Win $50,000 and a Trip to Cairo with bit Starz!

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Channel your Indiana Jones and go on a heart-pounding adventure with bit Starz’s latest promotion aptly called Egyptian Gold. The incredible promotion puts you on a journey through ancient Egypt with prizes worth up to $50,000 waiting for you at the end of the road. The main prize, though, is even more enticing. Play all the exciting games in bit Starz’s library and you get the chance to earn a luxury trip to Cairo, the heart of Egypt! And, that’s not all – bit Starz offers plenty of fun over the weekend as well!

Unlock the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

One of the top-rated Bitcoin casinos, bit Starz, has only one week left on its Egyptian Gold promo. The tournament is open to all real money players and applies to all games, not just slots. To get a prize in your account, all you need to do is play any game at bit Starz and reach the next level. That’s it – the more you play, the bigger your chances of getting a prize. With every bet you make, you’ll reach a new milestone. You can see your progress in the bar – as soon as it’s filled, you’re at a new level.

Only real mount bets count towards the promotion, so don’t use your bonuses while it lasts. All bets on slot count for the Egyptian Gold promo, while table games contribute with only 5%. All prizes come with a 10x wagering requirement apart from the trip to Cairo, of course. The top prize is available to only one player who reaches the top tournament level.

The bit Starz Casino Cairo package consists of 2 flight tickets and a 6-night stay in a luxurious hotel. The only thing you need to do is acquire a VISA to enter Egypt if you claim the prize. You have the right to exchange the Cairo trip for a cash prize if you want to, but seriously, who’d want that?

With only a week left to top the tournament, you better start playing now. Go on an adventure and win the trip of a lifetime courtesy of bit Starz casino!

Weekly Slot Wars

That’s not where bit Starz’s generosity and fun ends. If you’ve got no plans for the weekend, why not hit the casino’s slot wars tournament? Available every week between Sunday and Saturday, the top players in the casino get a shot at a massive shared prize pool €1,000 and 250 free spins. There are no strings attached to the prizes, no complex rules, and no opt-in required – just have fun with the best slots and you get a shot at earning a top prize.

All the enticing prizes in this promo come free of any wagering requirements. There’s a countdown on the page which indicates the end of the previous promotion and start of a new one. Don’t worry – even if you miss t his one, you have another running next week!

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President Trump Not a Fan of Bitcoin

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are making headlines around the world right now and have their own troops of supporters and haters. American president Donald J. Trump seems to be in the latter. Just a few days ago, Trump released a series of controversial tweets in which he voiced his concerns regarding Bitcoin and crypto assets. With a touch of his personal language, of course. In the series of tweets, the 45th President of the United States of America also took aim at Facebook’s new cryptocurrency Libra and praised the “one real currency” in the USA – the US Dollar.

Never Afraid to Voice His Opinion

This isn’t the first time Trump has used Twitter to voice his opinion, no matter how unpopular it is. The American president is constantly using the platform to voice his concerns or agree with something. Most of the times, he’s just explaining himself for all the hatred he spews around, but sometimes, it can be pretty hilarious. Remember covfefe?

In his latest tirade, Trump decided to voice his opinion on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. He said that he doesn’t consider cryptocurrencies real money due to their volatile value based on nothing more than “thin air”. He continued by saying that this kind of currency facilitates unlawful behavior and illegal activities such as drug trafficking. Bitcoin in the past may have been linked to the Mafia, but that’s not what it’s used for.

In his second tweet, President Trump took a shot at Libra, Facebook’s so-called cryptocurrency which made all the headlines a short time ago. He said that if Facebook plans on becoming a bank, they should seek a Banking Charter and subject to all banking regulations, just like every other bank in the USA. He may be right about that one, but when it comes to regulations, they don’t make banks spotless by default. We’ve all been witnesses of many money-laundering schemes and scams over the years in the USA and abroad. Plus, banking regulations in regards to cryptocurrencies go against the whole concept.

God Bless the Dollar!

In his final tweet, President Trump praised the “one real currency” in the USA, the dollar, as the only viable method of doing business. As he put it, it’s never been stronger and more reliable and called it the “most dominant currency” in the world. And, although his Bitcoin rant made more than a few supporters angry, experts are seeing it as a good thing. Many in the cryptocurrency industry believe that the President’s interest in Bitcoin is a positive thing that could drive the industry forward.

Of course, blockchain forensics companies are not buying it. They see Trump’s tweets as a signal for the dark future ahead of cryptocurrencies and believe that Trump has chosen to stand with national banks and regulations.

Although Trump’s remarks were negative, don’t expect cryptocurrencies to die right now. As a matter of fact, the USA government is working on virtual currency regulation right now and it might come sooner rather than later.


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Play New Bitcoin Live Casino Games with Cloudbet

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If you prefer the authentic action of a live casino game, we have some exciting news for you. Cloudbet Casino and Sportsbook has just updated its live game offer with brand new tables from none other than Evolution Live Gaming. Now, you’ll have a chance to enjoy a whole range of fresh BTC live games, along with the classics that made this studio popular in the first place. And if you’re more into slots, you also have an open tournament at Drake Casino where you can play Fruit Bat Crazy to win a share of a $5,000!

Unique Live Games for Every Level

With an update on its official blog yesterday, Cloudbet – one of the most popular BTC casinos and sportsbooks – announced that it has expanded its live offer with fresh new products. Announcing a “new era for live gaming” that will be introduced by Evolution Gaming, the casino said that these games combine cutting-edge tech with brand new ideas to bring you a next-level experience that you won’t find elsewhere.

The list of new games includes novelties like Free Bet Blackjack and 2-hand Casino Hold’Em Poker but also more straightforward options like Side Bet City, Super Sic Bo, and Lightning Dice. Each product brings new features designed to make the games more rewarding and attractive to the players.

The Super Sic Bo table, for instance, adds random multipliers to the simple dice game, ones which can increase your prizes by up to 1,000x, giving you much more attractive returns than regular Sic Bo. The same multipliers can be found in the Lightning Dice game, which adds a unique twist to classic Dice by introducing a Plinko board and random “Lightning” payout boosters.

The remaining additions to the live portfolio are mostly aimed at card players, both new and those with more experience. For new punters, Side Bet City offers stylish neon-lit betting on Poker hands without actually playing Poker. For seasoned players, the 2-Hand Casino Hold’Em tables are the better choice, giving you a chance to bet on two hands for double the payout opportunities, plus opt-in for a bonus bet that pays regardless of a losing hand. And for experienced Blackjack fans, the Free Bet Blackjack table is the most logical choice, giving you free double down bets and free splits to maximize your winnings.

If you want to check out the games on your own, just click this link to pay a visit to Cloudbet Casino.

$5,000 in Slot Tournament Prizes

For slot players, we have a different exciting update this week. Over at Drake Casino, a new slot tournament will be run until the end of the month with a $5,000 prize pool that will be split between 14 different players. To take part, you need to opt in, pay the entry fee, and play BetSoft’s funky new BTC slot – Fruit Bat Crazy. The first player who climbs to the top of the leaderboard gets a $2,000 prize while the second and third places get $1,000 and $750 in BTC equivalent, respectively. But even if you rank lower, you can still win some attractive rewards, ranging from a minimum of $100 to up to $750.

For more information about the prizes and rules, make sure to check out Drake Casino while the tournament is still in its early stage.

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Bitcoin To Close Down Casinos in Asia?

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While Bitcoin has long been associated with Asia, it was mostly due to the large mining pools that were once predominantly based in China. But according to a world famous economist, the cryptocurrency is not only a vessel for making money by mining in the area, but also a gambling vessel for people hoping to earn from the coin’s volatility and those who like to gamble under the radar. And, according to his opinion, the coin will eventually lead to the closure of physical casinos in Japan, China, and Korea.

Crypto to Overtake Land-Based Gambling

In a new interview with Korea Times, Dr. Andy Xie, predicted that digital assets will take over the gambling world in Asia. Xie, a former economist at Morgan Stanley who earned world-wide fame for predicting the Asian currency crisis of 97-98, said in an interview that Bitcoin was predominantly used for gambling in the area – a behavior that exposes locals to exploitation by US crypto holders.

A vocal critic of the Bitcoin boom of 2017, Xie said that the coin is mostly a “gambling instrument” for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese citizens and that he doesn’t believe that the cryptocurrency will ever replace fiat money due to its notorious volatility.  While Xie’s opinion may be mostly related to trading, past behavior has shown that crypto is also heavily used for illegal betting online.

The economist also holds US traders responsible for causing millions in losses to Asian investors. With a futures market set up in Chicago (CME), Xie says that US traders can push the price upwards when it’s high, only to push it down again until Asian investors run and they square their positions and cash out profits.

He predicts that people from East Asia are losing around $100 from gambling on a yearly basis. Thus, he sees cryptocurrencies taking over the physical world of gambling and eventually closing down land-based casinos in the area.

Gambling Prohibition Turns People to Bitcoin

As you may already know, gambling in an online casino or a land-based one is a highly restricted form of entertainment in many Asian countries. Not only do local governments prevent people to engage in gambling online by setting up firewalls but they also prohibit banks from processing any transaction that’s associated with registered gambling operators.

However, like with all countries that enforce bans on online gambling, like Russia and Australia to name a few, it’s not long before locals discover ways to bypass these restrictions. Apart from using junket Chinese locals have also been known to use crypto to gamble under the radar online.

Back in 2018, local authorities in the Guandong province uncovered a massive Bitcoin gambling ring that operated on the dark-web, one which was used to foster sportsbetting during the World Cup via cryptocurrencies. At the end of the operation, the Chinese authorities seized a colossal $1.5 billion in cryptocurrency assets alone, plus around $750,000 in bank accounts of people belonging to the ring.

Reportedly, that illegal operation was run for eight months and attracted over 330,000 users to bet in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, including 8,000 “affiliate agents” whose job was to draw new bettors in. The authorities then responded by closing 50,000 accounts on the WeChat app which was one of the main channels used by the illegal gambling operation.

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Celebrate America’s Birthday with $1,500 Prizes and New Tournaments

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Yesterday was the 4th of July, the USA’s 243 birthday since the nation proclaimed independence back in 1776. Although most of the Independence Day celebrations happened in the US, people from other corners of the globe were also given a reason to rejoice thanks to the generosity of a few Bitcoin online casinos. In a true American fashion, Vegas Casino released a new 4th of July tournament yesterday, one that will give away individual prizes of up to $1,500 to five players. And if this is not enough excitement for you, you also have a new treasure map opened at mBit Casino along with two new tournaments!

Salute America with a $4,000 Tournament

Named after one of the biggest gambling hubs in the world, especially in the Western hemisphere, Vegas Casino owes much of its marketing appeal to the Sin City. So, to mark the birthday of the country that built Vegas, the casino just launched a new slot tournament. This time, the player competition will last until July 11th, after which five participating players will get to split $4,000 in prizes that will be given only in BTC equivalent.

To join the tournament, you just have to play with real wagers on one of the four selected slot games: True Sheriff, Tailgating, Slot of Money, and Texas Ranger’s Reward. The top five players who reach the highest bet volume throughout the tournament period will earn a place on the leaderboard and one of the following prizes:

  • Player 1 – $1,500;
  • Player 2 – $1,000;
  • Player 3 – $800;
  • Player 4 – $500;
  • Player 5 – $200.

To join this special tournament, or read more about the terms and conditions, just use this link to pay a visit to Vegas Casino.

Free Spins, Crypto Reloads, and 600 mBTC in Prizes

Another special promotion you can join this weekend is the new Tropical Map at the popular mBit Casino.  Open to players right until the end of the month, the casino’s new treasure map will ensure all registered members get a special reward every day throughout July. Like the previous treasure maps, there’s a ton of prizes to look forward to, including big packages of free spins, reloads, exclusive cryptocurrency bonuses and more.

The map was officially opened on July 1st, when players had the chance to win up to 125 high roller free spins. The rewards continued with unlimited reloads and VIP point giveaways, while today we have another unlimited reload offer that will give you %40 of all deposits you make, no limitations. And not only do you have an opportunity to win these special treats, but the casino is also running two new tournaments for slot and table players with even more great prizes.

Open for five more days, the new table and slot competitions at the casino will give punters a chance to play any table game or slot machine and win prizes by accumulating enough points. Table players have a 200 mBTC prize pool to fight for, with the first prize being 60 mBTC, while slot players can expect to win a slice of 400 mBTC or 500 free spins.  If you’re interested, make sure to head down to mBit Casino today while you still have a chance to qualify.

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Bitcoin Gambling at iGB; New Fair Play Feature at Oshi Casino

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In this week in Bitcoin gambling news, cryptocurrency casinos have found their way on the agenda of the 2019 iGB Live conference that will take place this July in Amsterdam. Also, Oshi Casino – one of our top-rated BTC casinos – has introduced a fresh Fair Play tool to its platform, making it easier for punters to pick out games of any volatility and RTP rate they want. Read on to learn about both updates in our full scoop bellow.

iGB Live Welcomes Bitcoin

This July, one of the most anticipated European conferences for the iGaming industry, iGB Live, will take place in Amsterdam for the second time after a very successful 2018 event. Organized by iGaming Business, a leading content provider from the industry, this conference makes it possible for anyone from the online gambling sector to establish new partnerships with leading brands, discuss topics and innovation, and promote their own affiliate networks. And one of the several topics this year will be cryptocurrency gambling.

Scheduled for the Boardroom, the iGB Live conference will hold a debate on whether cryptocurrencies in the iGaming industry are “over hyped” or not. The debate will be representing both the idea that big brands don’t need crypto and the opposite camp that believes blockchain payments and digital currencies could give operators plenty of benefits, ranging from increased player trust to better odds and quicker payments. A portion of the debate will also be focusing on the Return of Investment (ROI) digital assets like Bitcoin offer to casino brands.

If there’s one thing iGB Live’s decision to host a debate on crypto casinos shows, it’s that gambling with digital coins is raising more and more interest from operators. And as the interest spreads, so does the likeliness of adopting Bitcoin increases.

Find Fairer Bitcoin Games More Easily

In other news, Oshi Casino introduces a refreshing new feature on its website, one that will make it much easier for players to find games that are fair and less/more volatile. The trusted BTC operator recently sent a notification to players and promoters announcing the launch of its new FairPlay feature which took four months of testing and development before it was released.

With the help of the new tool, members at Oshi Casino will be able to quickly find out the RTP of any game they want, but also its variance. By hovering over a game’s thumbnail, you can see the exact percentage a game pays back to the player over time, but also find out whether a slot machine has a low-, medium-, or high- payout volatility. The casino also made it possible to use a volatility filter when searching for Bitcoin slot machines.

Nick Garner, CEO of the casino, commented on the new feature and said that by adding this tool to the site’s list of benefits, which includes perks like 10-minute withdrawals and a stellar customer service, Oshi Casino has become even more Fair Play than before. Garner also adds that he believes that the Oshi brand has now become the number one hybrid casino when it comes to Fair Play.

If you want to see this new feature in action, feel free to check out Oshi Casino.

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Win Free Bitcoin with BitStarz’ Gleam Giveaway and New Tours at Fortune Jack Casino

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If you’re a member of some of the most popular Bitcoin casino sites online and are looking to get your hands on some free BTC, we have some great news for you. Over at BitStarz Casino, there’s currently a Gleam competition that can be joined by new and existing players to win a free share of a 1 BTC prize pool. And if you need even more rewards, you have BitStarz’ treasure map campaign but also two new tournaments at Fortune Jack Casino where the prizes will be handed out completely free of playthrough requirements!

50 mBTC and €50,000 in Individual Rewards

Once again showing its passion for its members, popular BitStarz BTC Casino is offering all registered players, new and existing, an opportunity to win some free Bitcoin prizes. Right until July 21st, the casino will be running a new prize draw on Gleam where people will get a chance to promote the BitStarz brand on social media and earn tickets.

The rules for the prize draw are quite straightforward. To earn a ticket, you just need to visit the competition page on Gleam via BitStarz’s blog update, log in, and start performing tasks. There are nine tasks in total, each awarding you one ticket, and most of them are things like sharing, retweeting, or liking the casino’s social media profiles. At the end of the promotional period, a special algorithm will draw 20 lucky winners, each of which will get a free prize of 50 mBTC.

And if you need even more prizes to grab, you can also join BitStarz’ Egyptian Gold treasure map promotion. The main prize, free trip to Egypt, has already been won but there is still €50,000 in individual rewards available for each participating player. The casino even offers you a playing strategy that will let you conquer all 40 levels, one that was verified by the lucky winner of the trip.

Want to learn more about the amazing promotions at this popular BTC Casino? Just use this link to pay a visit to BitStarz.

1,000 Free Spins + 1,500 mBTC in Prizes

For more free rewards, you can also check out Fortune Jack Casino where two new tournaments will be starting this Sunday. Dubbed Hot Slots and LeaderJack, these fresh competitions will give all registered players an opportunity to play slots and Blackjack games and win some wager-free Bitcoin prizes. Both tournaments have a prize pool of 750 mBTC and 500 free spins each and both of them will end up rewarding a total of 50 participants.

To win a prize, you’ll just need to play your favorite games with real money and earn points to rank up. The player who climbs at the top of the leaderboard gets a prize of 200 mBTC while the second- and third-ranking players will get 150 mBTC and 100 mBTC, respectively. The free spins prizes are given for players 22 to 50 and they range from 25 to 10 free spins for the lowest positions on the leaderboard.

If you like to try your hand at winning a free prize, make sure to head down to Fortune Jack’s and get a head start.

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Malta Warned for Its Cryptocurrency Gambling Industry

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The small island nation of Malta may be known by some for its long history and affordable vacation packages, but in the casino sector it’s known as one of the biggest gambling hubs in Europe. The country has played home for many fiat money and cryptocurrency online casinos, thanks to the establishment of one of the most respected global regulatory agencies – the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

However, Malta has also found itself in the crosshair of the European Union quite often for its alleged corruption and money-laundering problems. And according to a recent report by the European Commission, there are now worries about the crypto gambling industry in the country.

Commission Warns Rising Crypto Sector

As reported by local media outlet Malta Today, the European Commission (EC) has recently sent warnings to the Maltese government. In a recommendation to the EU member states, the Commission asked Maltese officials to tighten up their AML (Anti-money laundering) efforts in the gaming and financial sectors, specifically in the crypto-casino industry that the country has been trying to establish.

As the Commission warned, the “shortcomings” of the local government, especially in tackling corruption, could negatively affect business and investments. There are concerns that conflicts of interest are present at a number of levels inside the government, as has been reported by local news agencies frequently. And it isn’t only AML efforts that worry the EC, but also the local tax laws which allow for business to be “creative” in filing their taxes.

Although this is a warning, it is not a threat by the Commission who only wants the government to become more effective in regulating the financial and gambling sector. With the size of Malta’s online gambling industry rapidly growing in the past years, and the recent efforts by the MGA to introduce cryptocurrency gambling, it’s important to the EC that everything should be set up right.

Bigger Problems Exist

The cryptocurrency and gambling sectors are likely the least of worries for the country, which has been put in the spotlight of the member states more than a few times due to its alleged corruption problems. As CBS News reports, the small Mediterranean island has earned quite the reputation for its flourishing corruption and suspicious dealings. Apart from trying to establish itself as a leader in fostering new technologies like Blockchain and online gambling, since 2013 Malta has also become a hotbed for oligarchs and super-rich people from abroad who want to acquire a EU passport.

Through its new citizenship program, Malta allows for rich people to buy a citizenship for a million by registering businesses and residences in the country. Some local reporters are calling the program a “scheme”” and a “fraud” , according to CBS, one which allows tycoons from Russia, Nigeria, China, Saudi Arabia and more to acquire the freedom and  benefits of a visa-free EU citizenship. One reporter found that the registered one-year residence of a Russian tycoon, as required by the law, was located in a shabby basement apartment with no sign of the businessman living in it.

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Win a Share of 4,200 Free Spins and €500 at BetChain and Vegas Casino

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No plans for the weekend? We have some news for you. Two of our top-rated BTC casino operators are offering new promotions that you can join to grab some free spins and cash prizes. At BetChain Casino, you’ll get a chance to join two separate tournaments, both of which are aimed at slot players. And over at Vegas Casino, you’ll get to bank a big pile of free spins on an exciting new slot from GameArt just by making a qualifying deposit. Read more about both offers and get ready to start spinning!

4,000 Free Spins and Extra Cash Prizes

The first stop for your free prizes this weekend is BetChain, where you can join the casino’s Slot Blitz and Spin Fest Tournaments. The Slot Blitz tournament has €500 in prizes which will be given to the top 5 players who qualify for the leaderboard. The rules are very simple, just play any slot you want with real money wagers and earn points. If you earn enough, you can get one of the two €50 prizes, €100, or the €200 first prize. This tournament will be open 9 more days, so hurry up if you’re up for it!

The more attractive competition, however, is the Spin Fest tournament, which will open right after midnight today, at 00:01 hrs on Saturday.  This particular tour has a prize pool of 4,000 free spins which will be given to the top 20 qualifying players. Like with the Slot Blitz competition, you’ll just need to log in, play any of the 160+ selected games (table games included) and earn points. The first three players will get very attractive prizes of 600, 500, and 400 free spins, respectively, while the last player to qualify will get 35 free spins.

To learn more about both competitions and other attractive promotions at the casino, just click this link to navigate to BetChain.

Try the New Captain Candy Slot with 200 Free Spins

Another interesting opportunity you’ll find this week is the new Captain Candy slot promotion over at Vegas Casino. Designed by GameArt, Captain Candy is a new Bitcoin slot machine that came out at the end of last month, one which uses a mix between a superhero and a candy theme. Featuring 25 paylines, free spins bonus games, and an expanding feature that can fill up a whole 5×3 screen with a single symbol, Captain Candy may look a bit childish, but it can definitely offer some big returns.

To promote the new game, the casino is launching a special free spins promotion that is open to all members that make a new deposit. To get your bonus, just go to you cashier, enter the code “CANDY” in your bonus page and then make a minimum deposit of 20 mBTC. Once you do, you will get immediately treated to 200 free spins all for yourself that you can use to play GameArt’s new HD slot.

If you want to get your free spins before the promotion expires, make sure to pay Vegas Casino a visit today!

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Bitcoin Casino and Sportsbook Enters Premier League

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Long gone are the days when Bitcoin gambling operators were relatively unknown to the general public, existing in a niche market frequented only by cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As we seen over the past two-three years, Bitcoin casinos have become one of the biggest gambling brands online, drawing in both long time fans of crypto and those who’ve never bought a coin in their lives. And now, it seems that the world’s exposure to cryptocurrency gambling will only grow further, thanks to a new Premier League Sponsorship by the Coingaming Group.

£20 Million for First PL Sponsorship

As reported by the Evening Standard, Hertfordshire Premier League Club Watford F.C. has signed a new partnership with BTC Casino operators Coingaming Group worth a whopping £20,000,000. The partnership, which was announced last Friday, will see the Hornets’ shirts wearing the name of – Coingaming’s sportsbook and casino.

Reportedly, the agreement will span for three years, starting with the 2019/20 season, and it is the biggest sponsorship the club has ever received in its entire history. This is also the first time that Sportsbet, which is a sister site to popular BTC casino Bitcasino, is sponsoring a club from the Premier League. To show extra commitment, Sportsbet’s logo will match the color scheme of Watford F.C.’s shirts instead of being painted in the regular green and white pattern.

According to Sportsbet, the sportsbook’s logo will first make an appearance during the Hornets’ home game on August 10th.And as the partnership unfolds, there will be a number of exciting perks to come out for fans of the club and Sportsbet players. These include weekly Watford-themed promotions with free jerseys, trips to the club’s games, and even Watford-inspired casino games and live tables.

Global Strategy & Partnerships Director of Watford, Spencer Field, commented on the agreement by saying that they are expecting a fantastic season this year and that they are thrilled to have found a partner that matches their ethos”.

A Brand That Never Stops to Amaze

If you haven’t had the opportunity to bet at Sportsbet, you’ve missed out on one of the most diverse BTC sportsbooks online. Striving since day one to disrupt the online betting industry, Sportsbet is a betting operator that continuously evolves to become better than its fiat-money counterparts. And judging from the positive media coverage the brand has been receiving, one can definitely say that it is on the right path.

Featuring a licensed casino and sportsbook, Sportsbet is a multi-faceted site that’s primarily aimed at cryptocurrency gamblers. Back in 2016, when it was first launched, it was only a small betting site, but since then it has become something much bigger. By introducing more payment options, hosting tons of promotions, and expanding its offer to include popular casino games, more betting markets, and even virtual sports, Sportsbet has become one of the first places people turn to for BTC online gambling.

If you’re interested in learning more about the partnership or the sportsbook itself, make sure to give a visit!

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