Bitcoin Finds its Way into Europe Land-Based Casinos

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Bitcoin has been thriving in the online casino industry for the past three-five years, finding its way into dozens of top crypto casinos online. But while the online sector has been quick to pick up on its benefits, the land-based industry has been very slow to adopt cryptocurrencies, going as far as to avoid them at all costs. However, as with all innovations, there’s no way to put a stop to something as long as there is significant demand for it. And demand is exactly what led to the creation of Slovenia’s BTC city, the first Bitcoin-focused entertainment area in Europe that includes its very own land-based casino.

Bitcoin as Legal Tender in Casino and Entertainment City?

Slovenia – the small central European country that many foreigners may not be familiar with – has been making headlines in the cryptocurrency industry for over a year with its bold new project BTC City. The project saw a large business, entertainment, and shopping area in Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana turn into the first Bitcoin-friendly city in Europe, and according to new reports, cryptocurrencies are about to become a legal tender there.

But what’s more important than visitors having the opportunity to shop for clothes and pay for drinks with crypto inside the city is the fact that there is a 1,000m2 casino among the 4,500 shops, restaurants, and entertainment areas.

Called Casino Rio, this land-based casino has 600 m2 of gaming area that includes four electronic Roulette tables and over 160 slot machines.  It’s advertised as part of the BTC City and open 24/7 to all visitors of this crypto-capital in the country. According to information from the casino, it recently switched from classic tokens to EZ Pay systems, paving the way for other digital payment options in the future.

As the official outline for the BTC City explains, plans are to make this area an open-society where anyone can pursue their business ideas according to their wishes. An Elipay system has already been successfully installed in many premises around the area to allow visitors to pay in BTC along with cryptocurrency ATMs. As the city is now looking to enable crypto-payments everywhere, visitors may expect to see cryptocurrencies being used in the casino as well.

Las Vegas Not So Successful With Crypto

On the other side of the ocean, one of the biggest gambling destinations in the world, Las Vegas, doesn’t seem to be interested as much in using cryptocurrencies for gambling purposes. In a new interview with Forbes, Las Vegas Advisor publisher and Blackjack legend Anthony Curtis, spoke about gambling trends in the Sin City, answering questions about various topics of interest. When asked about the impact of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Curtis said that they proved to be not as successful.

In his own words, despite several places installing cryptocurrency kiosks, Bitcoin and other related coins have “made no appreciable impact”. The reason, he believes, is that not many Las Vegas visitors seem to be interested in dealing with crypto.

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