Free Spins Galore at and Cloudbet

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With the pandemic pushing us in deep quarantine, it’s fair to say that we can get bored after a while. The good news is that there’s plenty of stuff you can do online. For example, why not spin slots? If you pick or Cloudbet as your destination, you can even win a bunch of free spins while at it.

One of the premier Bitcoin casinos online, gives you a chance to earn 50 free spins every day. Available on TRON deposits and specific slots, it’s a nice boost all players would love to have.

Even more free spins await you at Cloudbet. Join the 1,500 free spins tournament and you can win hundreds without much effort.

Awaken Free Spins with Tron’s promotion gives you 50 free spins every day between March 20 and March 27. Today’s the last day of the promotion and the 50 free spins can be ‘awakened’ by spinning GameArt’s Circus of Horror. Wager at least 10,000 TRX on the unique game to receive anything between 50 and 75 free spins.

Before you get the reward, you’ll need to activate it from the Rewards section. Once you opt-in and place the qualifying wager, the free spins will be sent to your account at once. The reward comes with a value of 4 TRX per spin, but the best part of all is that they don’t have any wagering requirements.

If you’ve never visited, this is your chance to see why it’s called the best. A leading Bitcoin casino with a range of excellent Bitcoin bonuses and other types of rewards, Bitcasino is a true wonder for cryptocurrency gamblers. The site has all the slots and casino games you’ll ever need, all available for free, fiat or digital currencies.

Since the promotion ends at 23:59 GMT today, you better start spinning now.

Even More Free Spins at Cloudbet

Free spins are the best. Just like the name suggests, they’re spins for slots you get for free or completing some kind of a task. At Cloudbet, for example, you can join the ongoing free spins tournament where you’ll need to top the table to win the main prizes.

The promotion has 500 free spins in store up to the end of March. Claiming your free spins collection is easy. Spend 1 mBTC per spin to earn a point and climb the leaderboard to win free spins. The prize pool is 1,500 free spins for Booming Games and Elk Studio’s games. The higher you’re up on the leaderboard, the more free spins you’ll win.

Cloudbet has 2 highlighted slots at the moment – Witches Wild Brew and Micro Knights. These change per day. This doesn’t mean that you can’t play other games to win your fair share of free spins. Slots such as Hit It Big, Voodoo Gold, Tahiti Gold, Booming 777 Deluxe, and Cygnus are also on offer.

Spin these slots at Cloudbet and climb higher up the leaderboard to win hundreds of completely free spins.

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The White House Stimulus Package is a Boost for Bitcoin

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We’re all in the middle of a huge crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic seriously threatening to crash almost all markets. It’s a huge financial obstacle as countries are racing to save their nations from dying. Human lives are invaluable but the treatment is pretty costly.

Amidst the coronavirus crisis, the US economy is on the verge of crashing. In order to help businesses stay alive, the White House has introduced a stimulus package. It’s the largest financial stimulus package in the history of the USA, and what’s most interesting about it is the creation of the new so-called digital dollar which is similar to Bitcoin in some ways.

Public Interest in Digital Currencies Soars

With the market close to crashing, the White House has released a bill that introduces digital currencies in the USA for the first time and officially. The H.R. 6321 bill proposes financial protection and assistance for Americans affected by the pandemic. All recipients of the stimulus package will receive a redeemable electronic unit of value that can be accessed via a digital wallet via electronic services.

Although this unit is not nearly close to Bitcoin since it’s not on the blockchain, it’ll still boost Bitcoin’s value. For the first time in history, Americans will have the chance to see how digital currencies work and why they’re the future of our economy.

Make no mistake – Bitcoin will pump hard in the following weeks. Interest in digital currencies and the blockchain has jumped up since the announcement of the stimulus package, even if the two are unrelated. The proposed dollar would be maintained by the central banking system, yet it will definitely raise interest in BTC in the short and long run.

The stimulus package will give all adult US citizens with a salary below $75,000 per year $2,000 per month in digital assets. All individuals under 18 are also set to receive $1,000 per month. The package is set to help people and businesses cope with the economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak which has been going on for weeks and could stretch for months.

In the USA alone, over 10,000 people are diagnosed with the virus infection every day. Hundreds of people die every day while governors are fighting hard to introduce measures that would curb the spread of the infection. Although China seems to have defeated it, Europe, especially Italy and Spain, are now the focus of infection with thousands of people already dead.

What Does This Mean for Bitcoin?

The stimulus package is nothing but good news for the leading cryptocurrency in the world. Although it comes in challenging times, it’ll surely get a massive boost due to the inclusion of digital currencies in the stimulus package. This is further bolstered by the fact that many European countries such as France have deemed Bitcoin legal just before the pandemic started.

Bitcoin’s price is already up these days and it’s all thanks to the package. Although the digital dollars and Bitcoin are different in their core, they are cut from the same cloth as potential currencies of the future.

With interest in Bitcoin sky-high at the moment, the cryptocurrency price will shatter records on its way up as soon as the pandemic is defeated.

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Earn Bitcoin Specials at; Get Double Reward Points Each Month at Gossip Slots

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With the coronavirus pandemic going on, there’s nothing left for us to do but stay home. Since it’s mandatory, there are plenty of things you can do while staying safe inside. Some people like to Netflix & chill, gamers will, of course, play the latest releases, while some will catch up on their fave TV shows.

But, you know what else you could do? Earn prizes and boost your bankroll at and Gossip Slots. Both Bitcoin casinos offer a fair share of rewards for doing nothing more than playing the games. Take, for example – it features plenty of Bitcoin specials you can earn by simply making Bitcoin deposits.

That’s not all. Join the popular Bitcoin gaming site Gossip Slots and you can earn double rewards on super sweets (mobile & desktop) all month long. was Made for Bitcoin Fans

One of the most popular Bitcoin slots sites online, gives you the chance to earn excellent rewards when you deposit with the leading cryptocurrency. Make your first Bitcoin deposit and claim up to $7,500 in welcome bonuses. And that’s not all. You can score 100% of your friend’s first Bitcoin deposit and another $25 every time they make another.

The Weekly Double Up promo will ‘refill’ your bankroll each week. Just make a Bitcoin deposit and get a 100% match bonus up to $100. You know what’s the best part of it all? This bonus isn’t a current promo – it comes with unlimited redemptions!

As you can see, is feeling very generous, rewarding all its Bitcoin customers with exciting rewards. There are other reasons to use the cryptocurrency to play in the casino. It features faster cashouts and much higher limits. With Bitcoin, you’ll get your winnings faster than the usual and you’ll be able to withdraw bigger limits. It may not look like much to beginners, but high rollers will certainly love those features.

With several Bitcoin specials also on offer, there’s no debate regarding the payment method you need to use at this site. It’s obviously Bitcoin.

Double the Fun with Double Weekly Rewards at Gossip Slots

There are many reasons why you should join Gossip Slots. From the game variety to a long list of extras, Gossip Slots is the place to be. Recently, the slots site gave players a new reason to join – the Rewards Game of the Month program.

Gossip Slots assigns a new game as the Rewards Game of the Month monthly. Everyone who plays it will get double extra points on the bets they make. For example, if Starburst is the game of the month, playing it this month will give you double the points that month. Wondering what you can do with all those points? Head over to Gossip Slots’ VIP rewards Plan to find out. You can exchange them for cash, buy free tickets or free spins, and even claim unique Gossip Slots merch.

With this enticing promo, you get to enjoy a host of great slots at the site and double your points. What’s not to love?

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Hard Times for Bitcoin in Russia

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In a time where more and more countries are becoming Bitcoin-friendly, others like Russia are the cryptocurrency’s biggest opponents. In late 2019, we wrote about an impending ban on Bitcoin and Altcoins in Russia and it seems that it is finally coming to fruition. As of mid-March 2020, Russia’s central bank is planning to ban the issuance and circulation of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

The law regarding Bitcoin has always been confusing in Russia. It’s clear that the government is not sold on the idea of digital currencies. However, the law was pretty confusing and unclear, and the latest statement by the Russian central bank only makes things even more confusing.

Issuance of Bitcoin an “Unjustified Risk” in Russia

A bill called “On Digital Financial Assets” is nearing completion and once it’s voted in the Duma it will ban the issuance and circulation of cryptocurrencies. This was revealed by Alexey Guznov, head of the legal department in the central bank in a recent interview. According to Guznov, legalization of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is an unjustified risk. The Central Bank will explicitly prohibit emission and organization of cryptocurrencies and their circulation. Of course, legal viability is planned if anyone violates rules.

This is bad news for cryptocurrency owners in a massive market where Bitcoin could potentially flourish. In a time when countries such as France and Germany are starting to recognize the potential of Bitcoin, Russia is taking a step back. There might be, however, a silver lining. When asked directly if Russia’s highest financial institution will ban residents from converting cryptocurrency to Rubles, he did not give a direct answer. In fact, he said that the bank wouldn’t be able to regulate such a transaction made from a jurisdiction that doesn’t prohibit it.

Russia’s proposed ban on cryptocurrencies was drafted in early 2018. There have been several delays in regulation and the whole thing has stretched on for years. President Vladimir Putin himself ordered the adoption of the aforementioned bill twice, yet the legislation is still unfinished.

While the central bank isn’t sold on the idea of Bitcoin, it has dabbled with the idea of creating a local digital currency. The institution has been exploring ideas for some time, so this proposed ban on Bitcoin may be just paving the way for a digital Ruble.

Hard Times for Russian Bitcoin Fans

Even with the recent negative news about Bitcoin’s price caused by the coronavirus outbreak, early 2020 brought positive tides for Bitcoin. Germany and France have legalized the cryptocurrency to some extent and other countries are expected to do the same. Such legalization could prove massive for Bitcoin and many crypto industries such as Bitcoin gambling.

A growing industry that could support a solid part of a country’s economy on its own, Bitcoin casinos will no never flourish in Russia. The country’s ban on gambling complicates things further, so it’s fair to say that Russia is one of the biggest opponents of the leading cryptocurrency in the world.

It’s a big shame, though, as it could bring a lot to the country’s budget.

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Win a Share of the Progressive Prize Pool at

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We live in hard times right now with the global outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 closing schools and business in the next few weeks. In order to prevent it, we should all sit at home and cut back on socializing.

And what could someone do with that much time at home? Well, apart from spinning any online slot, why not enter’s Booongo Blooming Wins tournament? There’s a $20,000 prize pool for the luckiest video slots players until March 17. Top the leaderboard to win 15% of the shared pool by spinning Booongo’s exciting slots. That’s it – you don’t have to do anything else.

Elsewhere, bitStarz is hosting a Japan level-up adventure that offers $50,000 in individual prizes as well as many surprising rewards. The adventure ends in 50 days so you have plenty of time to top the leaderboard.

Booongo’s Blooming Wins Tournament

The leading Bitcoin casino is hosting an enticing tournament with a superb prize pool of $20,000. Available on Booongo’s games, the tournament gives you a chance to win a great prize if you top the leaderboard by March 17.

When it comes to the rules, you must spin the participating slots from $0.50 up. For each x1 multiplier on any spin, you earn 1 point. In order to qualify and be eligible for prizes, you must make at least 100 spins on the participating games. The slots you can play to participate in the tournament are:

  • Dragon Pearls
  • Tiger’s Gold
  • Sun of Egypt
  • 777 Gems ReSpin
  • Book of Sun Multichance
  • Poisoned Apple 2
  • Vikings Gods Gold
  • Olympian Gods
  • Scarab Riches
  • Gods Temple Deluxe
  • Tiger’s Gold

In short, you should spin these slots at $0.50 between March 12 and March 17 to enter the tournament and rise up the leaderboard. The winner gets a 15% share of the $20,000 prize pool, with the second and third spots getting 10% and 8%. A total of 200 players will get prizes, with the last one getting a 0.1% share. That’s as good a consolation prize as any.

Japan Level-Up Adventure at bitStarz

Want to go to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? bitStarz gives you the chance to head to the most exciting summer sports tournament with the Japan Level-Up Adventure. You get a chance to win a prize every day until May 1 by collecting points from real money bets. Win a prize, and you’ll need to turn it over 10 times to cash out. All slots contribute to the completion, with table games contributing 5%.

Prizes are paid immediately, and if you win a physical prize, the casino will send it to your address. To enter the tournament, all you need to do is play the games in the exciting Bitcoin casino. You’ll reach new milestones in the progress bar and reach a new level as soon as it is filled.

As you can see, there are plenty of fun things to do while you stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Wash your hands often, stay safe, and we wish you good luck in both tournaments.

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France Joins the List of Bitcoin-Friendly Countries

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Early 2020 brought very positive news from Bitcoin. Apart from breaking out of the bearish slump from the second half of 2019, Bitcoin has been recognized by major European countries such as Germany. Many others ponder cryptocurrency legalization even as we speak. France isn’t on that list, though, as it now officially recognizes Bitcoin as currency.

The great news for crypto communities arrived less of a week ago when a court in Nanterre officially acknowledged Bitcoin as money. France now joins Germany on the list of Bitcoin-friendly countries, although there are still ways to go before the leading cryptocurrency is introduced as a payment method.

France Follows in Germany’s Footsteps

The initial legal case that led to this decision stems from a dispute between Paymium, a French Bitcoin exchange and English investment firm BitSpread. In 2014, the crypto exchange lent BitSpread Bitcoins. Three years later in 2017, Bitcoin Cash emerged as a result of the hard fork, giving Bitcoin holders BCH on a 1:1 ratio. This, of course, led to a dispute between BitSpread and Paymium, as the crypto exchange expected to receive BCH in return.

A French court was selected to decide on the matter and it took 3 years to do so. The Commercial Court of Nanterre has officially deemed Bitcoin as a fungible financial asset similar to fiat currencies. This paves the way for Bitcoin transactions in France which means that trading, repo, lending, and everything else should soon be deemed legal.

This will, of course, make the cryptocurrency market much more liquid and open up the way for new businesses. One notable industry that could gain a lot from the court’s decision is Bitcoin gaming. Since all forms of gambling are regulated and legal in France, the introduction of Bitcoin to online casinos can see the industry explode, and we all know how lucrative that can be.

Positive Bitcoin Legislation Enacted in South Korea and India Too

Apart from Germany, many other countries have enacted positive Bitcoin legislation. India recently officially recognized the cryptocurrency and South Korea is also on the list of countries that now officially recognize Bitcoin as money. The leading cryptocurrency has skyrocketed in price early this year and even though things have settled down in recent weeks, experts fully expect real Bitcoin price fireworks by the end of the year or 2021.

Why? Well, if history repeats itself, the upcoming Bitcoin halving in May should send the price to soar sky-high. Previous halvings have done so, so many experts are adamant that things would go that way this year as well. This, along with positive crypto legislation being enacted in more and more countries can close the gap between digital and fiat currencies.

Banks may not be too happy about that idea, but the world is finally recognizing the benefits of Bitcoin. More and more industries are jumping on the BTC train and it is high time governments recognized it. France is one of the first to do so, and we hope that more countries will follow its example.

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Go on a Crypto Spring Adventure at mBit Casino

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On the hunt for exclusive crypto rewards? mBit casino has everything you need. Join the Crypto Spring Adventure this March to claim untold riches in the form of cash prizes and free spins. Just visit the Crypto Adventure map every day and see what’s on offer. Flourishing reloads are on the menu today, but you can earn yourself a ton of other prizes as well.

Bitcoin casinos are feeling quite generous this March. Another major player on the market, FortuneJack, is hosting a Spring Fling tourney with a prize pool worth $5,000. Better yet, it’s available on a selected group of iSoftBet slots which, if you know the developer, are among the best in business.

Daily Bonuses with mBit’s Crypto Spring Adventure

The mBit Spring Adventure is already well on its way and will continue to the end of the month. All crypto players in the casino get daily chances to earn stunning prizes. If you want a sneak peek, there’ve been 35% bonuses and sets of free spins up to 100 on the menu so far. You can claim unlimited crypto reloads and even fiat reloads today so you can enjoy your favorite slots. And trust us, mBit’s got hundreds.

Skyrocket your bankroll with these prizes and you’ll have a nice fat wallet to play all of the casino’s games. It’s the best way to celebrate the arrival of spring after the cold and long winter. mBit’s Crypto Adventure should put a smile on your face with its crypto map and its perfect, colorful representation of spring.

Claiming the prizes is quite easy. All you need to do is hit the map every day and see what’s on offer. You’ll access them automatically and increase your wins to celebrate spring AKA the best part of the year.

Spring Fling at FortuneJack

Play iSoftBet’s qualifying games to enter FortuneJack casino’s spring adventure that lasts until March 8. Available for 4 days only, you have only a short time so go ahead and enter the tournament to get your hands on a prize from the $5,000 prize pool.

The Spring Fling promo is open to all verified players. You enter the tournament by playing 6 qualifying games. They’re all from iSoftBet’s impeccable catalog, so you know you’ll have plenty of fun. The qualifying games are Diamond Wild, Booster, Legend of Loki, Ghosts and Gold, Skulls of Legend, and Egyptian King.

The T&Cs are quite simple. No minimum bet is required – you can spin the slots for whatever you want. Of course, only real money bets will participate in the tournament. To qualify, head to the Spring Fling promo page and play any of the games mentioned. The prize pool is worth $5,000 and the final score is based on the total winnings for all the rounds played on the qualifying games.

Take part in the tourney and celebrate Spring like a boss. The player who races to the top of the leaderboard will bag a cool $1,800 with no wagering requirements attached. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.

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Elon Musk Not a Fan of Bitcoin

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Tesla CEO and popular entrepreneur Elon Musk is surely one of the most influential people in the world. His opinions on digital currencies have been supported by leading industry experts, although he isn’t big on Bitcoin. Musk has voiced his support for cryptocurrencies in general and recently tweeted his support for an unusual member of the crypto club – Dogecoin.

Back in April 2019, Musk admitted that Bitcoin is not his safe word. “Cryptocurrency is my safe word,” he said at the time, voicing his support for digital currencies in general. Although he’s not directly involved with the finance sector, Musk’s opinion on digital currencies matter since he knows a thing or two about banking as the owner of PayPal.

Neither Here or There on Bitcoin

The recent tweet on Dogecoin is not Musk’s first public opinion on cryptocurrencies. Earlier this year, he said that Bitcoin is not his safe word, but that he believes in cryptocurrencies are the illegal-to-legal bridge for legal transactions. He also referred to the Satoshi whitepaper as very clever and has also been mentioned as the potential mastermind behind it, although he refuted those claims.

Musk’s opinion on digital currencies, Bitcoin or otherwise, matters in the long run. He’s a very influential person and one of the richest people in the world. Constantly using technology to move things forward with his company Tesla, Musk is an opinion maker that could change the way we view cryptos. He mentioned several times before that cash is getting increasingly harder to use, pushing for alternatives that could drive the financial sector forward.

Surprisingly, he has supported Dogecoin instead of the bigger cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ether. Citing that banks are in trouble already, he has openly supported cryptocurrencies as the best alternative to real money. Although not that big on Bitcoin, Musk’s support for Dogecoin and cryptos can make governments think twice.

Many are already reaping the rewards of cryptocurrencies. After proposing a bill that would effectively legalize the status of cryptocurrencies near the end of 2019, Germany is now officially supporting Bitcoin and the lot, clearly defining the line between them and electronic money.

How Elon Musk’s Opinion can Move the Crypto Industry Forward

Elon Musk’s and Tesla’s actions have had a massive impact on the world as we know it. His decision to produce electric vehicles caused a massive shift in the automotive industry, pushing competitors to do the same. It has also resulted in the regulation of diesel engines which are already being pushed out of ‘business’ in many countries around the world.

In the same way, Musk’s opinion could influence the financial sector to be more open to the idea of cryptocurrencies. Many countries have a hard stance on Bitcoin and don’t seem to let up, but opinion-makers such as Elon Musk may be the voice that helps them lessen the laws.

It doesn’t matter that he supports Dogecoin instead of Bitcoin – what really counts is Musk’s opinion on cryptocurrencies.


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Bigger and Better Slot Wars at bitStarz; Earn Loyalty Cash Prizes at Bitcasino

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We’ve already covered bitStarz’s casino’s Slot Wars before. However, the weekly promo just got bigger, better, and ballsier in 2020. You can earn a cash prize from a €5,000 prize pool and over 5,000 free spins split between 150 players in Slot Wars every week. The top prize for the best spinner is a whooping €1,500, enough to spin slots for days and weeks.

bitStarz casino calls all its players to “Have fun and start spinning” – all you need to do is play. There’s just over a day before this week’s promo ends, so you better get spinnin’ and winnin’.

Elsewhere, the leading Bitcoin casino gives you a chance to earn cash prizes in the loyalty club. This isn’t your regular VIP club – the loyalty points can shell out amazing prizes you’ve never seen before. With over 2,000 in the casino’s library, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Bigger, Better, and Ballsier Slot Wars

Weekly promotions are going supernova at bitStarz casino with plenty of rewards for those who top the slot leaderboard. Earn epic cash prizes by simply spinning the slots in the casino’s library. bitStarz’s most popular promotion comes back with a bang for 2020 with a massive cash prize pool worth €5,000 each week.

Top the leaderboard, and you’ll win €1,500.  The second and third spots earn €1,000 and €500 respectively, with cash prizes also available for the first 150 players on the leaderboard. There are no complicated buts or ifs – just spin the galaxy of slots on offer and win the Slot Wars to top the charts.

The live leaderboard is constantly updated so you never lose track of your progress. Head up the list and you’ll be well on your way to earning a €1,500 prize. There are still some requirements you’ll need to fulfill – only players with at least 4 deposits will enter the promotion and of course, the offer is for slots only.

As soon as the weekly promo ends, the winners will be declared in the next 48 hours. Don’t despair if you haven’t won this week. A new round starts automatically as soon as the previous ends, giving you more chances to top the charts.

Loyalty Prizes Abound at

Fun cash prizes await you in’s loyalty club. This isn’t your usual VIP club – it’s much faster and more fun than anything you’ve ever seen before.

Play the games in the library to earn plenty of loyalty points and cash your rebate anytime. Super-fast Bitcoin transactions are another reason why you should become a VIP at Bitcasino. All VIPs can earn bigger and better cash prizes the more they play and wager. Get to the top tiers and you can look forward to a massive 10% rebate.

You get points on every spin, exclusive discounts, and tailored promotions for your eyes only. What’s not to love? Start spinning right now and book your place in Bitcasino’s rewarding loyalty club.

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JPMorgan’s Chase Bank Shifts Stance on Bitcoin and Cryptos

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The largest bank in America and sixth-largest in the world, JPMorgan Chase, has never been a fan of Bitcoin and digital currencies. Worth over $2.6 trillion, the world’s most valuable bank by market capitalization has even called Bitcoin a ‘fraud’ in 2017. With the popularity of cryptocurrencies rising in the past few years, though, it has softened the bank’s attitude towards cryptocurrencies.

It took Chase CEO Jamie Dimon just over a year to regret his 2017 comments and shift his attitude towards Bitcoin. After calling the leading cryptocurrency in the world a ‘fraud’, he expressed his support for the blockchain in 2018. “The blockchain is real,” Dimon said at the time, stating that the bank he runs is now testing blockchain tech.

A Major Shift in Attitude

Dimon’s 2018 comments weren’t a fad. After extensive tests on the blockchain, Chase announced the creation of its own digital currency – the JPM Coin. The digital token is used to make instant transactions between the bank’s clients and different types of payments. Chase’s attitude toward Bitcoin went from 0-100 mph. pretty fast with the introduction of the digital token and the acceptance of blockchain.

Things in the world of cryptocurrencies move with the speed of light just like the bank’s stance. After fully accepting the blockchain and creating its own digital coin, JPMorgan released a report on blockchain last week, noting its “potential to transform banks’ business models with efficient and resilient information transfer”. It also noted the newfound maturity of the crypto market that came as a result of increased participation by financial institutions and regulated exchanges.

Chase’s newfound belief in Bitcoin and the blockchain was received with acclaim from crypto owners and traders. Many believe that this might be the crucial step Bitcoin needed to make to go into the mainstream. The bank’s influence on the American economy is immense, and positive comments on the largest cryptocurrency in the world are a massive shift in the right direction.

Of course, there are still legal obstacles that need to be jumped before things take a positive turn. Thanks to the bank’s latest report that reinstated optimism about the blockchain, though, it could make many businesses recognize the true value of Bitcoin.

What Does This Mean for Bitcoin Transactions?

The report noted that the blockchain is changing the economy and the payment industry and this could have earth-shattering effects in many industries. Cryptocurrency gambling is one that could profit off Chase’s report.

The report opens up new possibilities for cryptocurrencies. Chase picked payments as the clear winner in use cases for the blockchain, and their implementation in numerous new Bitcoin casinos could help the industry grow further. The booming online gaming industry is in love with Bitcoin recently and Chase’s report can be the foundation for many other casinos to start accepting cryptocurrencies.

It’s a whole new world of payments and casino games out there, and Bitcoin is at its center. If other banks follow JPMorgan’s lead, we could be seeing many new industries flourish with cryptocurrencies.

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