Win Up to €10,000 in BTC in Pre-Christmas Tournaments at Fortune Jack and

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We all know that Christmas is a time of giving. However, if you’re a Bitcoin slot player, Christmas can also be a time of taking as Bitcoin casinos Fortune Jack and can show you. With tournaments full of individual prizes that can run up to €10,000 in BTC both casinos are now giving you a chance to warm up your bank account with some nice cash just in time for New Year’s Eve! Find out more about the promos by checking the details below.

€5,000 in BTC at Fortune Jack Casino

Your first shot at making Christmas better can be taken at Fortune Jack Casino, which is running an iSoftBet slot promotion that began yesterday, December 14th, and will run until December 19th. During the promo period, all you have to do to take part is go to the casino and play any of the 4 selected BetSoft Games:

  • Shaolin Spin
  • Eye of the Amulet
  • The Love Guru
  • Luxury Rome

To qualify, you will have to spend at least €1 in BTC on the applicable games. For each €1 equivalent you spend, you will earn 1 point to climb up the leaderboard. The winners of the tournament will be announced at the end of next week when a total of 25 prizes will be awarded to the most passionate players, as follows:

  • 1st Place – €1,000 in BTC;
  • 2nd Place – €750 in BTC;
  • 3rd Place – €500 in BTC;
  • 4th Place – €250 in BTC;
  • Places 5 to 9 – €100 in BTC;
  • Places 10 to 15 – €50 in BTC;
  • Places 16-20 – €20 in BTC;
  • Places 21-25 – €15 in BTC.

And that’s not all! Anyone who takes part in the promotion will also be entered in a random prize raffle with a €1,500 pool. A total of 3 lucky players will be drawn at the end of the promo, each of which will get to claim a prize of €500 in BTC. If you’re interested in joining the game, head down to Fortune Jack and sign up.

Prizes up to €10,000 at Bitcasino

If you want even bigger prizes, is also running a pre-Christmas promo with cash drops and prize draws that have a total combined pool of €40,000. The promo will run until December 20th and during it players will get to enter the competition by playing Microgaming’s Highlander slot under the specified rules. USA and UK players are excluded from the promotion.

The first part of the competition is the random cash drops, which will run on a daily basis until the promo end date. During December 16-19th, 60 cash drops of €100 will be awarded to players of the game, while during December 20th and 21st, 10 cash drops a day will give prizes of €200 and €300, respectively. To be eligible for a cash drop, you will have to make at least 10 bets on the slot, even if they are of minimum value.

If you accumulate a total of €30 in BTC wagers while playing the Highlander slot, you will also receive one automatic entry ticket for the €20,000 prize draw. The prizes are distributed as follows:

  • 1x €10,000;
  • 2x €2,000;
  • 3x €1,000;
  • 6x €500.

If you’re lucky enough to win, you will be contacted by December 29th at the latest to claim your prize. For more details about the promo, make sure to give a visit.

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Bitcoin Exchanges and Online Casinos among the Most Common Targets of DDoS Attacks

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A new security report published by Imperva shows a concerning trend of Bitcoin businesses and gambling sites becoming  one of the most common targets of DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) in 2017.  With the price of Bitcoin rapidly climbing and the online gaming industry in full bloom, security threats have increased in number during the third quarter of the year – a trend that is likely to continue as both sectors expand and grow over the global online sphere.

Bitcoin Industry – the 8th Most Targeted Sector

The report, dubbed Global DDoS Threat LandScape Q3 2017, was recently released by Imperva – a Californian company that provides cyber security services and consulting on a global scale. The report outlines the main sectors DDoS attacks were focused on during the third quarter of the year and shows that exchanges, where users go to buy Bitcoins ,were one of the most common targets.

Namely, according to the report, the percentage of Bitcoin sites that experienced a DDoS attack in some form or another was approximately 74% during Q3 of 2017. This makes Bitcoin one of the most commonly targeted industries during the said period, although the percentage of DDoS attacks it attracts in the overall online sphere is still relatively small.

With a footprint of 3.6%, the Bitcoin industry is a much smaller target group than the retail sector which drew 5.8% of all DDoS attacks.  However, since the retail industry stats were taken from all e-commerce sites found online,  which are much greater in number than Bitcoin exchanges (less than 70 online), the Bitcoin sector earned the 8th spot among  the 10 most targeted industries.

A DDoS attack is a cyber attack that aims to disrupt or prevent a service by bombarding a site with traffic from many different sources at once. The huge spike in traffic “floods” the site of the victim, causing the site to crash or the service to become unavailable to users. Many DDoS attacks in the past have been launched to extort ransoms from victims or just harm a more successful competitor’s site.

According to Imperva’s report, 53.3% of the attacks were a single-case scenario, while a high 30.8% of the targets suffered between 2-5 attacks. Of all targets, 10.5% even suffered more than 10 attacks during the quarter, while the average number of attacks launched on each target was 17.7%.

Gambling Sites Remain the Most Popular Target

Imperva’s report shows that online gambling sites are still the most popular target of DDoS attacks, accounting for 34.5% of targets and earning the number one spot. The gaming industry comes close by, representing 14.4% of targets, and so do internet service providers, which represented 10.8% of all targets.

Attacks on gambling operators have put the Philippines and Taiwan at the top of the list of the most attacked countries, thanks to a concentrated effort against operators targeting the Asian markets during the period. The report also describes attacks of gambling sites as “common”, citing “extortion attempts” and targeting from rival companies as the main reasons for such attacks. Attacks on the gaming industry, on the other hand, reportedly typically derive from attackers who want to “influence a game’s outcome” or ones that just want to “vent their frustrations”.

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Conquer the Dream Island and Win €45,000 at BitStarz Casino!

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‘Tis the season to be jolly at BitStarz Casino where a new Dream Island promotion is currently up and running, giving any player a chance to grab himself a €45,000 prize pool and loads of other exciting rewards. So, if you want to brighten up your Christmas holidays and have more than one reason to celebrate New Year’s, keep reading for more info on this glistening new promotion at BitStarz Bitcoin Casino!

Two Full Month of Rewards!

The Christmas spirit is very well alive at BitStarz thanks to a Dream Island promotion that will run for two full months at the casino during the upcoming holiday season. The promotion’s official start date is December 1st and it will run until January 31st, 2018, a time during which players can climb the rewards ladder to get their hands on various prizes from the casino, including an individual €45,000 prize pool.

The Dream Island is actually a new adventure island set up by BitStarz and to know how far you’ve progressed through it the casino will give you a map with 40 strategic points you have to reach to claim various rewards. As you reach any new point, the casino will automatically award you a prize in your account and you will also be given a progress bar to know how far you have to go until you reach the next destination.

So far, the furthest players have traversed is point 17, while many are still exploring the first parts of the island. Whoever gets to point 26, will also be able to grab a new iPhone X while point 40 will unlock the individual prize pool of €45K.

Even BitStarz’ own Marketing Manager, Srdjan Kapor, is impressed by the promotion, saying that “this is probably the most elaborate promotion we’ve ever done”. He also adds that he is glad to offer a promotion where every player of the casino can have a chance to win a holiday of their dreams at the same time!

Any Game Counts

To enter the promotion, all you have to do is log into your BitStarz account and start playing. Any game available at the casino can be used to travel further along the Dream Island but only in real money bets and not wagers with bonus money. Any prizes from the casino will be credited immediately, apart from physical prizes, in which case a player will be contacted to arrange the delivery or claim a cash alternative to the prize instead.

Since any game is in play, you will really have limitless options to choose from. The casino’s game offer is powered by 20 different software studios and offers an abundance of slot games from BetSoft, Yggdrasil, Thunderkick and more, essential table games from NetEnt, as well as live tables hosted by trained dealers from Evolution Gaming and Asia Gaming. To see exactly what we’re talking about and to start making those first steps on the Dream Island, feel free to visit BitStarz Casino.

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BetKing Casino CEO to Donate 25 Bitcoins for Christmas

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Christmas is a time for giving and helping others less fortunate than yourself.  Bitcoin investors can consider themselves one of the most fortunate people this year, seeing original investments of $1,000 increase twelve-fold since the beginning of the year. Proving that Bitcoin entrepreneurs have a heart too, BetKing Casino CEO Dean Nolan is now sharing his fortune by donating 25 Bitcoins for each day of December until Christmas to good causes that get the most support from the r/bitcoin Reddit community.

A Bitcoin a Day for 25 Days

Nolan announced the donations on a r/Bitcoin thread on the Reddit forum, where he revealed that, starting December 1st, he will donate 25 Bitcoins to causes suggested in the thread. As he says, the cause “can be a charity, open source project, crowdfund or anything else”.

Suggestions for donations can be submitted by any Reddit user by leaving a comment on the main thread or the daily updates. Nolan asks for all interested users to also post a link to the donations page of the organization they are suggesting. He will pick one suggestion each day, which he says will most likely be the “most upvoted one”, and donate a single Bitcoin to them.

Nolan, who originally launched BetKing through a crowdfunding campaign with Bitcoin donations and re-launched the casino in the same way, says he hopes that the daily donations encourage others to give Bitcoins away for Christmas, particularly people who benefited from the incredible price surges we saw recently.  He encourages users to send their suggestions, because even though they might not be picked by him personally, someone else on the threads might spot a cause worth donating to and send money to it.

Thus far, three good causes have been picked by Nolan: the non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation who fight for digital rights; the Khan Academy – a non-profit organization for creating online education tools; and the Give Directly organization, which donates money to East African families stricken by extreme poverty via mobile phone transfers.  If you too have a cause you want to see supported, you can visit the main thread on Reddit and enter your suggestion.

New BetKing Site Now Active

BetKing Bitcoin Casino was originally launched with a crowdfunding campaign in 2013. The site’s popularity quickly grew during the first two years of its launch, allowing BetKing to become the biggest crowdfunded casino site according to wagered volume. It was, essentially, a dice site launched with 6,000 Bitcoins that ran until December 2016 when all original funds were returned to investors and the casino closed doors with a profit of over 7,300 BTC.

Less than a year after its closing, BetKing launched an ICO campaign that raised $6.5 million and opened its doors again in September 2017. The new site was an improvement over the old platform and for now only has a dice game you can play with Bitcoin, LiteCoin, or Ethereum. There are plans to launch new provably fair games like Roulette and Blackjack in the future, as well as sports and new dice games, although there are no official dates for any of the additions. If you want to see what BetKing currently has in store, you can visit the casino by clicking this link.

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Become Another Winner with Café Casino’s Slots

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One of the best things about playing Bitcoin casinos is the chance to earn extra money as Bitcoin keeps growing at an exhilarating pace. Especially with the USD price jumping over $10,000 in the past week, there’s plenty of extra cash to be made by holding on to your Bitcoins these days. One lucky player at Café Casino just had a chance to profit even more than by safekeeping his Bitcoins, just by playing a cheeky slot game on a small but lucky wager.

Player Hits a $127K jackpot on a Café Casino Slot

Café Casino is very transparent when it comes to how rewarding its games are and runs a separate blog page where players can see who won some big money and on which games. One of the latest entries to this blog was that of a lucky player identified only as “Mark.M. from Tennessee “, who went to Café Casino during Thanksgiving to see his luck change in an instant.

Mark’s lucky game proved to be A Night with Cleo – a proprietary slot that was only launched several months ago. To begin with, Mark only bet a dollar on the slot and saw less than half of it return on the first spin. But he didn’t have to wait long before luck struck him, as his second spin triggered the game’s main jackpot and brought him a win of $127,530.

A Night with Cleo is perhaps the only legit slot online marketed with a “Mature Content” label on it. It’s a game that seems racy at first but only until you start playing it and realize it is just a regular slot that adds an interesting twist to the whole Cleopatra genre.

The game comes with 5-reels and 20-paylines and two bonus features: a Double Up betting feature that lets you double your wins through the “Pick a Lotus” 50/50 game, as well as the jackpot, which is only triggered randomly. One of its latest big wins was in May 2017 when a Texas player scooped the random jackpot to the tune of $180,000 at Bovada Casino, again while playing $1 a spin but for six times instead of 2. But nothing overshadows its previous jackpot of $756,752 from March, which was likewise hit at Bovada and it is its highest payout to this date.

Where up to $6,000 in BTC Bonuses Await

Café Casino is a 100% certified Bitcoin casino that’s part of the Bovada group of casinos.  Its game portfolio is powered by classic game providers Real Time Gaming and Rival Gaming and offers mostly slot games, although its range of table games is nothing to be easily overlooked either.

As a new player at Café Casino, you can get two different Bitcoin bonuses, depending on how much you want to spend later. The first bonus is a “No Max” 150% welcome bonus of up to $1,500 in BTC, given on your first deposit. The latter, on the other hand, is a high-roller bonus of 600% with a maximum limit of $6,000 in BTC.

If you want to find out more about these bonus offers or try the lucky slot game, you can give Café Casino a visit via this link. Or, if you want an alternative place to play A Night with Cleo, you can also visit Bovada Casino, where you can find other stimulating promo offers.

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$81K Black Friday Win Hit at BitStarz

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While some people spend Black Friday scouring for deals to save money online or at their local electronics chain store, others invest their time in making money while staying back at home. Such was the case of the latest memorable winner at BitStarz Bitcoin casino, who spent the weekend working the slots floor and got to take home a stunning jackpot prize.

Two Time’s a Charm

According to BitStarz’s press release, the lucky player who prefers to remain anonymous had spent her Black Friday playing two different slot games at the casino, firstly collecting a win of $81,000 and then hitting another win by the end of her playing session.  The lucky slots in question were Betsoft’s Fa Fa Twins and Pragmatic Play’s Wolf Gold, which also brought a different BitStarz player a 180k jackpot recently.

Instead of searching for the best TV or Xbox deal, the player first sat down behind the Fa Fa Twins – a 5 reel, 243-ways-to-win slot inspired by Asian culture and cartoons. The Fa Fa Twins comes with a Double Up feature, like many BetSoft slots do, which lets you double up your win by betting it on a virtual coin toss in the game. To grab her first big win, the player hit a 2,000x multiplier in the game that triggered the huge cash prize. But that’s was only the warm up.

The player’s next big win happened on the Wolf Gold, which is a modern, mobile-friendly, 5-reel and 25-payline game that uses a classic Native American theme with desert animals being the main symbols. The choice proved a lucky one, as it brought the player three big wins of $14,000, $12,000, and $10,000, overshadowing any Black Friday deal of the day.

Celebrating the win was Marketing Manager of BitStarz Casino, Srdjan Kapor, who said that it feels as though their slots “have been extra generous as of late”. He states that he was pleased to see the slots being “extra generous on Black Friday” and congratulates the winner on the timing, hoping she “buys something nice for the money”.

Sign Up with 20 Free Spins

BitStarz offers slot players one of the deepest Bitcoin slot collections online that’s powered by many leading game developers like Amatic, Microgaming, BetSoft, SoftSwiss, NetEnt, and Thunderkick, among others. With hundreds of slot games found in the offer, including Vegas-style games and some of the latest video slots from NetEnt, BetSoft, and Microgaming, BitStarz can indeed be called a Bitcoin slot shrine.

BitStarz also offers new players a chance to have some slot fun entirely for free through its sign-up no deposit offer of 20 Free Spins. Other Bitcoin bonuses await those who want to spend some money at the casino, with up to 5 BTC available on the first four deposits. Reload Bonuses, weekly Free Spins and regular Slot Wars and Slot Battles can also be found at BitStarz for those who become a regular at the platform. If you want to learn more about these promotions or the game collection, head down to BitStarz to browse the offer.

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Win Up to m฿ 1,450 in Wager-free Prizes at This Week

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If you don’t have any plans for the weekend but want to make some money, Bitcoin casino will offer you some rewarding weekend fun with its Piggies 7 slot promotion where you can win up to m฿ 1,450 in wager-free prizes. And while you’re down there, you can also check out the new Roulette product from OneTouch the casino went live with a few days ago.

10 Prizes to “Oink” Yourself

If you’re in for some fresh countryside air, will make it worth your while to visit the farm of Pragmatic Play’s 7 Piggies for a chance to win a slice of the m฿ 4,350 prize pool. The slot tournament began on Thursday November 23rd and it will run until next Thursday, November 30th, after which 10 prizes will be awarded to the luckiest players as follows:

  • 1st place – m฿ 1,450
  • 2nd place – m฿ 1,015
  • 3rd place – m฿ 725
  • 4th place – m฿ 435
  • 5th place – m฿ 290
  • 6th place – m฿ 145
  • 7th place – m฿ 108.75
  • 8th place – m฿ 72.5
  • 9th place – m฿ 58
  • 10th – m฿ 50.75

The only thing you have to play to win a prize is Pragmatic Play’s new 7 Piggies slot – an eye-catching game with a cartoonish overtone and impeccable graphics and audio. The slot comes with 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols across which there are 7 paylines to hit. It also features a Farm Scatter symbol which triggers the free spins but also one which can be clicked upon to activate even more random free spins and multipliers during the bonus feature.

To get into the tournament, you must bet a minimum of €0.49 worth of BTC per spin. Betting anything more won’t actually matter here as the leaderboard isn’t based on your total bets but on the total number of free spins you win during the course of the promotion.  So, get your farm boots on and spin away until you can’t stop saying “oink oink!”

OneTouch Roulette Now Live at

Slot tournaments aren’t the only thing new at Namely, recently the casino went live with a new Bitcoin Roulette product by game developer OneTouch, which was built to give mobile users an easy and intuitive single-touch playing experience.

OneTouch’s Roulette games were meant to be played on phones, tablets, or touch-friendly laptops with nothing but a single digit. They feature large on-screen buttons to set up your bets, double them, and engage the wheel. As the wheel spins, a zoom window pops up to give you a clearer view on where the number lands while side windows show you the last hit numbers, hot numbers in the game, as well as the current return percentage of 50/50 bets like Odds/Even.

Apart from Roulette games, this Isle-of-Man studio also has some flawlessly designed Blackjack games and Baccarat, with more games like Texas Hold’Em and Sic Bo scheduled for the future. If you want to check out OneTouch’s portfolio or enter the 7 Piggies tournament, feel free to visit and sign up.

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$500M ICO Campaign Launched for a Floating Cryptocurrency Casino in Macau

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In what surely has to be the first case of a cryptocurrency token sale used to fund an actual land-based casino, the Dragon Corp. Macau company has launched an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) campaign to gather $500 million and build a floating cryptocurrency casino in the Eastern gambling “Mecca”. However, unlike with other casino ICOs, Dragon Corp’s prospective investors will not be able to gain some equity in the lavish new casino but will instead get their money’s worth directly on the gaming floor.

Gambling Tokens Instead of Equity

According to Business Insider, the gathered money from the ICO campaign will be used to build a super-trendy floating casino called the Dragon Pearl, which will have three main buildings and a shopping area that will circle the Macau dockside. Each Interested investor will get to buy Dragon coins from the corporation, which could later be exchanged for gambling chips at the casino.  The Dragon coins will be limited in supply and their exchange for casino chips will be non-negotiable.

Out of the raised $500 million, only 20% will be used towards the construction of the $300 million Dragon Pearl Casino and Hotel, while the remaining 80% of the cost of the casino will be financed by the government of Norway whose expertise in building sea platforms will be put to great use. Thus far, Dragon Corp has also signed four other casino operators as partners in the project which is estimated to be completed by 2020.

Chris Ahmad, CEO of the Dragon Corporation, told Business Insider that the casino is to be the “size of the MGM in Las Vegas” and have the advantage of being relocated should problems with the local economy arise.  But according to the news portal, the construction of the casino is only a “sideshow to the main event”, which is bringing the blockchain ledger into Macau’s thriving junket business.

ICO Campaigns Better Than Junket Operators

By running the campaign, Dragon Corp are reportedly trying to bypass legal hurdles Macau casinos are facing with China’s restriction on money outflow from the country.  The usual way Chinese high-rollers avoid these local restrictions is by hiring Junket operators who arrange trips to Macau, where players are likewise given non-negotiable gambling chips equivalent to the fees they pay. The chips are also not-exchangeable for cash without being used to gamble.

Once a junket travel arrangement ends, any cash winnings a gambler has collected in a casino are transported back to China where the junket company gives them back to the gambler. The usual fee charged by a junket company for such an arrangement is 5%, each way, which Dragon Corp are trying to fight fiercely by offering a 0.5% fee instead (each way) to make the ICO campaign more stimulating to prospective high-rollers.

The junket market in Macau is no small affair. According to statistics, the SunCity Group alone – the biggest single junket operator in the area – is responsible for an estimated $17 billion in stakes each month.  Some of these operators are also partly involved in shadow financing, helping build an unrealistic picture to the size of Macau’s gambling economy which is believed to be much higher than estimated.

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BetChain Casino Player Wins €300k in 2 Big Wins

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Who says that autumn has to be dull and unexciting? In yet another proof that luck isn’t a one-time thing, a player at BetChain Bitcoin Casino hits two big wins while playing slots on October 22nd, taking home more than €300K worth of prize money from two different games. To read more about this lucky feat recently shared by BetChain Casino, check out the full story below.

Fruits, Diamonds, and 7s for the Big Wins

While some players get distracted by the shiny animations and bonus features of modern slots like Thunderkick’s the Rift or NetEnt’s Jungle Spirit, this anonymous slot fan instead went for some 5-reel games based on classic slot concepts to earn his retirement fund.

The first slot he went to was NetEnt’s Joker Pro – a 5-reel, 10-payline game with classic symbols like Bars, Bells, and 7s, that also comes with re-spins and a Hot Spot position that gives away a jackpot of 1000x your bet when three Wild symbols land on it. It seems that a Hot Spot win wasn’t impossible after all, considering the slot paid out €100,000 to the lucky player.

However, instead of just stopping there like many would do, the same player came back two days after winning the money to try his luck again. When you’re on a roll, you just got to keep rolling, right?

During his second slot session, this lucky punter chose a different slot game – the More Fresh Fruits slot from Endorphina. A sequel to the original Fresh Fruits slot, More Fresh Fruits features improved graphics and the same Gamble feature from the original game. As far as looks go, this slot isn’t a contender for any designer awards, but as this latest example shows, it doesn’t have to be one to pay out good money.

Namely, this unusual slot game proved to be even luckier to the player, as it landed him a total win of €206,120 during his second session. The win was mostly likely scored by the Gamble feature, which lets you have a card drawing competition against the slot for up to 10 times, gambling your winnings each time to win a double the payout if you have a bigger card.

A Casino for Bitcoin Slot Fans

BetChain hasn’t been online for too long, since 2013, but it has had its fair share of success with Bitcoin players. Designed like a classic Vegas casino, BetChain aims to give players a stylish online platform with a gaming floor that bursts with games from some of the best providers in the industry. From studios like SoftSwiss, NetEnt, Betsoft, and Microgaming, to game makers like Endrophina and live dealer studio Ezugi, BetChain has what it takes to give you every chance of multiplying your Bitcoins through its casino games.

Understandably, its prime offer is the slot collection, which counts over 1,000 slot games that you can play in Bitcoin by depositing directly through your wallet or by sending money in other currencies through Cubits and using them as Bitcoin. If you want to know what else this casino has in store, you can head down to BetChain’s site and browse through the offer.

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mBit Casino Goes Live with Play N’GO Games

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Swedish-Maltese game designers Play N’GO are having quite a fruitful year as they continue to conquer the online gaming space and, more importantly, Bitcoin casinos. After setting up a partnership with BitStarz Casino, the mobile-oriented game providers have also entered another Bitcoin Casino – mBit Casino. By adding themselves to a long list of software providers at mBit’s platform, Play N’GO have just given the casino’s players a new and exotic range of games to enjoy.

Over 100 Unique Games Added to mBit Casino!

Play N’GO might not have amassed such a big collection of games as Playtech or NetEnt have, but the game studio has been quite busy producing games, especially for slot players. The slot collection alone covers over 70 games, some of which are custom-built for other markets, giving you a peculiar range of themes that range from Turkish-themed games like Ortakoyun Yaramazi to Brazilian games like Samba Carnival.

One of the most popular slots produced by Play N’GO is the Viking Runecraft – a 7×7 mystic slot with no paylines and features that would have you referring back to the manual to get a grasp of the game. Inspired by Nordic mythology, this slot offers you a chance to meet some of the Nordic Gods as you level up on your way to Valhalla. Apart from this game, other popular slots from the studio are the Asian-inspired Big Win Cat and the Troll Hunters – a more classic game with the 5×5 grid that’s common in Play N’Go’s slots.

Apart from slot machines, Play N’GO has also made around 20+ table games, including classic card games like Single Deck Blackjack Multi-Hand, Pai Gow Poker, Casino Stud, Baccarat, and Beat Me (Casino War). The table game offer also covers several Video Poker games, two versions of Money Wheel, as well as Roulette games like French La Partage and European Roulette. Thus, if you’re looking for some fresh Bitcoin table games to try out, Play N’GO’s collection might just do the trick.

A Long-Lasting Studio in a Rewarding Casino

Play N’GO isn’t really new in the online gaming business. The company has been active since 1997 when its founders branched out from working at other software companies to start the game business. They are known as one of the first game studios to produce a mobile game and their dedication to mobile players is still well alive today.

The quality of Play N’GO’s game offer has even earned the company an EGR Italy award for best Casino Supplier for the Italian casino market. The studio’s original 7×7-grid slot Viking Runecraft was also nominated for the EGR Game of the Year award but it lost to Elk Studios’ Wild Toro game.

If you want to get the taste of Play N’GO’s creative slots and table games, mBit Casino will greet you with a welcome package of three bonuses given on your first three deposits, as follows:

  • 110% bonus of up to 1BTC on 1st deposit
  • 50% bonus of up to 1BTC on 2nd deposit
  • 25% bonus of up to 1BTC on 3rd deposit

If you’re interested in claiming the offers, or just testing out Viking Runecraft, you can use this link to give mBit Casino a visit.

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