Win Bitcoin Prizes, a Trip to Rio, and More at Bitcasino and Fortune Jack!

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February may be the Month of Love for most people around the globe but in the world of Bitcoin casinos it may well be renamed the Month of Free Prizes. After already seeing a couple of excellent casino promotions since the beginning of February, we are now happy to inform you that there are three new offers that went live at some of our favorite operators. Check out Fortune Jack for a chance to win Bitcoin prizes, a Playstation 4, and more by predicting Champions League scores or go at Bitcasino to enroll in new tournaments, one of which even offers a free trip as a main prize!

A Stunning μɃ 21,570,000 in Prizes at Bitcasino!

If you have a passion for slot games, the popular Bitcasino is running two new February competitions that have a mutual prize pool of a staggering μɃ 21,570,000. The first of the competitions, called the February Breeze, was opened yesterday to promote the launch of Quickspin’s new Ivan and the Immortal King slot machine and it will last until February 21st.

Inspired by the stories of the Deathless King Koschei, this captivating 20-paylines slot offers a long list of bonus features and a presentation like only Quickspin can design. If you play 100 rounds on the game at Bitcasino, you will not only get a chance to win a BTC prize but you may also win a batch of 200 free spins. The total prize pool for this tournament is μɃ 1,570,000 and it will be dispersed over 27 players, the first getting  μɃ 629,000 (€ 2,000) while the last positions will get μɃ 11,000 (€ 35) each.

As for the second promotion, it’s a prize draw launched to promote some of Yggdrasil’s popular slot machines that will last until February 17th. Today marks the start of the third period of the competition which is based on the Vikings Go Wild, Vikings Go to Hell, and Spina Collada slots from the studio. Complete the missions the casino has created for any of these slot games and you can win a share of μɃ 11,700,000 or a free trip to the Rio carnival for two with a total worth of €10,000! To learn more about either promotion, pay a visit to Bitcasino.

3 BTC, Playstation 4 and more at Fortune Jack

In other news, Fortune Jack Casino has just opened another player-friendly competition, one that will attract any soccer fan from across the world. The competition is based on the Champions League (CL) and has very simple rules. If you’re a member of the casino, you just need to make your predictions on the outcomes of CL matches, beginning with the 1/8 finals. For every successful prediction, you get 10 points in the starting stage, 20 in the quarter finals, 30 in the semi-finals, and 50 during the finals.

At the end of the promotion, the players who get the most points will get to climb to the top of the leaderboard and win one of the available rewards. Prizes are given after each leg of the competition and they range from football shirts to official match balls, Playstation 4, and a top prize of 3 Bitcoins! If you think you can predict the outcomes, just go to Fortune Jack and make you guesses!

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Social Casino and Cryptocurrency Not a Match, Says KamaGames

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While cryptocurrencies are taking the online gambling industry by storm, they are reportedly not as successful in the world of social casinos. Back in August of 2018, we reported on the social casino operator KamaGames taking interest in using cryptocurrency in its app. Fast forward to this month, though, and the operator’s bold idea has already been proven to be an unsuccessful one, given the very nature of social casinos.

Cryptocurrency Adoption “Disappointing”

As reported by Venture Beat, KamaGames’ foray into the cryptocurrency space proved to be a disappointment, only months after the idea was conceived, according to Andrey Kuznetsov, the CEO of the KamaGames Company. In a new interview with the magazine, Kuznetsov explains that the cryptocurrency test the company ran for a few months proved to be only a hassle and a “letdown” considering the bold predictions of market watchers that gaming apps would be a major drive for the cryptocurrency space.

Like all social casino apps, KamaGames’ apps weren’t really licensed gambling sites like online cryptocurrency casinos where real money wagers are placed. Instead, they are “social” platforms where users play with virtual currency, chat to each other, and earn level-ups and rewards.  Each users starts with a certain amount of virtual funds they can grow by playing social casino games. And when in need of more funds, players can use real money to buy in-game currency that cannot be withdrawn back.

KamaGames had the idea last year to make possible for in-game currency to be purchased with their own cryptocurrency tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens were supposed to be sold in bulk as in-game chips for the best price possible. They were also expected to grow in value day to day. But while initial research showed users were interested in getting the tokens, the actual demand turned out to be even lower than the most pessimistic of projections.

Price Drops, Complexity, and Profit-Seeking to Blame

As explained by Kuznetsov, there are multiple reasons why cryptocurrency tokens proved to be an unsuccessful idea for the company. For starters, cryptocurrency price crashes have made people wary of buying tokens. Secondly, the whole concept of a social casino is to provide users with a simple and fast way to enjoy casino games, something which the addition of cryptocurrencies complicated.

Reportedly, KamaGames needed around 1.5 million transactions, which weren’t possible on any existing blockchain. There was also the issue of users losing hours with customer support to learn how to use tokens. And finally, there was the problem of people buying the tokens only to sell them later when they are listed on exchanges, which KamaGames had no intention to do due to the very nature of the company and the need of additional licenses.

On the other hand of the spectrum, players at licensed cryptocurrency casinos online have no problem to use coins to gamble. That’s because cryptocurrency casinos were purposefully created to provide users with the benefits of digital assets in a regulated and fair gambling environment. As opposed to social casinos, where users don’t have much interest in privacy or making money but simply need a quick access to fun games that will help them kill some time.

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Win a Free Trip to Mexico at BitStarz or Juicy Slot Tournament Prizes at Drake Casino

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El Dorado – the mythical city of gold and riches that none was able to find ever since the 15th century. Well, at least until now. This month at BitStarz Casino, you’ll have a unique chance to set out on a quest to El Dorado through a fresh new tournament and conquer the legendary golden city all by yourself. If you get there first, you’ll be granted with a free trip to Mexico for 2.But even if you don’t, there are plenty of cash prizes to be won on your way there and none of them need to be shared with other players. Read more about the promotion in our full update below and start earning your share today!

€50,000 in BTC Prizes for Every Player; Free Trip for the Best

As you may already know if you’re a regular at BitStarz, the popular BTC-friendly casino regularly runs island-themed competitions for its players that end up giving away thousands in prizes and free trips.  The latest competition is called the El Dorado Quest and it will be open for 45 more days, until March 22nd 2019. During this time, you’ll be able to explore a new tournament map and win a new trip for two.

The current map features five different islands and a total of 40 positions you will have to reach to win the trip. The rules are the same as last time: just play any games you want at the casino for real money to earn level-up points. Each time you fill up your personal progress bar, you will able to climb the map one position higher and earn a reward. BitStarz is offering €50,000 in individual prizes to every player while the main prize will only be given to the first user who reaches the last spot on the map.

If you’re lucky enough to reach El Dorado first, you’ll get to win a free trip to Mexico for you and your partner/friend. The prize package includes tickets for 2 flights and a 6-night’s stay at a luxurious hotel. The only part you will need to cover, therefore, is the VISA fees. If you’re up for a free trip or want to snatch up some of the other tournament prizes, make sure to head down to BitStarz Casino and sign up!

$5,000 More in Tournament Awards

For those interested in getting even more prizes, there’s also a new monthly slot tournament at Drake Casino. Open until February 28th, the new tournament will be exclusively played on the Kate’s Waddle progressive slot and it will end up giving prizes to 14 different players, as follows:

  • Player 1 – $2,000 in BTC;
  • Player 2 – $1,000 in BTC;
  • Player 3 – $750 in BTC;
  • Player 4 – $250 in BTC;
  • Players 5-14 – $100 in BTC.

To qualify for a prize, just register for the tournament and play the selected slot game with real money during the tournament period. So far, only ten positions on the leaderboard have been filled, leaving the other sports empty for the taking. To learn more about the rules and lay your claim to a prize, just pay a visit to Drake Casino.

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Will new DOJ Decision Hit Cryptocurrency Gambling in the US?

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Gambling online in the US has been a challenging affair for years now as not only there was the UIGEA Act passed in 2006 but also the interpretation of the 60-year old Wire Act that came in 2002 that targeted sport betting in particular. In recent years, many US gamblers in search of offshore casino and betting opportunities resorted to using cryptocurrencies to withdraw and deposit in gambling sites in order to bypass such restrictions. But according to a new decision by the US Department of Justice (DOJ), this way of online wagering may become harder in the future.

DOJ Reverts 2011 Decision

As reported by Bloomberg, the DOJ recently expanded online gambling prohibition on a federal level by reversing its 2011 interpretation of the Federal Wire Act.  Back then, the Department established a position that only sports betting was clearly prohibited by the old federal law, leaving a “gray area” for the spreading of other forms of online gambling like Poker. But now, a new opinion has arrived from the Office of Legal Counsel of the DOJ that the 2011 position was a “misinterpretation”.

This new opinion is expected to have a negative effect on the online gambling industry in the US and create new legal challenges. The problems arise not because the federal law allows the transmission of wagers and wager-related information across state borders, which is clearly prohibited, but because it will be difficult to guarantee that no payments tied to online gambling are routed or re-routed through other states.

The new interpretation is particularly expected to affect interstate lotteries which have expanded after the 2011 DOJ opinion. The interstate Poker tournaments between New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, which were made possible by an exemption, will also be challenged. Shares of IGT and MGM resorts, but also those of other casino operators, fell not long after the opinion spread online.

How Does This Affect Cryptocurrency Gambling

With the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies in recent years, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen an increase in cryptocurrency casinos and other related betting and gambling products. As we reported last week, it’s not only Bitcoin casinos that are being used for crypto-wagering but also gambling dApps which are particularly popular with TRON (TRX) and EOS users. In fact they are so popular that most of the activity on TRX and EOS networks is related to gambling.

However, DOJ’s new opinion may complicate things a bit as most dApp developers or gambling sites may be spooked by the Department’s new stance that all forms of online gambling are covered by the 1961 Wire Act and not just sports betting. While it’s not a 100% possibility, they may be some operators who will withdraw from the market, especially if they use fiat currencies or are in other ways “centralized” and have their transactions routed through banks in the country. But then, on the other hand, this decision could also drive more US bettors to invest in Bitcoin and instead use offshore decentralized casinos to wager online.

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Win an Orca Spotting Trip, Free Spins, and Cash Prizes at Bitcasino and mBit!

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Who says February is a boring month? Starting today, February 1st, two leading cryptocurrency casinos on the web, mBit and Bitcasino, will be running separate Bitcoin promotions to celebrate more than one occasion and reward their loyal customers. From NetEnt tournaments with adventurous trips to Norway to month-long campaigns that celebrate the Chinese New year and Valentine’s Day with a variety of prizes, there will be something for everyone in these new casino promotions. Read all about them in our full update below.

See a Humpback Whale in Norway or Win Other Prizes

This month, Bitcasino has two separate promotions to offer to you, one launched by NetEnt and the other by the other casino games giant – Microgaming. Dubbed the NetEnt Orca Safari, the first promo will last until February 8th, 2019, during which players at Bitcasino will have a chance to enter a special draw by playing selected NetEnt slots Koi Princess, Finn and the Swirly Spin, Jack Hammer, and Piggy Riches.

For every μɃ 6,400 (€20) spent on any of the games, the casino will give you one ticket for the prize draw. Depending on how many tickets you collect, you can climb to any of the 300 positions on the leaderboard and win one of the following prizes:

  • Place 1 – Orca and humpback whale spotting trip to Norway for two;
  • Places 2-9 – μɃ 160,000 (€500);
  • Places 10-29 – μɃ 64,000 (€200);
  • Places 30-49 – μɃ 32,000 (€100);
  • Places 50-109 – μɃ 16,000 (€50);
  • Places 110-147 – μɃ 8,000 (€25);
  • Places 148-302 – μɃ 3,000 (€10).

As for the second promotion, it offers players a chance to win one of 888 cash prizes between February 1st and 19th simply by spending at least μɃ 3,800 (€11) on any Microgaming game, live dealer options excluded. The available prizes range from €11 to €11,392 in BTC equivalent and they will be randomly awarded 111 at a time on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you want to learn more about this offer or the NetEnt competition, just pay a visit to Bitcasino!

28 Days of Fun with mBit Casino

Another promotion that you can enjoy this month is mBit Casino’s “Zen Passion” promo. Starting February 1st and ending on February 28th, this offer will run for the length of the month, giving away different offers every day. There’s no need to compete against other players or earn tickets to win something but you just have to log into your account any day you want and select the prize offered.

The first leg of the promotion will celebrate the Chinese New year and last until Valentine’s Day, after which the prizes will be more based around romantic games and themes. On the menu today is a special slot tournament on the Feng Shui Kitties and Lotus Love slots with a prize pool of 200 mBTC. If you want to see what will be tomorrow’s offer, make sure to go to mBit casino and check out the promotions page!

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Cryptocurrency Gamblers Move Away From Ethereum Blockchain

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The once popular gambling dApps (decentralized apps) based on the Ethereum (ETH) network are no longer massively used by crypto bettors, a new report from the Diar research unit shows. According to new statistics, those who use cryptocurrencies to gamble online are rapidly leaving the Ethereum blockchain and moving on to dApps supported by other coins like TRON and EOS, despite both types of applications still not being as safe as Bitcoin gambling platforms.

TRX and EOS Dominate Gambling DApps

According to Diar, across all three dApps protocols, EOS and TRON (TRX) dApps are currently responsible for a total of 94% of all USD transactions, the Next Web reports. The shift towards other altcoins reportedly began around June 2018 when Ethereum and EOS-based dApps were still toe to toe. But from that point onwards, Ethereum has been losing its dominance rapidly to the two alternative cryptocurrencies. Currently, 55% of the USD traffic on all three protocols is from EOS users while an impressive 36% is coming through TRON-based apps.

These statistics wouldn’t have been that much peculiar if it weren’t for the fact that most of this traffic is due to gambling. According to historic data, since the EOS network was launched last year it processed over $5.5 billion in coins, around 70% of which were attributed to dApps related to online gambling. The TRON network had an even more impressive run, with 95% of its traffic being tied to gambling. For comparison, gambling Ethereum-based dApps now only account for 2% of the total USD volume of the network, despite the fact that almost half of the decentralized applications developed for the ETH blockchain are gambling-related.

As the research found, most of the USD traffic on the Ethereum network currently comes from trading coins on online exchanges rather than gambling. According to statistics, cryptocurrency exchanges, along with other ETH applications, account for 25% of the traffic – a percentage even smaller than that of other ETH online games which account for a total of 28%.

Wagering with dApps – Not as Safe as Bitcoin

One of the surprising things about gambling-related decentralized apps on altcoin networks is that they remain popular despite previous security incidents. Back in September, not long after EOS was launched, a coding failure allowed a hacker to exploit a dice game on the DEOSGames website and bank 24 individual jackpots of $1,000 each. Shortly after, hackers attacked another dApps website EOSBet, stealing away $200,000 worth of EOS coins, only a month before another group ransacked the same platform for $300,000.

All these incidents just go to show how far do other cryptocurrency gambling platforms have to go before they reach the level of trust and security that Bitcoin casinos now enjoy. For years there haven’t been any hacks of Bitcoin casino operators that stole away player’s hard-earned coins, which is why BTC gambling sites are still a go-to choice for many online gamblers, including both sportsbetting fans and those who are looking for some slot or table action.

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Get 1 Bitcoin at mBit or Wager-less Free Spins at Vegas Casino

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If your weekend schedule is empty and you’re thinking about spending some time at an online Bitcoin casino, we have some exciting news for you. Two of our BTC operators, Vegas Casino and mBit Casino, recently opened new promotions for all registered members that you can join to claim some reload bonuses and free spins prizes, some of which are even given wager-free. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the offers and get some free prizes today!

Up to 1 BTC or 250 Free Spins This Weekend

To promote the launch of the new Boom Shakalaka slot from Booming Games, mBit Casino is running a special promotion that will be open until the end of this month. Up for grabbing are free spins and reload bonuses, any of which you can claim by making a qualifying deposit, as follows:

  • Deposit 5 mBTC and up – get 30 free spins or a 10% reload bonus
  • Deposit 10 mBTC and up – collect 75 free spins or a 20% reload bonus
  • Deposit 25 mBTC and up – grab a 30% bonus or 250 free spins

The reload bonuses can only be used on the Boom Shakalaka slot machine while the free spins are for the Lucky Lady’s Clover slot. You can claim as many reload and free spins bonuses as you want until the promotion ends and each reload has a maximum limit of 1 Bitcoin.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to be tied to a single slot machine, you can instead check out the casino’s Friday reload offer, which gives you a 50% bonus of up to 200 mBTC that you can use on a variety of slot machines and not just two specific games. To learn more about this bonus and every other offer at the casino, just click this link to pay a visit to mBit!

Up to 100 Wager-free Spins at Vegas Casino

If you don’t like completing bonus requirements, Vegas Casino offers a new slot promotion that will give you up to 100 free spins without any special terms attached to them. To claim some free spins, you will need to log into your account and enter a specific bonus code, depending on how much money you are planning to deposit at the casino. The options are:

  • 15 Free Spins for deposits 15 mBTC and Up (Code: “MONEY15”)
  • 25 Free Spins for deposits 25 mBTC and Up (Code: “MONEY25”)
  • 35 Free Spins for deposits 35 mBTC and Up (Code: “MONEY35”)
  • 50 Free Spins for deposits 50 mBTC and Up (Code: “MONEY50”)
  • 100 Free Spins for deposits 100 mBTC and Up (Code: “MONEY100”)

The bonus is automatically credited and the winnings from the free spins are subject to no wagering terms. The only requirement in the promotion is that your deposit is wagered one time before you are allowed to withdraw it. All of the bonus spins are available only on the Slot of Money slot machine, which is a 20-paylines game with free spins rounds, cascading reels, and a high-volatility gameplay that could end up paying out some big cash prizes. If you want to check out the game for free, make sure to head down to Vegas Casino.

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Fortune Jack Bitcoin Casino to Add New Coins by Member Vote

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If you’ve been playing at cryptocurrency casinos online for a while now, you’ve probably seen all kinds of websites, from amazing ones to others that you might want to avoid at all costs. But rarely have there been any crypto gambling platforms that put so much control into the hands of their players as the one and only Fortune Jack Casino. Continuing the trend of working closely with its player community, the casino will be giving all of its members the power to decide which cryptocurrency to add to the website next in a new groundbreaking campaign for the industry.

Need More Coins? Just Say So!

For some time now, Fortune Jack has been in the spotlight of the cryptocurrency gambling sector as a casino that continuously works on growing and improving its offer. From adding tons of new slot machines and unique provably fair games to creating regular tournaments and giving away Bitcoin for notable cryptocurrency contributors, Fortune Jack is a brand that’s not like any other.

A few days ago, the team behind Fortune Jack announced that they are taking things to the next level with a new campaign that will periodically add more new coins to the casino. The campaign is officially labeled as Coin Primaries and it is set to launch within a month. The idea is to involve the spokespeople and communities of up-and-coming coins Fortune Jack plans to add so that players can best decide which token they want to use in the future.

At present, the casino revealed that it has four new coins in mind: Tron (TRX), Ethereum Classic (ETC), EOS, and Verge (XVG). Tron has been especially popular during the past month and it was even featured on Hacked magazine’s latest 5 Altcoins to Watch This Week segment, so it might be one of the top favorites along with ETC.  Once the campaign starts, members of the casino will be able to vote on their preferred cryptocurrency on individual landing pages and the coin that will get the most votes will be added to the platform.

A Sportsbook Now Also Available

While the new altcoins may take a while to arrive, what’s already live at Fortune Jack is the casino’s brand new sportsbook. Announced on January 15th, Fortune Jack’s sportsbetting segment is a strong addition to the website that aims to make the casino more diverse than ever before. If you’re a member, you can already enjoy the first version of the sportsbook which allows you to bet in any currency but receive payouts in Bitcoins only.

From the looks of it, interested bettors will be able to enjoy hundreds of betting markets from a variety of popular sports events, including the NBA, NHL, UEFA League, and many more. The sportsbook also offers a new unique cashout tool that allows for automated or partial cashouts. If you’re interested in checking out the available sportsbetting markets and events, just use this link to visit Fortune Jack Casino!

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Join New Casino Tournaments at BitStarz and Cloudbet to Win Some Juicy BTC Prizes!

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Another weekend – another chance to earn some coins at your favorite Bitcoin casinos. Starting with today and continuing until next weekend, BitStarz Bitcoin casino and Cloudbet are running new casino tournaments that offer dozens of prizes, some of which are in free spins and others in BTC. Whether you like slots or you prefer to spend more time at the tables, both casinos will give you a chance to earn something more on top of what you collect at the games. Read on for a full report on the tournaments and their prizes and start earning some extra Bitcoins today!

€2,000 + 250 Free Spins in Wager-Free Prizes at BitStarz

If you haven’t had a chance to play at BitStarz, you’ve missed out on plenty of attractive prizes. Every week the casino runs two separate tournaments that are open to anyone who spends real money while playing. One tournament is for slot players and the other only for punters at the table games but both offer fantastic prizes that are given wager-free.

The slot tournament has a prize pool of €1,000 plus 250 free spins which are given to 50 players who earn a position on the official leaderboard. The highest prizes are €300, €150, and €100 in BTC equivalent while the lowest ones are 10 and 20 free spins. As for the table games tournament, the prize pool is likewise €1,000 but there are only 20 prizes to be won, starting with €500 for the top player and ending with €5 for player number 20.

To qualify for the slot tournament, just play any slot you like with real money and you’ll earn points for the leaderboard with every wager placed. The table tournament, however, only accepts players that have made four deposits throughout the lifetime of their account. If you have, just play any table game you want and you can qualify for a prize. For more info about the rules and rewards, go down to BitStarz Casino and check out the Promotions page!

More Tournaments at Cloudbet

If you want to earn even more prizes, you also have the recently-introduced weekly tournaments at Cloudbet Casino. For slot players, the casino will open a new leg of its Free Spins tournament after midnight today which will last until midnight on Sunday. The tournament has a prize pool of 1,000 free spins which will be distributed to all players who qualify, with the top prize being 260 free spins. To enter, just play the selected slot machines and the casino will give you 1 point for the leaderboard for every 1 mBTC you spend on those games.

On the other hand, if you are only interested in table games, you should instead check out the Table King tournament at the casino. This tournament also runs Friday to Sunday but its prize pool is 250 mBTC. Prizes are given to the top 10 players, with the first getting a solid 75 mBTC. To earn a spot on the leaderboard, you need to play any live casino game at Cloudbet and win some cash. The more you win, the more points you get. If you think you are up for some competition, make sure to visit Cloudbet and check all the tournament rules.

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MGA to Start Cryptocurrency Casino Sandbox Test

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One of the few countries across the globe to truly believe in blockchain technology, the small island nation of Malta has been making some bold moves towards becoming the leader in crypto and DLT (distributed ledger technology). As part of a wider, nation-wide goal to become a “blockchain island”, the gambling regulator of the country –the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) – revealed half a year ago that they will be running a sandbox test on cryptocurrency implementation in online casino licensees. Preparations were being made for a few months now until last week, when the gambling watchdog announced that the first testing phase has officially started.

A Crypto Casino Industry Improved

As previously announced, the MGA’s blockchain sandbox test went live at the start of this year along with a number of new blockchain regulations. Reportedly, the test will focus only on the regulation and use of distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrencies in online casinos and sportsbooks that are licensed by the gaming authority. The final goal of the sandbox would be to make the Maltese licensing offer more attractive to international gambling operators and to make the MGA gaming licenses one of the best across the world.

Starting with January 3rd 2019, licensees were allowed to submit applications for using the test framework through the LRMS portal set up by the MGA. If they are approved, applicants will be given the green light to test the processing of crypto transactions in a “sandbox” environment that is strictly controlled and monitored by the MGA. The first phase will thus be used to determine all risks associated with crypto transactions in online cryptocurrency casino operators and for this purpose the test period is scheduled to last for 10 months, with further extensions possible.

Other than risks associated with transaction and player safety, the MGA will also be testing and evaluating other risks related to the use of cryptocurrencies, such as money laundering risks and potential funding of terrorism and organized crime. There will also be a second phase of the sandbox test which will be explained in more details once the first phase ends.

Blockchain Island Facing Delays?

Malta’s transition towards blockchain adoption started back in 2016 when the country first announced plans to regulate cryptocurrencies. About a year later, the MGA revealed they will be testing cryptocurrency implementation while the financial authorities started working on new cryptocurrency laws with hopes of putting the island on the map of up-and-coming fintech companies. But ever since November last year, when the country’s blockchain-friendly laws first went into effect, things have been rather quiet on the cryptocurrency front.

With several months passed, some are speculating that Malta’s dream of becoming a “blockchain island” has been postponed or, as the most pessimistic believe, that it was all just a marketing gimmick to attract new money. Reportedly, two thirds of aspiring VFA agents required by the new cryptocurrency laws to liaison between blockchain companies and the local financial authorities have failed the first agent’s test, slowing down the process of successfully launching a nation-wide blockchain adoption.

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