New Booongo Tournament at Bitcasino; Daily Giveaways to Get at mBit

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One of the ultimate Bitcoin casinos online, Bitcasino, is known to be a very generous host. The casino is hosting tournaments and giving away prizes all the time and its latest tournament might be the best of all.

From the beginning of May, Bitcasino started hosting Booongo tournaments with huge prizes. The first few editions are already gone, but the latest is celebrating the Moon Sisters slot release and giving away €20,000 in prizes.

Elsewhere, mBit casino has daily giveaways to the tune of free spins and cash rewards. It’s the ultimate crypto adventure for everyone who loves spinning slots with the industry’s leading cryptocurrency.

Celebrate Booongo’s Latest Slot

To celebrate the release of its new slot Moon Sisters, Booongo is hosting a network slots tournament until June 2. There’s a €20,000 progressive prize pool you can win a share of. Top the leaderboard by accumulating the most points during the tournament period and you get 15% of the prize which would account to €3,000. Ain’t that grand?

The tournament’s participating games are Tiger’s Gold, Dragon Pearls, Sun of Egypt, Great Panda, and of course, Moon Sisters. As a player, you earn 1 point for each x1 multiplier on a winning spin. So, if you bet €2 on a winning spin that brought you €120, you get 60 points (€120 win/€2 bet).

Only bets north of €0.5 will qualify for the tournament. There’s another requirement – you must have made at least 100 spins with the minimum qualifying bet to take part in the tournament. The €20,000 progressive prize pool is shared among 200 players, so there’s plenty of cash for everyone to win.

Remember – the tournament runs from May 28 to June 2 and is open to real money rounds only. Booongo’s games are highly exciting and rewarding, so you shouldn’t hesitate to enter Bitcasino’s tournament.

Ultimate Crypto Daily Giveaways at mBit Casino

Another important crypto casino, mBit, has incredible rewards in store for all its players. You can claim them every day and quadruple your wins in seconds. Numerous different things are on the menu – from free spins to reloads, crazy surprises, and exclusive rewards, you can earn it all at mBit casino for free.

Just like the casino advertises its promo, it really is the ultimate crypto adventure. All players with at least 3 deposits at mBit casino automatically qualify for the promotion. To claim the prizes, you need to Opt in from the Promotions page. Just select the Crypto Daily Giveaways option and you’re in.

Wondering what you can grab? Well, in the next few days, you can claim a set of 150 free spins, unlimited 30% reloads, surprise rewards, and some exclusive as well. mBit casino takes you on the ultimate crypto adventure by giving you the ultimate prizes. Most of them come for free, while some like cashbacks carry a 5x wagering requirement only.

What are you waiting for? Join mBit casino, make at least 3 deposits, and enjoy all the rewards on offer.

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Switzerland Rejects Bailout for Crypto Companies Affected by the Pandemic

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The world was and (to a degree) still is in turmoil following the COVID-19 pandemic. Small and medium-sized businesses are especially affected after they’ve seen reduced or closed production in the past few months. Many governments have rushed in to save them by offering loans and special packages to keep them standing upright. Switzerland is one of the countries that did so, yet apparently this doesn’t apply to crypto companies that deal with Bitcoin and altcoins.

A recent $103 million bailout for crypto companies was rejected by the Swiss government. The funding package was requested by Zug and the money was supposed to be shared with local fintech startups. As the government already prepared a package for startups, it declined Zug’s request.

The Crypto Valley Left in the Dust

Zug is Switzerland’s center of the crypto industry and is known as “Crypto Valley”. Heinz Taennler, its finance director, recently asked the government for help in order to help fintech startups survive the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. And while everyone was expecting good news, the Crypto Valley got the most negative answer.

Zug’s local government declined the request citing another credit facility for blockchain startups issued before. To make things worse, Taennler’s funding request was the only one that was turned down from a total of 24 applications. It’s clear that the Swiss government is not high on the idea of cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, most government officials were reported to be not that sold on Bitcoin and cryptos in general.

Following several withdrawals of private equity investors, the Swiss cryptocurrency industry is not in tatters. It was once one of the most promising in the world, but in no thanks to the government, the COVID-19 coronavirus may lay it to rest.

On the positive side of things, Taennler managed to secure a $15.4 million loan facility just a few days ago. It should help some emerging businesses in the Crypto Valley survive, but it’s only temporary relief. According to a recent report, over 66% of crypto and blockchain companies failed to secure financial relief in the past few months.

Many of these companies won’t survive by the end of the year. Since private equity investors are withdrawing their funds and with global economic uncertainty all over the globe, the Valley’s crypto economic system is in serious trouble. Many experts have seen the latest government bailout decline as the final nail in the coffin for the famed Crypto Valley.

JP Morgan Says Bitcoin Is on the Rise

The Swiss government’s reluctance to help the crypto industry is a real shame considering that powerful financial institutions such as JP Morgan are expecting Bitcoin to hit new heights. Although the bank doesn’t deal with cryptocurrencies, it avidly follows the crypto market.

A recent report from JP Morgan analysts found that the leading cryptocurrency is trading around 25% of its intrinsic price after the halving. In layman’s terms, the price could go up soon. If JP Morgan’s analysts are correct, the intrinsic value of Bitcoin is somewhere in the $11,500 area.



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Mega Match Mondays at CloudBet; Win a Slot Tournament at Oshi

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We’re hours away from the weekend and we couldn’t be more excited for it. Lazing around long might sound great and is justifiable for a couple of hours, but you shouldn’t do that all day long. How about we all have some fun? We may not be able to hit the clubs right now due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but there are plenty of interesting promos and tournaments at many Bitcoin online casinos.

Take Oshi for example. The #1 fair crypto online casino is hosting a never-ending series of slot tournaments that can nicely boost your bankroll. These tournaments always come in pairs – there’s a tournament for all players, a tournament for VIPs, and right now, the Spinomenal Madness tournament.

Just because the weekend is finished doesn’t mean you should stop having fun. CloudBet’s Mega Match Mondays promotion will cover 50% of any deposit made on Monday up to 25 mBTC. That’ll surely give you a nice head start for the week.

Mega Fun Mondays

One of the premier Bitcoin casinos online, CloudBet, is having a super-fun promotion open for all players. Anyone who deposits on Monday is eligible for the Mega Match Mondays promotion. You will get a 50% deposit match bonus up to 25 mBTC and as a plus, you’ll also qualify for the Turbo Monday promo.

The promotion comes under certain conditions. First and foremost, you must have deposited in the last 3 days in order to be eligible for the promo. The minimum deposit is 1 mBTC while the maximum is 25. You get half of it, so if you deposit the max, you can expect 12.5 mBTC in return. The bonus must be activated prior to making a deposit.

As soon as you complete all requirements, the bonus will be credited to your account instantly. The bonus has a 30x playthrough and must be completed within 2 days. The good news is that all slots in CloudBet’s library contribute to the rollover, so you shouldn’t have much problems completing it.

Slot Tournaments at Oshi

The fairest crypto casino of them all, Oshi, is hosting a never-ending series of slot tournaments. Every week, Oshi casino puts up a new tournament on offer inviting everyone at the casino to take part. There’s a slot tournament for all players and one for VIPs only. From time to time, the casino will host a developer-specific tournament – this week, you can enjoy Spinomenal’s phenomenal slots.

The rules for each tournament are simple – top the leaderboard and get cool cash prizes. The player with the most points at the end of the tournament wins. All points are distributed relative to your bet size. The more you bet, the more points you’ll collect.

You don’t have to opt-in to the tournaments in order to be eligible for them. You will be automatically enrolled to each. This means that all of Oshi’s customers get a fair chance. If you think you have what it takes, we strongly recommend trying your luck and getting the top cash prize.

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The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed the Way We See Money

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After months of uncertainty and economic crisis, the world is finally starting to heal from the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. We’re not out of the woods yet, but the numbers are dropping and the world is restarting bit by bit. While it will never fully disappear until a vaccine is developed, COVID-19 has lost most of its steam by now and it’s time to go back to our (somewhat) normal lives.

Besides important stuff about hygiene and common sense, COVID-19 taught the world other lessons as well. During the pandemic, many countries around the world have been hit with serious economic troubles. The virus highlighted all the negative things about fiat money and shined a light on digital assets such as Bitcoin.

In short, it forever changed the way we see money.

Bitcoin is Reshaping Traditional Finance Systems

As soon as the virus spread all over Europe, it was clear that the financial system will have problems sustaining itself. It took only weeks for economies to start crumbling, resulting in fast-paced technological adoption. The interest in Bitcoin skyrocketed in just a few weeks. That wasn’t that big of a surprise. With a crumbling economy on the horizon, people were less inclined to believe in banks.

The shift to a digitized world gave society a new outlook on money. Even the biggest crypto doubters are supporting digital assets now with ongoing changes in social interactions in the picture. Social distancing and remote interactions in the wake of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic will likely stay in place for years. This means less physical contact and a new, digital world of possibilities.

Don’t be surprised to see an influx of driverless cars and delivery drones in the next few years. With social distancing the new normal, the market might be overwhelmed with cars without drivers and the such. In the same way, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can fly higher than ever. With hand-to-hand cash transactions actively discouraged, now’s the time for cryptos to make a stand.

With more and more people and countries joining the fray, cryptos could soon become the new normal.

Physical Money – a Thing of the Past

The shift to digital money has already begun and no one can stop it. Many countries have changed the way they think about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and some small villages, like The Beach in El Salvador, have turned toward Bitcoin in order to help the economy survive during hard times.

Since social distancing will become a big part of our lives in the coming months or possibly years, many businesses are discouraging people from using physical money. Just imagine the number of times those bills you use changed hands in the past few days or weeks. Germs can spread through it quickly. Since the financial system can’t be sustained if another wave of COVID-19 hits soon, turning to digital money is the right answer.

Bit by bit, Bitcoin and cryptos will reshape the world and give birth to new economies. From Bitcoin gambling to digital cashless transactions, the world is finally realizing the potential of cryptos.

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Sweet Treats Up for Grabs at bitStarz; Twitter Bonuses at Gossip Slots

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Ready for a sweet adventure? One of the biggest Bitcoin casinos online, bitStarz, is hosting a sweet level up adventure with a €50,000 prize pool and a bunch of other prizes. The promotion runs from May 11 to June 26, giving out daily prizes to anyone who plays the games.

bitStarz wants you to take your biggest appetite and get hungry. You can eat your way through a total of 40 levels and win astonishing prizes. From stylish bitStarz merch to cash prizes, there’s cool stuff to be earned on this adventure.

Elsewhere, Gossip Slots gives its customers bonuses when you become a part of their social network. We’re not kidding – follow Gossip Slots on Twitter and if you’re a regular you can get your hands on some pretty cool deals and promos.

A Sugary Adventure

bitStarz has been known to host amazing adventure deals in the past, but this time, it has outdone itself. The Sweet Level Up Adventure is open to all members of the Bitcoin casino. All you need to do is play any game in the casino. That’s it – reach the next levels and you’ll get prizes credited straight to your account.

The adventure is understandably open to real money bets only which means you can’t use bonuses on it. All slot games contribute to the adventure – table games only account for 5%. The more you bet in the casino the more you’ll climb up the levels. You will reach new milestones by the day and get cool prizes credited in a flash.

What can you earn? Well, apart from cool bitStarz merch and other physical prizes, there’s also a total of €50,000 in cash up for grabs. Get to Level 15 to get a nice bitStarz hoodie or Level 25 for a cool anti-theft backpack. All the prizes are issued on a ‘First come, first served’ basis, so make sure to hurry up.

Wondering what’s the top prize? It’s €10,000 in cash! Isn’t that a sweet treat? What are you waiting for? Join bitStarz if you haven’t already and start leveling up to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

Twitter Casino Bonus at Gossip Slots

One of the coolest Bitcoin casinos online, Gossip Slots, is giving out bonuses to its players who join the casino’s social media account. More specifically, its Twitter account. All members that follow Gossip Slots on Twitter will get exclusive access to special offers such as deposit bonuses, free spins, and more.

As the team behind Gossip Slots explains, the casino is tweeting constant updates on its best bonuses and offers. You wouldn’t want to miss on that, do you? Gossip Slots on Twitter is a friend you don’t want to ignore. Why miss out on all the cool stuff? If you already have a Twitter account, all you need to do is click follow.

You’ll enter a whole new world of special bonuses and promos that will give your bankroll a nice boost.

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New Crypto Laws Go into Effect in Estonia

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Crypto laws around the world are changing at a blistering pace. The good news is that more and more countries are open to the idea of Bitcoin. With the fifth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive coming into force in January 2020, many European countries are now allowing crypto assets to be used as payment instruments.

Estonia is the latest country to appear on that list. The country’s booming crypto sector will need a bit of time to adjust to the changes, but overall, many are excited by the prospect. Estonia has become a heaven for fintech companies and crypto online gambling, and these new laws will certainly open up the market even more.

What Has Changed?

As mentioned, the fifth EU Anti-Money Laundering directive went live in Estonia on January 5, 2020. Under the new laws, authorities officially recognized virtual currency exchange service providers and will treat them as financial institutions. To put it simply, cryptocurrencies can now be used as payment services in Estonia, but are not legal tender.

Right now, cryptos are digital goods in Estonia. However, when it comes to crypto exchanges, they must not operate without 2 key licenses. The first one is from a virtual currency exchange operator and the second must come from a licensed virtual currency wallet operator. Without these two licenses, crypto exchanges can easily go out of business in Estonia.

A country that has become a mecca for fintech and online crypto gambling companies, Estonia is one of the preferred destinations for young Europeans. Fintech companies are offering prospective terms and competitive salaries, so many Europeans are inclined to accept the offers and move to Tallinn (capital of Estonia). Online casinos are pretty popular in Estonia as well, and the latest recognition of cryptocurrencies can open up a whole new market.

Cryptocurrencies are getting increasingly more popular as payment methods in online casinos. Bitcoin offers all the security of the blockchain along with blazing-fast transactions which customers love. It’s definitely a unique alternative asset that can forever change the way Estonia handles payments. For the better, of course.

The Estonian Crypto Sector

One of the European cryptocurrency hotspots, Estonians are very interested in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. This is why the new laws will be met with positive response. However, at the same time, they might create repercussions, especially in the crypto exchange sector.

All exchanges that have previous obtained licenses will now have to comply with new laws. This might damage existing crypto exchanges who will have to get new licenses to continue to operate. The situation is not ideal for these businesses, but they will have to comply with the European directive. The cryptocurrency sector in Estonia will have to adapt to big changes, but it’s the only way to move forward.

What the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive proposes is to accept Bitcoin and cryptos as legal means of money transfer. Under the new Estonia laws, you can use it to pay for various services, and that’s exactly what the booming crypto sector in the European country needs, no matter the challenges ahead.


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Take the Bank and Win Big at FortuneJack; Welcome Freerolls for All at bitStarz

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We’re nearing the end of the quarantine and a return to (somewhat) normal life. However, people are still advised to work from home if possible which means extra hours spent inside. Seeing as how you can’t take a stroll to that park nearby work right now, you can spend your time productively and win exciting prizes at FortuneJack and bitStarz, two of the top Bitcoin casinos online.

The first is hosting a Betsoft Take the Bank tournament with a prize pool worth €28,000. bitStarz, on the other hand, has a welcome freeroll for all newbies every week. We still can’t enjoy nature like we used to outside, so why not try and earn yourself a nice sum of cash?

Rob the Bank with No Guns

A premium Bitcoin casino, FortuneJack is known for hosting exciting prize rolls and tournaments. This time around, you get the chance to play Betsoft games and win a stunning cash prize. The Take the Bank promo runs until the end of May and has a prize pool of €28,000.

It gets even better. The tournament runs on Betsoft games which, as you know, are among the best in the industry. The lucky (eligible) 7 games are:

  • Gold Canyon
  • Lucky Seven
  • Heist
  • The Golden Own of Athena
  • Take the Bank
  • Gemmed!
  • Total Overdrive

The rules are quite simple. The qualifying bet is €0.5. Make at least 50 spins with that sum from May 4 to May 31 and you will be qualified for the tournament. Only real money bets count, of course, with bonus bets excluded. Participate in the tournament to move up the leaderboard and the top prize of €2,500 might end up in your hands!

A total of 7 lucky players will get rewards, with the last placed one getting €350. Even the smallest prize is not bad at all. If you love spinning Betsoft’s slots (and who doesn’t), you should definitely participate in FortuneJack’s tournament.

Freerolls for All at bitStarz

Another great Bitcoin casino, bitStarz, gives all new players a big fat welcome. Apart from the welcome bonus, the casino is giving newbies a chance to win €200 every week. All you need to do is play the games – nothing else is required.

If you rock the reels long enough, you’ll be crowned champion of the week and get €200 in cash. The total prize pool for the Welcome Freerolls promo is €1,000 per week, so don’t fret if you don’t get the top prize. There’s plenty of cash for all.

The tournament starts every Monday at 10:00 AM (CET) and runs until Friday at 9:59 AM (CET). Only newly registered players can take part in it. The leaderboard positions are based on a player’s largest win adjusted to bet value. Of course, only real money bets count toward the tournament – no bonus bets are accepted.

It’s a great way to score some extra cash every week. Get those reels runnin’ and you’ll be gunnin’ for a cool reward.

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Argentina Headed to Bankruptcy – Could Bitcoin Save It?

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries around the world are facing recession. Those who aren’t are still suffering from serious economic problems. It will get worse in the coming months as the first wave of the virus completely cools down. Besides killing hundreds of thousands of people, COVID-19 will have a long-lasting impact on the world economy.

One of the first countries that is very close to bankruptcy is Argentina. The South American country is expected to announce defaulting on its debt pretty soon. It will be the 9th sovereign debt default in its history and one that could have serious consequences on the country’s future. However, with crypto transactions soaring ahead of the crisis, could Bitcoin be its saver?

More and More Citizens Buying Bitcoin

In the past few months, Argentinians are stockpiling Bitcoins amidst the worst financial crisis in the country. The coronavirus made things even worse, and according to latest reports, Argentina is ready to consider its 9th sovereign debt default. The country has rejected offers from groups of creditors, rejecting the idea of scenarios that could lead to even more debt.

Bitcoin transactions in the South American country have soared in the past few weeks. This signals a change in the mindset of Argentinians. It’s becoming clear that banks are not to be trusted anymore. People are buying Bitcoins and stockpiling them for when the situation hits rock bottom. With the Argentine Peso’s value dropping quickly, Bitcoin becomes a very attractive idea.

Not that the government is interested. Most politicians are strongly and unrightfully opposed to Bitcoin when it could be just what countries like Argentina need right now. With inflation closing in on 50%, investing in Bitcoin is a good idea.

It could open up plenty of industries such as Bitcoin gambling which could help Argentina repay its debts on its own. No need for creditors, no need for loans, no need for restructuring. It will still take some time before the massive debt is paid off, but at least there’ll be a steady income without banks as an intermediary.

Right now, it’s a far-fetched idea. However, with more and more Argentines buying Bitcoin, politicians may consider it a viable option in the future.

Huge Spikes in Weekly Bitcoin Volume Bought

Data from Arcane Research shows that the weekly volume of Bitcoin bought with Pesos in the last week of April was up over 1,000%. That’s a huge volume of Bitcoins purchased and a sign that the citizens are already rejecting the country’s currency.

In 2001’s debt default, the country turned on the Peso in order to restructure its debt and citizens lost over 70% value of their bank deposits overnight. With the country heading for another bankruptcy, many are fearing such a scenario again. And how can this be avoided? By purchasing Bitcoins, of course.

This should be a lesson to Argentina and other countries around the world. Decentralized digital currencies can be the future. With a global economic crisis looming in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bitcoin could prove to be key for economic recovery.


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Play Booongo’s Tournament at Bitcasino and Let Sun Shine Down on You; Labour Day Rewards at mBit

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With summer fast approaching, it’s time to let the sunshine in. Premier Bitcoin casino is hosting Booongo’s Book of Sun tournament with quite large prizes on offer. The tournament comes with a €30,000 prize pool with €2,000 for the winner.

Starting from 30.04.2020 to 05.05.2020, you’ll have the chance to win amazing cash prizes in this exciting tournament. Everyone registered at Bitcoin can participate and try their luck. All you need to do is spin Booongo’s slots and hope for the best.

Another great Bitcoin casino, mBit, is hosting a Labour Day party with great bonuses and bags of free spins. Just make a deposit on Labour Day and you can get unlimited bonuses until 23:59 (GMT). Isn’t that grand?

Book of Sunny Prizes

Booongo’s Book of Sun tournament at is open to all registered players. It will run until May 5, 2020 (21:00 GMT) and gives players a chance to earn cash rewards from a massive €30,000 prize pool. Whoever tops the leaderboard gets €2,000. Not a bad prize for a few days of work, right?

The tournament is open on Booongo’s exciting Book of Sun slots:

  • Book of Sun
  • Book of Sun: Multichance
  • Book of Sun: Choice

The minimum qualifying bet is €0.5 per spin. Players earn 1 point for each €1 bet they make. The more you spin the slots, the higher your chance of climbing up the leaderboard. Whoever tops it will get their hands on a cool €2,000. The prize pool gives €1,500 for the second-placed player and €1,250. Not bad at all.

There are prizes for 100 players on the leaderboard. Even the last-placed player will get €50 – it’s better than nothing. In order to qualify, though, you’ll need to make at least 100 spins on the specified slots. Bonus money balance is excluded from the campaign which is understandable. It’s a real money tournament.

Labour Day Rewards at mBit Casino

Ready to earn some cash on Labour Day with no effort at all? Then head to mBit casino, one of the best crypto casinos on the web. This Labour Day, mBit will give you a nice combo of a bonus and free spins just for making a deposit. That’s right – make a deposit this Friday, and you’ll get a nice reward courtesy of mBit.

Each deposit you make on Labour Day in the casino qualifies you for the following bonuses:

  • 10% + 20 free spins
  • 20% + 50 free spins
  • 30% + 100 free spins

And get this – it’s an unlimited offer. As long as you make deposits in the casino at Labour Day, you can claim a bonus for each! All players with at least 3 deposits in the casino can qualify for the promo. Make sure to check the list of games the free spins are available for. The same goes for the reload bonuses.

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Bitcoin Heaven in El Salvador Transforming Lives for the Unbanked

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Bitcoin was created as a monetary system outside all jurisdictions. It is a decentralized currency that doesn’t rely on banks or governments. In some ways, it’s a self-sustainable currency. As such, it is a great option for those who don’t have or don’t want to have a bank account. Need more proof? Head to the place called The Beach in El Salvador, a Bitcoin haven for the unbanked.

The tiny spot in the village recently went viral after people were caught on video using contactless mobile Bitcoin apps to buy for goods. The local shops and market in the rural area accept BTC during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic which has struck the global economy hard. Small areas such as The Beach are hit hard, but people there have found a smart way to stay alive during the crisis.

An Ideal Solution for the Unbanked

The pandemic is destroying the economy right now. Millions of people are losing their jobs and thousands of businesses are run to the ground. It’s going to get worse until the end of the year, even if we defeat the virus. It’s all especially hard for rural areas and cash-strapped regions where people without banks are left without steady supply of cash. Enter Bitcoin.

The tiny village in El Salvador, a small South American country, came up with an ingenuine way for shopping goods. The local salesmen and a few stores are now accepting BTC for transactions. People can buy groceries with BTC and they don’t need cash at all – the payments are done via a contactless app.

This is great because it shows that economies can thrive without money for unbanked individuals. Plus, it’s a contactless transaction – just like the WHO suggests during the crisis. You’re not only supporting a new thriving economy – you’re also stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Real world Bitcoin transactions in The Beach take less than 15 seconds. That’s just as fast or even faster than fiat money transactions. It’s quicker than credit cards, to be honest. Don’t forget – this is a rural village in El Salvador we’re talking about. If people there recognize the benefits of Bitcoin transactions, shouldn’t the whole world try it?

The Beach’s Twitter Profile is Going Viral

Videos released on The Beach’s Twitter profile have gone viral these days. People in the village can be seen buying stuff in the village like eggs via a contactless app. The whole process ends in around 15 seconds and there’s no money involved. The risk of COVID-19 infection is reduced and you don’t need a bank to complete the transaction. It’s a win-win for both the buyers and the shop owners.

Locals over there love the simplicity and the speed of the app. Bitcoin is showing that it’s a great solution for cash-strapped regions and smaller countries such as El Salvador. It’s a do-or-die moment for the cryptocurrency and so far, many have seen its benefits.

Imagine if you could deposit or withdraw in online casinos with Bitcoin in 10-15 seconds? Wouldn’t that be great? The future is already here – we just need to embrace it.

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