Break the Piggy Bank at mBit Casino for Over 400 Free Spins

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mBit casino is one of the premium Bitcoin gaming destinations on the web. The casino is known for its great range of games and the variety of promotions that are suitable for new and seasoned players both. The latest such promo involved breaking (virtual) piggy banks that hold a total of 410 free spins for mBit’s fantastic slot games.

Between January 17 and January 23, you can break your favorite piggy bank and get your hands on a nice batch of free spins. They are available on specific games, all bona-fide slot hits that you can’t stop playing. To get your free spins, all you need to do is cover the minimum deposit. This will give you the regular or premium package, but you can score both if you feel like it.

Regular or Premium – What’s It Gonna Be?

To be eligible for the promotion, you have to opt-in just once. It’s already well underway – the promo started on January 17 and you have until the 23rd to claim your piggy bank free spins. It goes like this:

  • Deposit 2 mBTC – 10 mBTC and break the regular piggy bank for 77 free spins
  • Deposit 10 mBTC to 100 mBTC and break the premium piggy bank for 333 free spins

You can break one or both – that’s up to you. If you break both, you’re looking at a total of 410 free games, which is what seasoned spinners would do. The free spins are available on major slot hits, including:

  • Book of Pyramids
  • Book of Cats
  • Aztec Magic
  • Deep Sea
  • Four Lucky Clover
  • Bob’s Coffee Shop
  • Desert Treasure
  • Domnitors
  • Hawaii Cocktails
  • Princess Royal
  • Princess of the Sky
  • Cherry Fiesta

There’s something for everyone in store ranging from classic Book of… titles to more modern releases. The free spins will be added to your bonus balance instantly as soon as you break the piggy banks. Keep in mind that you need to wager the winnings 40 times before you can withdraw.

Terms and Conditions

As mentioned earlier, the promotion is available to all mBit casino players over the age of 18. It’s a free spins promotion that’ll add 77 or 333 free spins to your tally, or a total of 410 if you break both piggy banks. The wagering requirements are set at 40x, so make sure to complete them before you ask for a withdrawal.

You will need to opt-in to the promotion in order to participate. The free spins are only available on the specified games. To qualify for the free spins, you will need to deposit a minimum of:

  • 01000000 BTC
  • 95000000 BCH
  • 37000000 LTC
  • 140000000 ETH
  • 2,480.00000000 DOG
  • 00000000 USDT

You have the full weekend in front of you to claim the piggy bank free spins before the promotion ends on January 23. It’s a great way to try some of the most popular slots in the casino for a tiny deposit. If you’re looking to spend this chilly winter spinning games, the piggy bank promo at mBit is a no-brainer.

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England Boss Gareth Southgate Asks for Legal Help After His Pic is Used to Promote Bitcoin Scam

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Bitcoin scams have become pretty common which is very unfortunate. For all the potential Bitcoin and the blockchain offer, scams are something that investors should ignore. Yet they happen occasionally, and they often use the faces of celebrities in order to scam people who want to invest. Without their knowledge, of course. The latest celebrity to be scammed that way was England football boss Gareth Southgate.

Southgate’s representatives are now seeking legal advice after their client was caught up in a crypto scam. The ad promised 5,000% profit on a deposit of £150, which is simply unbelievable. Still, the offer scammed many people, and many of them have unrightfully blamed the England boss.

Marketing Mail Scam

The scam was sent via a marketing email to a huge number of recipients. It claimed that Gareth Southgate appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show revealing a “wealth loophole” that can deliver millions in months. Of course, all of it was fake, but the email used pretty real pics and a great story about Southgate’s secret investment in Bitcoin that made him a millionaire.

Little did they know that the man made millions through football, not Bitcoin. He didn’t get a 5,000% profit on a £150 investment, not he is a crypto millionaire. While the email was outlandish to many, some people who didn’t know who Southgate is bought the story and lost thousands.

In the embedded video in the email, Southgate took his phone out and showed viewers how much money he’s been making. He supposedly did this on the DeGeneres show, yet no one thought to check if he actually did. The email also claimed that the Federal Reserve Bank tried to stop it from being aired, which was a lie as well.

Many people were scammed into believing the video was real, depositing thousands on the promise of a 5,000% profit in months. This is one of the latest email scams that uses celebrities to lure unsuspecting people in.

Of course, Southgate reported the case to the police, and his representatives are now seeking legal advice. It’s a real shame that these scams are ruining football’s relation with crypto, that has been on the rise in recent months.

Crypto and NFT Spreading to Football

In more positive news, the Premier League where Southgate plied his trade as a player is pretty open to the idea of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Football is helping legitimize crypto, yet scams such as this one using popular football figures do cryptos no good. Premier League clubs have been turning to digital assets in recent months. For example, champions Manchester City have signed up a new partnership with crypto start-up 3Key, and popular crypto token Chiliz has expanded to the PL as well.

While some players have been lending their name and likeness to promote crypto such as Paul Pogba, Southgate never agreed to that. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

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Get a free iPhone at When You Complete Your Profile with the Right Data

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In love with iOS and iPhones? iPhone fans can rarely use another phone, no matter how hard Androids try. The iOS ecosystem is perfected and quite different from what Androids offer, making the iPhone a hit. It’s a pricy one, but a hit nonetheless. If you’ve been aching to get the latest iPhone but you’re waiting for a bit of a discount, why not try and get one for free? Thanks to’s latest raffle, you might just get it.

The popular Bitcoin casino always holds fun tournaments and raffles. It has given away more than a few Teslas in the past, and now it’s time for a brand-new iPhone. Compared to some of its other tournaments, this raffle is different. You don’t need to deposit and play games to enter it. All you need to do is complete your player account.

Add Missing Data, Win iPhone 13

Most Bitcoin casinos are asking players to complete all missing data on their accounts. Many simply don’t want to add their phone or other information, so has thought of a cool solution. It will book you a ticket to the January 24 raffle that will award one lucky player with a complete account a brand-new iPhone 13.

There’s now a very good reason to provide the casino with a phone number. Not just any phone number – it needs to be a valid one with the right country code. That shouldn’t be a problem for iOS fans registered at Bitcasino. If you still haven’t entered your phone number, you can do it now and get a shot at the latest iPhone.

It’s never been easier to win an iPhone. There’s no raffle that’s so easy to complete – you can literally book your ticket for it in 10 seconds. To make things easier, head to the Account tab of your profile (Bitcasino has linked it for you on the promo details page), enter your phone number including the country code, and you’re in.

One Lucky Winner

The only downside of this raffle is that there’s only one iPhone in the prize pool. One lucky winner will get it no strings attached on the draw that will take place on January 24. The winner will be picked randomly via a software. Make sure to book your raffle ticket by January 23, and keep in mind that players who have previously added their phone number are automatically entering the raffle as well.

If your phone number has changed in the meantime, update it on your account page and you’re in. The winner will be contacted via a phone call and win themselves a cool new iPhone 13 with 256 GB of capacity. If you’re an iOS fanboy or gal, you know that the latest iPhone is a technological marvel. It has thinner bezels than ever, the notch has been given a facelift, and the new A15 Bionic processor is fast as lightning.

No matter if you’re a long-time iOS user or you simply want a change of phones, this raffle is your best way at getting one of the top smartphones on the market in 2022.

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Jack Dorsey Proposes a Non-Profit Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund for Developers as Lawsuits Increase

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Ex-Twitter CEO and Block founder Jack Dorsey has recently proposed something very interesting. The popular crypto figure says that due to increasing pressure from authorities, the crypto community should create legal defense. It would come in the form of a non-profit defense fund for Bitcoin developers as the community is facing immense pressure lately.

Bitcoin developers have been targeted with threats and multi-front litigation. Many have given up developing being unable to handle the pressure and having no legal support. Instead of capitulating, the newly proposed Bitcoin legal defense fund will give them the legal blanket they need so developers don’t lose that stream of revenue.

Signed by Other Crypto Figures

The proposal was sent by email on January 12 and sent to the Bitcoin developer mailing list. Besides Dorsey, other important figures in the crypto community have shared their support. Among them are Martin White as well as Alex Morcos, co-founder of Chaincode Labs.

The main purpose of this newly proposed Bitcoin fund is to give Bitcoin developers the legal support they need. This community has been under constant attack recently, leaving many without their projects and no source of income. With the non-profit fund Dorsey proposes, they would get the legal support they need and a way to pay the legal bills.

According to Dorsey’s mail, the fund will first be looking to coordinate the defense on Wright’s Tulip Trading lawsuit against numerous Bitcoin developers. This lawsuit claims that they’ve breached “fiduciary duty” related to the crypto theft from the Mt. Gox hack. Tulip Trading is represented by Ontier LLP and has the green light from a high London court to serve papers. It has targeted 16 Bitcoin developers over funds stolen from the Mt. Gox hack.

At the same time, Wright is also suing unknown groups that hosted the Bitcoin whitepaper. Apparently, it’s a suit for breach of copyright. The 16 targeted Bitcoin developers have no legal way to fight Wright’s claims, but thanks to Dorsey’s proposed fund, they might soon have the legal needs to strike back.

Free and Voluntary Fund

The non-profit fund will be free and voluntary for developers. They can choose to use or omit it. In the beginning, it will start with a mix of volunteers and part-time lawyers. As it grows, the board that will include Jack Dorsey will choose which lawsuits and defendants it will help. At the moment, the board is not looking for outside capital, but it may need it in the future.

Earlier in December, Wright was found not liable on breach of business partnership. The lawsuit was directed on him and a former associate, Dave Kleiman from Florida who has passed away. The suit was focused on claims that Wright developed the Bitcoin protocol himself, or if it was a business partnership with Kleiman. Wright also claimed that he is Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi, although those claims have not been tested in court.

It remains to be seen if Dorsey’s great proposal will actually catch fire. It would be great to have a fund for the Bitcoin developers that can’t stand legal ground on their own.

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50% Off of Spinomenal’s Buy-In Feature at Cloudbet

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Playing slots is always fun. They offer sky-high rewards, especially in the bonus rounds. However, getting to them is not that easy. The process of triggering a bonus is easy by itself, but getting the required symbols? Good luck on that.

In order to help players get to the bonus early in the game, many developers add a Buy-In feature. This costs significantly, but that’s the price you’re paying for getting into the bonus round whenever you want to. Many of Spinomenal’s games have that feature, and if you’re spinning them at Cloudbet casino, you get the chance to trigger the bonus round with a Buy-In at half the price every Wednesday this January.

It’s Cloudbet’s version of a Happy New Year gift, and we’re glad for it.

50% Buy-In Discount

Unlike other period promotions, this one is a bit different. One of the favorite Bitcoin casinos on the market, Cloudbet, gives players a 50% discount on the Buy-In feature in selected games every Wednesday in January 2022. There are no terms and conditions for this offer. You simply play a specified game every Wednesday and you get to buy your way into the bonus round at half the price.

This promotion for Cloudbet players will go throughout January and is available on selected games. The first one is already behind us. On January 5, players had the option to pay half the price for the Buy-In free spins feature on Story of Medusa. But, don’t despair. Still a lot of Wednesdays left this month, and you have a chance to buy your way into the free spins round with a 50% discount.

The slots and dates are:

  • Wednesday, January 12: Irish Treasures
  • Wednesday, January 19: Colossus Fruits
  • Wednesday, January 26: 4 Horsemen

Fans of slots know perfectly how fun Spinomenal’s slots can be. They have bonus rounds to be jealous off with big-win features and fantastic winning opportunities. If you’re already a registered Cloudbet member, you don’t need to do anything. Just play the specified games on Wednesday in January 2022, and you’ll pay half the price to trigger the free spins round, no opt in required.

Worth the Discount

Since these Buy-In features can be costly, we have to say that this is a promo we surely love. So will you when you play these games and see the 50% discount banner. Why pay 100x your bet when you can trigger the free spins bonus for 50x? Spinomenal’s free spins rounds are awesome, and they come with great winning potential.

On top of it all, the promotions applies to some of the top slots by the studio. Irish Treasures has an RTP of 96.5% and a great free spins round where you can win across 30 paylines. Colossus Fruits is similar, but with a different theme and gameplay features. 4 Horsemen offers the same winning opportunities, although with a lower RTP. The slots are great for all kinds of players, so if you’re into big bonus wins for half the price, this promo is for you.

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El Salvador Prepares Legal Framework for Bitcoin Bonds

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It’s been more than a few months since El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender. After the country didn’t secure a deal with the IMF and was deep in debts, it decided to experiment by throwing the US Dollar out and making Bitcoin legal tender to the dismay of monetary organizations and first-world countries. Months later, everything is going great for the country, which doesn’t miss a chance to buy the dip.

But according to its president, it’s set to go further. The El Salvador parliament is preparing 20 bills that will introduce a new legal framework for Bitcoin bonds.

Legal Structure for Everyone who Buys Volcano Bonds

President Nakib Buyele and Head of Treasury Alejandra Zelaya announced on January 4 that the country is preparing 20 new bills for the so-called Volcano bonds. The new legal and financial framework for the $1 billion Bitcoin bond issue will provide anyone who buys it with legal structure and certainty.

The $1 billion sought by the bond issuance can then be used in the Bitcoin City initiative. President Bukele announced that idea a few months ago, promising digital and technological education and innovation, along with sustainable energy and public transport as well as geothermal energy for the whole city.

The core of Bitcoin City will be a mining operation that use the geothermal power generated by a volcano in El Salvador. That energy will power the mining rigs, which brings us to the so-called Volcano bonds. The mining operation is already underway, and has mined its first small portion of Bitcoin on October 1, 2021.

El Salvador needs financial help for Bitcoin City, but the Volcano bonds may also be used to pay off an $800 million Eurobond that matures in 2 years. The money for that will come from Bitcoin bonds or investment banks instead of another Eurobond. Zelaya would prefer that to be in a bond that doesn’t come from traditional finance.

Significant Interest from Investors

So far, so good. Zelaya and president Bukele say that there’s a significant interest from investors for the Volcano bonds. It comes with exposure to BTC and a 10-year maturity with 6.5% interest. While it plans on issuing Bitcoin bonds, it doesn’t mean that El Salvador is going to abandon traditional finance for good.

According to president Bukele, Bitcoin will take a huge leap ahead in 2022. He tweeted that the price will hit $100,000 this year, and that Bitcoin City will commence construction thanks to oversubscribed Volcano bonds. So far, the country’s most notable partners in this project are iFinex and Blockstream, two companies that are closely associated with Tether. The Volcano bonds will most likely be issued on Blockstream’s Liquid network and processed by iFinex.

It’ll be exciting to see if Bitcoin City becomes the technological marvel president Bukele promised. We’re also eager to see which investors buy Volcano bonds first. Everything looks good on paper so far. If this new experiment in El Salvador works, it’ll surely turn many heads around in the world.

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Booongo’s Golden Hugs Will Keep You Warm This Winter at

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Popular slot developer Booongo is back with more exciting adventures unleashed at The studio and casino have partnered up to make the new year even more exciting with 10 fun tournaments from December 30 to January 8. The massive prize pool is €17,000 for each tournament for a total of €170,000.

The player that tops the leaderboard will bag a cool €3,000 in the bag, making it a fantastic New Year tournament you shouldn’t pass up on. All you need to do is play Booongo games during the promotional period and accumulate points. You get extra in the multiplier race and for hitting special milestones that will get you racing up the leaderboard.

Great Way to End the Year

Called the NY Golden Hugs, this exciting Booongo and tournament is already underway. The first regular tournament was live yesterday, with the second running today. From December 30 to January 8, players at will get an exclusive chance to earn cool prizes and get a fair share of the massive prize pool that will kick off 2022 in style.

There will be 10 separate Regular tournaments every day during the first week of January. The leaderboard is based on which player gets the most points accumulated during the promo period. Players get points for every spin they make on Booongo’s exciting slots. For example, if you bet €1 and win €100, that’s 100 points for you on the board.

To make things more exciting, the casino will give you extra points in the multiplier race. It’s simple – every x1 multiplier on a winning spin gives you an extra point. These will boost your position on the leaderboard and hopefully make you a leader so you can snag the biggest cash prize.

The participating games for this exciting tournament are:

  • Gold Express
  • Scarab Temple
  • Dragon Pearls
  • 15 Dragon Pearls
  • Buddha Megaways
  • Pearl Diver
  • Hit the Gold
  • Aztec Sun
  • Sun of Egypt
  • Sun of Egypt 2
  • Magic Apple
  • Candy Boom
  • Wolf Night
  • Wolf Saga
  • Black Wolf

If you’ve ever dived deep into Booongo’s catalog, you know how great its online slots are. These slots are among Booongo’s premium titles, so you won’t only get a chance to bag a great reward – you’ll be spinning fun games as well.

Terms and Conditions

Once again, the 10 tournaments will run between December 30 and January 8. The series leaderboard will run parallel to the Regular tournament leaderboard. Players with the most accumulated points will win the 1st place and the premium prize in the Series Extra leaderboard.

The total prize pool for the first place is €30,000, equal to €3,000 per Regular tournament. There will be prizes for a total of 350 players in the tournament, the lowest being €40. Before you start playing, make sure to opt-in. Keep in mind that the minimum bet required is €1 per spin and the minimum participating spins is set at 100.

Enjoy the New Year’s Eve celebrations in style and Happy New Year to you!

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A New Crypto Law in Turkey is Imminent

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Bitcoin and crypto regulation around the world is a hot topic, with Turkey the latest country to join the list. According to Turkey president, crypto regulation in the country is imminent as he prepares to send a crypto law for voting in the parliament very soon. He told reporters that the law will be sent to the national assembly without delay. It comes at a peak time for cryptos in Turkey that have become incredibly popular due to the rising inflation rate and record laws for the Turkish lira against the US Dollar.

So far, cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin have been existing in a legal grey area in Turkey, but that’s about to change. The good news is that this law isn’t similar to the laws proposed in India. As a matter of fact, Turkey is looking to regulate cryptos, but not outlaw them.

Positive Changes Ahead

In the past couple of years and especially in 2021, Bitcoin’s adoption in Turkey grew at an astounding rate. People are very interested to invest money in crypto due to the ever-growing inflation. The Turkish lira has just hit a record low against the US Dollar. In those financial conditions, people tend to turn to cryptocurrencies. Turkey’s struggling economy is a big problem, although the government’s control of media outlets paints a prettier picture.

The growing acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have challenged the authoritarian Recep Tayip Erdogan. Known for ruling with an iron fist, he’s been trying to solve the economic struggles and bolster the lira. In order to do that, the Turkish central bank banned the use of cryptocurrencies for payments back in April. However, no one mentioned anything about holding them, so holding crypto in the country remains a legal option.

At the time, the central bank governor, Sahap Kavcioglu, said that the government is looking to regulate cryptocurrencies, although no timeline was mentioned. From that point forward, crypto investments have soared, so the government reacted promptly. Recently, president Erdogan announced financial measures to protect the lira, sending its value up by 20%.

It did nothing for crypto investors as more and more people are interested in joining the crypto market.

Regulation Coming Soon

No one knows when the new law will be sent to the parliament, with experts believing it will be in January or February 2022. Erdogan is looking to regulate crypto ASAP, with the draft law probably limiting payment possibilities. Holding crypto will most likely stay legal, although it’ll be interesting to see what the president and his councilors came up with.

Crypto adoption throughout Europe has been on the rise. Many governments are looking to regulate crypto as soon as possible, not being able to withstand the rising crypto adoption. The good news is that the current stance is mainly positive, with no country set to ban cryptos for good. Newly drafted laws are surely restraining the use of cryptos, but leaving an open door for changes in the future.

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Deposit and Get 20-40 Free Spins on December 24 at Betchain

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We’ve all had a tough year so far, but with Christmas almost here and a New Year to follow, we can’t help but feel optimistic for the times ahead. Everyone’s in a festive mood these days and so are Bitcoin casinos. One of the best among them, Betchain, has just started a cool promotion that will give you dozens of free spins for the top Yggdrasil hits.

Simply named Christmas Tree Free Spins, the cool promo promises 20-40 free games for Yggdrasil’s game to anyone that makes a deposit the day before Christmas (December 24). If you haven’t played it so far, Christmas Tree is the ultimate festive epic with rewards up to 15,000x on offer.

Cascades, Clusters, and Bonuses

The Christmas Tree by Yggdrasil Gaming has it all. It’s dressed in festive attire and is the perfect companion to the very merry holiday of the year. Based on the Cluster Pays mechanic, it excels with fantastic special features that can spice up your wins like nothing else. Cascades can lead to new combinations all the time, going on and on until there are no winning symbols on the reels.

But the developers didn’t stop there. At any point during the base game, a snow globe can transform unwrapped presents into mystery symbols. Three or more cascades will trigger a random miracle, just like those that often take place on Christmas. The snowman himself can also step into the action, giving players entry into the bonus round.

It’s a nicely designed slot too, so you’ll be playing a really cool game while sipping eggnog during everyone’s favorite time of the year. Do that at Betchain casino, and you will earn yourself free ‘tickets’ for the Christmas party on this slot’s reels when you deposit on December 24.

Exclusive Promo

One of the premier Bitcoin casinos, Betchain, always has exciting promotions. This time, it decided to rewards Yggdrasil fans with a bunch of free spins available on deposits made on December 24. This goes for every deposit by any player today – make yours now and you can bag a bunch of free spins for the very merry slot game.

The minimum deposit for this promo is €11 – that’ll get you 20 free spins. To get the maximum of 40, you’ll need to deposit €20. In the spirit of Christmas, Betchain has kept the deposit limits very reasonable, while giving you free spins on a great slot game that can truly reward you with great cash prizes.

And those come for free, so you won’t need to worry about wagering requirements. According to the terms, the maximum win you can hit with them is €1,000, but that’s a pretty solid reward to make this Christmas better than before.

If you’re the Grinch who doesn’t like Christmas festivities or slots, you can spend them on BGAMING’s Elvis Frog in Vegas. It’s a cool slot alright, but if you ask us, it doesn’t beat Yggdrasil’s festive extravaganza.

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Ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin Is En Route to Replace the US Dollar

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In a recent twitter reply to famous rapper Cardi B, former Twitter CEO and big crypto fan Jack Dorsey said that Bitcoin will replace it. He replied to a tweet from Cardi B who asked if anyone believes crypto will replace the dollar. He instantly replied, “Yes, Bitcoin will” to the delight of the crypto community.

The tech billionaire has just recently left his Twitter position to fully focus on crypto technologies. His response to Cardy B prompted massive reactions on the social media site. For example, the tweet was liked by Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus, who posted a meme that DOGE is more stable than the US Dollar. Bitcoin investor Dennis Porter also tweeted, stating that it’s only a matter of time.

Focusing on Block

Dorsey didn’t shock many when he left his Twitter position a few months ago. He did that so he can fully focus on Block, a new fintech firm focused on Bitcoin mining systems. He was replaced by Parag Agrawal, who became Twitter’s new CEO and is heavily involved in decentralized projects.

Dorsey stated in October that Block will focus on Bitcoin mining systems based on custom silicon and open source. The systems will be available for both individuals and businesses. Block is just a new name for the Dorsey-led company that was formerly known as Square. Square had numerous decentralized projects open before, and those plans will be used in Block’s projects in the future.

The company’s goal is to create a wallet and do everything with support from the community. Dorsey and Jesse Dorogusker will investigate requisites as Square looks to start building the new Bitcoin mining system.

Dorsey is a big-time fan of Bitcoin and investor. He started advocating it as the “king coin” in 2017. He was unfazed at all when the market crashed in 2018. Dorsey has stated several times that Bitcoin is the currency of the future even when it was down to the lowest point. As of 2019, he’s reported to have invested at least a couple of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin every week.

tbDEX in the Works

The former Twitter CEO endorses blockchain tech for transparent payments. For that purpose, he’s begun building a new Bitcoin exchange proposal called tbDEX. The whitepaper has already been released, and he confirmed to investors that Bitcoin will be a big part of it.

According to reports, the Dorsey-led company Block owns over 8,000 Bitcoins, which is somewhere close to $400 million. Besides saying that it’ll replace the US Dollar, Dorsey also slammed Web3 in a series of later tweets. Many people are adamant that it’s the future of Internet, but he’s not a big fan. He called it a “centralized entity” with a different label that will be owned by VCs and LPs.

His opinion was voiced by another big crypto fan, Elon Musk, who tweeted “Can anyone seen Web3?”. Dorsey replied that it’s somewhere between a and z, once again warning everyone to learn what they’re getting into.

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