Crypto Twitter Hackers Caught Trying to Move Bitcoin through Online Gambling Sites

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Three teen crypto Twitter hackers were caught scamming accounts on the mega-popular social media platform not long after, thanks to the blockchain analysis tools.

The famous massive Twitter hack has caught the attention of everyone in the Bitcoin world, especially the online gambling world since the hackers tried to move the cryptocurrency through online gambling sites.

Twitter Hackers Busted Stealing Cryptocurrency

You must have already heard about the hack on Twitter accounts that happened a couple of weeks ago. The scammers were able to access several accounts and collect around $144,000 before being busted.

19-year-old Mason Sheppard from the UK, 22-year-old Nima Fazeli, and 17-year old Graham Ivan Clark from Florida were three “masterminds” behind the idea that they could steal Bitcoin and move it across the network without ever being caught for it. They managed to convince a Twitter employee into giving them access to the network. They immediately started creating posts through legitimate accounts, such as those by U.S. President Obama, Apple, and Elon Musk, among others. They collected as much cryptocurrency as they could, but their own steps led to their bust. Up until that point, their plan was going as it should and looked as it was a well-thought one. However, they weren’t counting on how sophisticated the blockchain analysis tools are nowadays. These tools today almost immediately trace movements on any blockchain. Clearly, the “wise guys” didn’t actually know how advanced it has become.

They were actually caught right around the time when they wanted to move the funds through online gambling sites, probably by playing Bitcoin games. But the tracking mechanisms discovered the scam, and followed the trails to at least one account the scammers created on the Coinbase exchange, believe it or not, created using one of the perpetrator’s real personal data. Once the authorities put all the pieces of the puzzle together, it was not hard for them to trace all three criminal minds. And just like that, justice got served, and the three boys were stopped relatively soon after they committed the crime.

Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Being young as they are, or at least not well informed on what Bitcoin is actually and how much it has evolved throughout the years, the three teenagers did not consider for a second to educate themselves on how the blockchain works and have probably believed the fallacy that the digital ecosystem is completely anonymous, untraceable and private.

On the contrary, countries all across the globe have taken initiatives for better blockchain transparency. They have busted many criminals who thought that operating through blockchain would be a piece of cake, only to discover that the law enforcement is already onto them. Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to achieve precisely that: position Bitcoin as a legitimate and real alternative to fiat currency that would work within the same legal boundaries and regulatory as all traditional currencies. With the latest news, we can see that this vision is not only possible but is proving to be functional and viable.

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Evolution Baccarat Consecutive Wins Tournament

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Love playing live casino games, especially those by Evolution Gaming? You’re in luck! The premier Bitcoin online casino is currently hosting an Evolution Baccarat tournament that will reward the luckiest players that score consecutive wins.

The casino is rolling a leaderboard showdown to see who will be crowned the reigning king of cards. Entering the tournament is easy. Just play any of Evolution’s live dealer games and try to score consecutive wins with a 1 mBTC minimum bet to climb the ladder and win the top prize.

With a total prize pool of 225 mBTC shared among the top ten players, it’s a live casino tourney you must not miss.

Win Up to 80 mBTC

Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games are widely considered the best in the business and it’s easy to see why. The live studio has delivered a wide range of hits so far including several great live baccarat tables. If you enjoy James Bond’s favorite card game,’s latest live casino promotion is right for you.

Simply called Evolution Baccarat Consecutive Wins Tournament, it will reward players nicely with prizes worth up to 80 mBTC. All you need to do is make a minimum bet of 1 mBTC on any Evolution baccarat table and achieve a streak of consecutive wins. The more wins you score in succession, the better your chances to climb the leaderboard.

The rankings will be updated hourly. In this way, you’ll know your position on the table at any minute. There are prizes for the top 10 players on the leaderboard. The best player will get 80 mBTC, while the last-placed player will get 2 mBTC. That’s as good a consolation prize as we’ve seen.

Before you start playing, you must opt-in to the tourney at the site. Each of the consecutive wins you score must be equal or higher than 1 mBTC. Of course, the tournament can be played with real money only. Bonus funds are excluded from wagering. As mentioned, the leaderboard will be updated hourly and will show the top 20 players at the moment.

With the tournament well underway, you only have a few more days to climb to the top. It will last until August 9, 08:59 GMT, so you better hit those Evolution baccarat tables.

A Crown Fit for a Baccarat King

The top player will win 80 mBTC that will be credited to their account immediately after the tournament’s time runs out. The second and third places on the podium will receive 60 and 40 mBTC respectively. Ranking below means smaller rewards, with the tiniest possible prize being 2 mBTC which is not bad either.

Evolution’s games and baccarat tables are among the best in the industry, so you better start playing now. If you believe you have the luck to win at baccarat, this is a tourney you must join. Watch the cards hit the table and break the bank with style with Evolution Baccarat and Bitcasino.

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Indian Government Shares Update on the Controversial Crypto Law

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Indian government ready to proceed with Bitcoin banBack in June, the Indian government proposed a legal framework for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that spelt bad news for crypto fans. While earlier rumors that the Asian country is banning cryptos have been shut down, the proposed new law stated that the country is looking to ban cryptocurrencies for good.

Since the Supreme Court quashed the circular by the central bank of India that banned crypto services, the Bitcoin industry flourished. Local crypto exchanges saw a 10x growth in trading volume and people have generally been very optimistic about the future of cryptos in India.

However, the Indian government just shared updates on the proposed law and it’s bad news for crypto fans.

The Cryptocurrency Ban is Still on Track

While reports are still unconfirmed, an Indian government official allegedly confirmed that the crypto ban is back on track. The law is expected to be presented to the cabinet for approval soon. Once the Parliament resumes the session, the proposed law will most likely get ratified. This, of course, is bad news for all Indian crypto fans.

Rumors say that the government is set on banning the use of cryptocurrencies through a law. This would make it more binding and define the illegality of the trade. The newest reports are another nail in the coffin for the Indian cryptocurrency market. Former minister Subhash Chandra Carg recently said that cryptos can be regulated as commodities if the government wants to. However, the latest rumors make it clear that the time for Bitcoin and cryptos in India is coming to an end.

Of course, crypto traders, businesses, and enthusiasts are expected to challenge the decision. The crypto market in India has exploded in recent months, opening opportunities for new industries such as Bitcoin online gambling. A lucrative industry in its own right, everything will fall to tatters if the Indian government passes the proposed law.

A Formal End of Crypto Trading Looming

In the past few weeks, the government has been holding talks with the law and information and technology ministries over the framework. The ban is expected to take place pretty soon. In 2017, the Indian government set up a panel by then finance secretary Subhash Carg to look into the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. The panel proposed a ban on private virtual currencies, but at the same time recommended looking into the possibility of an official virtual currency.

The same panel also suggested fines of up to 25 crores and imprisonment for anyone in India dealing in cryptos. For the past three years, Indian crypto fans have been hoping that it would never come to that. After the government quashed the circular back in March hopes went up, but now it’s becoming pretty clear that the crypto industry in India is doomed.

It’s a real shame that this is set to happen as many investors have found refuge in virtual currencies. Traditional assets have been taking a beating because of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic while Bitcoin’s price is still holding up. As things stand now, Indian crypto fans will have to find buyers for their Bitcoins very soon.

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Go Off at mBit’s Daily Races; Gear up for Turbo Tuesdays at Cloudbet

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mBit casino, one of the premier Bitcoin gaming sites on the Internet, is known for its exciting tournaments. Nothing beats the current races with fast-paced Bitcoin casino tournaments taking place over 3 hours every day. Faster your seatbelts and enjoy the adrenaline rush. If you have what it takes to top the leaderboard, you could be looking at amazing rewards.

Another popular Bitcoin casino, Cloudbet, is hosting a Turbo Thursday challenge that gives you a 50% reload up to 50 mBTC when you reload on a Thursday. If you want to earn more cash for the upcoming weekend, claiming this Bitcoin bonus is a no-brainer.

Off to the mBit Races

mBit casino is known to be very generous, but its latest tournaments called daily races is definitely among the best. The casino is hosting fast-paced Bitcoin casino tournaments that take place every 3 hours. The adrenaline-packed races can propel you to the top of the leaderboard where a 2.5 mBTC awaits.

Even if you’re not the top racer, you will earn a consolation prize in the form of free spins. Fifteen or twenty free spins don’t look like much, but keep in mind that the tournaments take place every 3 hours every day. You don’t need to do anything special to enter the races. Just start spinning the reels of your favorite slot and hit a lucky spin. Build your win multiplier and you can expect to climb the leaderboard.

The minimum qualifying bet is 0.053 mBTC per spin. You will get points for each lucky spin and accumulate them fast with multipliers. Visit the mBit Races section of the casino to learn more about the current and upcoming tournaments. Push the pedal to the metal and overtake your opponents to win the top place on the podium and get your hands on shiny rewards.

Cloudbet’s Turbo Thursday

Another established Bitcoin casino, Cloudbet, is hosting the Turbo Thursday promotion that will cover 50% of your Thursday deposit up to 50 mBTC. To claim the bonus, you must make a deposit between 05:00 and 23:59 on Thursdays. Cloudbet will cover any deposit up to 50 mBTC. Deposit 100 mBTC, for example, and you’ll get 50 mBTC as a bonus.

To claim the bonus, you must first opt in to the offer. Simply visit the Promotions section at Cloudbet and find the promotion to activate the offer. The bonus funds can only be used in the casino and has a 30x playthrough attached to it. If you’re a VIP, you can look forward to lower wagering requirements.

Once activated, you have 2 days to complete the bonus. If you don’t do it on time, the funds will be forfeited. Cloudbet will first use your real cash balance before accessing the bonus.

Thanks to this promo, you can boost your BTC bankroll at Cloudbet with ease just before the weekend. With all that extra cash in your hands for the weekend, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of fun.

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DC Court Rules That Bitcoin is a Form of Money

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BTC a form of money according to a Washington DC courtA Washington DC court recently ruled Bitcoin a form of “money” which was instrumental in the United States vs. Harmon case. The ruling played a key role in the court not dropping charges against Larry Harmon suspected for money laundering. Harmon used his illegal Bitcoin trading platform to launder money and if it wasn’t for the court’s ruling, he would have walked away with ease.

This is great news for all American crypto fans. Although the ruling was made in a criminal case, experts say that it’s a big point for the future of Bitcoin.

Does Bitcoin Fit the Definition of Money?

In late 2019, Larry Dean Harmon was indicted by the District of Columbia Federal Grand Jury on money laundering charges. He supposedly used his Bitcoin trading platform to launder money, yet all the transactions were made with Bitcoin. Harmon knew the laws very well and moved to dismiss citing a “failure to state an offense”.

This put the court in a tough position. Since Bitcoin is not officially recognized by the US government, the Washington court had a short time to determine if Bitcoin fits the definition of money. For the purposes of the case, it eventually did. Of course, this is not a state-wide recognition of Bitcoin. It simply means that it is treated as money in the context of money transmission licensing in DC. Of course, it still is a big win for Bitcoin and cryptos.

If this happened a few years back, Harmon could have walked a free man. Luckily, the law is starting to recognize the emergence of Bitcoin and treating it as a form of money in some cases. At some point, the federal law will have to make an official decision on Bitcoin, and these kinds of rulings will certainly play a part in it.

After the ruling, Harmon’s motion to dismiss all charges was denied. His operation, Helix, worked on the darknet allowing customers to send Bitcoins to designated users in a concealed and obfuscated way. The operation was shut down in 2017, but Harmon was arrested in February 2020. Helix documents obtained during the investigation showed that Harmon meant to make Helix a “Bitcoin tumbler”. In layman’s terms, it allowed customers to clean Bitcoins by giving them completely new ones that haven’t been on the darknet.

Over $300 Million Exchanged

According to the court, Harmon managed to move a total of 354,468 Bitcoins. That would be the equivalent of $311 million. That’s a lot of money, to be honest, so it’s no wonder why Harmon was apprehended.

For those wondering what this means for Bitcoin’s future, at the moment, we’re sure it’s not enough to move mountains. However, it’s a step in the right direction. If the law considers Bitcoin a form of money for criminal cases, it could eventually officially recognize it. With industries such as Bitcoin gambling targeting US players in recent years, the pressure on the government grows. It’ll eventually crack, but it’ll take some more time.

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Hit That Sweet Slot at Bitcasino; Weekly BTC Reloads at FortuneJack

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If you’re a slot fan, you surely love playing tournaments. The Bitcoin casinos on our list offer several great competitions with plenty of exciting rewards. One of the premier Bitcoin casinos, Bitcasino, just hit the sweet spot with its Hit the Sweet Slot tournament.

The contest started on July 13 and will run until August 3. You have just under 10 days to win a share of the €45,000 prize pool. The tournament is currently in phase 3 until July 26, and will enter the final phase from that date. If you consider yourself a lucky player, you could top the charts and win the main reward which is €2,500.

Elsewhere, FortuneJack has a weekly reload bonus for its most loyal Bitcoin customers. You can get your hands on it every month when you need it the most and your bankroll goes low.

A Betsoft Tournament for the Ages

Bitcasino was always home to interesting promotions, but the latest may be the sweetest. Aptly named Hit that Sweet Slot, the tournament is available on a list of selected slots including:

  • Super Sweets
  • The Hive
  • Take the Bank
  • Monster Pop
  • Chilli Pop
  • Gold Canyon
  • Gemmed
  • Back to Venus
  • Sugar Pop 2

The tournament runs in three stages, with the first one (highest win multiplier tournament) already gone. It is currently in Week 2: Max Qualified Spins until July 26. To enter it, players should open one of the qualifying games and make at least one €1 spin. Those with the highest number of spins at the end of the promotional period will win a fair share of the €15,000 prize pool. All winners will be credited by July 30 which is in less than a week, so you better start your engines and start spinning now!

If you miss that train, you’ll have another chance to win a massive reward from July 27 to August 3. This will be the final week of the Betsoft highest win multiplier tournament. All players with the highest win multiplier from a spin with a value of €1 will score the highest number of points in the tournament. If you’re the lucky player, you can top the leaderboard and snag the top prize worth €2,500. That’s a reward that’s as sweet as it gets.

During each week of the tournament, a total of 100 players will win a share of the €15,000 prize pool.

BTC Reloads at FortuneJack

FortuneJack established itself as one of the top Bitcoin casinos in recent times thanks to its cool promotions. The casino is currently hosting a weekly loyalty reload bonus that will cover up to 20% of your losses every weekend.

The promotion is available between Monday and Sunday every week. Once a week, you can deposit and receive a 50% match reload bonus up to 3.5 BTC. The maximum amount you can claim depends on your VIP level. The higher it is, the better the bonus. Get your hands on this reload every week and you won’t have to worry about losses anymore.

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Pirate Adventure at bitStarz; Viking Conquest at mBit

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Pirate Level Up Adventure bitStarzAhoy matey! Ready to go on a pirate adventure? Board the ship and become one of the crew of merry pirates plunging the bitStarz seas for €50K in individual prizes and more. There’s even a gold bar up for grabs along with a bunch of cash rewards.

bitStarz’s latest level-up adventure is open to all players and will run for the following 70 days. Opt in now and you’ll have a chance to raid the seas like never before.

If pirates aren’t your thing, how about Vikings? mBit casino’s Viking Conquest has over 14 BTC in bonuses and 30,000 free spins to share, making it one of the best crypto promotions we’ve seen lately.

Plunder bitStarz with a Merry Band of Pirates

Fight your way with your merry band or pirates through 41 action-packed levels only at bitStarz casino. The promotion runs in the next 70 days and offers prizes such as 10K in cash rewards, an individual prize pool worth €50,000 and a gold bar weighting 1 KG! Plunder the seas and you may come across a treasure worth its weight in gold and keep it.

The rules for the newest level-up bitStarz promo are quite simple. It applies to real money bets with no active bonus and is open for all players. To enter it, you just need to play any game in the casino. That’s it. The more you play, you’ll jump on a level up and get prizes credited to your account.

All prizes come with a wagering requirements of 10x except for the €10,000 reward and the main prize which is the 1 Kg. gold bar at level 41. Slot games contribute 100% toward the turnover so you should have the most luck with them when wagering the bonus.

During the promotion, bitStarz will also provide special branded merchandise. Ten bitStarz hoodies are reserved for the luckiest level 15 pirates and ten bitStarz anti-theft backpacks are reserved for level 25.

When it comes to the top prize, the gold bar, it is reserved for the first player who gets to the final 41st level.

Crypto Viking Conquest at mBit

If you’re more of a Viking type of person, you’ll be glad to know that popular Bitcoin casino mBit is running a Crypto Viking Conquest tourney with 14 BTC worth of bonuses. There are also 30,000 free spins up for grabs you can claim until the end of July.

Special crypto bonuses are handed out every day. Today, for example, the Valkyries are giving away three 25% deposit bonuses with a maximum bonus amount up to 0.05 BTC. The wagering requirements for this reward are 25x so they can be completed pretty quickly.

Open up the Crypto Viking Conquest map every day to see what’s on offer. Besides deposit bonuses, you will also get loads of free spins and quite possibly more than a few surprises. It’s a great promo that runs until July 31 so you better start spinning mBit’s slots today.

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The AGA is Calling for More Cashless Casinos in the Wake of COVID-19

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AGA calls for cashless casinosAround 4 months after the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic started, the world is still reeling from the effects. We’re not just talking about the massive death toll – several industries are in danger too. Financial effects from this crisis will have a long-lasting impact with fiat money showing that it can’t withstand the test of time. Luckily, digital currencies can and calls for cashless systems are coming from all directions.

Most recently, the American Gaming Association (AGA) released a report where it calls for cashless gaming sites. While it doesn’t specifically mention cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin, the goal of the report is clear. The fiat money casino industry is in trouble because of the pandemic and Bitcoin and cryptos might be there to save it.

New Payment Options Needed

The AGA’s report is based on 18 months of research about new payment options at online casinos. While many didn’t think much of it by now, the report is relevant now more than ever as whole industries are ravaged by the spread of COVID-19. Since transmission risk is high on casino floors, customers are calling for new payment options. There’s one such option in particular born for it – Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin online casinos spreading like wildfire over the past year, the leading cryptocurrency might find its way to land-based casinos too. The benefits of playing with Bitcoin online are many. Customers can rely on safe, secure, and blazing-fast transactions while also staying completely under the radar.

The anonymity is one of the things online players love about Bitcoin. In many ways, it has helped elevate the online gambling industry higher and it could do the same for Vegas casinos too. Jurisdictions in many states are calling for cashless systems in casinos and this could also give way to more online Bitcoin casinos.

Cashless systems with Bitcoin and cryptos have already found their use in other industries. People are looking for alternatives so they don’t touch money or cards and with Bitcoin, they can pay with their phones straight from a mobile app. It simplifies things a lot and all transactions are completed in seconds.

Further Market Growth

The global lockdown measures implemented in the first half of 2020 have led to a surge in new online gamers. With fiat money being increasingly less reliable, people have turned to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin to play games online. This has led to noticeable market growth and raised more than a few eyebrows in governments around the world.

Now’s the perfect time for Bitcoin to be introduced to more casinos both online and offline. For land-based venues, it protects players from the virus since you’re not dealing cash that has changed dozens of hands per day. For online casinos, it allows players to spend their hard-mined Bitcoins in a safe and secure environment. Everyone wins with Bitcoin gambling, so the AGA report should be taken seriously.

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Unleash the Force in Power Hour at Bitcasino; Reload your Bankroll at Oshi every day

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The leading Bitcoin casino online is always up to something with its promotions. A gaming site with promos like no other, Bitcasino just launched a new Casino Boost feature that will boost your bankroll like nothing before. It’s time to get wild and surge into massive rewards with the ultimate Power House promotion. Unleash the force with the electrifying promotion and boost all winnings on any slot game by 10% every day between 10:00 and 22:00 GMT for 2 minutes.

Another popular Bitcoin casino, Oshi, gives you a chance to reload your bankroll every day. The offer is available to anyone who has claimed the welcome bonuses at the casino and goes on forever. It’s a great way to boost your cash with cash bonuses and free spins that will let you try all the games for free.

Unleash the Force at

Ready to get wild with surging and electrifying rewards?’s latest Power Hour promotion gives players a chance to get a powerful 2-minute boost on all slot winnings. The surge will occur every day between 10:00 and 22:00 for anyone who opts in. During those couple of minutes, your slot winnings will be boosted by 10% which can be quite lucrative.

The timely promotion comes with a set of requirements you’ll need to follow. To use the 10% slot winnings boost, you’ll need to activate it first. The boosts last for 2 minutes only, so it’s best to use them on a high-paying slot. In terms of earnings, you can claim no more than 10 mBTC during the boost.

Bitcasino’s promotion started on July 6 and will run to July 19. Every customer gets one boost available per Power Hour. Of course, only real money bets will count toward it. With this promotion, you will unlock your gaming power play and enjoy extra rewards without spending a lot of cash. The best part of it all is that it’s available to all Bitcasino customers. If you haven’t registered at the leading Bitcoin casino site, do so right now and unleash the force in power hour for bigger and better wins.

Everyday Oshi Reloads

If you’re looking for a way to boost your bankroll every day, Oshi’s got the perfect answer. The casino gives all its players who have already used the welcome bonus match bonuses and free spins every day so you can reload your bankroll and stay in the game.

The Oshi casino reload bonuses go on forever. After you’ve used your 4 welcome bonuses, you will get these randomly every day. It’s a great way to reload your bankroll forever and try out all the games the casino has to offer.

To use the reloads, you’ll need to enter a specific Oshi bonus code and make a deposit. You can get only 1 reload bonus per day and will have 7 days to use it. The wagering is set a bit high at 40x, but if you’re a serious slot spinner, we have no doubt you’ll complete them.

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Argentina Trades More BTC Than Ever In Hard Times

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With the world still reeling from the effects of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, some countries were hit harder than others. Argentina, for example, entered its 9th sovereign debt default. At the beginning of May, the country was headed straight for bankruptcy and a few months later the direction remains unchanged.

The South American country braces for its worst financial crisis in history. But at least something positive came out of it. During the financial crisis worsened by lockdowns, Argentina experienced a surge of Bitcoin trading. New records were set in BTC trading every week. The latest record was achieved last week when nearly $1.5 were traded in Bitcoin. That’s 101 million pesos which is almost double the previous record that was set at 69 million pesos.

Bitcoin Trading in Times of Crisis

The South American country has set a new record in Bitcoin trading last week. This means that people no longer believe in banks and the Argentinian Peso. The financial system of the country is failing for the 9th time so there’s definitely something very wrong. Governments have promised to set the record straight several times, yet Argentina is bracing for its worst financial crisis yet.

Of course, the crisis was deepened by the coronavirus pandemic, but the fact remains that the South American country is having trouble with fiat money. Although Bitcoin is not legal tender in Argentina, there’s no ban on cryptocurrencies. People can trade Bitcoins since it is not illegal by law. This has led to an increased volume of Bitcoins traded which could help Argentine citizens to pass through these hard times. At least the ones who own Bitcoins.

Traders in the country are seeking safe haven assets as the financial crisis worsens. New president Alberto Fernandez promised miraculous results and stronger economy, yet he has failed to set the record straight. It is obvious that the country is in dire need of change, but healing from the latest crisis would take years if not decades.

If the government would consider it, Bitcoin may end up being the savior Argentina needs. Of course, the Central Bank will put up a fight since we know how much banks hate cryptocurrencies.

Massive Spike in Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin has been gaining ground as a great alternative to the Peso. There is now an informal indicator known as Bitcoin dollar in Argentina that provides an approximate price of the dollar based on the cost of Bitcoin in local markets. If the local economy is thriving with Bitcoin during the financial crisis, why shouldn’t the government try to stay afloat with it?

Many industries such as Bitcoin casinos are reaping the benefits of the cryptocurrency right now. There’s massive potential in the leading cryptocurrency in the world and the pandemic has shown the world that fiat money is no longer the only viable financial option. The increased trading BTC volume in Argentina is an indicator that people are already turning toward alternatives and we’re hoping that other countries around the world will soon follow suit.

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