Annouces Rollout Of Betcoin Dice And 5 BTC Dice Challenge Prizes

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Betcoin Dice (Read our review here) is one of the leading providers of Bitcoin gaming and offers players the very best in poker, sportsbetting and casino entertainment. The company is always looking for innovative methods to spread the popularity of Bitcoins and increase its customer base. recently announced the launch of Betcoins dice which is available at

Play Dice now – Register at

Available for new and existing Betcoin players

The new provably fair Betcoin dice service is available to all Betcoin players and is extremely simple to use. Players have to decide on an amount they want to bet and then roll the dice which can be done at the click of a button. Those players who are new to the website and want to try out the Betcoin dice product can do so once they complete the registration process.

Players who would like to register can do so by going to and completing the registration form which can be done in under a minute. The company is looking to increase its player database and as a result is running a 5 BTC Dice Challenge Giveaway for anyone who decided to play Bitcoin Dice.

5 BTC Dice Challenge Giveaway

The 5 BTC Dice Challenge Giveaway will run from the 5th of Feb till the 22nd of Feb and 5 BTC prizes will be awarded to the winners on the 23rd of Feb. The 5 prizes that will be up for grabs include a 300 mbtc to whoever has the third biggest profit from a single dice roll; 700 mbtc to whoever has the second biggest profit from a single dice roll; 1.5 BTC to whoever has the biggest profit from a single dice roll and 5 BTC to the Biggest Bets Category.

The Biggest Bets Category will be broken into a 300 mbtc to the player that places the third largest bet amount on a single dice roll; 700 mbtc to the player that places the second largest bet amount on a single dice roll and a 1.5 BTC to the player that places the biggest bet amount on a single dice roll. The website will also give away a special prize recognizing the most dice rolls made during this special promotion period.

How To Play

A player is allowed to make as many bets as they desire and no restrictions will be imposed. Betcoin Casino will also display the leaderboard at the Betcoin dice page. Individual players will be eligible to win only one out of the six prizes on offer during this promotion. The roll of the dice will be monitored carefully by authorities and any suspicious activity will be immediately reported and could result in the termination of a player.

Instant Payments

Betcoin is currently offering players the instant processing of transactions which will result in faster deposit and withdrawal options, making it a very attractive proposition for the online gambler.

Players who have never used Bitcoins or played Bitcoin dice might initially find the entire concept to be a little confusing but the Betcoin website offers a clear explanation of what Betcoins is all about and expertly guides new users through the process of signing up and then shows them how to play Betcoins dice game.

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