Party on St. Patrick’s Day with BetChain and Fortune Jack

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For most people, St. Patrick’s Day is either a day when you celebrate your Irish heritage and culture or just an excuse to go out and drink more than you should. Whatever your reason for marking March 17th, this year you can add another item on your to-do list for this special day thanks to BetChain and Fortune Jack Casino. Giving you a chance to get some of that “Luck of the Irish” for this weekend, both casinos have launched new promo offers to celebrate St. Patty’s Day.

17 Spins for That Special 17th

First on the list is BetChain’s new Free Spins promo that will run only on St. Patrick’s Day. As the casino says, St. Patty’s is a day that can be often full of clichés. Everywhere you go you see 4-leaf clovers, people dressed in green drinking green alcohol, and Irish traditional music played through the speakers. To outdo every Irish pub in your vicinity, the casino has added “a twist on every single cliche” with its new Free Spins promo.

The new promotion will start and end on March 17 and will give exactly 17 Free Spins to any depositing player which can be used on the Irish Charms slot machine. And to make things even more interesting, players will be able to claim a batch of 17 Free Spins anytime they make a deposit, no limits applied.

For those of you that haven’t tried Irish Charms, it is a fan-favorite at BetChain Casino that was designed by Pragmatic Play. It is a game that couldn’t be more appropriate for the occasion with its 3-reel layout and symbols of leprechaun hats, 4-leaf clovers, beer pints, horseshoes, and pots of gold. But if you want to check it out yourself before depositing tomorrow, you can always go to BetChain casino to try it out for free.

Fortune Jack Gives Away €3,500 in “Green” Prizes

If you’re looking for even more Irish fun, Fortune Jack Casino is also running a special promotion for the weekend to mark St. Patrick’s Day. With 3 Irish-themed slots tied to the offer and €3,500 in cash prizes for the luckiest players, this promo offer can get you warmed up for St. Patty’s unlike anything else.

The St. Patrick’s Day promotion is a prize draw that began yesterday, March 15th, and will run until Monday, March 19th. To enter the prize draw, you will have to wager €2 in BTC equivalent on either the Lucky Leprechaun or the Lucky Clover and Stacks O’ Gold slot games. With each wager that meets this requirement, you will get 1 point for the draw. The top 100 players with the highest number of points will then be selected for the prize raffle that will hand out 31 rewards.

The luckiest player of them all gets to claim €500 in BTC while the remaining 30 players will all get €100 from the casino. All winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 20th, while the leaderboard will be updated every hour. If you want to see whether you too have that Irish luck, just go to Fortune Jack and start playing!

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South Korea Land-Based Casino to Start Cryptocurrency Gambling

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Cryptocurrency gambling is no longer an exclusive of Bitcoin online casinos. The world of land-based gambling is likewise changing and warming up to the idea of exploiting the benefits of cryptocurrencies and one South Korean casino is about to prove this very soon.

Revealing plans to launch cryptocurrency VIP games in its land-based 7 Luck Casino resorts, South Korean operators GKL (Grand Korea Leisure) are making bold moves to bring what could become the future of land-based gambling, especially in Asia where high-rollers face tougher government restrictions.

First VIP Crypto-Rooms to Open in April

As reported by Forbes, GKL has partnered up with Honk Kong-based fintech company Dragon Inc. to introduce cryptocurrency gambling into its VIP rooms. The name Dragon Inc. might sound familiar as it is a name casino portals have reported on before when the company launched an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for $500 million. The ICO, which we wrote about in November, was launched to raise funds for a floating cryptocurrency casino in Macau. And now, the company is to help GKL achieve the same thing with the help of its own Dragon Coin tokens.

As reported, the strategic partnership will see Dragon Inc. implement its own Dragon Blockchain platform in the VIP rooms of 3 casinos from the 7 Luck brand. The playing will be funded by the Dragon Coin – an ERC20-based token that is issued by Dragon Inc. The first of the rooms to implement the technology is planned to launch as soon as April this year.

It’s also interesting to note that, during the past months, the local government in South Korea hasn’t been openly acceptant of cryptocurrencies, especially ICOs. Last September, Initial Coin Offerings were banned in the country, just before Dragon Inc. launched its campaign. However, since the government didn’t really enforce the ban, most locals were able to continue investing in foreign ICOs like the Dragon Coin. Reportedly, there is now a new policy in the making that would allow such crowd-funding campaigns back into South Korea, according to Fortune magazine.

Making VIP Gambling Easier

The introduction of Dragon Coin is to significantly shake up the world of high-stakes gambling in Asia. Most high-rollers in places like Macau come from Mainland China where restrictions on cash outflow don’t allow them to take out large amounts of money out of the country. This problem is remedied by the use of so-called “junket operators” who make high-roller gambling possible and charge 5-7% to prospective gamblers for the service while the operators themselves also face a cost of around 5%.

As explained by Dragon Inc., with the use of its Dragon Coin and Dragon Global Chips (chips you can buy with the token) the total cost will be minimized to approximately 0.5% on each side, or 1% in total.   The way the process works is that players buy the tokens at home with local currency and then use them to buy the Dragon Global Chips with their mobile wallet when they arrive at a foreign casino. After playing, the chips are exchanged back for tokens which can be sold upon returning home for local currency. The same system is to be used in Dragon’s upcoming floating Dragon Pearl Casino and reportedly there are also talks to introduce Dragon Coins into online casinos as well.

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Bitcasino and Fortune Jack Add New Games

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For any Bitcoin slots player that doesn’t have a plan for the weekend, Bitcasino and Fortune Jack have some novelties to offer. Expanding their portfolios even further, both casinos have just launched new slots on their platforms that are available to any regular and newly registered users. And if you log into your Facebook account and visit Fortune Jack Casino, you might even get some extra spins to spend on new slot games.

Fortune Jack adds Quickspin Slots; Offers Exclusive Bonus

Adding more top slots to its large collection, Fortune Jack Casino has recently introduced Quickspin games to its online platform. If you’re not familiar with the game studio, Quickspin is a Swedish company that has become a rising star in the online gambling sector, earning multiple awards within years of its launch. The studio’s slot games can be found in a number of leading operators online, including some of the best Bitcoin casinos.

Thus far, Quickspin has released about 30+ slot games and all of them have been added to Fortune Jack Casino. The studio plans to release about a dozen new ones in 2018 and has already begun doing so with the launch of their latest products – the Northern Sky and the Pied Pipers slots.

If there are any words to describe Quickspin’s games, it would be “flawlessly designed”. If you haven’t had the pleasure to try Northern Sky, you have missed out on the aesthetical splendor of Quickspin’s slots, which can be said to be equal to the work of NetEnt, Thunderkick, Microgaming, and other creative game designers.

And if new slots are not enough, Fortune Jack Casino has also released a new bonus offer that can only be found on the casino’s Facebook page. There is a total of 300 mBTC (100% match) to grab via the special deposit bonus + 100 Free Spin for the casino’s slot games. The only thing you have to do enjoy this offer is to use the code “FBJACK” and deposit a minimum of 0.02 BTC. If you’re up for it, just give Fortune Jack Casino a visit.

Bitcasino Adds Striking Playboy Gold Slot

If you’re really looking for a brand new class of slot games, you might want to check out Bitcasino. Namely, the site has added a new Microgaming online slot yesterday called the Playboy Gold, which brings a radically different game concept to Bitcoin casinos.

A sequel to the original Playboy slot, the Playboy Gold kicks things up a few notches by offering you a 6-reel layout with even 10 rows of symbols and 100 different paylines. With so many symbols to look after, you can easily get lost during your spins, especially when you have 2 playmates changing poses and smiling at you from each side of the reels.

Apart from some “interesting” graphics, this slot also has a plethora of bonus features to make your sessions more exciting. Containing 4×6 Jumbo blocks that award multipliers, cash prizes, and re-spins, as well as Wilds, bonus cash games, and free spins, the Playboy Gold is one resourceful slot game. And with coin sizes that can go as low as $0.01, you’ll have no excuse not to head down to Bitcasino and give it a try.

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Bitcoin Site Satoshi Dice Throws Support Behind Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin’s offshoot cryptocurrency – Bitcoin Cash – has been recently getting more and more support in the online gambling community from a number of well-known operators. One of the latest gambling sites to throw extra support behind the rising cryptocurrency is Satoshi Dice –the oldest of Bitcoin Dice sites online that’s been active since 2012.  Apart from officially adopting Bitcoin Cash into its platform, the site has now taken things further and donated a large chunk of Bitcoin Cash to a non-profit that aims to increase its usage.

100 BCH Donated to the Bitcoin Cash Fund

Satoshi Dice’s latest donation came over the weekend and it was inspired by a Reddit post by the user “jarenfeser” who wanted to help the non-profit Bitcoin Cash Fund with a 48-hour donation challenge.  Kicking off the challenge was a message by the user who said that he will “match all donations made to the Bitcoin Cash Fund (up to 300 BCH)” during the following 48 hours.

After the post went live, it didn’t take long for Satoshi Dice to spot the offer in the BTC subreddit and donate a chunk of 100 Bitcoin Cash coins to the non-profit organization. The Bitcoin Cash Fund gladly accepted the donation and replied to Satoshi Dice by saying that “It really means a lot to us to have your support. We really really appreciate it. We will make sure this funding goes a long way to drive adoption.”

If you’re not familiar with the Bitcoin Cash Fund, it labels itself as a “community-driven” project that aims to promote the adoption of Bitcoin Cash through “various internal and community-driven marketing and sales initiatives”. The fund originally began as a venture that wanted to gather funds for an animated short video about the cryptocurrency and the publishing of pamphlets that raise awareness of it. But recently the organization’s objective has reached new heights and the fund’s original mission goal was changed to “to help Bitcoin Cash (BCH) serve one billion users within five years.”

The Reddit Challenge ended up being quite fruitful for the non-profit as a total of $250,000 in Bitcoin Cash donations were made within only 8 hours after the post went live. Satoshi Dice made the most notable donation during the challenge.

A Pioneering Bitcoin Site that Turned to BCH

Satoshi Dice was the brainchild of Erik Voorhees – a startup founder known for his involvement in the cryptocurrency sector. Voorhees is the CEO of the Shapeshift exchange and a former CEO of Coinapult – a service for sending Bitcoin via e-mail and SMS – who owned Satoshi Dice partially before the site was sold to an undisclosed buyer in 2013 for the sum of 126,315 BTC.

Originally a Bitcoin-only site, Satoshi Dice later switched to taking only Bitcoin Cash, saying that the offshoot cryptocurrency was “true to the original spirit of Satoshi vision”. Satoshi Dice was a strong driving force in Bitcoin adoption as it quickly became the leading Bitcoin gambling site online, causing high levels of Bitcoin transactions and accounting for $15 million in bets in less than a year after its launch. And although its traffic has decreased throughout the years as many new operators launched, the site’s support for Bitcoin Cash could still significantly contribute to the adoption of the new cryptocurrency.

If you’re interested in learning more about Satoshi Dice’s games, its provably fair system, or anything else about the site you might be interested in, make sure to check out our Satoshi Dice review.

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Unregulated Bitcoin Poker Site Causes a Stir Online

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The world of Bitcoin Poker, just like any gambling sector online, is a big community. And in such a big online landscape, there are bound to be both operators who run legitimate businesses as well as those who operate outside of trusted regulation. A site belonging to the latter category, Jao Poker, has recently caused a stir in the Bitcoin Poker community after reportedly shutting down doors abruptly and freezing players’ balances, only to re-open days later with a short official update and an explanation from one of its promoters on Facebook.

Site Closes, Leaves Players Without Money

According to online reports, troubles for Jao Poker players began about a week ago when a user on the Two Plus Two poker forum nicknamed “zxjaexz” raised the alarm by saying that s/he wasn’t able to withdraw $1,550 worth of Bitcoin for weeks. According to the poster, the Bitcoin withdrawal was requested on February 3rd after which Jao Poker sent an email to the user saying the money will be processed within 3 business days. A number of e-mails and 3 weeks later, the user didn’t receive any money nor a reply from the Poker site.

The post was followed by a screenshot of a message posted on Facebook from one of Jao Poker’s most prominent promoters Tam Nguyen. The message read that Nguyen didn’t “have anyones money” and that he didn’t own the site. Explaining he was only a promotor, Nguyen also said” that “it was good while it lasted” and that “there are many other sites to be promoted and played on”, ending his update with “Goodluck to everyone”.

Previous posts on the forum show suspicion from users on whether the site is worth joining and how legitimate it is, with one user saying that the site is “gonna go down in flames” and another user suggesting to others to “stay far far far away from the site and owners”.

Site Goes Back Up Again

According to online reports, an e-mail update was sent to members after the site closed which said that Jao Poker will inform them of any updates on player balances and the site in the community poker chat. While players were stricken with confusion over the fate of their money, later it was revealed that the site hadn’t actually closed but only underwent a security update. There was no statement posted on the News section of the website but Nguyen posted a video on Facebook that explained the error and also raised even more concerns.

According to Nguyen, who removed his previous post which hinted that the site went down, it was a communication error that allowed the update to go forward without warning players beforehand. However, these words might have ended up being reassuring if Nguyen didn’t continue to say in his video that “If you have a few hundred don’t worry about it. If it really kills because you have a couple of hundred on the site and have to pay bills, be responsible with your money”

Currently, it is unknown whether anyone still holds funds on the website or whether they can be withdrawn. But Jao Poker’s “error” is only one of many examples of what happens when you play at a site that isn’t regulated by any trusted authority. Although it holds a license in Cambodia (available on the site in Cambodian only), sticking to sites regulated in trusted jurisdictions like America’s Cardroom is one way of avoiding such “errors” when gambling online.

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BetChain Adds New Altcoins; Drake Casino Opens Blackjack Tour

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In recent weeks, we’ve seen plenty of reputed Bitcoin casino operators expanding their list of accepted currencies to include some of the more popular altcoins found today. One of the latest to do so was BitStarz casino, which recently adopted DogeCoin and Ethereum after already incorporating other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash. Now following BitStarz’ footsteps is BetChain casino, which likewise announced the introduction of new altcoins to its gaming platform.

As important a change this is, it is not the only novelty from the Bitcoin gambling scene that this week brought.  Another interesting update came from Drake Casino, where among the many slot tournaments the casino launches on a regular basis, a new $3,000 Blackjack competition appeared this week. If you want to find out more about it, just keep reading.

New Coins for a New Future

To stay in touch with the latest trends in cryptocurrency gaming, BetChain Casino has started accepting 4 new cryptocurrencies on its website. As BetChain itself puts it, the reason for introducing altcoins into its ecosystem is to give players “more diversity”, which is only logical since most Bitcoin holders probably have some investments lying in other cryptocurrencies as well. The newly-added cryptocurrencies are:

  • Litecoin
  • DogeCoin
  • Ether
  • Bitcoin Cash

The addition of Bitcoin Cash is a practical solution as most Bitcoin gamblers who held coins prior to August 1st, 2017, ended up with a mirror balance in Bitcoin Cash. If you’re one of those lucky players, you now have more options than ever on where to use your coins to make some gambling profits.

BetChain is only one of those options and it offers a fast gaming platform that’s powered by more than a dozen gaming studios,  including names like iSoftBet, Microgaming, NetEnt, and Betsoft, offering hundreds of slots to its players and a diverse selection of virtual and live table games. And no matter what cryptocurrency you decide to use, the casino will still give you a shot at its welcome offer as long as you’re signing up for the first time.

The current welcome bonus at BetChain is a 100% matching offer with a maximum limit of up to 1BTC, on top of which the casino will add 200 free spins that are given in installments during your first 20 days. So, if you aren’t already a member and you are interested in spending some of your altcoins or Bitcoin on top casino games, you might want to go to BetChain casino and check it out.

Drake Casino Launches Blackjack SH Tournament

One of the few Bitcoin casinos online that always try to give players a chance to compete for some prizes, Drake Casino never stops offering new tournaments to its members. One of the latest competitions to launch at this online casino is the Blackjack Single-Hand tour, which began last week and will last until February 28th.

The total prize pool for the tournament is $3,000, or other currency equivalent, which will only be dispersed to the top 3 players and not anyone else who signs up. The top player gets to grab a price of $1,500 while the following two will get $1,000 and $500 prizes, respectively. To enter the tournament, you just need to pay an entry fee of $25. Only 31 competitors have entered so far out of the 5,000 available spots. Thus, if you’re a high-roller with a preference for Blackjack, feel free to give Drake Casino a visit and sign up.

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Bodog Founder to Build $100 Million Cryptocurrency Resort in Antigua

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Gambling tycoon and founder of the Bodog and Bovada betting websites, Calvin Ayre, is planning to build a $100 million resort in the sunny island of Antigua that will be funded by cryptocurrency profits. Ayre, who was once a fugitive from the US attorney for Maryland, is planning to build the gambling resort on the Valley Church beach on the island by using cryptocurrency profits.

Bitcoin Cash Resort to Boost Tourism

Ayre, who earned the title of “His Excellency” by becoming an Economic Envoy for Antigua and Barbuda brought to advise the government on cryptocurrency developments, has made a considerable fortune from investing in digital currencies. During recent months, he became a prominent supporter of Bitcoin Cash, which will reportedly be the only cryptocurrency accepted at his proposed casino resort, both in online bookings as well as POT (point-of-sale) terminals.

According to the Guardian, the property is to be a five-star resort and a first of a number of “Ayre Resorts” across the globe. It will feature its own spas, restaurants, bars, as well as a casino branded by Ayre’s Bodog company. According to Ayre, the resort won’t be an “all-inclusive destination” but will instead be a place for residents of Antigua and Barbuda and their visitors.  The idea, as explained by the gambling tycoon, is to “attract a totally new market segment of tourism” which he says will be “successful wellness seekers who also want to have fun”.

The PM of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, has also commented on the proposed project and said that the government expects “the resort’s novel and exciting concept” to enlarge the island’s tourism offer and attract a new category of visitors to the destination.

The construction of the first Ayre Resort will reportedly start by the end of summer 2018 and is planned to end in 2021 when the property will be opened. From what can be seen on the website of the Ayre Group – Ayre’s online portal for all his business ventures – a strong emphasis will be given to the resort’s wellness center and its “optimal-aging” treatments, apart from the casino.

Strong BCH Supporter and Former Suspect

Ever since its launch, Bitcoin Cash has had a group of high-profile supporters who market and back the offshoot cryptocurrency with various business endeavors. Once a fervid supporter of Bitcoin, Calvin Ayre has also switched to promoting the new cryptocurrency both with his business ventures as well as with his influential gambling portal and other websites belonging to the Calvin Ayre Media Group.  The Ayre Group also operates one of the “world’s largest Bitcoin BCH mining business”, and vows to never mine a different chain.

Ayre, who allegedly was raised on a pig farm and once sold fruits of the back of a lorry to make a living, spent years running from the US authorities.  He made his fame and fortune by launching the Bodog website, which allowed US bettors to gamble offshore despite local restrictions. He was indicted on charges of money laundering and illegal gambling for his operation of the website in 2012 but the charges were eventually dropped last year.

During Ayre’s run, the Bodog domain was initially lost and then restored, changed ownership, and eventually expanded and sub-licensed to other localized domains. A US version of the platform called was also launched and is still currently active and taking Bitcoin as a payment method. If you’re a US player looking for Bitcoin sportsbetting, Poker, and casino games, feel free to check Bovada out.

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New Altcoins and Branded Live Tables, Only at BitStarz and Bitcasino

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Although the competition in the Bitcoin gambling scene is getting tougher each year, not many operators try to fight it by continuously evolving and offering new products to their players. BitStarz and Bitcasino are definitely an exception from this trend, as both operators never cease to improve their already popular offers, as you can find out by checking out their novelties below.

Branded Blackjack Tables and New NetEnt Slot at Bitcasino

To give its players a more exclusive live dealer experience, the ever-changing Bitcasino Bitcoin casino recently added its own branded live Blackjack table. The table was provided by Evolution Gaming – so you know that you can expect professional dealers hosting the game – and has a betting range of 1 to 500 mBTC.

The game’s format and rules are quite standard for a live Blackjack game. Namely, you will be playing Blackjack with 8 decks and with up to 6 other players at the table while the dealer will stand on any soft 17s and hit on 16s or less. If the dealer has an Ace for the up-card, s/he will peek for Blackjack and offer insurance at the table. You are also allowed to split aces at the game, although you aren’t allowed to hit them after a split.

Another new edition at Bitcasino is NetEnt’s new Fruit Spin slot game, which puts a colorful mix of traditional slot visuals into a more modern and mobile-friendly format. With a 5-reel 20 payline layout, gorgeous-looking fruit symbols, and a whole package of bonuses like stacked wilds, free spins, and free coin giveaways, the Fruit Spin is more than just a traditional slot game with a new makeover.

So, whether you’re a Bitcoin slot player or are only interested in getting some live Blackjack action on a table reserved just for locals, Bitcasino has got your back. To learn more about either new product, make sure to give Bitcasino a visit.

DogeCoin and Ethereum Now Accepted At BitStarz

In a new blog update this Thursday, BitStarz Casino announced the introduction of two new altcoins to its platform. After adopting Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash at the end of January, the popular BitStarz casino is now moving on to implementing Dogecoin and Ethereum deposits as planned. As the blog update reads, the casino is introducing these “fast-rising altcoins” due to the benefits of speed and more affordable transactions they can provide to the casino’s players.

Ethereum, for instance, has not only been one of the fastest rising coins in 2017, amassing an over 9,000% increase in the course of the year, but it is also a coin that can provide faster and cheaper transactions than Bitcoin can. Dogecoin, on the other hand, has been the subject of plenty of jokes in the crypto-community but it nevertheless proved to be just as perseverant as most top 10 cryptocurrencies. It is currently in strong demand and has many loyal supporters holding it, which is why the casino chose it over other alternative coins.

If you likewise have stashed some of these fun Dogecoins or have invested in Ethereum during last year, you can visit BitStarz Casino to put them to good use.

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Spend Valentine’s Day with New Rewards from Vegas Casino and Fortune Jack!

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If you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day today and would rather spend your time playing some Bitcoin casino games, then Fortune Jack and Vegas Casino might just have the right thing for you. To celebrate the holiday like only Bitcoin casinos can, both operators are running special promos that will last throughout the day. If you want to learn more about them, just keep reading.

€5,000 Valentine’s Slot Tournament at Vegas Casino!

If you’re in a competitive mood for the holiday, Vegas Casino has a special Valentine’s Day competition to offer to you. The official start date of the competition was yesterday, February 13th, but the new tournament will also be open for the remainder of the day, after which the available prizes will be distributed.

The tournament is based on only one slot game – Tiger Heart from Game Art. There is no special requirement to enter the competition, so you only have to play the selected slot. There is a total of €5,000 in tournament prizes to be won which will be distributed to the top 50 players that play the game.

If you haven’t tried the slot before, Tiger Heart is an exotic looking 5-reels slot machine with 10 fixed paylines. It is a medium-volatility game that offers up to 15 free spins in bonuses that come with a 2x multiplier. It also comes with a bonus wild symbol and a gamble feature you can use to double your wins. If you want to check out the free demo and see this game in action, just go to Vegas Casino and browse the slot offer.

Grab a Special Valentine’s Bonus at Fortune Jack Casino!

Even if you’re not a fan of slot competitions you still have a chance to brighten up your Valentine’s Day with a new bonus offer at Fortune Jack BTC Casino. To mark the holiday, the casino is offering a special “love” bonus that will not only be available today but also until the end of this week.

The special bonus offer will give any interested player a chance to get a 100% matching bonus of up to 500 mBTC. To claim the offer, all you have to do is deposit a minimum of 0.002 BTC and use the bonus code “FJLOVE” when depositing money. Once you do, the bonus will be activated and remain valid for the next 10 days.

To make things more interesting, Fortune Jack Casino is also adding 100 free spins on top of this bonus offer. The free spins aren’t given straight away but are released 25 a day for 4 consecutive days after you have wagered the equivalent of your deposit ammount on the casino’s slot games. Each installment of free spins will be valid only for the given day, i.e. you will have to spend each batch during the same day.

To learn more about this special bonus or explore other bonus offers at the casino, you can use this link to go to Fortune Jack and find the “Promotions” page where the latest promo offers are catalogued.

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Fill Your February with Some Tournament Rewards at Drake Casino and BitStarz

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It’s been a while since New Year started and most Bitcoin casinos have taken a break from offering tournaments and promos after the holiday season. But not all operators do things the same and Drake Casino and BitStarz can prove it. Namely, both casinos are running new tournaments this month with a variety of prizes. So, if you have no plans for St. Valentine’s and are looking for a challenge, you might want to keep reading for more details about the new February competitions at the casinos.

$5,000 in Cash Prizes Waiting at Drake Casino

Drake Casino is no stranger to hosting slot tournaments but its latest competition really beats every other tour on its menu. With a combined prize pool of $5,000 and prizes for all top 14 players, this is the hottest tournament right now at the casino’s platform.

The February competition is based around the Good Girl Bad Girl slot game – one of BetSoft’s most innovative titles. If you haven’t already played it, this is a slot that lets you switch between a “good mode” (low-risk), “bad mode” (high-risk), or both, and one that is packed with bonus features that can create some serious winnings.

The tournament began on February 1st and it will end on February 28th at 23:59 hours. To register, you need to have an account with Drake Casino and pay a tournament entry fee of $5. There are currently 112 players that have taken part in the competition while the maximum number of participants is capped at 10,000. The prizes are distributed as follows:

  • 1st place – $2,000;
  • 2nd place – $1,000;
  • 3rd place – $750;
  • 4th place – $250;
  • Places 1-14 – $10.

After the tournament officially closes, the prizes will be distributed within half an hour. If you like to learn more about the rules or see what other tournaments are available, you can give Drake Casino a visit.

BitStarz Gives You Some “Extra Wars”

If you’re a Bitcoin slot player, you’ve likely heard about the Slot Wars tournaments which are a regular thing at BitStarz Casino. Well, to cater to increasing demands from slot punters, BitStarz has now introduced the Extra Wars – additional slot tournaments that run every 3 days at the casino.

Different than the weekly Slot Wars, the Extra Wars are run more frequently and offer the same prize pool of €1,000 but without the 250 free spins. For each tournament, the casino selects one game provider whose slots will make you eligible for the tournament prizes, the current being Pragmatic Play. There are a total of 20 rewards to be claimed for the top 20 players and they are given in the following manner:

  • 1st place – €500
  • 2nd place – €100
  • 3rd place – €75
  • 4th place – €65
  • 5th place – €55
  • 6th place – €50
  • 7th place – €40
  • 8th place – €30
  • 9th place – €20
  • Places 10 & 11 – €10
  • Places 12 to 20 – €5

The prizes are given away within 30 minutes after the tournament ends and they come with 1x wagering requirements. If you’re lucky enough to win, you will receive the prize in your default currency equivalent. To learn more about the other rules of the competition or the casino’s Slot Wars, you can go to BitStarz casino and browse the promo section.

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