuck at home because of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The Bitcoin slots casino has plenty of promotions on offer, but its tournaments may be its top highlight. The prizes are great, the tournaments can last for as little as 10 minutes, and you get the chance to boost your bankroll and become one of the casino’s biggest winners this week or month.

Elsewhere, new players at Bovada can earn a massive welcome bonus that will really help you get started on the right foot. There’s a welcome bonus worth $3,000 for all the kings and queens of quarantine which you should absolutely get to play over 300 exciting games.

Sharpen Your Skills with Café Casino’s Tournaments

Think that you can top anyone in a game of blackjack? You believe you’re the luckiest slot player ever? Why don’t you enter Café casino’s tournaments and find out? The popular Bitcoin casino boasts a massive number of daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments you can enter to win stunning rewards.

Visit the casino’s tournament schedule to see what’s on offer. Right now, there are blackjack and slot tournaments available, with some lasting for only 10 minutes. You might wonder what good of a 10-minute tournament is, but by the end of it, you could be richer by a $20 or claim a bag of free spins.

Those short-burst tournaments may be the most exciting. You simply take a look at the schedule and the requirements and start spinning and winning. The Pandas Go Wild tourney, for example, lasts for only 15 minutes and gives the best player a $20 bonus with 5x wagering. There’s cash for the 2nd and 3rd player on the podium, so overall, it’s a great short tournament that can boost your bankroll nicely.

Give them a try – you’ll see that they are as fun as the casino.

Massive Bonus for Bovada Newcomers

Another popular Bitcoin casino, Bovada, is giving new players a gargantuan bonus that will surely get you started on the right path. As the casino says, it’ll give new players three times the welcome with $3,000 in bonus amount when you register.

Here’s how to claim it:

  1. Join the casino.
  2. Get a 100% match deposit bonus up to $1,000.
  3. Get two more 100% match deposit bonuses up to $1,000 on your 2nd and 3rd
  4. The bonus should be wagered 25 times before you’re able to withdraw any winnings.

Bovada’s welcome offer is among the biggest we’ve seen. With $3,000 extra in your pocket, you can try all of the Bitcoin casino’s slots and if you’re lucky, you’ll even win big.


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PayPal and Bitcoin – A Love Story in the Works?

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So far, major payment providers have been against facilitating Bitcoin and crypto sales in general. That may soon change after a lot of chatter about PayPal and Venmo preparing to facilitate crypto buying and selling. The news comes after some media outlets reported that PayPal was hiring crypto engineers ahead of the controversial move.

While it’s great news for BTC owners and traders, US financial institutions will be shocked. The FinTech giant PayPal has over 300 million customers and is one of the biggest and oldest online money transfer companies in the business. Its mobile payment service Venmo is becoming increasingly more popular offering the transfer of funds via mobile phone apps.

Up until now, the service has been limited to fiat money. However, with the planned update, PayPal could soon allow Bitcoin and crypto transactions which could change the industry forever.

Reshaped Financial World

The whole buzz started a few days ago when PayPal posted a job offer on its site for a crypto engineer. The listing was quickly brought down after appearing on social media, but the ‘damage’ has already been done. Thanks to social media, the information circulated the world in hours. PayPal’s decision surprised many experts and delighted millions of crypto fans.

The move shouldn’t be that surprising. With the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic still holding strong, the financial tides are changing. While countries such as the USA will never admit it, fiat money is and royalties are failing and the crypto sector is on the rise. The world needs a decentralized currency now more than ever, and with Bitcoin’s price stable right now, it’s a glimpse of the future we can expect.

That’s what PayPal aims for. An ever-changing company with fresh ideas, PayPal is at the forefront of innovation. If the rumors are true, PayPal would certainly rock the finance world. This isn’t the first time a payment provider has added cryptocurrencies to its list. Venmo competitor Cash already lists Bitcoin, while Robinhood accepts several digital assets. UK’s Revolut partnered with Bitstamp in 2017 and reported $500 million gains in February this year.

Fresh Lease of Life for the Online Gambling Industry

Such a move by PayPal will breathe new life into numerous industries. Since PayPal and Bitcoin both are accepted by a number of US online bookies and casinos, their partnership will make gambling with cryptos a breeze.

While online Bitcoin gambling is prohibited, players can join offshore casinos and play as many games as they want to. If PayPal facilitates crypto buying and selling soon, it could cause a massive Bitcoin casino boom.

Other industries would also benefit from such a move. Online merchants would get a huge boost once users are able to pay with crypto via PayPal. The service is already available at the majority of online stores in the world, so adding BTC and/or other cryptos to the list would mean huge gains for both the merchants and the cryptocurrencies.

The world is on the verge of a brand new digital finance era and PayPal may be its champion.

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Enjoy Yggdrasil Vibes this Summer at Bitcasino.io; Daily Giveaways in the Exotic Crypto Paradise at mBit

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With the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic still holding strong in many parts of the world, summer vacay may be put on hold. No reason to be sad, though. Thanks to Bitcasino’s and mBit’s efforts, you will enjoy summer like you should.

The leading Bitcoin casino online Bitcasino.io is hosting a special summer vibes Yggdrasil campaign with a massive prize pool worth €70,000. The campaign runs in two short stages and one is already behind us.

Besides this attractive promo campaign, you can also earn daily giveaways at mBit casino. Called the Exotic Crypto Paradise, it offers unlimited sets of free spins, reloads, and massive combos on the road to glory in Valhalla.

Yggdrasil Goes Berzerk

The Yggdrasil tournament at Bitcasino is split into two parts. The first one has already run its course from June 11 to June 15. It was called the Neon Lights and shared the prize pool across Yggdrasil Gaming’s big hits Vikings Go Berzerk, Spina Colada, and Neon Rush.

The promo’s second part is already underway and runs until June 21. Called Back In Time, the cross-game tournament is available on Vikings Go Wild, Arthur’s Fortune, Valley of the Gods, and Dwarf Mine. No minimum bet is required for this promo. As soon as a player wins in a participating game, they will get a unique ID number that puts them on the leaderboard. The score on the leaderboard is calculated by the sum of the highest coin win on any of the games played during the tournament.

The total prize pool of this tournament is €40,000, with €8,000 going to the top player. With only a bit over 2 days left to go, you need to start spinning those Yggdrasil slots right now. If you top the leaderboard, you’ll win €8,000 which, you must agree, is a pretty great reward.

Reach Glorious Valhalla and Win Stunning Rewards

mBit casino is hosting a daily giveaway party called Exotic Crypto Paradise. The road to Valhalla is paved with cryptos and fun rewards. You can claim the following prizes:

  • Unlimited sets of free spins
  • Unlimited reloads
  • 3 days of amazing combos
  • Etc.

To enter the crypto paradise, you’ll need to have made at least 3 deposits at mBit casino. You should also opt in to the promotion from the Promos page. The Exotic Crypto Paradise is a special promo that can’t be combined with any other offer. Once you have opted in to the promotion, the bonus will be added to your account automatically.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions in full before opting in. Valhalla’s chest of glory lays open for those brave enough to peek into it. With 7,000 free spins on offer and special combos, what you’re hearing isn’t the sound of Thor’s hammer blow – it’s the sound of coins clinking when you win on your favorite slots.

mBit’s special offer is great for new and experienced players alike. If you’re in for loads of fun and great rewards, you should opt in to it.

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A New Law in India Threatens Bitcoin and Cryptos

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India has had a somewhat complicated history with cryptos. In mid-2019, a bill proposed criminalizing possession of cryptocurrencies as well as their use and trading. Luckily for Indian crypto fans, this was shut down in early 2020, which lead to an increase in crypto trading. Indian fans believed that this would spark a change of heart for Indian lawmakers, but they were wrong.

With a new bill threatening to put an end to cryptocurrency use and trading once and for all in the Asian country, everyone who owns Bitcoins or other cryptos is now at risk. If it passes, the new law will effectively put a long-lasting ban on Bitcoin and cryptos, shutting them down from being used in profitable industries such as crypto online merchandise and cryptocurrency gambling.

A Big Blow to Investors, Exchanges, and Many Industries

The proposed law puts all Indian cryptocurrency traders at risk. The government prefers the legal framework to the circular from the Reserve Bank of India released a year or so earlier. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court squashed the 2018 circular from the RBI which prevented banks from dealing with cryptocurrencies.

With legal framework in the picture, it means that the time for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in India has simply run out. Despite the RBI circular which tried to ban crypto trading, investors used peer-to-peer platforms to transfer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. After the Supreme Court struck down the circular, exchanges saw a lot of trading action. If the government criminalizes their use, however, exchanges will be killed in just a short time.

If the blanket ban is enacted soon, Indian citizens will be facing harsh penalties for using cryptos in any form.

The planned sentences include fines up to $3.3 million (250 million Rupees) and up to 10 years in prison. Sounds like too much, doesn’t it? There are worse things to do than using cryptocurrencies online.

The Mint doesn’t recommend cryptocurrency investments so if you’re from India and reading this, it’s time to rethink your moves. With legal risk waiting on the sidelines, it’s time to find a way to move your cryptos and Bitcoins ASAP.

The Law Will Decimate Different Industries

So far, crypto traders and owners were able to convert their Bitcoins on exchanges for money or use them in any way they want to. From online Bitcoin purchases to Bitcoin casinos and beyond, Indians have been blessed by the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies in any way they like to. The government was never fond of it and with the new proposed bill, it will shut down and decimate not just the crypto industry in India, but many others too.

While the world is starting to realize the potential of Bitcoin in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, India is going backwards and banning its use. It’s a shame that the government can’t see its benefits. With the global economy crumbling, cryptocurrencies can be the savior we need. Unless governments decriminalize their use or possession, we’ll still be facing the consequences of the pandemic for a long time.

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Win a Tesla Yet Again at bitStarz; Reload Your BTC Balance at FortuneJack

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One of the leading Bitcoin casinos online, bitStarz, has always been one for surprises. The casino is pretty generous and often has fantastic giveaways that attract thousands of new customers. In the past, bitStarz was praised for its Tesla model 3 giveaway. If you missed the promo before, you now have the chance to win everyone’s favorite electric car again.

That’s right! bitStarz is giving out a Tesla once again and the rules to win it are simple. All you need is wager and play. You will get a raffle ticket for it which will put you into the Tesla pool and in a position to win the car. You have 2 months to do that, so you better get working.

Elsewhere, you can reload your BTC balance at FortuneJack and give your bankroll a boost when it is low. Reload your bankroll with a bonus up to 50% (3.5 BTC max.) every week and climb up the loyalty ladder for an even bigger amount.

A Tesla Raffle for All!

As mentioned, bitStarz has already given out Tesla’s in the past so you can bet that this promo is no fluke. The promotion is open to all bitStarz casino players – you just need to wager €100 on any game to receive one raffle ticket for the Tesla model 3. The more tickets you have, the higher your chances to win the car. That might sound like too much to some players, but keep in mind that this is a Tesla, one of the most popular and priciest cards in the world. When they see you rollin’ in that, they’ll surely be hatin’.

The Tesla model 3 is worth over €45,000 and it is the world’s absolute best electric car. It’s a truly spectacular gift you can win with a single raffle ticket only, although your chances are higher with a few. You have 60 days left until the promotions runs out. Start playing today and you may be the truly lucky Tesla winner.

Bitcoin Reloads at FortuneJack

One of the worst things about online casinos is when your bankroll goes low. It’s a definitely depressing feeling especially if you’re a casual player that has a pretty strict limit on deposits. That’s something you shouldn’t worry about at FortuneJack. When your bankroll goes low in this casino, you can get a nice boost with the Weekly Reloads promo.

The Bitcoin reload bonus is given to players every week and covers 50% and 3.5 BTC to boost your bankroll. The maximum bonus you can claim depends on your level on the Loyalty Ladder. The higher you climb, the bigger the reload bonus. You’ll have to deposit a minimum of 0.002 BTC (or cryptocurrency equivalent) in order to qualify for the promo.

To receive it, simply go to MY ACCOUNT in the casino and activate the bonus before you make a deposit. You can claim it once per week and play all the games in the casino’s rich library without a worry on your mind.

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Russia Gets Even Tougher on Bitcoin

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It’s no secret that the Russian government hates cryptos. Anything that’s not the ruble is essentially forbidden or about to be forbidden in Russia. The Duma has done everything in its power to ban Bitcoin, making life hard for Bitcoin owners and fans.

The latest update of the draft law “On Digital Financial Assets” was recently released for public comment and it didn’t spell great news for cryptocurrencies. The new law prohibits the circulation of all cryptos including their advertising and even mining. This means that cryptocurrencies are set to enter a grey zone in Russia which shouldn’t be surprising at all considering the Duma’s history with Bitcoin.

Exchanges and .ru Domains at Risk

The new law shows that Russia has really dropped the hammer on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This puts the Russian crypto market at a big disadvantage. Exchanges and .ru domains are now at risk of perishing with the law set to go into effect this summer.

Russia has been trying hard to regulate cryptos since the beginning of 2018. The latest updated on the proposed law will effectively banish cryptocurrency exchanges on Russian territory. Anti Danilevski, CEO of crypto exchange KickEX, says that he’ll now move his business to the EU because it’ll be impossible to survive in the harsh anti-crypto atmosphere in Russia.

“It’s a pity that tech startups are forced to leave our country,” Danilevski said. “While the world is moving forward, we are going backwards.”

There is, however, a bit of hope glimmering at the end of the dark tunnel. Danilevski says that the law is focused on tokens, not digital money itself. Since digital money is different from digital assets, the Russian hammer still hasn’t dropped on cryptos. It’s a fight against cryptocurrencies, not the blockchain.

Newcomers to the crypto market should know the difference between cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and digital assets issued by a tech company. They all depend on the blockchain, yet the blockchain doesn’t require cryptocurrency itself.

Harsh New Rules

The latest anti-crypto draft law updates prohibit the issuance of and operations with digital currencies on Russian territory. Both individuals and companies would not be able to accept digital currencies as payment. In short, all companies with a .ru domain that planned on adding crypto payments to their sites will now be unable to do so. This means that Bitcoin casinos and gaming sites will never see the light of day in Russia, no matter how popular they get.

All Bitcoin owners will need to declare the cryptos at the tax agency and provide information about how it was purchased. To put it simply, Russia is becoming a crypto owner’s hell.

If anyone decides to buy cryptos from a Russian bank will face a fine of up to 1,000,000 Rubles and possibly up to 7 years in prison. This shows how much the Duma hates cryptocurrencies. Other countries around the world have banned the use of Bitcoin, but rarely any country went this distance.

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Get Weekly Double-Ups with Unlimited Redemptions at Slots.lv; Boost Your Slots Bankroll at Gossip Slots

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Slots.lv is one of the premier Bitcoin slots destinations online. The casino offers a bunch of excellent bonuses and thousands of slots you can play for fun or real money. If you don’t want to invest, you can still enjoy the excitement of real money gameplay by playing with bonuses. Slots.lv has several of them to claim.

The Weekly Double Up will give you reloads every week with unlimited redemptions. If you choose to deposit with Bitcoin instead of fiat money, you’ll be in for an even bigger surprise in the form of a 500% boost.

If you want more slots bonuses, head to Gossip Slots. The Saturday Free Spins bonus will give you a bag of free spins when you deposit and all you need to do is enter a free spins code.

Unlimited Weekly Double Up Redemptions

Want a weekly boost to your slots bankroll? Don’t answer that – it’s rhetorical. Slots.lv gives you a chance to add to your bankroll and play the hundreds of slots on offer with the Weekly Double Up promotion. Just make a deposit each week and the casino will match any up to $100 with unlimited redemptions.

The casino has further spiced up the offer – deposit Bitcoin instead of fiat money and get a 200% weekly boost up to $500. This one comes with unlimited redemptions too so you can count on that slot boost every week as long as you make a deposit. That comes on top of a massive $7,500 Bitcoin welcome bonus that surely is one of the largest we’ve seen.

To get that double up every week, you’ll need to deposit a minimum of $10. Before you do that, go to the Choose Your Bonus menu and pick the right edition – fiat money or Bitcoin. As soon as you make the deposit, the boost is yours. You can redeem the bonus as many times as you want to. The fun never stops at Slots.lv so collect your weekly boosts and enjoy some of the best slots ever made.

Free Spin Slot Bonus

Looking to boost your slot bankroll for the weekend? Head on to Gossip Slots – there’s a surprise package waiting. Deposit on Saturday to get a fair share of free spins. Playing slots for cash is great, but it’s even better when you spin the reels for free with a bonus. In this way, you won’t have to invest a lot of cash and you’ll still have chances to win big.

Gossip Slots will give you the following gifts on Saturdays:

  • 60 free spins for $25 (bonus code: 25SAT)
  • 125 free spins for $50 (bonus code: 50SAT)
  • 185 free spins for $75 (bonus code: 75SAT)

Use these Gossip Slots bonus codes to make a deposit on Saturday and boom – the free spins will be yours. With so many in your pocket, you can try all the exciting slots or spin your faves.

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Bitcoin Inheritance Now Recognized by Chinese Laws

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China is one of the pioneers when it comes to Bitcoin laws. The first steps were made back in 2013. At that point, financial institutions were prohibited from handling Bitcoin transactions. Later, digital assets were recognized as property and now, China is doing something rarely any other country has done.

New laws in the Asian country officially recognize Bitcoin inheritance. The country’s new civil code expands the scope of inheritance to cryptocurrencies. This means that if someone leaves you Bitcoins in inheritance, you don’t have to worry about it being illegal anymore. The country officially regulates it so you can claim your Bitcoins and spend them any way you want.

At the same time, some Chinese courts have ruled the BTC and ETH are law-protected properties. It seems that the Asian country intends to regulate cryptocurrencies fully which is a massive step forward for Bitcoin considering the fact that China is one of the world’s largest economies.

Bitcoin Inheritance Now Legal in China

Until now, if someone left you Bitcoins as inheritance, you wouldn’t be able to use it. Inherited cryptocurrencies were illegal for years pending changes to the civil code. Those were drafted in 2014 with the legislative process starting in June 2016. It took 4 years for the law to finally pass.

The new civil code in China states that property rights of individuals are equally safeguarded to those of collective and state. Online virtual assets are now protected as well. In layman’s terms, it means that virtual assets such as Bitcoin can now be inherited legally just like money or any property.

It’s a huge step forward for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. The world is slowly starting to see the benefits of crypto assets in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cryptos are being accepted in more and more industries by the day and some, like Bitcoin gambling, are already turning in massive revenue.

With a global economic crisis set to occur soon due to the coronavirus pandemic, cryptocurrencies may be the one thing that can save us from literally going broke. Countries such as China are seeing the benefits and changing laws in order to make cryptos legal.

Several Courts Rule Bitcoin and Ethereum Law-Protected Property

Besides the new civil code, some courts in China have recently ruled Bitcoin and Ethereum properties regulated by law. This makes both cryptocurrencies as legal as it gets. The Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People Court ruled that Bitcoin is an asset protected by law while the Shenzhen Futian District People’s Court ruled that Ethereum is not legal property with economic value.

It seems that China is bent on making cryptos fully legal and that’s great news for Bitcoin and Ethereum fans. Legal recognition of cryptos was bound to start somewhere and we’re not surprised it was China. The Asian country is one of the world’s economic leaders and has already introduced plans to issue its own central bank digital currency.

While there’s no timetable for it, this could be a currency that can change the world forever.

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