Macau Regulator Warns Against Cryptocurrency Casino Tokens

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The Macau Monetary Authority – the financial watchdog of the popular Eastern casino hub – has issued warnings against investing in cryptocurrencies following reports that tied Dragon Corp with the now-notorious PR firm Cambridge Analytica. Dragon Corp, which launched an ICO campaign for a floating cryptocurrency casino in Macau, has reportedly engaged the firm to promote its Dragon Coin tokens. Only a day before, reports came in of another crypto-company that falsely promoted digital coins which were supposed to be accepted by junket operators in the region.

Dragon Corp ICO Tied to Cambridge Analytica

The monetary authority of Macau has issued a warning of cryptocurrency “fraud” amidst reports of Dragon Corp being linked to Cambridge Analytica – a British consulting firm that was caught deceiving users to submit their Facebook data and reportedly abusing it to influence voters on the social network, the South China Morning Post reports. In a statement published on its website, the Monetary Authority of Macau reminded locals that digital currencies were not considered a legal tender, per the law.

As the statement reads, the regulatory body was made aware that a Macau company has been running an ICO campaign and thus wanted to remind residents that digital currencies were “not legal currencies and financial tools” but also that locals should be “aware of fraud and criminal activities associated with cryptocurrencies”. The financial watchdog also underlined that any “institution” that is involved in financial services without permission is in breach of the Financial Systems Act of Macau.

The warning came after a New York Times report acquired e-mails and documents that linked Cambridge Analytica with Dragon Coin (the token of the ICO campaign) and the infamous Macau gangster Wan Kuok Koi or “Broken Tooth”, as he is known locally. Dragon Corp. denied any reports that the gangster helped finance the project, after Wan was seen taking publicity photos with executives from the company. The coin itself, apart from being planned for use in the new cryptocurrency casino, is also to help fund VIP cryptocurrency gambling in 3 South Korean casinos, following the implementation of the Dragon blockchain in their land-based rooms.

Chinese Crypto Company Falsely Promotes Coin for Macau Junkets

A few days before Macau’s regulatory authority picked up on the Dragon Corp. news, another coin issuer caught the attention of local junket operators. Namely, a company called Lantai Digital Application Technology Co Ltd., was caught publishing “fake news” about its own cryptocurrency. Reportedly, Lantai promoted its own digital coin to the media, saying that it could be used for VIP gambling in Macau casinos as it was supported by local junket operators.

However, short after news broke out about the coin, a number of high-profile junket operators in Macau (Suncity, Meg-Star, Tak Chun, and Guandong, among others) issued statements denying their support of the coin and expressing dissatisfaction with the use of their names.  Reportedly, some even plan to sue Lantai for using their names and logos.

Lantai then responded to the denial by admitting that the company has never signed any “cooperation agreements” with the firms and stated that the trading and application of its cryptocurrency has no ties to the operators.  The local police are currently investigating the case but a spokesperson of the authorities has stated that no complaints were thus far submitted for the false advertising and use of trademark names.

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Enjoy New Bitcoin Live Games at BitCasino and Fortune Jack

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Quality live table games are growing in numbers across Bitcoin casinos, something that wasn’t that common a few years back. One of the latest trusted Bitcoin operators to expand their live portfolios are BitCasino and Fortune Jack. With the addition of a few more tables to what were already great game portfolios, these operators once again showed that a top casino is one that never stops improving.

Fortune Jack Adds Authentic Games Live Tables and Microgaming Slots

Authentic Gaming is a relatively new live game company that was first established in 2015. What this Maltese game provider specializes in is streaming live casino games from luxury land-based casinos across the globe. One of the most unique products offered by the game provider is Superior Roulette – a French Roulette variant hosted by 4 Croupiers that offers you a chance to play alongside other players located at a land-based casino.

Apart from Superior Roulette, Authentic Games also offer variants like Auto Roulette with 30 and 60 second intervals, Duo Roulette, where you can play two wheels at a time, and Roulette Turbo, among other games. And all of these variants can be enjoyed at Fortune Jack Casino.

The Roulette tables have betting limits that start with $0.5 and go up to $50 for a spin. The tables are streamed from a land-based casino in Batumi, Georgia, as well as other locations where the game provider has set up shop.  Some tables are offered around the clock while others only during selected times.

Apart from the live tables, Fortune Jack Casino has also added 13 new Microgaming games to its slot collection. Among the new additions is Microgaming’s latest Dream Date slot as well as other recent products like Adelia the Fortune Wielder. With these new titles, Fortune Jack now has over 400 Microgaming slots in its game collection. To try the slots or check out the Authentic Gaming tables, just click this link to pay Fortune Jack a visit.

BitCasino Adds Ultra-VIP, Single-Player Salon Privé Live Games

In the past couple of years, Evolution Live Gaming has emerged as a premier supplier of live casino games and a standard against which all other providers are measured. Two months ago, the popular game supplier unveiled a new line of games called the Salon Privé which is aimed only at VIP players. And now BitCasino has brought the full collection to its Bitcoin casino platform.

Offering a chance like no other live casino game, the Salon Privé tables are the ultimate VIP tables you can find online. Streamed out of Riga, Latvia, these tables give players a chance to enjoy single-player private games where no other watchers-by are allowed.

And apart from offering you a chance to play against the dealers by yourself, the Salon Privé tables will also offer you unprecedented control over you playing, including the option to change the speed of the game, ask for a shuffle, or choose your dealer. The only casino games offered for the time being are Roulette and Blackjack games but there might be others coming soon.

To enter a game, you will need to have a minimum balance of 200mBTC in your player account as that’s the entry bet for the cheapest table. If you have that kind of crypto-money to spend, head down to BitCasino and try the exclusive tables.

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Gambling Tycoon Inks World’s First Bitcoin Cash Football Sponsorship

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Ayr United, a Scottish League One football club from Ayr, Scotland, has become the first football team in the world to be sponsored by a cryptocurrency. After being sponsored for seven years by the Bodog Casino brand, the football team is now changing its kit to promote Bitcoin’s offshoot cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash, although the source of the sponsorship remains the same – controversial gambling tycoon Calvin Ayre.

Sponsored and Paid by Bitcoin Cash

The new sponsorship of “The Honest Man” (nickname for Ayr United) was revealed in an official press release from the team and Calvin Ayre’s gambling portal on Monday, April 16th. According to the release, after seven years of promoting the brand Bodog Casino – which was launched by Ayre – has stepped aside and dropped the team’s sponsorship to make room for Bitcoin Cash to take over.

The deal was made possible through Coin Geek, another brand owned by Ayre, and it was likely the gambling tycoon himself that authorized and inked the deal. Starting with next season, Ayr United will be wearing kits that feature a “Bitcoin BCH” logo, which were once again promoted with a daring photo shoot with a female model and body paint.

Since the Scottish team plays in League 1, which is broadcasted by Sky Sports and BT Sports, the sponsorship is very likely to give Bitcoin Cash an exposure to many sport fans that weren’t familiar with the cryptocurrency.

Per the new deal, the Scottish club will also receive payments in BCH, thus becoming the first club ever to do so. Commercial Director of Ayr United, Graeme Miller, commented on the deal by saying that accepting sponsorship payments in BCH “was a big learning curve” for the management and club but that they are also delighted to be the first to not only take BCH payments but also promote the offshoot cryptocurrency.

Continuing With Controversial Promotions

Having a cryptocurrency sponsor a team could be very beneficial for the entire blockchain sector but is nevertheless a decision that is, well, a bit surprising. However, considering the man behind the deal, one could say it was to be expected.

Ayre, who was once a prominent supporter of Bitcoin and Bitcoin gambling has completely shifted to Bitcoin Cash since its inception and heavily promoted the cryptocurrency. Even in the official press release, one can find comments from Ayre like “BCH really is the only true bitcoin”.  Back in February, the gambling tycoon also announced that he plans to build a $100 million Bitcoin Cash casino resort.

But while his priorities are changing, it seems that his promotional tactics aren’t. When Bodog was the sponsor behind the team, it regularly promoted new kits each year with topless female models who wore body-paint that looked like the new shirt.

It all started in 2011, when the press launch that reveled Ayr United’s partnership with Bodog was attended by body-painted models. But after continuing the “tradition” for five years, Ayr United and Bodog were faced with criticism and potential charges after several complaints were made following the online release of photographs of a body-painted model wearing the team’s colors and the Bodog logo. However, it seems that the sponsor is no more bothered by backlash than it was in 2016.

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BitStarz Expands Treasure Island; Pays 19.9 BTC Jackpot

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In the vast world of online casinos that support Bitcoin, BitStarz is definitely one of the few operators that are making a difference on the scene. A casino known for big wins and big player competitions, BitStarz often stands out from its competitors by creating a world of its own where players can immerse, stay busy, and reap the rewards for doing so. One of the latest expansions to this world is the addition of new islands to BitStarz’ unique Treasure Island player world but also the entry of a new player to the casino’s hall of memorable wins.

Bitstarz Player Hits 19.955 BTC Jackpot

A few days ago, the casino announced that another slot player was able to get extremely lucky at the slot games and hit a major win of 19.955 BTC on a single game. Only this time it was BetSoft’s Greedy Goblins slot that brought the payout.

A 5-reel, 30-payline Bitcoin slot that sports BetSoft’s easily recognizable 3D graphics, the Greedy Goblins comes with free spins, bonus rounds, and a progressive jackpot prize that can be won with a single winning combination. And despite what its name suggests, the slot proved to be very generous last week when it brought a $148.0263 payout in BTC equivalent to one lucky Bitstarz player.

Like many times before, the identity of the player isn’t revealed but one can see the username “maxmax31” listed in BitStarz’ “Top Winners” list. And what’s even more impressive is that this payout comes only a week after an Australian player struck the mother lode on an iSoftBet slot game and won a $45, 876 prize.

Treasure Island Gets a “€45,000” Makeover

When BitStarz launched the Treasure Island at the end of last year, the casino was likely not very sure about how popular the unique competition will be. But after several months of running the tournament and attracting many of the casino’s players, the Treasure Island became a staple at the casino. And now BitStarz has decided to up the stakes and improve the competition with a new way of distributing rewards.

Namely, unlike before when players had to compete against each other to win the Treasure Island’s prizes, now each player will be fully entitled to a €45,000 prize pool without having to share any of it. To make things even more interesting, BitStarz has also added new islands to the map through which punters can now progress. And sure, there’s no iPhone X to be won this time but you do have whole islands of prizes all for yourself.

The Treasure Island promo runs on a monthly basis and this leg will last until April 30th, after which the casino might decide to make new changes to the promotion or not. The beauty of it is that there are no special requirements to take part in the promo other than that you have to log in and play games using your Bitcoin balance. And as you play more, you will progress through the various parts of the island, earning different rewards with each new level you reach.

To learn more about the unique competition or try out BetSoft’s Greedy Goblins slot game, just visit BitStarz Casino and check out its offer.

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Bitcoin Gambling Sites in Russia Not Really Used for Gambling

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With a country-wide ban on foreign gambling and betting sites in the Russian Federation, plenty of punters from the country have had to resort to various ways of bypassing local restrictions to enjoy wagering online. One of the common ways to enjoy gambling under the radar for Russian players was to resort to using Bitcoin online casinos and sportsbetting sites, most likely with a VPN service to cover one’s traces. But according to one Russia-facing betting site, such gambling platforms might not actually be used as they were intended to be.

Less than 20% of Bitcoin Deposits at PariMatch Used for Gambling

According to a new report from online gambling portal CalvinAyre, the use of Bitcoin in online gambling platforms that target Russian players isn’t always necessarily tied to wagering.  Namely, the media portal picked up a local interview with representatives from betting site PariMatch and found out that more than 80% of Bitcoin depositors on the site have never really used their deposited cryptocurrency to place a wager.

The interview was conducted with Ivan Lyashenko, who is the product director for PariMatch – a site that holds both a locally-licensed platform with a “.ru” extension as well as an international site with a “.com” extension and a license in Curacao. The local site doesn’t accept Bitcoin, per Russia’s law, but the international site does, which Lyashenko suggested didn’t make much difference to the operator.

According to the product director, over 300 users of the international site have deposited Bitcoin into their accounts since PariMatch introduced it in January. However, out of this number, only 50 users have made a wager on the website. Considering the site’s main language is Russian and its target audience is likewise local punters, despite being a separate entity from the local platform, Lyashenko believes that Russian punters are more interested in storing their Bitcoins rather than taking a gamble with them.

Bitcoin Criminalized in Russia, or Not?

During the past year, the government of the Russian Federation has had some conflicting ideas about regulating cryptocurrencies. First there was an all-out war on crypto assets announced in 2016.Then, the next year brought a change of heart and a warming up to cryptocurrencies, with promises on better regulation being reported on in April. And then, in February this year, reports came in that Russia will criminalize the use of Bitcoin as a payment method in order to protect the national currency – the Ruble.

But what’s interesting to note is that while the government is announcing harder regulation (expected to be set in place by July 1st), investors and users in the country don’t seem to be affected. Russia, like China, has a big mining community. There have even been reports on large-scale operations being set up in the country, including industrial premises being bought by notable businessmen.

At the same time, hotels in the Russian city of Kaliningrad are now reportedly working with cryptocurrency payment processors to allow the purchase of rooms in Bitcoin for the 2018 World Cup, despite the government’s recent warnings. But sadly, this hasn’t been the case with gambling with the cryptocurrency which is still monitored and strictly forbidden by the local authorities.

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Slots Really Do Pay Off at BitStarz and Vegas Casinos

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For any player, seeing a nice return on their investment after playing some Bitcoin slots is enough to make their day. But more often than not, these entertaining online casino games can produce something more than a few mBTC over your budget to give you a proper reward for choosing the right game. Such is the case with the next two slots, which have and are about to give you some good reasons to try them out.

Tree of Fortune Pays Aussie Player $45,876 at BitStarz

BitStarz Bitcoin Casino is a place where many slot players have had lucky wins, one of the more memorable being the $180K jackpot that was hit last November. The latest addition to the list of big jackpot winners at the casino was added a few days ago when a player from Australia scooped a $48,876 payout on iSoftBet’s Tree of Fortune.

The lucky punter was not identified by the casino but details of his win were proudly shared on BitStarz’ blog. As the casino explains, the player hit the jackpot prize after a single spin on the Tree of Fortune, proving that BitStarz’ slogan – “Dream Big. Win Bigger” – isn’t just a marketing ploy. And although the win isn’t as monumental as some land-based slot jackpots are, it nevertheless is a win that is not to be overlooked.

The Tree of Fortune is one of many Asian-themed slots and it features 5-reels and 243-ways-to-win. Armed with interesting extras like Wilds, Free Spins, and the option to re-spin each individual reel on your own, this slot offers players plenty of ways to turn their bets into some nice profits. And apart from this particular machine, the casino also has around 1,000 other games to offer, including a variety of iSoftBet slots which are popular with Aussie players. To see the full extent of the game collection, make sure that you check out BitStarz Casino.

Sugar Pop 2 to Pay Out €2,000 in Prizes at Vegas Casino

Another slot that will bring solid prizes to lucky slot players this month is BetSoft’s Sugar Pop 2, which was selected for a special tournament at Vegas Casino. A sequel to the original Sugar Pop, the second installment in the slot machine series likewise comes with the Level Up feature that lets you progress through the game to unlock new special symbols on your reels.

The Sugar Pop 2 also comes pre-loaded with a host of extras like exploding bombs that give away cash prizes, 5 different wilds, 8 bonus symbols to unlock, as well as exploding cluster reels and double-or-nothing games. To honor this special Bitcoin slot, Vegas Casino is launching a new tournament that will hand out €2,000 in prizes and last between the 26th of April and May 2nd. The top 3 players get prizes of €1,000, €350, and €150, while 7 more players will get either €100 or €50 prizes, depending on the ranking.

To enter this exciting tournament, you will need to be a member of the casino and wager €1 to get 1 point. The more points you gather, the closer you can come to winning the main prize. If you want to see the game in action before the tournament unrolls, head down to Vegas Casino and find the slots menu.

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Bitcoin Gambling in Malta to be Tested Soon

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The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) – Malta’s gambling regulator – is finishing preparations to launch its announced sandbox test of blockchain technology. The MGA, which is one of the biggest online casino licensing bodies in the world, first revealed plans to test blockchain implementation in last October when it gave few details of the scope of the testing process. But now, new information has emerged as to what the regulator will be probing and how will MGA’s online gambling licensees be allowed to implement cryptocurrencies into their platforms.

A 6-Month Probe Into Cryptocurrency and Token Gambling

As detailed by the MGA, the new test will begin in the second quarter of this year and span for 6 months – a period which may be prolonged or shortened if needed. Prior to the launch of the sandbox test, concerned stakeholders from the industry are invited by the MGA to consult over the test parameters and submit their opinions by the end of April.

Reportedly, apart from putting already existing cryptocurrencies at the centre of its test, the MGA will also be reviewing tokens generated by operators on an individual basis. However, any token issued by an operator will be exempt from the currency exchange rule the MGA is looking to enforce, which forbids the exchange of digital currencies to fiat money and vice versa.

By the time the probing period ends, the Malta Gaming Authority will be far behind the UK Gambling Commission which recognized Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies back in 2016. Nevertheless, as one of the two leading online licensing authorities on a global scale, MGA’s implementation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies will likely lead to a wider expansion of Bitcoin online casinos.

Wallet Transfers, Deposit Limits, and Smart Contracts Part of Test

According to the details provided by the regulator, should licensees be allowed to introduce cryptocurrencies they will have to verify the ownership of the cryptocurrency wallet address of each individual user. Generally, all players will be allowed to use only a single wallet for each cryptocurrency they want to use and those wallets will need to be verified with a single account. Any withdrawals and transfers to other wallets will be prohibited, unless an exception needs to be made in rare cases.

Since cryptocurrencies can be considerably volatile, prospective operators will be asked to set up different player-determined wagering-, loss-, and deposit limits than the limits applied to regular (fiat) currencies. During the test, the MGA will be putting a cap on cryptocurrency wagering and deposits to a sum of €1,000 per month in any cryptocurrency equivalent. To help them determine whether a player has breached the maximum deposit amount it times of price volatility, operators will also be provided with diagrams.

Per the new information, gamblers will not be permitted to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies and vice versa within an operator’s platform. They will thus have to deposit, wager, and withdraw in a single currency or cryptocurrency. The sandbox test will also probe the use of smart contracts, given that all other guidelines regarding wallet verifications and limits are respected and there are mechanisms to void a smart contract should a flaw in the new technology be found.

Included in the test will be games that are partially or completely hosted on a blockchain but also games hosted on casino servers that use blockchain technology to provide transparency and proof of fairness. And, naturally, all AML (Anti-Money Laundering) provisions will need to be respected during the test.

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Have a Happy Easter with Promos from Fortune Jack and BetKing

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If you’re one of the millions of people that are celebrating Easter, you’ll be glad to hear that the holiday didn’t go unnoticed by some of your favorite Bitcoin casinos. Namely, to mark the special occasion, Fortune Jack will be giving away a special bonus that’s open to any registered player.  And if you’re not interested in spending your holiday weekend on casino slots and selected table games, BetKing has likewise launched a new and sleek poker client with a special rake tournament that will be open for the Easter weekend.

Free Spins and a 600 mBTC Bonus

Simply called the “Easter Bonus”, Fortune Jack’s new promo launched yesterday and it is up for grabs by any player who makes a qualifying deposit and uses the special bonus code – “BASKET80”. The maximum amount of bonus money you can get with this special offer is 600 mBTC, but to make things even more interesting, Fortune Jack will also throw in 80 Free Spins on top of that offer.

The minimum amount you have to deposit to claim the bonus only is 0.002 BTC. However, if you want   to grab both the bonus and the Free Spins, you’ll need a minimum deposit of 0.015 BTC. Once you meet this criterion and use the bonus code, the casino will instantly release your bonus money and give you 10 days to spend it on a wide selection of games, including both slots and table games.

As for the 80 Free Spins, they will be released 20 a day for the first 4 days after claiming the bonus. The spins are given on selected Pragmatic Play slot games, which means that you’ll also get to enjoy great entertainment apart from free rewards.  If you want to learn more about this special holiday bonus, just go to Fortune Jack Casino and find the “Promotions” menu.

$9,000 Poker Race Inside a New Poker Room

At the start of the month, BetKing announced the launch of a new Poker room that was added as a planned expansion to the recently re-launched site. The Poker room is meant to give Bitcoin Poker players a new and modern place where they can enjoy variants like Pot Limit Omaha and NL Texas Hold’Em, be it low-stakes tables they are looking for or exclusive VIP tables with high betting limits that are reserved for veterans and bigger spenders.

To jump-start its online Poker action, the site has launched a new Rake Race which from now on will be an ongoing tournament at BetKing that’s open to any player. Starting each week, the casino will open three different rake races. One leaderboard will be reserved for the micro stakes, one for the low-stakes, and one for the mid-stakes game.

There are 50 prizes in each leaderboard but they differ in size, depending on whether they are for the micro-, low-, or medium-stakes tables. The biggest main prize (for the #1 player) is $1,000 for the medium-stake leaderboard while the lowest possible prize is $7.5 for the last positions in the low-stake race. To qualify, you just have to spend 0.1 mBTC on a No Limit Hold’em, Open Face Chinese, or Pot Limit Omaha game to win 1 point. The more points you have, the higher your position on the leaderboard will be.

If you are ready to take this challenge or even if you are simply curious about the new Poker room at the casino, feel free to check out BetKing today.

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Bitcoin Casinos in Las Vegas Might Become a Reality

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Despite Bitcoin being around for nearly a decade and finding great use as a payment method in online casinos, the casino capital of the world – Nevada’s Sin City – has been slower to adopt the cryptocurrency. Due to the lack of regulation from the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Department of Taxation, major resorts in Las Vegas aren’t able to implement Bitcoin in their casino cashiers. However, this doesn’t mean that Bitcoin isn’t finding its way into the Las Vegas gambling scene as small-time casinos and entertainment venues of the Strip begin to adopt it.

The First Bitcoin Casino in Las Vegas to Accept BTC

One of the first casinos in Vegas to give hope to all Bitcoin gamblers is the D Las Vegas – a casino hotel in downtown Las Vegas located near the South LV Boulevard in the vicinity of the Golden Nugget Casino. Although a smaller resort with “only” 629 rooms, the D Las Vegas nevertheless can play a big role in cryptocurrency adoption.

The D Las Vegas has a two-floor casino that offers some of the best video poker machines in town and its owner – Derek Stevens – was one of the first casino owners to become a Bitcoin believer. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Stevens first started hearing about Bitcoin four years ago from employees in the tech industry who mingled at bar of his casino.

After investigating Bitcoin, the casino owner then decided to turn the privately-owned small hotel/casino into one of the first entertainment venues in Vegas that accept the coin. Currently, the casino allows visitors to pay for their hotel accommodation, meals, and gift shop gifts with Bitcoin, but Stevens has also installed an ATM on the gaming floor that allows gamblers to swap their Bitcoins for dollars to buy chips at the cashier.

Bitcoin Boosts Profits but It Stays in Shops and Venues

According to Stevens, the decision to install an ATM and start taking Bitcoin didn’t attract the type of tech-industry workers that introduced him to Bitcoin. Instead, what the small venue saw was an increase in international travelers who preferred to use the cryptocurrency for its cross-border practicality and speed.

Reportedly, with Bitcoin’s price increases, the D Las Vegas also saw plenty of Bitcoin users spending on more expensive meals and wine at its restaurant, thus adding a “meaningful” boost to the revenue of the casino. However, for the time being, he doesn’t plan on increasing his ATM daily withdrawal limit of $5,000 since he isn’t certain whether Bitcoin users are big-enough gamblers.

But while the D Las Vegas is profiting on its Bitcoin adoption, other major players on the scene don’t seem to be interested in the cryptocurrency. Apart from Golden Gate Casino, which also reportedly accepts Bitcoin for room and meal payments, big companies like MGM Resorts, Wynn Resorts, Caesars, and the Las Vegas Sands Corp. are not showing any initiative towards implementing the cryptocurrency. Yet, while the casinos stay away from it, other businesses increasingly adopt it.

Namely, thanks to demand from shoppers, many shops and entertainment venues are considering taking payments in Bitcoin. It’s already making its way into the Shops at Crystals on the Strip through the Elena Bulatova Gallery, the Legends Room gentleman’s club, as well as other venues on or close to the Las Vegas Strip, with more new businesses looking into it. But until local legislation changes, gamblers would either have to swap their coins while in Las Vegas or instead spend them at Bitcoin online casinos.

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March Madness – Get a Shot at Tons of Cash at Coin Royale and Vegas Casino!

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March has been quite an interesting month and not just because of St. Patrick’s Day and all the casino promo offers that came with it. With the “Beast from the East” storming past Europe and most of the Western World being engulfed in frost, it was a month that most will remember as that time when spring failed to show up at all.  But all that is about to change soon thanks to two Bitcoin casinos which made plans to give you a proper warm-up before Easter as well as some nice cash to spend during the holiday!

VIP Trip to Monaco Grand Prix and Up to € 35,000 in Prizes

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious car races in the world, right there with the 24-hour La Mans and the Indy 500. And no matter if you’re a fan of the Formula 1 race or not, getting a free trip to experience the event in person is one unbeatable offer.

Giving you exactly such an opportunity is Vegas Casino, which is running a new Monaco Rush promotion that begins today, March 23rd, and will last until the 2nd of April. The tournament’s prize pool amounts to a total of €35,000 in 500 prizes, given as follows:

  • 1st place – VIP Trip for 2 to Monaco + VIP tickets to the Grand Prix Finals + spending money + a 4-star accommodation
  • 2nd place – €2,000
  • 3rd place – €3,000
  • Places 4-10 – €500
  • Places 11 -50 – €200
  • Places 51 – 100 – €100
  • Places 101 – 200 – €50
  • Places 201 – 500 – €20

To take part in the competition, you just have to make a qualifying wager of €/£0.50 on the selected slot games. The leaderboard will be based on the amount of money won during a single spin. The more you win, the closer you’ll get to winning a luxury trip to the Monaco Grand Prix. The list of selected games is made up entirely of popular Pragmatic Play slots:

  • Gold Rush
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Diamond Strike
  • Chilli Heat
  • 7 Piggies

If you think you’re up for it, just go down to Vegas Casino and start playing!

3BTC “Madness Dice” Promotion at Coin Royale

Another way to end March on a proper note is to enter the new Dice tournament at Coin Royale Casino. Starting on Monday, March 26th, and ending on Sunday, April 1st, the new Madness Dice competition at Coin Royale will give all interested players a shot at winning  a prize from its 3BTC prize pool.

To enter the tournament, all you have to do is play the casino’s dice game between those dates. The prizes will be given to those who have the highest winning percentage (win amount / bet amount). There are a total of 20 different prizes to be claimed and they are given in the following manner:

  • 1stplace – 1.2 BTC
  • 2nd place – 0.75 BTC
  • 3rd place – 0.45 BTC
  • 4th place – 0.24 BTC
  • 5th place – 0.18 BTC
  • Places 6-10 – 0.018 BTC
  • Places 11-15 – 0.012 BTC
  • Places 16-20 – 0.006 BTC

To find out more about the tournament and try your hand at winning those prizes, visit Coin Royale Casino to log in or sign up.

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