India Keeps the Door Open for Cryptocurrencies

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The Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman addressing a Press Conference, in New Delhi on June 28, 2021.

It’s safe to say that India’s affair with cryptos hasn’t exactly been pleasant to follow. The country has always opposed the idea of Bitcoin, with the central bank set on banning cryptos. That has yet to happen, and the country may very well be changing its tune.

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has recently stated that cryptos shouldn’t just be banned like that. The country and RBI (Reserve Bank of India) are well on their way to develop a digital cryptocurrency. However, the minister has obviously kept the door open to “futuristic things” that shouldn’t be shut out easily.

Open to Future Opportunities

Amid the hold of digital currencies around the world and the news that India could be developing its own, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said that a decision on cryptocurrencies should be thought through. She has cited El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption as the driving force behind it. It seems that El Salvador’s decision has changed how the world thinks of cryptos on a positive note. And that’s a good thing, because if it weren’t for it, many countries would just block future possibilities out.

India was one of them after the RBI circulated a memo telling all institutions to avoid accepting and using cryptocurrencies. It never turned into a law, but there wasn’t a positive sentiment around cryptocurrencies in the government. Nothing has changed in recent months until El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender. It has changed the way the government looks at cryptocurrencies, although legal adoption is still a far way off.

The recent comments by finance minister Sitharaman are a sign that India may very well be changing its tune on cryptos. She has noted that the public opposed the move on the streets, but also said that if the experiment works, no one should close the door on Bitcoin. Of course, India would prefer to launch its digital currency first, but it’s important that it’s not shutting off futuristic things that easily.

In the interview, Sitharaman was asked if India should launch its own cryptocurrency, and she gave a diplomatic answer. “We have to evolve something that’s suitable for our system. India has fintech on its side and an economy full of possibilities. We have to be cautious and think things through, not shutting out on future possibilities.”

CBDC Launch by December?

According to RBI governor Shaktikanta Das plans for the digital currency are well underway. An early version of the currency may launch in December, with the RBI having a phased implementation strategy for it. The RBI is treading ground very carefully about the CBDC. It’s a completely new product and an opposite to everything cryptocurrencies represent. It will be controlled by the Reserve Bank of India and interchangeable with fiat currencies, so it’s not exactly a cryptocurrency.

The RBI is planning to treat and regulate cryptos separately. At the moment, it has recommended that all private cryptos except those issues to the state to be prohibited, although the government has not yet decided on it.

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Are you an Esports fan and you love playing casino games? If you’re an member too, you can win gaming gear for your Esports matches powered by Betsy Games. The casino has just announced a partnership with Evil Geniuses and Betsy Games to bring Esports betting to the masses. With a wide range of Esports markets to bet on including CS:GO and DOTA 2, this new promotion is worth it.

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Here’s what the raffle prizes are:

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Terms and Conditions

The promotion is available to all registered members. You must opt in to the tournament to participate in the raffle. To take part in it, you must also place a bet of €20 or more on Betsy Games.

Every player with at least 1 raffle ticket will enter the prize draw. The raffle prize draw will be held at the OneTouch Bombay Club Baccarat on October 18. Not surprisingly, the casino will draw the lower prizes first, with the main prize drawn last. All specs and exact models depend on the winner’s location. Each prize package will be put together for winners individually.

With this cool promo, you have a shot to score some cool gaming gear. Evil Geniuses is one of the most popular Esports teams right now, and thanks to the partnership with, their gear can now be in your hands.

Enter the tournament right now and start collecting raffle tickets. By October 18, that high-end gaming PC could be yours to claim.


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Ukraine the Latest Country to Introduce a Bitcoin Bill

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After El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender 10 days ago, many countries have pondered the same move. There have been several that went down that road in the past month or so, and Ukraine is now officially on the list.

Thanks to a new bill that should soon be signed by Ukraine’s president, Bitcoin is now officially recognized and legal in Ukraine. So far, it was set in a legal grey area like in most European countries. With the new bill, cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin are now regulated, although it’s not an official form of payment like in El Salvador.

Citizens Are Now Permitted to Trade Bitcoin

For a long time, Bitcoin was neither legal or illegal in Ukraine. Like in most European country, Ukraine had no legal recognition of Bitcoin. Those who owned and traded it did so at their own risk, and any Bitcoin establishments were treated as a scam. Many were raided and their businesses shut down, so there was a clear need for clarification on cryptos.

It may have taken the government a while, but the bill is finally here. With the new bill that has passed the government level, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are legal in Ukraine. The country’s citizens now have the permission to trade BTC and other cryptos at legal exchanges, with the bill also regulating wallets and private keys.

Ukraine becomes the 5th country in as many weeks to legally recognize cryptocurrencies. The parliament has plans for new tax and civil codes that should be introduced so the market can be officially open. In that way, crypto businesses and investors can come to Ukraine and blow the lid off the crypto market.

The bill was passed with a unanimous vote on Wednesday and only needs President Volodymyr Zelensky’s signature in order to be fully adopted.

Not a Legal Form of Payment

While many think otherwise, Ukraine’s crypto law doesn’t make Bitcoin a legal form of payment like El Salvador did. It simply recognizes cryptocurrencies and gives citizens the right to trade it, but it won’t be accepted as a payment method in the country.

It’s still a step in the right direction. In order to thrive, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies need clear laws, but not too many of them. Imposing a lot of legal restrains on cryptocurrencies is destroying everything they stand for. Ukraine’s lawmakers know that and have constructed a great bill that opens up new possibilities for the European country.

It’s great news for all Bitcoin traders and investors, and should draw businesses to the country. While it’s still a far way off, Bitcoin aims to become a global reserve currency. When such a thing comes, it would be a shame for countries not to reap the advantages due to over-regulation. The time to make a change is now, and Ukraine surely had the future in mind when the government drafted the bill.

It remains to be seen how popular Bitcoin will eventually become in the European country and if it’ll inspire others to follow the same road.

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Sweet Treats Galore

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Over 2,600 Games in the App

This is the second app promo so far from Bitcasino, and the gaming site doesn’t plan on stopping there. It offers over 2,500 games in the app spanning slots from the biggest providers including Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, and Quickspin. The Sweet Bonanza promo is a pretty neat indicator of how dedicated the casino is to its mobile app. Download it yourself and place 10 bets, and you can try your luck on one of Pragmatic Play’s sweetest slots.

Currently available on Android mobile devices only, the app is expected to receive iOS support sometime later. We’re sure that will celebrate that appropriately, most likely with a cool promotion that’ll delight all players.

The 15 free spins on Sweet Bonanza promo looks like a top offer. If you’re a regular in the casino, you shouldn’t have trouble claiming the free games at all. Simply continue playing your favorite games and once the casino registers 10 bets, you’ll have the free games in your pocket.

Use them on the sweet slot and with a bit of luck, you can crack the tasty treat and get to the melting chocolate inside.

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After Months of Buildup, Bitcoin is Finally Legal Tender in El Salvador

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El Salvador Flag

After nearly a year of buildup, Bitcoin is now officially legal tender in El Salvador. President Nayib Bukele confirmed so himself, which effectively sent the crypto market in a downward spiral. At the same time, El Salvador’s sovereign bonds dropped over 6%, with Bitcoin crashing around a fifth of its original price at just over $50,000.

It was a bumpy first day for the South American country. The rollout was clouded by the massive price dip as well as angry protests on the streets by citizens who don’t trust the switch. President Bukele further fanned the flames when he announced that the official government-backed app was not available on Apple’s and Huawei’s platforms. The technical difficulties with digital wallet Chivo were later resolved, but overall, the launch was stalled by a slew of problems.

“A Great Step Forward”

El Salvador’s official Bitcoin launch didn’t go exactly as planned. There were over 1,000 protesters on the streets against the government’s decision, and technical difficulties with the Chivo wallet clouded the initial rollout. To make matters worse, the crypto market imploded right after the initial Bitcoin launch as legal tender in El Salvador, confirming many citizens’ doubts regarding volatility.

Still, as many put it, it was a massive step forward for El Salvador. With this move, El Salvador has officially become the first country in the world to switch from fiat money to cryptocurrencies. It was a highly criticized move and a controversial one. President Nayib Bukele pulled the switch after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) rejected El Salvador’s request for a $1 billion loan.

The IMF has cited the country’s bad finances as the reason for rejecting the financing loan, pushing Bukele to the brink and adopting Bitcoin as the country’s official currency. Many believed it was a bluff, but a couple of days ago, the launch was made official.

Every El Salvador citizen got $30 as part of the initial rollout so they can test the crypto and see how it works. Still, with half of El Salvador’s population having no access to the Internet or a smartphone, it will be interesting to see how the experiment works.

Buying the Dip

At the same time the launch went live, the crypto market imploded. After holding the $50K ground for a few days, Bitcoin took a massive dip, dragging other cryptos with it. Right in the middle of the market crash, president Bukele announced that it allowed the government to buy an extra 150 Bitcoins, bringing the total amount to around 550 which are worth close to $25 million.

According to the president himself, Bitcoin’s adoption in El Salvador would save the country around $400 million in remittance costs and commissions. It will also give people with no bank accounts access to financial services, although it’s still unclear how that would be possible in rural areas.

The moment of truth for El Salvador has finally arrived. In just a short time, we’ll see if the experiment pays off or the small island country implodes.

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Get 20 to 40 Gator Gold Free Spins When You Make a Deposit in Betchain Casino

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The industry is flooded with providers lately, and Yggdrasil is one of the absolute best on the market. A popular studio with dozens of hits so far, one of the latest additions to its growing library is Gator Gold. The slot uses the unique Gigablox mechanic developed by Yggdrasil Gaming that offers 4,096 ways to win and insane winning potential that can reach line wins of 20,000x your bet.

A 4×6 slot game of high volatility, Gator Gold Gigablox has a free spins round with multiplier wilds. On top of it all is a Golden Gator super symbol that pays for 2-symbol combinations. The slot also uses colossal symbols in the base game and free spins round to deliver mammoth wins.

On top of it all, if you play it in Betchain casino you’ll get up to 40 spins on the slot for free as long as you make a deposit in the casino today.

Available on Every Deposit on September 3, 2021

Betchain casino is one of the most rewarding crypto gaming sites in 2021. The casino always comes up with fun promotions, and the latest one is definitely among the best. Planning on playing at Betchain after work today? Make a deposit from €11 up and you’ll get free games on Yggdrasil’s Gator Gold Gigablox hit.

The promotions offers the following:

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As mentioned, the free spins bonus is available on every deposit you make on September 3. Among the other terms and conditions, you should be aware that you can only win up to €1,000 with the free spins. That’s still quite a catch, considering the minimum deposit is only €11.

If you’ve ever played Gigablox slots by Yggdrasil, you know that they can deliver massive wins. Gator Gold is the perfect and latest example of it, being available in Betchain casino. With the free spins you get as a boost, you’ll surely have fun with the popular slot and hopefully hit a few big wins.

An Immersive and Lucrative Adventure

Being one of the best slot studios on the market, it was clear that Gator Gold Gigablox will be yet another Yggdrasil Gaming hit as soon as it was announced. The slot has 4,096 ways to win paired with several special features and a bonus round to die for. Of course, the Gigablox mechanic is featured front and center, adding giga-sized symbols on the reels that can deliver fantastic wins.

The action in the Gator Gold slot is pretty fun and rewarding, so you’ll surely have fun with it. Add Betchain’s free spins to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for a very fun weekend ahead of you. With a bit of luck on your side, you can enjoy wins up to €1,000 without breaking the bank. Who wouldn’t want that kind of weekend?

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PayPal Expands Services with Bitcoin Investments

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One of the world’s largest digital payment providers, PayPal, was a strict opponent to everything related to crypto in the past. However, the financial system tides have changed, leading PayPal to change its tune as well. A few weeks ago, the digital payment provider decided to expand its services by adding Bitcoin to the system. Not for PayPal payments, mind you, but as a way of investing in crypto.

It’s still a major milestone in the history of Bitcoin. The fact that a company such as PayPal officially recognized Bitcoin as legal tender speaks volumes. From now on, PayPal customers can sell BTC for traditional currency and then make cash purchases.

It’s still not as good as a crypto exchange, but it’s a move in the right direction.

A Major Breakthrough for Bitcoin

PayPal was an opponent to crypto payments before last year, even banning accounts for simply transferring money made with crypto. However, it changed its tune last fall, rolling out crypto support for US customers in collaboration with the Paxos Trust Company. The PayPal-owned Venmo rolled out crypto support later, and as it turns out, that was a precursor for full blown cryptocurrency support across the platform.

Currently available in the UK only, PayPal’s new service allows buying cryptocurrency via the PayPal website or mobile app. So far, the company has support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Keep in mind that this hasn’t turned PayPal into a crypto exchange. You still can’t send cryptocurrency to friends or transfer them from and into another digital wallet. However, you can use PayPal to purchase crypto which is a major step for the crypto platform.

With over 400 million users around the world, it goes without saying that PayPal’s move will definitely be a delight for Bitcoin owners. PayPal is hoping to bring cryptocurrencies closer to a wider audience. Having such major names on your side surely helps Bitcoin’s image, which has been obstructed with news of illegal transactions and no support from major governments.

Further Expansions Planned

While the service is currently available to UK customers only, the company plans to expand the ‘range’ soon. New markets are coming in the following months, although we don’t have any info on what those areas are.

UK regulators have become increasingly wary of crypto transactions in recent months. Just a few months ago in June, the government banned the world’s biggest crypto exchange Binance from conducting business in the UK. It was a bold and controversial move which PayPal criticizes too.

According to chief executive Dan Schulman, governments don’t seem to realize that the world is slowly moving toward digital payments. Monetary policies can’t be managed through banknotes, and that’s what makes Bitcoin and the bunch so important.

The world’s leading cryptocurrency broke the $50,000 mark twice in the past few weeks, showing signs that it’ll make a breakout later this year. 2021 has been a wild ride for Bitcoin so far, but with PayPal officially on the support list, things will likely get much better for cryptocurrencies.

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Wager $20, Get a Tesla 3 Raffle Ticket at FortuneJack

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FortuneJack casino is one of the best in the crypto gambling industry. It features a long list of games, but it’s particularly known for its huge bonuses and promos. It always manages to surprise its players with cool giveaways and bonus offers, and the latest one may be the casino’s best to date.

Between now and September 16, all FortuneJack casino members can earn raffle tickets for a Tesla 3. You read that right – play the casino’s top games or your faves and for every $20 you wager you get a raffle ticket. Collect more through the Tesla Weekend Races, and you’ll have your hands full of them which greatly increases your chances to get the world’s top electric car.

Who Can Say No to a Tesla 3?

All of FortuneJack’s players are eligible to participate in the promo. Raffle tickets can be collected on all games except Orbital’s Dice. You get one raffle ticket for every $20 you wager on online slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, or any other FortuneJack title. You even get tickets if you play in the live casino, and you know that FortuneJack has fantastic live dealer titles.

Extra tickets can be collected each weekend during the Tesla Weekend Race promo. Players who top the leaderboard will receive additional tickets equal to their place on the board.

The Tesla 3 promotion has already started on August 16, and will conclude a month later on September 16. There’s still plenty of time left to get the top rewards – the world’s best electric vehicle. Since the draw is completely random and anyone can win it, we suggest you play your faves in FortuneJack casino more frequently? Who knows? Maybe you’ll win the Tesla with a single raffle ticket by mid-September.

Terms and Conditions

The raffle is available to all registered FortuneJack members. In order to be able to win the prize, the winner must have passed through the KYC verification procedure. The casino will also need specific personal data so you can obtain the Tesla.

The winner will be announced via a live stream on September 17. As soon as the KYC procedure is completed, an order for the Tesla model 3 will be placed on the company’s website. The costs for shipping of the vehicle will be borne by the company. As soon as the car is ready for shipping, a Tesla team member will review the available delivery options with FortuneJack casino.

Of course, FortuneJack casino reserves the right to cancer the best of users that have been involved in suspicious activity. The promotion is available to both fiat and crypto users, so you don’t need to deposit in BTC to participate in it. The more raffle tickets you have on your hands, the better. That will greatly increase your chances to win the Tesla model 3, and who could say no to a car like that?

With a few weeks still to go, it’s time to start playing more in FortuneJack casino and (cross your fingers) win a Tesla.

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Will El Salvador’s Bitcoin Adoption Cut Remittance Costs?

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Three Bitcoins cryptocurrency with El Salvador flag on background.

El Salvador’s crypto adoption was not a bluff. The South American country has already went underway with the plan, adopting Bitcoin as parallel crypto tender. Things have been going great so far, with over 200 special ATMs installed already to help with Bitcoin adoption. The only thing that bugs most countries is if the Bitcoin adoption cuts remittance cost in the country.

The Central Bank of El Salvador is curious to see if Bitcoin cuts the cost of remittances, which is a major source of income for millions. The move to Bitcoin as parallel legal tender in El Salvador will go forward in September, so we won’t wait long to see what happens.

Already Touted as a Way to Facilitate Remittance Payments

President Nayib Bukele has long touted Bitcoin as a way to facilitate remittance payments from El Salvador citizens living abroad. Everyone’s closely watching how the situation develops. If the cost of remittances drops significantly, there’s no question that other countries may join the Bitcoin fray.

Many believe that the experiment will fail. Banks and financial institutions have warned El Salvador’s president of the consequences of such as move, but if it cuts remittance cost, it will surely raise the eyebrows of neighboring countries. Argentina and others are interested in adopting Bitcoin as legal tender, and low remittance cost is something everyone is looking forward to.

Regional development bank CABEI is offering its support to El Salvador in implementing the cryptocurrency. The World Bank declined help, citing transparency and environmental drawbacks, but we all know what the real reason is. Other central banks in South American such as Guatemala and Honduras have not banned the use of cryptocurrencies, so it’s safe to say that South American is currently a Bitcoin hotbed.

A Large Slice of Remittance in Crypto

Around 1% of the global crossborder remittance volume is currently in crypto. That number is expected to grow soon. The projected annual remittances in crypto should hit $500 billion soon. Thanks to Bitcoin, sending money across borders will be much faster and cheaper, especially if more countries adopt it like El Salvador.

At the moment, CABEI is focused on offering technical assistance to El Salvador’s government in developing legal framework that’ll allow Bitcoin adoption. The laws must stick to strict anti-money laundering protocols so everything’s fair and square.

El Salvador has decided to navigate uncharted territories in a controversial move that may boost the country’s flailing economy. With the World Bank rejecting the chance to help, the country’s president struck financial organizations where it hurts the most. He announced the adoption of Bitcoin as parallel legal tender, in that way reducing El Salvador’s dollar dependence.

He was highly criticized and under pressure from foreign countries, but proceeded to go with the plan. With the move taking place in September, we’ll have a chance to learn if crypto adoption as parallel legal tender is possible, and if it cuts remittance costs. If it does, we have no doubt that other countries will line up to adopt Bitcoin.

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Share 1 BTC in’s Live Casino and Win the Monthly Live Casino Raffle

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Win 20 mBTC with Ease

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You have nearly 2 full months to get a raffle ticket for the 1 BTC prize pool. It will be shared among the 20 luckiest players, each one winning 20 mBTC. Every player can win a maximum of 20 raffle tickets, so the promotion is fair. There are no specific games it is available on. You can play any live dealer title at and get a chance for the prize.

The promotion will last for the full month of September. It is based on the participating users’ turnover in live casino games from September 1 to September 30. Anyone who participates will also receive an invitation to the Evolution’s Bombay Club Live Blackjack event on October 5. You’ll need to enter a specific table with a password where the raffle will take place.

All live casino games qualify for this promotion, with only Provision Gaming’s live tables not counting toward the campaign.

20 Rewards in Total

As mentioned previously, the 1 BTC prize pool will be shared among the 20 luckiest players. Everyone gets to earn 20 mBTC in total, with all rewards paid 72 hours after the raffle ends. The best part of it all is that the rewards carry no wagering requirements whatsoever.

Of course, it would be wise to read the terms and conditions before you participate by opting in. Of course, if detects fraud or any foul play, it reserves the right to ban the player or players or cancel the promotion at short notice.

Prizes are available in mBTC by default, but you can also choose to have them paid in JPY if you’re a fiat player from Japan.

If you love playing live dealer games and enjoy raffles,’s live casino raffle is a no-brainer. Get your tickets today and enjoy!

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