Bitcoin Exchange Paxful Makes it Easy to Gamble With BTC

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Bitcoin gamblers received positive news recently after popular Bitcoin exchange Paxful announced its partnership with a Bitcoin casino for a new and easier way of gambling with BTC. Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace with its own payment platform (Paxful Kiosk). Earlier this month, Paxful has partnered with Bspin casino, a popular Bitcoin betting platform where you can now gamble away your hard-earned crypto assets through Paxful Kiosk.

A joint statement from the companies stated that the partnership makes things much easier for Bitcoin gamblers and more secure as well. The biggest benefit of the partnership is the fact that you can even buy BTC directly from the kiosk – it simplifies BTC betting a lot.

It’s Now Easier to Bet with BTC

By adding a layer of trust and transparency to the crypto betting community, the latest move is exactly what Bitcoin gamblers wanted. Paxful’s network of merchants accepts over 300 types of payments. It’s not a crypto-exclusive – the platform accepts gift cards, Applebees vouchers and other stuff that you can now use to gamble. This sounds great to us. After all, why should you bet with money only? Now you can use that Live Xbox gift card you had no idea where to spend.

The Bspin team is thrilled for the opportunity. As we all know, payment methods are a crucial part of Bitcoin casinos – the more options you have at your disposal the merrier. More and more casinos are adding Bitcoin to the list of payment options, yet not many give you the opportunity to buy BTC directly from the platform. Concerns over the safety of such a move are now also addresses thanks to Paxful and its kiosk. It’s a partnership that would benefit not only Bitcoin gamblers, but the whole industry as well.

Paxful on the Rise

The Bitcoin betting exchange might be virtually unknown in the USA and Europe, but it’s quite popular in Africa. In 2019, Paxful registered 800,000 new wallets, surpassing the overall number of 3 million. It’s pretty difficult to buy cryptocurrencies in Africa, but thanks to Paxful, the whole process had been made a lot easier.

Paxful’s sellers usually come from Europe or the USA where the market is more open. The Paxful-Bspin casino partnership is not the first one of its kind. recently entered the Canadian online gambling market after partnering with Bravio to let its customers buy lottery tickets in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Just like Paxful, the aim of this move was to bring secure crypto betting to the masses and popularize the idea of Bitcoin betting.

It’s all great news for players who want to bet their Bitcoin holdings privately and securely on their mobile devices. Betting with Bitcoins is a great way to spend your crypto assets. Until recently, gambling has been exclusively tied to fiat currencies. However, things are changing fast – with more and more countries and businesses accepting Bitcoin, the online gambling industry is set to follow.

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Take a TRON Ride to Shanghai Disneyland; 35 BTC Up for Grabs at mBit Casino

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The age of TRON is finally upon us. To celebrate, premier Bitcoin casino has organized a TRON tournament with an enticing prize pool of 500,000 TRX. The top prize is a trip to everyone’s dream destination – Shanghai Disneyland for you plus one worth 250,000 TRX!

Bitcoin’s promo is available to all players who use TRX to play games. And trust us – the casino’s library is full of titles that will make your head spin. Opt in to the promotion, play your faves with TRON and you’ll be earning points to climb the leaderboard before you know it.

Elsewhere, mBit casino’s Winner Tribe tournament has 35 BTC in reloads up for grabs as well as a whopping 540,000 free spins! It’s really going to be a fun weekend!

Cyber Ride With TRON

TRON has been one of the biggest surprises on the crypto scene. The cryptocurrency is turning heads left and right and Bitcasino has decided to capitalize on the TRON frenzy. From November 4 to November 17, you have the chance to earn enticing TRX prizes and fight for the top of the leaderboard – should you sit on the throne by the end, you’ll earn a trip to Shanghai Disneyland!

All you need to do is play games with TRON from GameArt, Kalamba, OneTouch, and Kaleta during this period. You’ll be earning leaderboard points along the way and hopefully climb as high as possible on the table. You earn 2 points for 10 spins on bonus providers (minimum bet per spin: 50 TRX) while depositing 2,000 or more TRON will net you 25 points. If you have the biggest win/bet ratio of the day, Bitcasino will give you a maximum of 500 points – that should be enough to climb up the table.

With around 2 weeks until time runs off, start spending those TRX and get a shot at the main prize. Who wouldn’t love a trip to Shanghai Disneyland, one of the largest and best Disney resorts in the world?

Fun Weekend Ahead in mBit Casino

If you’re looking for more fun, join mBit casino’s Winner Tribe this weekend. There are 35 BTC and 540,000 free spins to share with 100 no deposit free spins as the icing on the cake. Check the tribal map every day this November for a shot at a great prize. You can earn unlimited crypto and fiat reloads spiced up with VIP points and free spins.

The promotion is open to every player in mBit casino that has made at least 3 deposits. You’ll need to opt in to each daily promotion from the promo page to qualify for the offer. Entering the land of riches in one of the leading Bitcoin casinos online, mBit casino is absolutely worth it.

Start playing with huge reloads, tons of free spins, as well as VIP perks that will make your time in the casino even more exciting right now!

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Reddit Roasts Lottery Winner Who Invested in Bitcoin

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A few months ago, an Illinois man won the lottery and decided to invest his money instead of wasting it all on expensive stuff. The $500,000 winner cleared up a few debts and spent half of his winnings on Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency investor believed it’s a good idea that can give him a proper return and he was right. However, the always-scolding Reddit community roasted the lottery winner saying he made a few huge mistakes.

The man posted a screenshot that confirmed he bought roughly $180,000 of BTC in May. Apart from bragging on the site, he also challenged members to remind him in about 8 months if his investment was a good idea. Of course, the Reddit community had other things in mind.

Reddit Roasts Lottery Winner

User Reddit Joxnlol was over the moon when he won the Illinois state lottery. After winning $500,000, he spent around $140,000 in taxes to the state. He said he’s not planning to spend any more of the money than he needs to. He got a new car, sold his old one to a friend, set aside money for emergencies and put down a payment to his house. In the end, he was left with around $350,000 of his net winnings and decided to invest half of it in Bitcoin.

To say that Reddit was not impressed is an understatement. Joxnlol used stock trading app Robinhood to buy BTC that doesn’t allow cryptocurrency owners to transfer assets. This, according to Reddit, was his biggest mistake.

Back in May, Bitcoin was priced around $5,500. Although Reddit roasted Joxnlol with crypto memes and comments, his investment actually turned out great. Thanks to Bitcoin’s rally in June, he almost doubled his investment in just two months. Even with BTC going down right now, he’s still up for a handsome 70% profit when he decides to get his money.

Bitcoin Investments Not a Fluke

Joxnlol still hasn’t decided what to do with Bitcoin. He’s not planning on spending it all in Bitcoin casinos, of course. His move, no matter how much he was roasted for it, was not a fluke. Recent studies have shown that Bitcoin is the way to go for long-term investments and we have to agree. Sure, the price may be jumping up and down, but remember that rally a few years back? Imagine a Bitcoin explosion by the end of the year and you can easily quadruple your investment.

A recent poll determined Bitcoin the winner of long-term investments. Former US Rep. Ron Paul posted an interesting poll on Twitter. What would you choose to invest if you had $10,000 – Bitcoin or gold? The poll had one condition – you can’t touch the funds in 10 years.

A whopping 54% voted for Bitcoin, while 37% had more belief in gold. It’s another proof that the global currency tide is changing. More and more people trust Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency is making its way to more and more industries. As more Bitcoin casinos start to emerge and the leading cryptocurrency in the world makes its way to other industries, it won’t be long before the whole world adopts it.

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Earn Stunning Prizes This Weekend at Fortune Jack; BitStarz’s Halloween Quest Still On

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Halloween may be over, but the atmosphere lives on. At least it does in Bitcoin casinos. One of the top BTC casinos, Fortune Jack, is hosting a superb Weekends go Berzerk Halloween special with 50,000 reasons to enroll. Between 30th October and 3rd November, you get a shot at a prize pool of €50,000 and you only need to spin slots to complete the mission.

Even better, the games you need to play come from one of the top game studios in the industry – Yggdrasil Gaming. A favorite of many, Yggdrasil is behind hits such as Vikings Go Berzerk which inspired the name of this Halloween prize giveaway.

The spirit of Halloween still lives on at BitStarz casino as well. You have only a week left to earn amazing prizes in the Halloween Quest or a spine-tingling trip to Transylvania.

Go Berzerk This Weekend

Ready to go berzerk over the weekend? Yggdrasil’s best slots await your spins at Fortune Jack casino! the 3rd edition of the Weekends go Berzerk campaign is underway with a prize pool of €50,000 to share. To enter it, you have to complete a mission first.

Your objectives are to collect 3 chests in the base game in Vikings Go Berzerk; activate the statues in Valley Of The Gods 3 times, and start 7 respins in the exciting Age Of Asgard as well. If you’re a slot fan, you know how great Yggdrasil’s games are – not only is the campaign rewarding, but you’ll also have a lot of fun completing the objectives.

All players who complete the goals will get a unique player number. It will be later highlighted on the leaderboard so you can follow your position. Great news for all berzerkers – there’s no minimum bet set for participation in the campaign. The number of spins it took you to complete the objectives determines how high you rank. If you’re lucky, you’ll complete them with the lowest number of spins and top the table. With a prize pool of €50,000, the top prize is certainly special.

All cash prizes will be credited in just 72 hours. With just a few days left in the campaign, we know what we’re doing this weekend!

Earn a Trip to Transylvania at BitStarz

Spine-tingling prizes are still available over at BitStarz casino thanks to the Halloween Quest! The spooky October promotion lasts for just a week more, with 40 prize-loaded levels and a €50,000 individual prize pool. You’ll love the top prize – a trip to Transylvania, the home of everyone’s favorite creature of the night – Dracula.

Frights and delights are on each level in the Halloween Quest. If you’re not already in it, now’s the time to dig in. You jump on levels by playing any game at BitStarz – as soon as you win something, it will be credited to your account immediately. The promotion lasts until 8th November, so you better get jumping on those levels right now.

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Next Year You’ll Finally Be Able to Buy a Cup of Coffee with Bitcoin

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The world’s leading cryptocurrency has been used to buy property and other stuff for years now – at least where it’s legal. New markets are opening up for Bitcoin, but many parts of the world are still hesitant to legalize it. The good news is that many major businesses are warming up to the idea of Bitcoin. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use it to buy coffee or something of the sort? Well, rejoice Bitcoin fans. You will be able to do that next year.

Thanks to popular Bitcoin futures exchange Bakkt, you will be able to make Bitcoin payments at all Starbucks locations using the upcoming consumer app. This is great news for cryptocurrency owners who are not happy they can’t use their Bitcoins to just buy anything they can think of. Bakkt’s plan to open up the crypto ecosystem to different industries is already in motion and by adding Starbucks to the list we have no doubt it’ll thrive.

Buy a Cup of Coffee with Bitcoin

Bakkt, the Bitcoin futures exchange announced in August 2018 is already making waves in the crypto industry as experts predicted. Starbucks and software giant Microsoft were the first two companies to jump on the Bakkt bandwagon a year ago. The goal of the promising futures exchange is to open up the ecosystem of the crypto industry and allow safe transactions between consumers and institutions.

Up until now, Bakkt was focused on Bitcoin only. However, as soon as the consumer app is launched, it’s very likely that it’ll add altcoins to the list as well.

Although you will be able to buy a cup of Starbucks’ famous coffee with Bitcoin, it’s important to note that the largest coffee brand in the world doesn’t accept digital assets. Using Bakkt’s app, the company will exchange Bitcoin to US dollars to finalize the transaction. Still, it’s a big step forward for the leading cryptocurrency that will hopefully inspire other companies (and industries) to open up to the idea.

2020 – the Year of Bitcoin?

If you’re following the crypto market, you know that Bitcoin hit a bit of a rough patch this year. Things aren’t looking great with the largest cryptocurrency by market cap being hit with numerous lows. However, some experts see this as a positive sign for the future, with many predicting another major Bitcoin explosion as soon as next year.

If you ask us, Bakkt’s upcoming plans may play a key role in it. With Starbucks as a partner and the opportunity to buy your own cup of coffee with Bitcoin, many believe that 2020 is the year of crypto assets. If other companies join the fray, we could be looking at a very stable Bitcoin and altcoin market. As soon as this happens, pressure to integrate cryptocurrencies into global commerce will follow which can only be a good thing.

One industry that has clearly warmed up to the idea of cryptocurrencies is online gambling. You can now enjoy plenty of Bitcoin casino games online, with new Bitcoin web casinos being launched every week.

It’s time to lift the stigma surrounding Bitcoin and embrace the future. But first, let’s have a cup of delicious Starbucks coffee.

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Trick or Spin This Halloween at Cloudbet for Spooky Prizes; Win a Bag of Cash at Gossip Slots Casino

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Trick or treat time is nearly upon us, but instead of giving gifts why not get some? Cloudbet’s trick or spin tournament has plenty of candy to give for the top players in the great Bitcoin casino. Dr. Dream Catcher (unsurprisingly, a mad scientist) is experimenting in his lab and he’s looking for assistants to help. Play nice with him and top the leaderboard to win a bag of candy and bragging rights. The tournament is nearly over so if you want to celebrate Halloween in style, you’d better hurry up!

You can win even more prizes by Halloween by entering Gossip Slots’ The Winning Dead tournament. With a prize pool of $30,000 every month, there’s plenty of incentive to join this spooky adventure.

Become Dr. Dream Catcher’s Lab Buddy

Dr. Dream Catcher’s leaderboard can be topped by anyone who placed bets on Dream Catcher between October 25 and Halloween. You earn 10 points for every 2 mBTC you bet on a spin, while the minimum qualifying bet for the tournament is 10 mBTC. The top players on the leaderboard will get a share of the 300 mBTC prize pool with the winner getting 80 mBTC. Not bad, right?

The #1 Bitcoin live casino on the web offers a maximum of 1 cash prize per player with this promotion. As mentioned, a qualifying bet of a minimum of 10 mBTC is required to enter the tournament. Since you get 10 points for each 2 mBTC bet, you’ll get 50 points added to your score when you make the qualifying bet. Take note that bets covering 70% or more on Dream Catcher will not count toward the promotion.

To release the bonus funds, you must wager them 30 times. Slots contribute 100% to the roller while other casino games contribute less. Cloudbet will always use your real cash funds first before jumping to the bonus. Dr. Dream Catcher’s lab is not “open” to players from AU, TW, KP, and IR. If you manage to top the leaderboard and get your fair share of the prize, you can expect it to land in your account a day after Halloween (November 1 @ 14:00 UTC).

You only have less than a week to top the leaderboard, so go and lend Dr. Dream Catcher a hand.

The Winning Dead Don’t Gossip, but They Give Prizes

You can win even more cash prizes over at Gossip Slots. The casino’s weekly tournaments are a great way to win big prizes with a tiny buy-in. The Winning Dead tournament can be enjoyed on desktop and mobile and gives you a chance to win a portion of a prize pool of $5,000.

The entry fee for the spooky tournament is only a fiver. If you top the leaderboard, you get $2,000 in bonus funds. Unlike other casinos, Gossip Slots pays all winnings within 30 minutes of the end of the tournament – that’s as speedy as it gets. You have only a short time before registration for The Winning Dead ends. Sign up today and spin the best slots to celebrate Halloween in style!

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Bitcoin Becomes a Part of Browser Wars; Facebook’s Libra Already in Trouble

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The browser wars never seem to end. In order to stay ahead of the others, every browser right now introduces new unique features. Sometimes it’s the search engine, sometimes it’s a mobile feature – whatever it is, the browser wars are great from the point of view of the user. Not long ago, cryptocurrency owners got great news – Bitcoin just entered the browser wars after Opera announced the integration of Bitcoin payments to its last Android update.

It’s not just Bitcoin – the mobile browser update also introduced the TRON blockchain to the equation which, according to experts, will be a massive boost for the cryptocurrency economy.

The First Step Toward Web 3.0

This is not the first time Opera has pivoted towards cryptocurrencies. In 2018, the mobile opera app for Android piloted and Ether digital wallet. It was meant the be the first step toward Web 3.0 or what Opera believes is a decentralized Internet built solely on a blockchain.

One of the oldest apps on the web, Opera has enjoyed a resurgence in the past few years. Chrome and Firefox are still on top of the list of favorite internet browsers, but thanks to Opera’s efforts and its latest Bitcoin payment introduction, things could change soon. Users have been asking for native Bitcoin support, yet Google and Mozilla stayed silent. Opera has taken advantage of the situation, now expanding its mobile app with BTC digital wallet functionality.

Before the most recent Android update, Opera already released a crypto-friendly iOS browser, added native digital wallet support to its desktop version, and even partnered with a Swedish crypto broker (for ETH). All of Opera’s apps are now primed for the Web 3.0 project, especially with the addition of BTC payments.

According to representatives of the company, Bitcoin support was planned to hit the browser earlier, yet it proved a different challenge. With its own infrastructure and a payment-focused scenario, the company had a big challenge on its hands. Thankfully, they’ve succeeded, making Opera the first web browser with native digital wallet Bitcoin support. It’s music to crypto traders’ ears.

Facebook’s Libra Already Dead?

Libra, Facebook’s proposed online payment has yet to launch and it’s already in trouble. Considered by many as a Bitcoin-slayer, Libra is yet to receive the backing Facebook was hoping for. It still hasn’t launched and rumors that Libra will not launch at all are already circulating online.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, recently said that Libra won’t be launched without the approval of the US Congress. This was a small part of his remarks released a few days ago in advance of the planned hearings before the US House of Financial Services Committee. Zuckerberg’s comments come after the bad rep Libra has suffered online.

The public’s trust in Facebook decreased significantly after last year’s Cambridge Analytica scandal which exposed the private data of over 50 million users without their permission.

It seems that Libra’s obituary has already been written, which is another big blow to the controversial social media platform.



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Earn Spooky-Good Prizes in bitstarz’s Halloween Quest; Combo Awards for Everyone in mBit Casino

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With Halloween right around the corner, we’re in the mood for spooky-good prizes. If you are too, check out bitstarz casino’s Halloween Quest, the ultimate Halloween prize giveaway. Every day of the month, the Bitcoin casino will reward its customers (real money bets only!) with great prizes. Credited immediately, all rewards come with a pretty low wagering requirement of 10x. And that’s not all – the casino has more than a few physical prizes and cash alternatives.

If you’re just not into Halloween but you love free gifts, check out mBit Casino’s Wild Combo Halloween promo. Every day, there’s a new combo waiting for you so you can kick off the Halloween celebrations in style.

Go On a Spooky Adventure with Halloween Quest

The Halloween quest promotion runs from October 7 to November 8 this year and is available to all players in bitstarz, one of the premier Bitcoin online casinos. The fright-fest is pretty easy to start – all you need to do is play any games in the library to unlock spooky prizes including bags of free spins, mega wins, and other enticing prizes.

With 40 blood-soaked levels that will put Dracula to shame, the top prize is a trip to Transylvania for one lucky player. In true Halloween nature, bitstarz will also share treats from a €50,000 prize pool for every level you pass.

The rules are simple. Only real money bets count for the quest, so no bonus play if you want to win any prizes. Minimum-risk wagering bets are forbidden – should the casino notice you wagering on, let’s say, red and black on roulette, it will ban you from the promotion.

Spinning slots contributes 100% toward completing the turnover for the promo, while table games contribute 5%. As you can see, your best bet to earn a spooky prize is spinning slots all day long. You don’t have to search for a specific one – all bets on slots count.

As mentioned, the prizes are credited immediately. On some levels, bitstarz will also offer physical rewards instead of bonuses like free spins. If you manage to claim one, contact the casino for more information on the delivery. And, yes, cash prizes also make an appearance. Keep in mind that all Halloween Quest prizes come with wagering requirements of 10x. Until you complete them, you won’t be able to cash your winnings out.

Break the Routine with mBit Casino’s Combo Bombs!

Crazy combos and scary-good prizes are also on the menu in mBit casino. The Happy Halloween promo has reached its midway point – if you haven’t entered the competition already, now’s your chance.

Every day on the map features surprising combos to the tune of crypto and fiat reloads and free spins. You only have a short time to get the combos – they only last until midnight. Don’t waste any more time – check mBit’s Halloween map and spin your favorite slots for spoooooky-good combos.

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Is Africa the Next Hotbed for Bitcoin Gambling?

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The cryptocurrency and Bitcoin craze around the world has jumped from the West to the East and now Africa. Since 2011, online search interest in Bitcoin has been steadily on the rise in Africa, with many millennials going crazy about it.

Young people from Uganda and Nigeria have been surprisingly interested in Bitcoin over the past few years. The increased Bitcoin interest has also fuelled the rise of Bitcoin casinos in the Dark Continent, with a number of regulated and scam casinos spawning by the day.

Africa’s Interest in Bitcoin is on the Rise

A recent Binance research has put Nigeria on the top of the list of countries with relative search trends of “Bitcoin”. Since its invention in 2009, the decentralized currency has attracted a lot of interest from big Western countries, yet third-world countries didn’t seem into it in the beginning. As the interest in Bitcoin around the world rose, however, Africa joined the list of crypto lovers.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly more and more popular in Africa. Experts attribute this to the unstable economy of countries such as Nigeria where young people can barely get a job and get paid for it properly. The interest in crypto and gambling in Africa opened the way to Bitcoin casinos which are now growing in popularity by the minute.

The African gambling market is massive – according to estimates, more than 35% of Africans are involved in gambling. Although there are no official reports that tie this number to online casinos, the number of web casino sites is on the rise along with Bitcoin casinos. Africans love gambling online primarily because there’s no need to travel to a casino. The secure privacy and the diverse payment options which also include Bitcoin are two more factors why Africans love Bitcoin casinos.

A New Hotbed for Bitcoin Gambling?

With the popularity of Bitcoin in Africa constantly on the rise, the online gambling market may “explode” in the Dark Continent soon. As more and more young people join the Bitcoin fray, there will be huge amounts of crypto assets to spend. On a continent where more than 35% of people are involved with gambling, that can only mean one thing – Bitcoin casinos.

The absence of a central authority that regulates Bitcoin transactions and anonymity are the two biggest benefits of Bitcoin gambling in Africa. Since no authority can freeze your assets because of gambling, everyone’s in control of their own transactions.

The rising popularity of Bitcoin in Africa should also drive governments to change the legislation related to it. It will also spark the need for a change in online gambling laws. Currently, they vary between African countries. It is regulated in some and strictly prohibited in others. However, Africans can easily gamble online thanks to foreign online casinos that accept African players.

Experts believe that the increased interest in cryptocurrency will eventually lead to the whole continent jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon. With it, legal Bitcoin gambling could follow soon.

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Earn a Stunning Zero Gravity Experience with Bitcasino’s New Promo; Win the Golden Race at Vegas Casino for Nice Cash Prizes

Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather, your ultimate source of Bitcoin games, has a stunning new promo that will take you to the Edge of Space! From October 8 to December 10, you can play all Pragmatic Play games to earn cash prizes and a fair share of the massive €150,000 prize pool. The best part of it all? Apart from one out of three VIP trips to either Kenya, New Zealand or Finland, the winner will get a stunning Zero Gravity Experience in the USA worth €30,000!

Over at Vegas Casino, the Golden Race promotion gives you a chance to earn a prize in Bitcoin from a prize pool of €2,000. Valid from 4 to 13 October, you only have a short time to top the table and win the major prize.

Zero Gravity Experience and VIP Trips – Who Wouldn’t Want That?!

Bitcasino’s Edge of Space campaign will last from October 8 to December 10 and is divided into three periods called Land of Adventure (8-15 October), Wild Safari (5-12 November), and Winter Wonderland (3-10 December). The three names correspond to the top prize – a VIP trip to New Zealand for the first, a trip to Kenya for the second, and a trip to Finland for the third.

Of course, this comes in addition to the many cash prizes from a massive prize pool of €150,000. To opt-in to the enticing promo, you should click the big blue Opt-In button and start playing Pragmatic Play games on PC or mobile. You can play the main or secondary Pragmatic games or a combination of both to enter the tournament. The minimum bet per spin is €0.50, so only bets made in real money will count for the promotion.

There are three prize pools each worth €40,000 for each period. The €30,000 missing is for the top prize. The ultimate winner of’s promo will get nothing short of a trip to the edge of space thanks to a Zero Gravity Experience worth €30,000 in the USA!

Who wouldn’t like that to float around and see how astronauts feel like? Without disregarding the other prizes, the top reward is what makes Bitcasino’s promo so enticing.

Win the Golden Race at Vegas Casino

Vegas Casino’s Golden Race promotion runs from 4 to 13 October and gives you a chance to win a share of a €2,000 prize pool by playing Betsoft games.  The promotion is valid on the Tiger’s Claw and Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped slots. Each one features perfect graphics and unique Betsoft gameplay that will surely keep you entertained for hours.

You only need to wager at least €1 on either game per spin to qualify for the promo. You will get a point for each bet you place – the more points you have, the bigger the chances of winning the Golden Race.

There’s a solid €300 prize for the winner credited in Bitcoin. You have less than 2 days to top the table, so what are you waiting for?

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