Euro 2020 Bitcasino Promo with Spinomenal

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The European Championships are finally under way. After a year of uncertainty, fans are back in 11 stadiums across Europe, with the tournament already underway. There have been a few great matches so far, so it’s safe to say that it’s a great time to be a football fan.

To celebrate the Euros return, leading Bitcoin casino hosts one of its biggest-ever tournaments. In partnership with Spinomenal, the Euro 2020 Bitcasino promo gives players a chance to earn free spins on a pair of great slots.

Of course, one of them is a football fan’s delight, while the other is a fruity classic. If you’re already a member, we can’t see a reason not to join this promo.

A Full Month of Surprises

The promotion will run during the whole Euro 2020 tournament. From June 11 to July 11, players can bag wins across some of Spinomenal’s hottest slot games. The rewards are not cash prizes, but up to 500 free spins. And, while some players will prefer a cash rewards, just think of the opportunities to win big with 500 extra spins.

In order to take part in the tournament, players are required to opt-in to the promo. This is done simply by clicking the appropriate button on the promotions page. You’ll then be qualified for the tournament, so all you need to do is play the qualifying games and win.

While on the subject of games, Spinomenal’s qualifying online slots are:

  • Lucky Score
  • Penny Fruits Xtreme

Both are great, but fans of football and the Euros will have loads of fun with Lucky Score. Spinomenal’s football-themed slot game is your perfect companion for the Euros. Spin the slot during the Euros, and for a limited time only, you’ll have a chance to win up to 500 free games.

The same goes for Penny Fruits Xtreme. The popular classic slot machine offers the same reward. Both rewards are in-game features. Players can get a spin on the lucky wheel after 150 free spins on the same bet level. There’s no minimum qualifying bet – just spin the slots 150 times on the same bet, and you’ll get a chance to win 5-500 free spins!

Prizes Paid Almost Instantly

The tournament’s terms and conditions state that every prize will be paid to winning players in just 72 hours. This means that you won’t need to wait for the tournament to end to claim yours. Win hundreds of free spins on the lucky wheel, and you’ll have them in a just a few days.

No additional deposits are required to take part in the tournament. All rewards will be paid in the player’s chosen currency. The best part of it all is that the prizes from this tournament don’t carry any wagering requirements.

Of course, reserves the right to change the terms at any time. Should it detect foul play, you will be banned right away.

If you’re a football fan, we’re sure you’ll stick to fair play and win yourself a nice batch of free spins.

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China Kicks Out More than 50% of the World’s Miners – the Exodus Could Bring Them to Texas

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China has been in the limelight of the negative crypto news for a while now. The Asian financial juggernaut has been cracking down on cryptocurrencies in recent months, and the newly proposed green laws will see most of the miners kicked out of the country.

Earlier in May this year, officials from Beijing announced that the country is moving to ban Bitcoin mining and trading. It is one of the major reasons for the recent crypto price drops. As many of you know, more than half of the world’s miners are in China, and the exodus might seek them to move to greener pastures.

More specifically, Texas, USA.

Texas is a Miner’s Heaven

Why would Texas be a great destination for China’s kicked miners? Well, first and foremost, it has an abundance of wind and solar power. The state is also friendly of cryptos and the unregulated market is a further boost that will delight China’s miners.

Compared to other US states, Texas’ energy prices are pretty low. The state has done well to reduce its dependency on traditional power sources. It is constantly increasing its share of renewables, with over 20% of its total power since 2019 coming from wind. When it comes to the power grid, customers can choose from a slew of energy providers. The market has been deregulated for quite some time, which make it ideal for miners.

On top of it all, Texas’ political leaders are open to cryptocurrencies. In combination with the renewable energy sources and deregulated power market, it’s every miner’s dream.

Experts believe that there will be a massive, dramatic shift in the next few months. Governors such as Texas’ Greg Abbott are pushing for a change and openly supporting mining, and that might turn into a great US industry soon. This will open up the door for great new industries to blossom such as crypto gambling, which is already widely popular in the USA.

China’s Mining Influence Will Fade

So far, estimates about the global mining power have put China in the 65%-75% bracket. That means that over 70% of the world’s crypto miners reside in China. The whole mining process has been causing a lot of trouble in terms of carbon emissions, which is why the country is pushing miners out and seeking for a green solution.

That might never bear fruit in China, but Texas might be the next big global crypto mining destination. Miners at scale often compete in low-margin industries where the cost is energy, not cash. Texas has plenty of it from different sources, giving miners the green solution they’ve been seeking.

We may soon see a global shift in mining and possibly a shift to green mining solutions. That’s something enterpreneurs such as Elon Musk have been promoting, and the dream of every miner.

One thing is clear – something needs to change, so maybe the Chinese miners exodus and them setting up shop in Texas could change the industry for the better forever.

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New Slot Additions at BetChain and bitStarz

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Both BetChain and bitStarz are among the top Bitcoin casinos on the market. The gaming sites are constantly working hard to improve their selection of games and the promos as well. They never rest easy knowing that players love new games, and that they keep things fresh. Their libraries are truly packed with options, with new slot arriving every week.

The latest additions to BetChain’s and bitStarz’s library come from BGaming and Betsoft. BetChain is proud to announce a new classic slot in Fruit Million, while bitStarz promises star-studded wins and an Oscar-worthy performance in Betsoft’s At The Movies slot.

Classics Never Go Out of Style

While the industry is pushing modern slot releases hard, classics never go out of style. They’re just too fun and often quite rewarding, and the whole throwback to the slots of old brings memories of the golden age of gambling.

BGaming is the latest to go back in time with its new slot titled Fruit Million. It’s an old-school slot down to the name, offering classic fruit action with the promise of millions. With 100 paylines and an RTP of 97.1%, this online slot is as vintage as it gets.

Fruit Million comes with medium to high volatility which means that you should be careful with your bets. You can max them out occasionally and hit those big wins. As for the audio and visuals, the slot looks and sounds pretty sharp. You can see bells, 7s, diamonds, and fruits on the reels, and the sound of coins clinking has never felt more alive.

If you’re looking for classic slot action across 5 reels with wins worth over 3,000 times your bet, you should play Fruit Million at BetChain right away. Of course, you can try the demo first, so you know what to expect when you splash the cash. We promise that the slot is worth it.

Oscar-Winning Performance

Over at bitStarz, movie buffs can enjoy a performance worthy of an Oscar with Betsoft’s At The Movies slot game. It features a star-studded cast on the reels that can pay fantastic sums of cash when they align.

The Hollywood billboards in the background and the soundtrack give it a very distinct look and feel. Betsoft has done well with the theme and design, setting the action inside a movie theater. That’s A for effort.

Of course, there are plenty of surprises once you go in depth. At The Movies isn’t just a pretty slot. It’ll take you down memory lane with fun features and plenty of surprises. Bet the max and cross your fingers for the right symbols to align – you can win a flashy Hollywood cash amount across the 30 reels and feel like a movie star.

Get to the free spins round where the winning potential skyrockets and you’ll be in for incredible rewards. If you ask us, Betsoft deserves an Oscar for this performance, so it’s worth giving the At The Movies slot a try.

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US Officials Seize $2.3 Million Paid in Bitcoin to a Hacker Group Targeting Colonial Pipeline

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While cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin, have million of supporters in the USA, one of their drawbacks is that they’re sometimes used for shady stuff. These could be anything from Bitcoin casinos without a license to financing terrorist cells.

For a while, BTC wasn’t in the attention for such a thing. However, on Monday, the US government announced that it has seized around $2.3 million paid in Bitcoin group to a hacker group that was responsible for the crippling cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline. The FBI was able to access one of the passwords of a member of the group called DarkSide.

This was only a part of the ransom the company’s CEO paid a day after the attack. The full amount paid was $5, but the FBI and the government have called the seizing of assets a welcome development.

A Crippling Ransomware Attack

Russian hacker group DarkSide attacked Colonial Pipeline on May 7. The company was made aware of the attack just before it happened, after an engineer discovered a ransom note on the company’s IT framework.

The group demanded ransom money for files it took from the company’s internal drive. They demanded $5 million, which CEO Joseph Blount Jr. paid a day after the attack. A total of $2.3 in ransom money in Bitcoin was recovered by the FBI, but the remaining part was forever lost. According to reports, DarkSide earned close to $90 million in ransom money during its active years before it dissolved.

Right after these developments, Bitcoin experienced a drastic price slide. A number of issues are currently weighing down on cryptocurrencies, including fears of possible regulatory clampdown. Recent tweets by Tesla CEO Elon Musk have not helped, and China’s latest crackdown on crypto mining and training are extending Bitcoin’s slide.

It’s crazy to think that just a few months ago Bitcoin was racing toward $70,000, with the value right now dropping to over half of that. Of course, the largest cryptocurrency by market value is dragging all altcoins with it, instilling fear in the crypto trading community.

Will the Trend Continue?

Experts believe that the slide is far from over. Bitcoin was in a bull market for quite some time, and while it’s still up 12% from the beginning of the year, it’s currently clearly locked in a downward trend. Panic selling remains a big problem, as any negative development forces first-time buyers to unload their Bitcoins or other cryptos.

While the trend is currently negative, Bitcoin is tripled in price compared to last year. The bubble theory is almost but gone. The world’s top cryptocurrency has been going strong for a while, and crypto adoption and trading is at an all-time high. Many traders and experts are adamant that this is just a storm that’s going to pass. However, the Colonial Pipeline attack and the seize of assets in Bitcoin doesn’t help the market at all.

It remains to be seen if there are any positive developments that could put the market in an upward trend.

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Celebrate the Summer of Love in

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Why do we love the summer? Well, it’s the only time of the year where you can enjoy sandy beaches with cocktails in your hand and your head clearer than ever. It’s a time where we can relax and ease for a bit and a perfect period to enjoy slot tournaments and hopefully win a nice sum of cash without much effort.

Between June 1-144, you can celebrate the summer of love in thanks to a fantastic Yggdrasil Gaming tournament. Called simply the Summer of Love, it gives you a chance to win wild sums of cash from the €80,000 prize pool while spinning some of the studio’s massive hits.

€10K for the Winner

With a prize pool that big, the top prize was always going to be huge. The winner of the tournament gets to bag €10,000, with €5,000 and €2,000 for the second and third-placed players respectively. The tournament is open to all players aged 18 and over and have a registered account in

The global campaign is available on some of the biggest slots ever released by the studio. These include:

  • Valley of the Gods
  • Lucky Neko
  • Gator Gold
  • Golden Fish Tank
  • Multifly!
  • Valley of the Gods
  • Jackpot Raiders
  • Holmes and the Stolen Stones
  • Cauldron

There are some pretty big hits here, making the tournament all the better. A player’s score on the leaderboard is determined by the highest multiplier win. Any bet placed on the aforementioned slots counts and can also trigger a random mystery prize from the pool.

The good news is that there is no minimum bet required to participate in the campaign. All players who want to join need to log in with their user/password and click on Join Now in the pop-up window. Participation means placing at least 1 bet on the games – no additional payment is required to take part in the tournament.

Plenty of Great Cash Rewards to be Won

The remaining number of prizes in the Summer of Love tournament is updated every minute. You don’t need to concern yourself with that. Just spin the qualifying slots between June 1 and June 14 and you’re good to go. The casino will notify you when you win a mystery prize or a prize from the pool.

All cash prizes will be delivered to the winner after the tournament is over. They’re wager-free, of course, and you can spend it any way you like to. Make sure not to cheat – if even takes a whiff of it, you will be disqualified.

With games such as Multifly!, Valley of the Gods, and Holmes and the Stolen Stones in the mix, this is a tournament you’ll love to be a part of. It’s a great way to spend this summer while you’re relaxing on the beach, spinning great online slots on your phone and hopefully winning some of the beefier prizes.

Yggrasil’s games are truly great, so you’ll have plenty of fun as well.

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Chinese Traders Unaffected by Crackdowns

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In the past few months, China has been cracking down on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies hard. The increased interest in cryptos and sky-rocketing BTC surge have alarmed the government about the potential of fraud, trading losses, and money laundering. However, for all the crackdowns, the Chinese government has failed to enforce a full ban since the peer-to-peer transactions have been very hard to track down.

The global crypto market has been concerned about the plunge in Chinese buying power over the last 6 months. In mid-may, China saw a massive $1 million sell-off in digital assets. In a time where the world has never been more interested in Bitcoin, China is going the other way. That’s not been a problem for traders, though. Most traders simply don’t care about the crackdown and are unaffected by it.

Giving Back the Profits in the Short Run

Young traders from Shanghai have been completely unaffected by the crackdown. Some have pointed out to losing millions in the past years, but aren’t concerned about it. They believe it’s a natural part of the crypto trading process, and are looking for gains in the 10-20 year run.

In 2017, China outlawed crypto exchanges. At the time, the country accounted for 80% of the full Bitcoin trading market. Due to the exchange ban, those kind of numbers are impossible today. The Asian country has also been doing a lot to prevent illegal BTC trades, busting gambling rings left and right.

However, investors are still hoping to raise their presence in the crypto world via OTC platforms and offshore venues.

The Chinese government has been trying its best to warn financial firms and other companies to stay away from crypto. This month, for example, the government has issued a reminder to banks to identify and block suspicious transactions. It has also reiterated the intention to punish cryptocurrency trades which violate the Central Bank’s rules.

The Beijing Police Department has distributed printed warnings about the dangers of crypto. Virtual currencies are popular for scams, yet the government’s goal to ban and prevent crypto trading hasn’t been received with a widespread appeal.

Purging the P2P Industry, One Step at A Time

To be perfectly honest, the crypto craze in China has left a serious mark. The country is trying to purge the P2P industry due to rapid frauds and defaults. In some cases, the craze has led to street protests and suicides. It’s becoming all too serious right now, especially for a growing market with over 50 million users and $150 billion in loans.

In June 2020, a couple from Dalian tried to commit suicide and killed their 3-year old daughter after losing approximately $3.1 million on a leveraged bet on Bitcoin. The price swings are simply too big to ignore, and the government is trying its best to prevent such cases from taking place again.

Of course, for all these cases, there will be traders that welcome the nature of the game. Many have saw massive profits lost, but are still hoping for a big payday. While the government is trying to shake things up and stop the trading, the market looks set to soar.

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Grab Your Live Lightning Roulette Bonus at CloudBet

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You’re a fan of Live Casino games, and you’d like to scoop a bonus playing one of the most popular Live Dealers games on the market?

Head over to CloudBet because there’s a promotion you cannot miss, ending in just two days. Make sure you get more value for your money and claim the offer!

Play Lightning Roulette at CloudBet with a Bonus

All Live Dealer Bitcoin Casino players, rejoice! There’s a new time-limited promotion at CloudBet, allowing you to play one of Evolution’s most popular Live Dealers games, and scoop some boosters on the way. The game in question is Lightning Roulette, the unique title which combines RNG outcomes with a real-life casino experience, a favourite among Live Casino players.

Should you manage to get 10 straight-up wins on this incredibly popular game, you’ll get a €10 Bonus Money reward from CloudBet. If you’re new to Lightning Roulette, you should know that this is a game that can boost your roulette winnings from 35/1 to a staggering 500/1!

All you need to do in order to be eligible to participate in the promo is place straight bets on the table, and every time you land a win, you’ll be one step closer to your bonus.

The rules are simple: head over to CloudBet, log into your account and load Lightning Roulette. Play the game with straight bets (you can place up to 10 total bets per round) and hope to have Lady Luck on your side to land a total of 10 winning rounds. Keep in mind that you must place a minimum total bet of €10 per round in order to qualify. As soon as you do, you’ll get your €10 Bonus Money.

What Else Should You Know about the Promo?

As mentioned in the beginning, this is a time-sensitive promotion at CloudBet, available from yesterday, the 27th of May, 00:00 UTC, until the 30th of May, 23:59, Sunday. Basically, you have what’s left of today, plus two more days to participate in it.

Keep in mind that bets on the one eligible game count towards the promotion only. Even though you must place a bet of €10 to qualify, per round, that bet can be split across the board as you please.

The thing is, you can only cover up to a maximum of 10 numbers on the board; bets placed on more numbers will not qualify towards the promotion.

You can only unlock the €10 Bonus Money reward once during the promo period. But, once you qualify for it, it will be credited to your account within 72 hours. Before you use your bonus, you would need to navigate to the Bonus section to activate it. The Bonus Money arrives with 25x wagering requirements, meaning you must wager it 25 times before you can withdraw any winnings from it.

Don’t forget that CloudBet’s General Terms and Conditions apply to the offer and that if suspecting that a player has abused the promotion, the operator has the right to disqualify that player from the promo. Also, CloudBet has the right to withdraw the promo at any time.

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Goldman Sachs Says Bitcoin Is Officially a New Asset Class

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It looks like Bitcoin is getting endorsed by more and more important figures, this time getting the support of Goldman Sachs’ Global Head of Digital Assets.

Mathew McDermott said in a new piece of research that it was time for Bitcoin to be taken more seriously as a new asset class, an investable asset. Sure, it had its own risk, partly because it was going through an adoption phase and was still relatively new, but people were largely treating it as a new asset class, which was notable.

Bitcoin Gets Goldman Sachs’ Approval

Goldman Sachs’ Global Head of Digital Assets explained that while Bitcoin did not behave as people would intuitively expect, relative to other assets giving the analogy to digital gold, it still tended to be more aligned with risk-on assets. Nevertheless, it was now considered as an investable asset, given the fact clients were treating it as a new asset class, and it was not that often that we got to witness the emergence of a new asset class.

However, McDermott admitted that the regulation of crypto was still a big risk to further price appreciation. He acknowledged that the inconsistent regulatory actions all across the world impeded the further development of crypto or the ability of more regulated entities to engage with it. Even though the regulations were more constructive, though, McDermott said he certainly won’t be complacent.

And even though there was such a risk, Goldman Sachs’ McDermott said that, still, clients remained keen on adding some form of crypto to their portfolios. He explained that, as oppose to asking questions around what Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general were, clients were asking about how they could learn more on the matter and get access to the crypto space, so the scene was greatly changing. Asset managers, as well as macro funds, were getting interested in whether crypto fitted into their portfolios and if yes, how to get access to either exposure through other types of products or the physical access, by trading on a blockchain.

What about the Regulatory Concerns?

We know that Bitcoin gaming is always on the rise and more and more players are interested in using it for fast and easy transactions. However, regulatory concerns are not only impeding it to stay on the online gambling scene but across other industries as well.

Its price continued to be under massive pressure this Sunday, and at $32,652, compared to its mid-April peak of $64,829, it has crashed around 50%. But even though on Monday, it recovered slightly, the serious price fluctuation came amid negative comments from government officials all across the globe.

Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Chairman said that the governing body would continue fighting for the digital dollar, restoring faith and confidence in the banks, payment networks and other service providers that allowed money transfers. Authorities in China said it would be necessary to crack down on the mining and trading of Bitcoin to limit investment risks.

Nevertheless, McDermott’s embracement will certainly make a way for new opportunities for the legalization of emerging markets.

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Betchain Free Spins Day on Mayan Book

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Are you a fan of Belatra? The popular game studio has so far released plenty of hits, including the latest one called Mayan Book. It’s the hottest slot in the studio’s extensive library, filled with thrilling bonuses and fun gameplay. The Mayan Book slot is supplemented by a Wheel of Fortune bonus where each player gets special points that can help you hit the jackpot.

However, instead of breaking the bank with your own money, why not play with free spins and hunt that jackpot down? All Betchain members can earn 20-40 extra spins on May 23 after funding their account and playing the Mayan Book slot. It’s a great way to try it out and who knows? Maybe you’ll be the lucky jackpot winner!

A New Mayan Prediction

Mayan Book is a new and colorful slot from Belatra Games with fun gameplay and exciting bonuses. The user-friendly interface and simple gameplay are complemented by vivid animations and great graphics. The #CraftBonus feature gives you a chance to buy the bonus you want, but it will come at a serious price.

The slot game is available for free and real money. We strongly suggest trying it for free before you start playing for cash. You can also grab Betchain’s exclusive free spins bonus on May 23 and play spin the slot without spending cash straight out of your pockets.

The main feature in the Mayan Book online slot is the super symbol. It can open up to 10 bonus games with dozens of free spins to win. During the bonus round, the super symbol can boost your winnings significantly, delivering massive wins for the luckiest players.

The #CraftBonus is a new and exclusive feature in Belatra Games. Mayan Book is one of the rare games where you can find it. It allows you to buy the feature at any time, but with a twist. You can also pay to increase the probability of the super symbol landing on the reels which could lead to massive payouts.

Last, but not least, the Mayan Book slot also features a Wheel of Fortune bonus. Players get to earn special points for each bet, and when they accumulate enough, they book their spot for the jackpot drawing. There are two draws you’ll take part in, each one offering handsome rewards.

Exclusive Mayan Book Free Spins at Betchain

Instead of spending your own money, why not try playing the slot with free spins? You can get 20-40 extra at Betchain, one of the premier Bitcoin casinos online. All Betchain members that make a deposit on May 23 will get between 20 and 40 free spins available exclusively on the Mayan Book slot.

The minimum deposit for 20 free spins is 0.0005 BTC. If you’re like to get your hands on 40, you will need to make a deposit of at least 0.001 BTC. The maximum win with this bonus is capped at 0.01 BTC, which is still a pretty nice sum you can hit if you’re lucky.

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Bitcoin Drops Over 15% Amid Musk Tweets and China Warning

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The crypto market is in shambles at the moment. There’s been another huge drop in price after a series of tweets from Elon Musk and a stern warning from China. The Asian country has just reiterated that digital tokens can’t be used for payments, resulting in a sharp drop in Bitcoin’s price.

It has all been going on for over a week. Bitcoin’s influence is waning, and it all started after Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that he’s dropping Bitcoin. The Bitcoin drops have influenced the whole market and dragged numerous industries down including crypto gambling.

Price Points Lowest Since February

Bitcoin’s price has been on a sharp decline, about a month later than its highest point. On Wednesday, it fell to $38,973 as soon as China de-legitimized digital coins in favor of the digital Yuan. According to experts, this is just the latest chapter of China tightening the noose around crypto. Further drops might be expected, especially due to panic dumps of coins.

While China’s statement doesn’t involve any new regulatory steps, it is certainly concerning. Some experts believe that it’s just a caution due to speculative trading. The statement was conveyed by the central bank, but wasn’t compiled by the government. However, seeing how China is set on the digital Yuan which aims to replace cash, Bitcoin is on shaky ground.

China is increasingly going toward a payment landscape dominated by tech companies rather than banks. The government has strong capital controls in its own CBDC, so it’s no wonder that it’s abolishing cryptos. The Chinese capital controls can be challenged by major crypto purchases in the country, so avoiding them makes perfect sense.

It will be a long crypto winter for several industries including Bitcoin gambling. The sharp price declines are a major problem for the crypto industry in general, with many countries abolishing virtual coins in the past few weeks.

Does Elon Musk Control the Cryptosphere?

While he has denied any claims that he’s the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, billionaire inventor Elon Musk certainly has a strong hold on BTC’s price. His tweets have been pushing the market up or down, and it’s not just Bitcoin. After announcing support for BTC in February, the price has been on a rise. Last week, Musk dropped support, and the price has been falling down.

While he didn’t manage to send Doge flying to the $1 moon, Dogecoin has experienced a renaissance thanks to his tweets. Musk’s tweets have caused controversy and divided the market, even if he admitted that Tesla has not dumped the previously-bought Bitcoins. It’s all a big mystery, but if you ask us, Musk definitely has the potential to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

It remains to be seen if announcing support for another coin will send it flying up. For the past 5-6 months, he has been a catalyst for Bitcoin’s price. He seems to know more about it than most people, and obviously has the power to influence the market.

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