A Pakistani High Court Challenges the Proposed Cryptocurrency Ban

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Bitcoin is used on a global scale, with more and more countries realizing its potential. So far, it has been used in a variety of industries with great results. For example, Bitcoin gambling is booming right now, making the online gambling industry even stronger. Still, there are many proponents to the crypto idea.

Countries such as Pakistan have already imposed a ban on Bitcoin that has now been in place for two years. Things are set to take a turn for the better, however, after a high court has challenged the decision.

The 2018 Ban

The ban on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies took place in 2018. It was imposed by the Pakistani Central Bank and disappointed every crypto owner in the country. The circular issued in 2018 prohibited the dealing of virtual tokens and currencies, with all banks and financial institutions to refrain from using them or rendering services involving cryptos.

At the same time, all crypto tokens were rendered illegal tender, with all crypto transactions deemed suspicious. To put it simply, it was a devastating blow on crypto owners and traders and closed the door on industries such as Bitcoin gambling.

Two years later, though, things might be changing. A high court from the province of Sindh has officially moved to question the central bank’s decision. It has requested the Federal Investigation Agency and the State Bank of Pakistan to reply to a detailed inquiry on the ban, hoping for a positive outcome.

SBP’s ban came when the neighboring central bank of India used similar measures to ban cryptocurrencies. The moves were widely criticized by both Indians and Pakistanis, who still traded cryptos despite the ban. They might not have to do it illegally anymore if the Sindh high court makes a breakthrough with the inquiry.

Why Ban Bitcoin Now?

The Sindh high court asked the Central Pakistani Bank a simple question – why ban Bitcoin now when it’s used globally? The number of countries supporting the use of cryptos and officially recognizing Bitcoin is on the rise. There’s no point in imposing a ban when Bitcoin has shown that it can be of great use, especially during these pandemic times.

In a time when fiat currencies and royals are failing, Bitcoin’s price has been pretty stable. It is on the upside as well, making many countries and governments rethink their anti-Bitcoin efforts. The high court is hoping that the government and Central Bank will overturn the decision and allow Bitcoin to thrive in the country.

As soon as it does, thriving new industries will surely appear. Offshore Bitcoin gambling operators may be allowed, giving Pakistani gamblers a chance to make some BTC online. Other industries will surely benefit from Bitcoin’s official recognition.

Crypto traders in Pakistan are hoping that their prayers will be heard. The Indian Supreme court overturned the 2018 ban on cryptos this year and if history repeats itself, the same will happen in Pakistan too.

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Saturday Baccarat Tournament at Café Casino; $10K Clash at Bitcasino

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The weekend has finally arrived and we couldn’t be happier for it. With over two days of rest starting in around 8 hours, there are plenty of things to do. But, why spend your free days lazing around when you can play casino game tournaments and win some cash?

Café casino, one of the most fun gaming sites, is hosting various tournaments all the time. This Saturday, it has a Baccarat tournament on offer which lasts for only 10 minutes and gives $20 to the winner. The top prize might not sound that exciting, but keep in mind that the tournament schedule at Café casino is absolutely loaded every day.

Elsewhere, Bitcasino.io’s Rosh’s €10K Cash Clash has a massive prize pool of €10,000 to be split among 150 players. Simply play the qualifying game to enter the tournament and you’ll be in line for a piece of the prize.

Baccarat Fans Unite

Café casino is widely known for its lightning-fast 10-minute tournaments held every day. There are slot tournaments, live casino tournaments, and others focused on a particular casino game. For example, tomorrow at 12:00 AM, a baccarat tournament goes live.

It lasts for only 10 minutes (1 hand) and is suitable for beginners with the minimum bet set at only $1. The top player will get $20 in bonus amount with a 5x rollover requirement. Fifteen bucks are reserved for the second-placed player, while the third player on the podium gets $10. All prizes have a rollover requirement of 5x.

When you look at it, the prizes don’t look like much. However, you should keep in mind that there are dozens of similar tournaments every day at Café casino. You can enter them all as long as you complete the requirements. After you’re done with the baccarat tourney, you can enter a blackjack tournament and win another $20. Put your skills to the test and you might end up Saturday a hundred bucks richer.

That’s before we even dive into the countless daily slot tournaments at Café casino. If you’re lucky, you can top the charts on them too, giving your bankroll an even bigger lift.

Rosh’s €10K Cash Clash

This September slot studio GameArt brings the fun at Bitcasino.io. The popular Bitcoin casino is hosting a one-time GameArt campaign to promote the studio’s latest release – Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways. To do that, it has a massive €10,000 prize pool with cash rewards for the top 150 players.

Play GameArt’s newest slot and follow the live leaderboard. You qualify by placing real money wagers of at least €1 on Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways. For each bet of €1, you get 1 point. The more you collect, the higher up the table you’ll climb.

The player who tops the chart will win €2,500 from the massive prize pool. Second and third-placed players get €1,000 and €600 respectively, and there are prizes for 150 players in total. Even if you place dead last, you still get €25, which is still a cool prize.

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France and Italy Continue Crack Down on Bitcoin Online Scams

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Regulators in Italy and France have recently waged a war on online Bitcoin scams. The move comes after both countries asked the European Union to address possible disruptions caused by stablecoins. The crack down happened days later, after France’s top financial regulator published a list of investment companies that don’t have authorization to operate within the country.

At the same time, Italy’s CONSOB did pretty much the same in accordance with the Pacte law. CONSOB has been among the strictest regulators in Europe on leveraged tradings. Recently, it instructed the country’s Internet access providers to block the IPs of Italian investors to seven online brokers in a move to prevent potential financial disruptions.

Not the First Time

Italy and France both have strict regulators that comb through each Bitcoin or blockchain transaction. Crypto exchanges should be registered under the AMF in Italy in order to operate and the same goes for any other business including Bitcoin casinos. If the CONSOB finds out that an organization or company operates without its knowledge, it doesn’t wait for confirmation before disrupting it.

Unauthorized actors on the market have been a big thing recently with the Bitcoin explosion during the COVID-19 pandemic. And, while many offshore brokers and business though they could slip through undetected, the CONSOB has shut them all down, increasing the number of blacklist entries to nearly 300. No Bitcoin casino or exchange could slip through the gates without the CONSOB noticing.

It’s more or less the same in France. The country’s top regulator took action against a firm called BitcoinFrance that raised quite a few red flags with its behavior. The company offers registered users access to proprietary Bitcoin trading software as soon as they deposit a minimum of $250.

The app supposedly trades in crypto markets on behalf of its clients. It supposedly generates up to €1,000 per day, with profits realized with no risk. If that sounds like investment fraud to you, it most likely is.

The AMF asked the EU for help, but after receiving nothing, it decided to move on its own. The result is a long list of blacklisted sites that are not publicly available on the regulator’s site. As the domains can change quickly, though, the list is still not exhaustive.

Paris is Seeking Police Crypto Activities

The crack down comes after France and Germany both pushed for global crypto regulation. Of course, we’re still far off such a thing, so Italy and France took matters into their own hands.

France has just published new rules in regards to licensing of digital asset service providers. It also has new guidelines in place for companies looking to apply for the non-mandatory license. Each company operating in the crypto sector must inform the regulator of its activities or it can be brought down quickly.

With the world slowly realizing Bitcoin’s potential, we’re still surprised to see the European Union taking no big action in terms of regulation. Until then, Italy and France will continue locking down unauthorized and potentially lucrative businesses.

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Bitcasino’s September is Full of Promotions

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While the number of Bitcoin casinos is on the rise, Bitcasino.io still reigns this industry supreme. The leading Bitcoin casino is known for its variety of games and generosity, coming up with new and innovative ways to reward its customers. Weekly promotions are a great way to boost your bankroll at Bitcasino, and it seems that the latest two may be among the best the casino has ever come up with.

From September 17 to September 23, Bitcasino.io will celebrate the three new Play’n GO slot hits with the Week of Wealth promo. Offering a 250 mBTC prize pool, the Week of Wealth is a Bitcasino promotion you don’t want to miss.

Want even more rewards? Booongo’s Money Hunt promotion runs from September 16 to September 22 with a total prize pool worth €30,000 to share. As mentioned, Bitcasino.io is very generous toward its players and these two promotions are big proof of it.

Week of Wealth

Play’n GO has just released three new slots that celebrate wealth. Called Temple of Wealth, Beast of Wealth, and Celebration of Wealth, the three games offer rewarding gameplay and festive decorations that can nicely fill your pockets. The Week of Wealth tournament runs exclusively at Bitcasino.io, giving you the chance to earn double the Bitcasino points and climb the leaderboard for bigger and better rewards.

At the same time, there’s another tournament-within-a-tournament during the Week of Wealth that boosts your winnings by 15% for 2 minutes every day between September 21 and September 23. The casino boost is available only when you play Play’n GO’s latest ‘Wealth’ series of games.

The Week of Wealth is available on any Play’n GO game and has a prize pool of 250 mBTC. Part of it could be yours – all you need to do is spin your favorite Play’n GO slot to get double the points and climb the Bitcasino leaderboard. The higher up the table you end, the bigger the piece of the prize pool you earn.

Booongo’s Money Hunt

If you’re a Booongo fan, Bitcasino.io has another great promotion you should check out. Available from September 16 to September 22, Booongo’s Money Hunt has a massive €30,000 prize pool that will be shared among the top 200 players.

The tournament is available on the following games:

  • Dragon Pearls
  • Sun of Egypt
  • Book of Sun Multichance
  • Book of Sun Choice
  • Buddha Fortune
  • Aztec Sun
  • 15 Dragon Pearl
  • Moon Sisters
  • 777 Games Respin
  • Olympian Gods
  • Scarab Riches
  • Gods Temple Deluxe

Play any games between September 16 and September 22 and you will get 1 point for every 1x multiplier on a winning spin. To qualify for the tournament, you must make a minimum bet of 0.5 EUR on a participating slot game. You will also need to make 100 qualifying spins in order to be eligible for any reward.

The top-ranked player will get a massive €2,000 from the prize pool which isn’t a bad cash prize at all. The second and third-placed players get €1,500 and €1,000 respectively.

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Switzerland Becomes One of the Most Crypto-Friendly European Countries

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While countries such as Europe reject cryptocurrencies, Switzerland is embracing Bitcoin and the likes with open arms. With some latest regulatory moves, Switzerland has become one of the strongest crypto-friendly countries in Europe. That goes double for the canton of Zug where the Crypto Valley Association is located.

Numerous crypto companies, organizations, and associations have settled in the canton of Zug. Thanks to the efforts made by the Crypto Valley Association, citizens of Zug will be able to pay their taxes with Bitcoin and Ethereum very soon. It’s a whole new world our there, and Zug and Switzerland are going with the flow.

Swiss Innovation

A set of new blockchain laws have just gone live in Switzerland, setting up cryptos as de facto money. Fewer obstacles for blockchain apps, more legal security, and minimization of abuse are the cornerstones of the new laws. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic in June, the Swiss National Council already approved new amendments to the law which should improve the regulatory framework for the blockchain industry in the country.

In early September, the Swiss parliament announced that the Council of States has just approved the bill.  This once again proves that Switzerland’s goal is to become the most crypto-friendly country in Europe. And that’s not a surprise. Swiss banks and financial services are a cornerstone in the industry, and it’s obvious that Switzerland uses the same methods for cryptos.

The fewer hurdles mean more innovation. It should now be easier for companies in Switzerland to offer financial services to professional and institutional customers. A new category of authorization will reduce the risk of crypto abuse, and separating crypto assets from bankruptcy estate will be clarified by the law.

Thanks to the flourishing crypto scene in Zug, Switzerland has emerged as a global hub for initial coin offerings. The canton of Zug leads with crypto innovation, allowing many companies and organizations to settle right there. A new regulatory framework is being currently built for Zug which will allow citizens to pay their taxes and for various services using Bitcoin and Ethereum pretty soon.

Cryptos Stronger Than Ever Amidst the Current Financial Crisis

During the coronavirus pandemic this year, many countries have lost the financial stability they were once known for. That doesn’t appear to be the case with Switzerland, who brought many of the new crypto laws right in the middle of a global pandemic.

The removal of various hurdles for blockchain apps and higher security will surely attract foreign investors to Switzerland. A collaboration with the popular European payment provider and transaction service Worldline has pushed Swiss Bitcoin broker firm Bitcoin Suisse to raise the acceptance of cryptos in the European country. The companies’ new partnership enables online merchants in the countries to accept crypto payments, which is something not many other European countries can be proud of. Before it, Swiss Bank SEBA was the first one to offer crypto services to its clients.

All of this has strengthened the position of Switzerland as the most crypto-friendly country in Europe. If it continues on its way, it’ll surely become the crypto haven many have been looking for.

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Latin America Massively Adopting Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

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The interest for cryptocurrencies on a global scale is at an all-time high. Countries around the world have never been more open to Bitcoin and other cryptos, although there are still governments who aren’t ready for adoption of digital currencies yet. That’s not a problem for Latin America. Several countries from the region would take cryptos over their fiat currencies in a flash as soon as their government makes Bitcoin official.

Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, and other South American countries have turned to cryptocurrencies in recent years. Failing financial systems and instability have led to the youth actively looking for better value than fiat currency. The banking system in Latin America is changing and it could very well fuel the global growth of cryptos.

New Times Ahead

Chainanalysis, a blockchain data analytics firm, just released a study which took a look into crypto usage in Latin American countries. Lack of banking access, financial instability, and devaluation of local fiat currencies has led to a widespread adoption of Bitcoin and cryptos in Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, etc. At the same time, BTC industries such as Bitcoin gambling are thriving which isn’t a surprise considering the shift from fiat to crypto.

As you may already know, financial instability has been plaguing the region in recent years. Argentina’s financial problems are well documented, and Venezuela has been struggling too until president Nicolas Maduro began an open campaign for cryptos. The Latin American youth is looking for better storing value than flailing fiat currencies and finding refuge in Bitcoin and the likes.

Fiat currencies in Argentina and Venezuela are quickly losing value. With no other option except announcing bankruptcy, both countries have turned to cryptocurrencies as a way to save their financial systems. So far, it is working. People want a safe way to store money and since their options are limited with fiat currencies, crypto adoption is the next logical step.

The massive Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption in Latin American countries will fuel growth for global adoption too. While countries such as India, the USA, and Russia are openly against cryptocurrencies, the crypto revolution in Latin America could set an example many others will follow.

If Bitcoin and other cryptos manage to help economies in South America heal, other countries will surely rethink their Bitcoin decisions. It has never been easier to buy BTC online or play casino games with it, with several industries enjoying the benefits of the widespread Latin America crypto adoption.

The Bitcoin Revolution is Already Here

After years of being left on the sidelines, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world that it’s time for changes to financial systems. The effects of the pandemic are set to strike in the following years. With fiat currencies and royalties doing bad, we have no other option but to accept cryptos.

Digital currencies have numerous advantages and are far easier to use. If the world was more open to cryptos like Latin America is, it would usher a new digital era of banking that can transform the world as we now it.

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Enter the Dungeon of Crypto at mBit; Win Dragon Pearls at Bitcasino

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With fall nearing fast, many popular Bitcoin casinos have a slate of September promotions. One of the first to join the party was mBit casino. The generous Bitcoin casino has been known for its extra successful tournaments and the latest one is further proof of it.

Called Dungeons & Crypto Escapade, it’s promo that will last to the very last day of September. mBit’s players will earn a bunch of daily rewards that will upgrade your adventure and help you win big. You can earn everything from free spins to reloads and possibly a few royalties in between. All you need to do is opt-in to a promotion every day to claim it.

Elsewhere, Bitcasino is hosting the latest weekly Booongo tournament which ends shortly. If you want to try your luck on Booongo’s explosive slots, start playing now and ace the leaderboard to win big.

Dungeons and Cryptos

Month-long promotions aren’t unheard of in the Bitcoin gambling industry. As a matter of fact, many casinos host them, offering a large pool of prizes any registered player can dive in. One of the best in the business, mBit casino, is currently hosting the so-called Dungeons & Crypto Escapade September promo that offers free spins, Bitcoin bonuses, and beyond.

An obvious reference to the popular Dungeons & Dragons table game, Dungeons & Crypto Escapade offers daily rewards for all of mBit’s players. Open the spooky map and click on the blocks to see what’s on the menu today. Every day’s rewards are different and only available within a short timeframe. Today, for example, you can earn one of three sets of free spins depending on how much you deposit.

To enter the promotion, you must opt-in for each day separately. If you play casino games at mBit regularly, that shouldn’t be that much of a problem. The casino’s library is loaded with top-rated slots and table games, so you’ll surely find something to like. Why not make September fun? Enter mBit casino’s dungeon of crypto rewards and see what’s on the menu. We’re sure there will be something you will find exciting.

Claim Your Dragon Pearls

Love playing Booongo’s games and you’re a registered member at Bitcasino? Then you’re in for a great surprise in Bitcasino.io’s new Booongo tournament. The leading Bitcoin casino regularly hosts the studio’s weekly promotions which offer a great pool of rewards on a set of participating games.

This week, you have until today to play Booongo games and win a fair share of a €30,000 prize pool. The qualifying games are Dragon Pearls, 15 Dragon Pearls, Tigers Gold, Moon Sisters, Aztec Sun, Sun of Egypt, and Great Panda. These are all fun titles and for each multiplier in a winning spin on them, you’ll get a point that helps you climb the Bitcasino table.

If you’re lucky enough to ace it and sit on the throne, you’ll earn a cool €2,000. All rewards are wager-free, and to claim them, you must opt-in to the exciting tournament.

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How Governments Seizing Cryptos Are Helping the Market Grow

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In recent months, law enforcement agencies around the world have been hellbent on seizing record amounts of crypto assets from criminals. In August, the USA announced the largest-ever seizure of terrorist organization’s crypto assets, while in Japan, a Tokyo court ordered the seizure of digital assets for the first time.

Times look bleak for Bitcoin fans, yet these moves and the all-out war on cryptocurrencies in recent times are helping the market grow. Officially recognizing digital assets might be a very small step, but it’s still a step in a positive direction.

Valuable Source of State Revenue

The recent developments with all the cryptocurrency assets seizure from governments around the world are giving Bitcoin and other cryptos the wind they need in their sails. While it’s negative PR for sure, it’s still a step forward in the right direction.

Countries around the world are yet to define cryptocurrency legally. However, they are still faced with addressing financial activity that involves decentralized digital assets. Without regulations, though, many governments deal with the issue ad-hoc. For example, the Latvian tax authority recently seized BTC from a convict for the first time in the European country’s history. However, reports said that due to lack of regulations, they couldn’t do anything with it, letting the BTC sit in the convict’s wallet even after seizing it officially.

That’s the problem with governments around the world – they are hellbent on banning Bitcoin, but they truly can’t do anything. Many countries have seen the benefits of cryptocurrencies during the COVID-19 pandemic and have made steps toward officially recognizing Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. However, not all of them are taking the same route. Russia, for example, is planning to ban crypto trading and possession, and India may be going down that road too.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have a lot of bad reputation after governments have tracked them to terrorist organizations. The biggest US crypto funds bust happened this August, when the Justice Department seized millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies from over 300 Al Qaeda accounts. While it’s great that they have cut out such a supply, all of that money will eventually land in the state treasury.

Governments have been inventing new ways to seize crypto assets and claim them as their own. In the USA, for example, law enforcement agencies regularly auction off huge BTC amounts and of course, claim the money themselves.

Helping the Market Grow

Seizing crypto funds has a positive effect on the market. Government activity against Bitcoin and cryptos doesn’t have a significant negative impact on the world’s leading cryptocurrencies or other digital assets. As a matter of fact, it helps the crypto myth grow and enables many industries such as Bitcoin online gambling to thrive.

All the fearmongering and connecting cryptocurrencies to terrorist organizations isn’t going to make people back down. Cryptocurrencies have many advantages and the world is starting to realize their potential. All that negative PR is eventually turning to great marketing for Bitcoin and other cryptos and helps the market thrive in these uncertain times.


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Predict Bitcoin’s Price and Win 512 mBTC at Bitcasino.io

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Bitcoin’s price is highly volatile so it’s not uncommon to see it jump up and down. While it’s currently on the climb and relatively stable, small fluctuations are recorded every hour. There’s no way to know what would happen every day, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could bet on predicting the price?

The leading Bitcoin online casino Bitcasino.io is currently hosting one such promotion. To celebrate the casino’s double EGR award, the casino is hosting yet another Bitcoin predictor campaign. Enter the first one and predict the price of Bitcoin for September 3 to play for a portion of the massive 1,023 mBTC prize pool.

Guess Bitcoin’s Price Correctly

After winning the CRM campaign for its Bitcoin predictor, the leading Bitcoin casino is celebrating the award by yet another Bitcoin predictor promo. This special edition of the promo is valid for September 3. All you need to do is place a minimum bet of 20 mBTC on any game on a GMT calendar day and you will cast 1 vote for Bitcoin’s price.

You can cast 15 votes per calendar day. The votes are valid for Bitcoin’s price on September 3, 12:00 GMT. The promotion lasts until August 30, so you better start playing and voting to get a shot.

The total prize pool for this promotion is 1,023 mBTC. That’s shared among the top 10 predictors, with the top getting 512 from the pool. The second-placed predictor will get half of that (256), the third will get 128, while the last-placed predictor will get a consolation prize of 1 mBTC.

Bitcasino’s cool promotion is open for all its players that wager at least 20 mBTC on any game in the casino. If you believe you can predict the price correctly, have a shot at it and reap the rewards later.

VIP Evolution Weekend

Bitcasino.io is known as a casino that hosts a large number of tournaments. Besides the Bitcoin Predictor, it is currently offering the VIP Evolution Weekend campaign too with a prize pool of 120 mBTC.

As the name obviously suggests, it’s a live dealer games promotion on Evolution Gaming’s VIP tables. To quality for it, you need to wager at least 500 mBTC on any Evolution table game. Of course, only real money wagers will qualify for it – bonus funds don’t count toward the promotion.

Depending on what you bet over the weekend, prizes will be paid on Monday. The first part ended on Monday 24 with the second set to conclude the coming Monday (August 31). Here’s what you can earn:

500 mBTC – 1,000 mBTC 4 mBTC
1,000 mBTC – 2,000 mBTC 8 mBTC
2,000 mBTC – 3,000 mBTC 18 mBTC
3,000 mBTC – 4,000 mBTC 27 mBTC
4,000 mBTC – 6,000 mBTC 38 mBTC
6,000 mBTC – 8,000 mBTC 58 mBTC
8,000 mBTC – 12,000 mBTC 80 mBTC
12,000 mBTC + 120 mBTC

With the full weekend in front of you, play Evolution’s exciting table games and earn some extra cash on Monday.

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Buy Crypto Search Term at an All Time High

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Google Trends records increased searches for "buy crypto".It’s fair to say that the world of cryptos and especially Bitcoin has exploded in recent months, especially during the pandemic. While royalties and fiat money are failing, Bitcoin’s flag is flying high. The world’s biggest cryptocurrency by market volume and cap is currently in the middle of a renaissance, bringing back fond memories of the heights it reached in 2017.

Google Trends is a great way to spot changes in crypto sentiment. That proved right once again after it was revealed that the “buy crypto” search time is at an all time high. It was a widely popular search term back in 2017 before the Bitcoin bubble popped, and is now back in a time when Bitcoin’s star seems to be shining bright.

The Year of Bitcoin

Bitcoin had a hell of a ride in 2019. It reached lows, it reached highs, and was going up and down the rollercoaster constantly. In early 2020, things became much clearer – all of it was the blueprint for what would happen this year.

This year, Bitcoin is truly flexing and currently in a great position to repeat the historic 2017 run. This time, however, a bubble pop may not happen at all. People and governments have begun to realize the potential of decentralized assets, with many countries such as Venezuela openly supporting Bitcoin.

This is also mirrored in the high search volume charts for the “buy crypto” term. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, people are interested in buying cryptocurrencies now more than ever. That goes double for Bitcoin as the leader in crypto market share. In the past, everyone invested in gold or other royalties, but right now, buying cryptos is more popular.

It shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Bitcoin and cryptos have succeeded where fiat currencies and royalties have failed. New industries such as Bitcoin gambling are on the rise since everyone realized they could play games online with Bitcoin much easier than they can do with fiat money. Everything is just easier with BTC and cryptos and the world is finally realizing their potential.

“Buy Crypto” Search Term at An All Time High

The search term “buy crypto” has not been at such a high level since Bitcoin’s 2017 run. The massive burst in queries can’t be compared to the 2017 crypto bubble but is a major peak indicative of the increased interest in cryptos.

When compared to “buy Bitcoin”, though, the “buy crypto” term doesn’t stand a chance. This is another confirmation of how big Bitcoin is and that it is the driver behind the crypto revolution. Search queries for “buy Bitcoin” also saw a rise in 2020, even though they’re can’t be compared to 2017.

BTC’s dominance tells us what we knew all along – that it is the king of cryptocurrencies. With Bitcoin gambling and other BTC industries currently on the rise, there’s a strong possibility that the leading crypto can go for another massive bull run. As more and more countries open themselves up to the idea of Bitcoin and cryptos, a world with dominant decentralized currencies is not such a distant idea.

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