Morocco’s Central Bank Starts Work on Crypto Regulation

Even in the face of extremely volatile price swings that haven’t been exactly positive in the past few months, crypto regulation is a hot topic around the world. El Salvador got everyone on notice when it made Bitcoin legal tender, and South Africa followed suit. Panama is another country that should regulate Bitcoin, until the president interfered. While other countries are still hesitant for such a move, Morocco is certainly open to the idea.

Latest news from the African country says that the Central Bank is working closely with the IMF to deliver a set of crypto rules. It’s the latest country to try and formally control the crypto sector. The Central Bank, Bank Al-Magrib, is working with the IMF and the World Bank on specific guidelines that will regulate the now-illegal crypto market in the country.

Regulation, Not Legalization

While it’s certainly great that a country such as Morocco is open to the idea of crypto regulation, it doesn’t mean it’ll follow El Salvador’s move. The IMF and other global financial regulators have warned everyone of the dangers of legalizing Bitcoin. At the same time, these organizations have called for global crypto regulation which will allow countries to prevent numerous legal problems with Bitcoin and other coins.

According to insiders, the regulation won’t seek to ban cryptos. However, it will try and protect customers and promote innovation. Morocco’s focus is on anti-terrorism and money laundering, which are two painful moments the African country is trying to avoid.

Before this, Bank Al-Magrib’s governor Abdul Latif Al Jawhari said that adopting cryptocurrencies is a matter of “when”, not “if”. At the moment, Al Jawhari explained, the country was not ready to adopt Bitcoin due to lack of regulatory framework. The crypto sector is very popular in Morocco, especially among the youth, so it needs further regulation. However, the bank still acknowledges the dangers of this sector, which led to the previous ban of Bitcoin in 2017.

Things have changed a lot in the coming years, though, so new regulation is required.

Fourth in Crypto Trading Volume in Africa

Morocco is reportedly the fourth country in Africa in crypto trading volume after Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. Two of those countries have either officialized crypto regulation or looking into it, with only Kenya not having a regulatory framework. Morocco is pushing hard to deliver a set of rules that will protect traders and investors and balance it with innovation.

Experts say that innovation will come in the money laundering and anti-terrorism policies. It remains to be seen how and what the terms will specify on these points, but it’s clear that the IMF is setting the rules here. There’s no ETA on the date when the law might hit. There are still issues to be addressed, so by all accounts, regulation won’t come by the end of the year.

It’s great to see a country taking a proactive approach to crypto regulation, although we’re not sure how the IMF will interfere. Still, it proves that cryptos are the hot topic worldwide, and it’s great that countries are looking into regulation.

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Rock Betsoft’s Best Slots and Win Cool Summer Prizes is the place to be all year long thanks to the numerous promotions the casino offers. It always manages to impress its customers with a promotion or a tournament, and the latest one is a great start to the summer. From June 23 to July 3, players can win a prize from a 60,000 USDT prize pool by simply playing some classic Betsoft games.

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Time for Some Magic

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The list of eligible games includes some of Betsoft’s biggest hits and new arrivals. Here’s an overview:

  • Take the Bank
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All of’s players must agree that the list of eligible slots is a blast. You can have fun with the classic sequel Safari Sam 2, conjure magic in Alkemor’s Elements, or bag a winner in the 90th minute in Hat Trick Hero. Regardless of your preferences, you’ll have fun with the slots and have a legit chance to win the top prize.

Terms and Conditions

The tournament has a set of rules you must follow in order to participate. First and foremost, the minimum bet you can place is 0,55 USDT, with only real money qualifying for it. If you plan on playing with a bonus, no such luck. The total prize pool is divided into daily batches, each one worth 6,000 USDT.

To start playing, players need to opt in. We think that most will have no trouble handling the minimum bet, and there’s plenty of variety in the eligible online slots to impress all types of players. This is a promotion that’s worth taking part in – just take a look at the games and see if you can skip this one.

It’s a great way to start the summer and possibly enjoy a vacation on a tropical beach somewhere. Keep on playing every day and you’ll be a step closer to the top prize and the vacation of your dreams.

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Panama’s President’s Blocks Law that Should Have Regulated Bitcoin and DAOs

For a while, Panama’s been on the list of the next countries to legally recognize Bitcoin and DAOs. The crypto law was supposed to be passed soon, but it’s now all back to the drawing board. Crypto enthusiasts were undoubtedly excited about it until president Laurentino Cortizo threw a wrench in those plans and ruined it all.

Before the bill could be passed, the Panama president decided to block it. He partially vetoed the bill stating that it “needs adaptation” to Panama’s financial system. The move means that the law is back to the National Assembly for debate which can go on for a long time before it’s approved, if ever.

Back to the Drawing Board

Bitcoin and cryptos are the hot topic in the world right now. They have a wide range of use from Bitcoin casinos to paying taxes in certain countries. El Salvador has legally accepted it as a legit currency, and other countries are contemplating the same move. Panama would have been next on the list until president Cortizo put a halt.

It was a surprising move for a law that was expected to be passed right away. There’s been a lot of debate surrounding it but eventually lawmakers approved a bill that was supposed to regulate Bitcoin. The only thing missing was the president’s bill.

When that came to happen, he decided not to sign the bill. Not that he’s against it – the president believes it should only adapt to the norms in the Panama financial system, which essentially means going back to the drawing board. He cited anti-money laundering standards compliance as one of the issues he has with the law. “I have to be very careful if the law has any clauses in relation to money laundering activities,” he said in an interview. Now the National Assembly has new things to discuss and eventually include new policies in the law.

What Was It Supposed to Bring?

The law aimed to make Bitcoin a legal form of payment for many legal civil and commercial operations. In layman’s terms, it means it was supposed to let Panamanians pay for everyday goods with cryptocurrencies. It also meant to formally recognized DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations as legal entities. Thanks to that, Panama was supposed to become a Central American tax haven for many.

But, those plans were put to a halt by president Cortizo who wants guarantees it won’t backfire. He agrees that the country deserves financial inclusion, but only under the right circumstances. If the bill gets signed after a debate in the National Assembly, it’ll make Panama the second Latin American country that essentially legalized crypto. The first is El Salvador who became the first country to make Bitcoin legal tender nearly a year ago.

That experiment has had its ups and downs, so you’ll find supporters and opponents to that law. On the contrary, Panama’s bill won’t make Bitcoin legal tender, but it will give businesses the opportunity to take crypto as payment.

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Take a Dip Into the Ocean of New Games in bitStarz Casino

If we had to pick one Bitcoin casino that rewards its customers greatly, it would be bitStarz. The popular gaming site always has fun promotions in store. From the welcome package to regular tournaments and timed promotions, there’s always extra money lying around to be claimed. It also updates its library with new games all the time so you’re always kept in the loop with new releases.

This week, four providers somehow managed to release four aquatic slots at the same time.  They’re a true refreshment for these hot summer days if you’re looking to get wet and wild. Underwater slots are always entertaining, and the ones added to bitStarz catalog this week are bigger and better than ever.

Four New Slots to Enjoy

Summer is finally here and we can’t wait to get to the beach. But instead of waiting for your boss to finalize your vacay days, you can take a dip in the ocean in bitStarz casino. Why wait for a refreshing day at the beach when you can get a cocktail in your hand and take a dip right now? Just make sure it’s a non-alcoholic one – you’ll need your head straight to get the big wins in these slots.

Big Atlantis Frenzy

We knew there was an Atlantis slot among the four new aquatic slots at bitStarz this week. It’s yet another similar release by Bgaming that features famous comedian Vadim Galygin. This time he’s in for a dip in the deep ocean with voluptuous mermaids to boot. Galygin is the star of the show with colorful swimming trunks, but the slot is not just a visual delight. It delivers on all fronts and pays well over 4,500x the stake thanks to the medium variance and the RTP that almost hits 97%.

Shark’s Bay

Watch out – it’s Jaws! Well, not the real jaws, but a shark nonetheless. Luckily, this one doesn’t bite. It’s a very chill slot with 117,649 ways to win and a colorful cast of characters that also includes smiling crabs and mermaids. It’s a chill game with thrilling wins, but watch out for the high variance. If you’re not careful with your bets, this shark is going for a snap.

Aquatic Treasures Coast to Coast

You know why the lost city of Atlantis is such a popular story in the online slots industry? Because everyone believes some kind of treasure is lying buried deep on the ocean floor. The Microgaming-powered Aquatic Treasures Coast 2 Coast slot is certain there are valuable on the sea floor as this is a sequel that’s bigger and much better than the first release. With 10 bothway paylines and medium variance along with an RTP of 96.06%, this is a deep ocean spot we’ll jump head-first in.

Treasure Pirates

Pirates, parrots, bottles of rum, and a ho-ho-ho merry crew of pirates – this slot has it all. Developed by Boomerang Studios for Microgaming, Treasure Pirates stars a ship with peg-leg pirates looking for a long-lost treasure. It comes with 243 ways to win and a cover full of treasure along with medium variance and wins up to 5,000x the bet. Trigger the Hold & Respins feature and you’re in for fun times on the rough seas, just like the captain.

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The EU Moving Closer with New Crypto Legislative Package

Experts in Europe believe that the European Union is nearing a deal that will introduce the special legislative package known as MiCA, which is short for Markets in Crypto Assets. The controversial law is causing ripples in the crypto community and pushing many countries to adopt their own laws instead.

Not a few weeks ago, there was no light in that tunnel, with many analysts and experts believing it couldn’t be passed before 2025. Now, representatives of relevant European institutions believe that the deal could come much earlier than expected.

What is MiCA?

MiCA is a special legislative package that will introduce EU-wide laws for crypto assets. It provides a legal framework for crypto-asset markets and defines the regulatory treatment of said market. The law will deal with all digital assets that are currently not recognized by financial services legislation.

Of course, no law on crypto can pass without doing harm to the community. Member states of the EU bloc still disagree on several aspects which have been an obstacle too high to pass the law quickly. For example, there’s been disagreement on how to treat stablecoins in payments. The supervision of crypto asset service providers is another major obstacle so far. NFTs are causing headaches too, although they’re the smallest issue considering the legal framework for all the other stuff mentioned in the proposed law.

With MiCA, there are controversial ideas that crypto enthusiasts in Europe certainly won’t like. For example, there will most likely be a limit on crypto transactions that aren’t denominated in EUR. This is a new addition to the proposed bill that comes after Terra’s Luna crash. It was a deep cut that destabilized the crypto market as a whole. Investor protection is a big idea in the MiCA law, as is gauging the potential financial stability of cryptocurrencies.

Discussions on the regulatory framework continue, with the package currently in the trilogue stage of EU’s legislative process. The final draft must be coordinated by the European Parliament, the EU Council, and the European Commission, so it’ll still be a while until things are ironed out.

The Environmental Aspect of Cryptos

One notable element in the current negotiations is the environmental aspect of cryptocurrencies. In general, the EU is all about a green initiative, and crypto mining surely doesn’t fit the bill. This is one of the key elements in the negotiations, so the parties need to address the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies before an agreement can be reached.

Anti-money laundering policies are also an issue. Unlike the EU, national governments are pushing for another set of rules that will establish framework for non-compliant CASPs. It’s clear that there are still things to iron out before the set of rules is passed. Cryptos are a big unknown for the EU as it seems, so while the MiCA law won’t pass soon, it’ll obviously arrive before 2025.

We just hope that the legal framework is sound and that no one will be hurt, not service providers or the European Union.

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Yggdrasil Summer Splash at

Yggdrasil Gaming and the summer are a match made in heaven. That goes double when a crypto casino comes with an Yggdrasil summer tournament that can deliver the big bucks. This time it’s the best among them – From June 9 to June 16, players can spin Yggdrasil slots and win a portion of the 50,000 USDT prize pool.

Dive deep into some of Yggdrasil’s biggest hits and enjoy a prize worth a tropic vacay for two. You can pick from Dubai, the coast of Amalfi, or Mauritius, so don’t go waiting for long and start spinning your way to a holiday right now.

Celebrate the Summer with Yggdrasil in the Best Way Possible

All of’s customers are free to opt in to the casino’s latest tournament, Yggdrasil summer splash. It lasts for only a week from June 9 to 16, so time is of the essence. You don’t need to do anything particular to participate. Just spin some of Yggdrasil Gaming’s best slots and enjoy the prize pool worth 50,000 USDT.

The winner gets 10,000 USDT, but not in crypto prizes. This time, the winner gets a dream vacation for two worth that much, and you can pick from Dubai, Mauritius, or the Amalfi coast. Grand, isn’t it?

All other players get consolation prizes paid in USDT, with 5,000 for the second and third sports and 1,000 for those that rank 4th to 6th. The participating games include:

  • Boilin’ Pots
  • Raptor Doublemax
  • Golden Fish Tank
  • Vikings Go Berzerk
  • Vikings Go To Valhalla

Spin these Yggdrasil hits for a dream vacay. With the latest one, you won’t be going to Valhalla, but possibly Mauritius. And get this – there’s no minimum bet required, so you won’t need to splash a lot of cash to win your dream trip.

Terms and Conditions

Players at Bitcasino are required to opt in before they play. Once again, the tournament started on June 9 and will last for a week up to June 16. In that time, you should only spin the aforementioned slot games. There’s no minimum bet and there are no other requirements. Just have fun with Yggdrasil’s hit slots and you’ll be well on your way to a vacay heaven.

What determines your position on the leaderboard? Unlike other tournaments where max multipliers or collected points are accepted, in this one, it’s the number of spins to complete the mission. Mission progress can be restarted after 25 spins, with the restart button available in game. If you think it’ll help, click on it by all means.

The fewer the spins to complete the mission, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll go. Topping it is worth 10,000 USDT paid in a dream holiday for two. Consolation crypto prizes are earned for ranking 2nd and below, so even if you don’t win your dream holiday to Mauritius, you surely won’t cry over a full bankroll of USDT.

Spin Yggdrasil Gaming’s hits right now after opting in and enjoy’s summer splash.

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Lithuania the Latest European Country to Adopt a Crypto Law

Everyone’s waiting for Brussels to introduce crypto legislation for years. It’s been the talk of the town for a long time, but the landmark MiCA legislation is yet to be announced. Many warn that the legislation can hurt the crypto sector and have the opposite effect.

Instead of waiting longer and see if the experiment works, some countries have decided to introduce laws on their own. Lithuania is the latest on the list, planning to jump the gun and creating its own crypto regime and regulation. In that way, the country is essentially protecting itself from a landslide of problems that could arise by delaying the MiCA legislation further.

Probably Not in Force by 2025

The MiCA legislation is the EU’s version of a crypto law. It stands short for Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation and won’t probably go live by 2025. That’s still years ahead, and not all countries in the European Union have the patience to wait that much. The Baltic nation of Lithuania seems to be jumping the gun first, introducing a set of rules that will regulate the crypto sector.

Lithuanian lawmakers have already drafted a bill that should be debated in the parliament. It’s already put fear of the future in some companies, especially those in the crypto exchange sector.

Unlike Lithuania, the EU says that MiCA is in the final stages of negotiation. It requires a single block of authorization from 27 countries and aims to transform the crypto sector by allowing businesses to tap into an industry worth billions. At least that’s what everyone hopes for, but we’ll see how it’ll work. On the other hand, many countries such as Lithuania are eager to jump into the crypto sector earlier and reap the potential rewards before Bitcoin becomes too big to handle.

One of the biggest problems with MiCA is that the transmission period before the law takes effect will last for about two years. Even when all the legal wrinkles have been ironed out, it’s still too much time for some countries, leading to some like Lithuania launching their own legislation.

Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario

Everyone’s sitting on the edge trying to imagine what MiCA’s effect will be. It could be a positive one, but it could also spell numerous problems. Lithuania’s deputy finance minister thinks that unless the country acts fast, some companies will destroy the sector’s image. The worst case scenario is a bad situation in terms of money laundering and bypassing sanctions. In short, by not acting further, he believes the sector is headed South.

Just like in Estonia, Lithuania is open to companies with a great reputation. The main draft of the new law should be in parliament this summer. Some of its highlights include €125,000 capital for every registered crypto company. Every registered company will also need to have its staff physically based in the country as part of a money-laundering policy.

The industry is already scared of the potential problems it can cause, and is hoping for a delay. But, one way or another, MiCA is coming in a few years, so even if Lithuania does nothing now, the EU will act later.

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A Trip Back to Ancient Greece with Spinomenal’s Book of Demi Gods IV at bitStarz

Many players think that Book of… slots are exclusively Egyptian in nature. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. As a matter of fact, these slots can be tailored around pretty much any theme and gameplay feature, although they do have some hallmarks they rarely give up. Spinomenal has had a run at this slot niche a long time ago, and it’s still running around with the latest release, Book of Demi Gods IV.

Just like a Street Fighter title, the slot series comes back all the time. Spinomenal makes sure to update the visuals and gameplay features to keep the slot fresh. Book of Demi Gods IV is a highly volatile game that takes players back to Olympus, letting them run around with a group of crazy demi gods who can do anything they want to.

The slot is available for free and real money right now in bitStarz casino.

Enter the Demigod Pantheon

In ancient Greek mythology, demigods were children of gods and their mortal partners or lovers. Greek Gods such as Zeus were notorious in their desire to mate with anything that moves, which resulted in an insane amount of children. That’s not the main part of Book of Demigods’ story, but it features the well-known offsprings of Zeus and other Greek gods. It’s one of the longest-running slot series that includes holiday specials and spin-offs.

Book of Demi Gods IV follows the road its predecessors have traveled, while introducing features on its own. Visually, it’s an impressive slot. The characters are given a fresh look and feel, with a decimated Olympus in the background. It’s clear that something has happened in the meantime, but the developer doesn’t touch upon that part of the story.

In terms of gameplay, you won’t find it hard to spin the reels. All the controls are beneath the slot’s reels, so you’ll find your way pretty easily. All you need to do is set your base bet and hit the Spin button to make the magic happen.

Specials Worth Triggering

The main highlight in Book of Demi Gods IV is the free spins round. It is triggered by three or more scatters, with a single reel spinning before it to determine the expanding character. This is a hallmark feature in all Book of… slots and it’s present here too. Once the symbol is picked, every time it lands on the reels it will expand to cover it. This will hopefully lead to big wins, including the top one worth 5,000x your bet.

This feature can be triggered in the traditional way or you can buy your way in for a big prize. Additionally, the slot gives you a chance to gamble any win in a vintage double or nothing feature that you should use sparingly.

Spinomenal’s long-running slot series is back again, and we’re delighted. It’s been a while since the last release, so the fourth instalment comes at just the right time to continue the epic story, now available in bitStarz.

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A New Paraguayan Bill That Regulates Crypto Mining and Trading Will Soon Become Law

In times of crisis and uncertainty, countries around the world are moving fast to adopt crypto. People see it as an alternative to traditional investment assets such as gold. And they’re right – even though it’s highly volatile, crypto seems like a better choice right now. That’s why many countries have adopted it, most notable El Salvador, and recently South Africa. Bitcoin might soon get a third running horse in Paraguay.

The South American country decided to take a legal stance with Bitcoin, preparing a new law that will regulate crypto mining and trading. Similar legislation has already been passed last December by the Paraguayan Senate, but the bill will now see extensive modifications that will essentially make Bitcoin legal in the country. Not legal tender, mind you, but mining and trading will now be regulated.

Up to the Senate to Approve the Bill Changes

As mentioned earlier, similar legislation passed in December in the Senate. The bill will now return to the Chamber of Deputies for extensive modifications. According to legal experts, the bill aims to attract international miners to the country. Paraguay has one of the lowest electricity rates in South America, but by attracting miners, the 5 cents per kilowatt-hour rate may increase.

If the bill becomes law, individual and commercial miners will have to apply for a license to use industrial electricity. At the same time, it will also provide legal framework for any legal and individual entity to provide crypto trading. Custody services for third parties will also be available, but surprisingly, the exchange concept is not part of the bill.

Some congressmen have already battled the proposed bill, saying that the Chamber of Deputies has already rejected it in December. Of course, the bill has its supporters in the Senate too, with many hoping that it will lead to more jobs created and improve Paraguay’s electricity network.

The World Bank Disapproves of CAR’s Bitcoin Legal Tender Move

While Paraguay is looking to attract miners and traders to the country, the Central African Republic decided to make Bitcoin legal tender. The country has been in a turmoil for a long time, with the financial sector greatly affected. In hard times, the president decided to turn to Bitcoin and crypto, and expectedly, the World Bank disapproved of the move.

Both the World Bank and the Central African Bank have criticized the country for making Bitcoin legal tender. They believe it’s a wrong move that will hurt the country’s economy in the long run, just like it’s hurting El Salvador. And, while the current price drops certainly do Bitcoin no favors, there’s no way to tell how high it can go by the end of the year or even tomorrow.

Crypto volatility is something countries such as El Salvador and CAR have to live with, but both are adamant that crypto is the better option in the long run. Paraguay may soon join them in their crusade against the global finance sector, but before that happens, it needs to pass the new crypto bill first.

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Hacksaw Money Hunt – Collect Multipliers and Score Big Prizes at FortuneJack

Bitcoin casinos love giving great rewards to their players via entertaining promotions. One of the best among them, FortuneJack casino, has just confirmed a great new promo that will certainly get players excited. Available on Hacksaw Gaming’s slots, the Hacksaw Money Hunt allows players to hunt for the highest multiplier and move up the leaderboard to score the biggest wins.

The tournament is only open to registered players who opt-in from May 23 to May 31. If you’ve ever joined such a party, you know how they work. Your goal is to hit the highest multiplier and score points to climb the leaderboard and earn cool money rewards. With Hacksaw’s top games eligible for the tourney, you’re in for quite a great time.

Hit Multipliers – Score Big Wins

Slot multiplier tournaments have been quite popular in the past few years. They differ from regular tournaments in the way players score points for the board. In general, your objective is to earn points by hitting multipliers in the qualifying games. For example, an x1 multiplier will give you 1 point, but hitting a multiplier of x10 gives you 10.

These points will accumulate for each multiplier and get you up the leaderboard. The more points you have, the higher up you’ll go. And there are cool cash prizes to be won. The Hacksaw Money Hunt prize pool is €10,000, with the prizes distributed among the top 40 players.

As expected, the player with the highest score achieved during the campaign will be on top of the leaderboard. If two players share the same number of points, the top prize will go to the one that reached the top first. The tournament is already well underway, but it closes by the end of May 31, so you still have ample time to get to the top.

Which slot games qualify for the promotion? Any Hacksaw game will do it. Our recommendation would be hits such as The Bowery Boys, Hand of Anubis, Wanted Dead or Wild, or Cubes I and II. Chaos Crew is another great option, with mystery multiplier wilds delivering big wins in the base game. Any multiplier-based Hacksaw slot will do, allowing you to top the leaderboard and snatch the top reward.

Who Gets the Biggest Prize?

As mentioned earlier, there are prizes for the top 40 players from the €10,000 prize pool. The player with the highest multiplier score gets €3,500 wager-free. If you end up second or third, the rewards are €1,500 and €750 each. There’s a sharp drop in value from the 4th spot and down, with €50 in rewards for players ranked 20-40.

All you should do is opt in today and enjoy the magic of Hacksaw’s games. Continue spinning and hitting those multipliers if you want to score major points. It won’t take you a long time before you do, and should you accumulate the highest number of points, you’ll top the table and win FortuneJack’s cash prize trophy.

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