Win a Fair Share of a 500 mBTC Prize Pool at Cloudbet; Take Part in Guaranteed Tournaments at GS

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Slots may be the most popular casino game right now, but nothing beats the roulette wheel. The game of chance has been going strong for centuries and is still a major ‘player’ in land-based and online casinos even now. With new exciting additions to the range of roulette games, its popularity won’t dwindle anytime soon.

Some of the most exciting new roulette games are definitely live roulette wheels. If you want to spin your way to a nice cryptocurrency prize, Cloudbet casino gives you a great opportunity. Spin any of Evolution’s live reels up until February 23 and you can win yourself a nice portion of the 500 mBTC prize pool.

Want to earn even bigger prizes? Check out Gossip Slots’ tournament page – you’ll surely find something to take part in.

500 mBTC Up for Grabs at Cloudbet

One of the leading Bitcoin casinos online, Cloudbet, is hosting a Roulette Week Leaderboard tournament with 500 mBTC up for grabs. To qualify, your turnover must be a minimum of 0.1 BTC. You will get 1 point for every turnover of 6 mBTC with the top 10 players on the leaderboard spreading the prize pool among them.

You can spin any of Evolution Gaming’s live roulette wheels to qualify including RNG Lightning Roulette and RNG European Roulette. The top prize is 150 mBTC which, you must agree, is a pretty nice prize. You’ll get 100 mBTC for a second-place finish and 70 for the third spot. The last-placed player will only get an honorary prize of 10 mBTC, but it still beats fiat currency prizes.

If you’ve ever played live roulette games, you know how great Evolution’s titles are. Scratch that – they’re not great, they’re the best in the industry. RNG European and Lightning Roulette have breathed new life in classic roulette and made it all the more exciting. The fact that you must spin Evolution’s roulette reels to win a prize from the pool makes this prize giveaway even better.

The tournament ends on February 23 (23:59) so you only have a few days to top the leaderboard. All prizes will be paid on the 24th (14:00) so you won’t have to wait for long to get your hands on them.

$30,000 in Prizes Every Month at GS

A popular Bitcoin slot casino online, Gossip Slots is hosting various tournaments worth $30,000 every month. As the casino states, they’re a great way to win big with small buy-ins and you can play all the games on desktop or your mobile phone.

Visit the tournaments page and pick your poison – from slot tournaments to table game races, there’s something for everyone in store. Pit your wits and skills against the top players in the world in a series of world-class tournaments that can nicely boost your bankroll. Make sure to check out the tournament daily and weekly schedule so you don’t miss any details.

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Bitcoin and Crypto Assets Definitely Not Banned in India

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Good news for Indian Bitcoin owners – the leading cryptocurrency in the world is definitely not banned in the Asian country. The Reserve Bank of India AKA India’s central bank has officially declared Bitcoin and crypto-assets “not banned”. India’s citizens can hold, store, invest, and trade cryptocurrencies from now on. It’s a major win for Bitcoin and cryptos, although some experts aren’t banking their hopes on it. According to some, this doesn’t make cryptos legal – it just officially recognizes their value.

The news comes after a period of uncertainty for cryptocurrencies in India. For a long time, no one knew exactly how legal cryptos were. The RBI has previously banned crypto businesses although localized crypto exchanges and certain businesses were active. Now that crypto activities are legal, crypto businesses in India including Bitcoin casinos can thrive.

A Big Step Forward for Bitcoin

BRI’s statement came in a response to a petition from the IAMAI – the Internet and Mobile Association of India. The organization filed a petition to reconsider a crucial 2018 document by the BRI which regulated businesses not to deal in cryptocurrencies. Numerous Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are part of this organization and their businesses were hindered by the 2018 circular.

As soon as it was released, IAMAI contacted India’s Supreme Court. They sought clarification on the state of cryptos in India and got their response at a hearing earlier this month. As the IAMAI argued, dealing in cryptos in the absence of a law that bans them makes them automatically legal. The circular, however, prohibited such activity, putting their profits on the line.

The Reserve Bank of India fired a quick response claiming that virtual currencies are not banned in the Asian country. It has only ring-fenced certain activities to reduce the risk of wrongdoing. Many have praised the move by the RBI, but others aren’t so sure. Although the RBI’s statement clears the air in India in regards to crypto operations, there’s still uncertainty over these dealings.

The Government May Continue to Crack Down on Crypto Operations

Experts believe that RBI’s statement doesn’t change much in regards to Bitcoin. Under the pretence of money laundering, the government may still crack down on crypto operations including Bitcoin gambling. Crypto online gaming is very popular in India. Even though the law is unclear on it, Indian players can play Bitcoin games at numerous foreign casinos that accept cryptos.

Then there’s the possibility that cryptocurrencies will be banned in the future. The affidavit noted that VSs are constantly being used to purchase illegal and illicit goods, so it could act swiftly to ban certain businesses.

Although the RBI has officially declared virtual currencies as “not banned”, there’s a lot of work ahead. IAMAI members are still waiting on official clarification of the statement and the court hearings are not over yet. Still, it’s a large win overall for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that could see the crypto economy in the Asian country thrive.

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mBit and Fortune Jack Casino Are Your Valentine’s Dates This Year

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It’s Valentine’s Day and if you don’t have a date already, don’t worry – mBit and Fortune Jack casino have your back. mBit casino wants to make this day special for you with a surprise giveaway. Be fast, though – it only runs to the end of the day. Qualify for it and you’ll win a prize that will help you remember this year’s Valentine’s Day for good.

Another popular Bitcoin casino, Fortune Jack, has its own Valentine promo that lasts from February 14 to February 16. All you need to qualify and win a Lovesick Fortune is play iSoftBet’s hit slots to get a cool 20% cashback and cover your losses. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and the best gifts are over at mBit and Fortune Jack casino.

Let mBit be Your Valentine

One of the leading Bitcoin casinos online, mBit has a great Valentine Day’s promo that will give you a surprise gift. Qualifying for it is easy – all you have to do is reply to one of the Secret Giveaway emails and deposit at least 0.005 BTC by the end of the day (23:59 UTC). It doesn’t matter if you’ve made deposits this month – you can make a deposit today to qualify for the Valentine’s promotion.

If you win a prize, you will be notified via email. Only one prize is allowed per user and you can’t create multiple accounts to win more. Just play fair and let mBit casino make your Valentine’s day. We have no idea what the surprise gift may be. And that’s OK – after all, it’s a surprise giveaway. All that suspense is killing us and we’re sure it’ll attract many players too.

Deposit at least 0.005 BTC right now and reply to the casino’s Valentine promo email to qualify. Let love and secret gifts rule on this lovely day and enjoy Valentine as you should.

Even More Valentine Prizes at Fortune Jack

Plenty of other gifts await you on Valentine’s Day at other casinos. Take Fortune Jack casino for example – it offers a Lovesick Fortune you can earn by playing iSoftBet’s best online slots. Get in on Valentine Day’s action by playing Ghosts N Gold, Egyptian King, Lucky Leprechaun, Legend of Loki, Book of Immortals, and Skulls of Legends to qualify for the promo and win a cool cashback.

You can qualify by playing any or all of these slots between 14 and 16 February. Don’t worry if you lose – Fortune Jack will cover 20% of those losses (minimum €10 in cryptocurrency) and make your Valentine Day a blast. The cashback is calculated on net losses – the total real money bets on the games must be higher than the total win amount during the promotional period. Keep in mind that bonus money doesn’t count.

Give iSoftBet’s slots a spin or two and you’ll get a 20% cashback courtesy of Fortune Jack for a Valentine’s Day to remember.

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German Banks Applying for Crypto Services

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Last year, many European countries finally took a clear stance on Bitcoin. While some have outlawed it, others, like Germany, have realized the benefits of cryptocurrencies in general. German banks have recognized Bitcoin just before the end of 2019 and now they’re applying to offer crypto custody and services.

The 5th European Money Laundering Directive came into full effect from January 1, 2020. The updated EU law clarifies things about Bitcoin and other cryptos and allows banks to treat both as bonds or stocks. It applies to tokens as well since the directive considers cryptocurrencies a much broader digital representation of value.

German Banks Now Seeking Approval for Crypto Custody

The Fifth European Money Laundering Directive considers cryptocurrencies a very broad range of digital representation of value not guaranteed by a bank nor attached to legal currency. However, it is accepted by legal or natural persons as a means of exchange that can be stored or transferred electronically.

According to Handelsblatt, Germany’s financial ‘watchdog’, over 40 banks have expressed interest in offering crypto services. The names have not yet been released to the public, but the interest is there. This shouldn’t be so much of a surprise. After Germany announced its intentions to become the go-to location for cryptos, banks have been open to the idea of storing Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This is great news of European crypto-traders since interest in cryptos and the blockchain is on the rise.

One of the banks interested in Bitcoin is Solarisbank. The bank’s head of crypto banking confirmed that Solarisbank plans to enter the crypto game with the updates of the Money Laundering Act now into place. More banks are expected to follow Solaris’ example which will be a major shift in crypto regulation across Europe.

All institutions (e.g. banks) that want to provide crypto services should apply and register their interest with Germany’s regulator by the end of March. They won’t be approved at once – a transitional period will commence until November 2020. The market, according to Frank Schaffler from the Free Democratic Party, is growing much quicker than expected. This, as experts have noted, is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because more institutions are starting to recognize the potential of cryptocurrencies and a curse because it might be temporarily fuelled by the new legislation.

Nevertheless, the fact that Germany now openly accepts cryptocurrencies will surely be celebrated by millions of people.

The New Legislation Might Make Germany a Crypto Haven

Now that German banks are officially open to the idea of Bitcoin, this should open up a world of possibilities. The blockchain is an exciting technology that might act as a fuel to various industries including crypto gambling. Bitcoin online casinos are sure to appear on the market as soon as German banks start trading crypto. It’s an exciting digital world out there with endless possibilities, and Germany is first in line to take it all in.

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Enjoy Bigger Perks at Cafe Casino with Bitcoin; Daily Reload Bonuses at Oshi

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If you own Bitcoins and you’re also a fan of online gaming, Cafe casino is the place to be. A popular Bitcoin casino with exciting crypto and fiat promos, you can now enjoy bigger perks at Cafe casino with its Bitcoin Bonanza promotion. You don’t need to claim the offer or unlock it – just deposit in BTC and enjoy bigger perks. Using the leading cryptocurrency in the world in this casino will super-size your bonuses and rewards and open the doors for more extra cash.

Another popular Bitcoin casino gives you a chance to reload every day. Oshi casino’s daily reload bonuses will cover parts of your losses regularly and keep your bankroll intact. The reload bonuses come after you’ve used your 4 welcome bonuses and the best part of it all is that they’re gonna keep coming forever!

It’s a Bitcoin Bonanza at Cafe Casino

Cafe casino is all about Bitcoin rewards. It encourages its players to pick Bitcoin as their payment method by offering superb bonuses you won’t see elsewhere. Apart from the Bitcoin welcome bonus, the latest Bitcoin Bonanza promo allows you to claim up to $6,000 when you make your first deposit in BTC.

Even better, the casino will match all your Bitcoin deposits with a 350% boost up to $700 and give you a $100 extra for each referral and $25 for each Bitcoin referral. As you can see, there’s plenty of extra cash ‘lying around’ Cafe casino and all you need to do is deposit with Bitcoin. Neat!

That’s not all you’ll be getting. Using Bitcoin in the casino will ‘unlock’ bigger benefits such as higher withdrawal limits and blazing-fast withdrawals. If you’re new to the cryptocurrency, don’t worry – Cafe casino has expert Bitcoin deposit tutorials that will help you. There’s general info on Bitcoin as well so you can get familiar with the leading crypto in the world and learn how to use it.

Thanks to the super-sized bonuses, we strongly encourage you to join the casino and make deposits in BTC. It’s super simple and will get you bigger and better rewards and benefits, so why not try it?

Oshi’s Daily Reloads

Another premium Bitcoin casino, Oshi, gives all its players to reload every day after they’ve used their first 4 welcome bonuses. Yes, the reloads are available to all players at Oshi and best of all, they will go on forever!

That’s right – Oshi’s daily reloads will never stop so you have unlimited chances to cover your losses and play with extra cash. Just make sure to check the daily reload Oshi bonus code when you claim the bonus – a new one will be generated every day.

Match bonuses, deposits bonuses, and bags of free spins are also on offer. Oshi is quite a generous casino, so if you want to earn plenty of extra cash and play the best Bitcoin games, it’s a perfect choice.

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Google Brings Back the Bitcoin Blast App after Sudden Suspension

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Google, the tech giant that owns YouTube and the Android platform, has had a very strained relationship with cryptocurrencies. It is common knowledge that the Play Store doesn’t allow any crypto-related apps and YouTube often went to war with Bitcoin and the crypto scene. Many Bitcoin owners have cried censorship and claimed they were unfairly targeted by the tech giant, even after Google apologized for the removal of crypto videos from the video platform.

Now, the company once again drew the anger of Bitcoin enthusiasts after unexpectedly removing a fun app that allowed players to earn BTC by playing a game. The Bitcoin Blast app can be described as a fun BTC Candy Crush spin-off and was installed by thousands after hitting the store mid-January. It was removed by Google in less than a week with the juggernaut citing “deceptive practices” as the reason behind the removal. A week later, the app is back on the Play Store to the delight of its fans.

Is Google Trying to Kill Bitcoin?

This isn’t the first time Google has tried to kill Bitcoin apps and content. Although a number of wallets are available in the store, Google’s approach is deeply tied to traditional banking products rather than the crypto industry. It’s going to remain that way in the future with Google’s planned bank account hitting the store soon.

The latest anti-crypto move suspended the Bitcoin Blast app, but Google won’t admit it. Representatives of the company and another tech giant, Apple, said that the app will be reinstated after updating certain policies it has violated. Daniel Rice, co-founder and CTO at Bling, the studio that developed the app, explained that it wasn’t suspended for being involved with cryptocurrency. After updating the code and policies, the app is now back in the Play Store, with the iOS version currently put on hold.

Bling’s team was enraged by the lack of warning before the suspension. When they contacted Google, they didn’t receive a clear explanation, only citing “deceptive behavior” policy as the main reason. Luckily, the app is now back in the store, although some users are still experiencing problems.

Google is Vigilant of Potential Scams in the Play Store

As mentioned, Google has seen its fair share of crypto wallets in the store which has opened up another problem. Faked wallets and rogue apps attempting to steal private keys have managed to slip in unnoticed which has caused a lot of trouble for many users. Google is trying its best to suspend these apps, but as one YouTube employee said, the sheer number of apps (or videos on YouTube) makes fast response very difficult.

For now, Play Store techies are doing the best they can to keep fake crypto wallets out of the Play Store. What’s concerning is the fast response to fun apps such as Bitcoin Blast that have been unfairly targeted according to Blast. If this is Google’s policy against the crypto industry, it’s going to draw the ire of the whole community. Bitcoin casino apps are off-limits for now unless Google shifts its stance on cryptocurrencies in general.

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Earn a Cool Reload Bonus with Mega Match Mondays at Cloudbet; Free Spins for Your Digits at mBit

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With the weekend coming up, you have a cool chance to reload your bankroll at Cloudbet and get a boost on Monday. One of the leading Bitcoin casinos online, Cloudbet gives all its customers a 50% deposit match (up to 25 mBTC) on Mondays. All you need to do is deposit and play on Monday and that’s it – you’ll qualify for the bonus automatically. This deposit will also qualify you for Cloudbet’s Turbo Thursday reload bonus that will help you start the weekend in style.

Want to earn a bunch of free spins for nothing? Head to mBit casino and you’ll get 50 for your phone digits. Simply verify your mobile phone number and voila! You’ll be reimbursed with 50 no deposit free spins to spin all the great games in this Bitcoin casino’s library.

Mega Match Mondays Are the Best

Want to juice up your week and play with a bursting wallet? Head straight to Cloudbet, opt-in to the promo, then deposit at least 1 mBTC or more (up to 25 mBTC) on Monday to receive a mouth-watering boost. Cloudbet will issue the bonus to your account after 05:00 UTC – just head to your Dashboard and you’ll see it.

The promo offer is a 50% reload bonus up to 25 mBTC and is open to all customers. To qualify for the offer, you must have made 3 successful deposits by Friday and fund your account with at least 1 mBTC on Monday. Keep in mind that you must activate the bonus before it’s credited. The Mega Match Mondays bonus has a 30x rollover requirement that you must complete in 2 days before you’re able to make a withdrawal.

Every spin on slots counts when using the bonus funds as opposed to only 10% played on table games. All slots are in play except for Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. Considering the fact that Cloudbet casino has a sizeable game lobby, it won’t be hard to find a slot you like and complete the wagering quickly. Once you do, you will receive a substantial boost on Monday and juice up your week.

Oh, we forgot to mention that this bonus automatically qualifies you for the Turbo Thursday promo at Cloudbet. With it, you’ll receive another reload bonus just in time for the weekend.

Claim 50 Free Spins with Your Mobile Phone Number

Spin this weekend in style with 50 completely free spins at mBit casino. You don’t need to make a deposit – all you need to do is join mBit casino, verify your phone number, and start spinning like a boss.

The promo is available to all new mBit customers (aged 18+) and comes in 2 sets each worth 25 free spins. Just confirm your phone number when prompted and that’s it. Enter the confirmation code and you’ll get the first batch of free games that are available for 7 days and have a rollover of 50x. You can use them on selected video slots – head to mBit Bitcoin casino to check the list out yourself.

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Venezuelan President Maduro Approves First Crypto Casino

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Nicolas Maduro, the controversial Venezuela president, has just approved the opening of a crypto-run casino. It will be open at the Hotel Humboldt at the Avila National Park. All bets in the casino will be made in Petros, the Venezuelan state-run cryptocurrency that’s been often compared to Bitcoin.

The news from Maduro comes after him and the government have been pushing the country’s businesses to start accepting Petros. It is also a major departure from the politics of former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez (Maduro’s mentor) who closed all casinos across the country and deemed them a den for drugs, position, and other crimes. The fact that his student is now open to the idea of crypto-casinos will surely open the country for Bitcoin gambling opportunities and possibly make it a haven for crypto owners.

The First Petro Casino in the World

The casino will be open in one of the most luxurious casinos in Caracas. It will be a Petro exclusive, although players can exchange several other crypto and fiat currencies to the government-backed one. The good news is that all proceeds from the casino can be used for healthcare and education.

“Everyone can come and bet with Petros. You can buy them with dollar, yuan, euros, other cryptos. You can bet legally as contemplated by the national laws,” Maduro stated. The Hotel Humboldt reopened in 2018 after a long lights-out period for gambling in Venezuela. Although the president didn’t mention which currencies can be exchanged to Petro, the Petroapp mentions that you can use BTC, DASH, and LTC.

Launched officially in February 2018, the Petro is a government-backed cryptocurrency that Maduro praises. The president has been pushing for businesses to begin using it so the country doesn’t rely on foreign currencies anymore. Internationally, many believe the Petro is a scam with the USA banning its use. Maduro has decreed mandatory use of Petros for passports in the country and also decreed that all fuel sold by the national oil and gas company will be made in Petros from now on.

Casinos Making a Comeback in Venezuela

After a dark time of gambling in the South American country, casinos have started coming back to Venezuela. Although Nicolas Maduro didn’t mention if Bitcoin could be used in the Hotel Humboldt casino, he did state that it will be operational in a few months. As soon as the casino opens its doors to players it is widely expected to also launch its online gaming site with the same fiat and cryptocurrencies in use.

If Petro-gambling catches fire in Venezuela, we don’t doubt that new casinos will open the doors for Bitcoin gambling and crypto-gambling in general. Time will show if Maduro’s cryptocurrency will succeed or fail. If it is a hit in Hotel Humboldt, we’re sure that it’s just a matter of time before Venezuela turns to a crypto-gambler’s heaven. All proceeds from the casino will be invested in education and healthcare in the country and that’s something many will support.

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Extra Fun GameArt Campaign at; Cool Friday Reload Bonus at Gossip Slots

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Start the weekend in style by taking part in Bitcasino’s GameArt extra fun campaign where you can win a share from a massive €25,000 prize pool. One of the best developers in the industry GameArt is hosting a tournament that allows you to play its exciting games and collect points to top the leaderboard and win a nice prize.

The total prize pool is €25,000, with the reward for the top spot a fantastic €12,000. We’re in the final stages of the tournament which runs from January 20 to January 26 and with the weekend in front, it’s time to spin those slots and try to win the main prize.

If you’ve been in a slump lately at Gossip Slots, the casino gives you a chance to reload just in time for the weekend. Use the bonus code FRI100 for a 100% reload bonus on Friday and hit the best slots in the industry with a full bankroll.

Extra Fun Rewards at Bitcasino

One of the premier Bitcoin casinos online is hosting an extra fun tournament powered by GameArt’s slots. You can play video slots such as Battle for Atlantis, Wolf Hunt, Dragon Whisperers, and Norns’ Fate on your PC or Android/iOS mobile device to collect points and win prizes. There’s €25,000 up for grabs with the top prize worth €12,000. The second spot is ‘worth’ €6,000, while the third-placed player earns €2,000. Not too shabby, right?

The €25,000 are spread among the top 100 players on the leaderboard so everyone wins with GameArt’s promo. Even if you’re late to the party and rank among the last, you’ll win a consolation prize of €15. The tournament is pretty easy to enter – all you have to do is start betting now.

You get a point for each €1 bet you make with the minimum qualifying wager set at €10. Since there are only two days to go, don’t wait anymore. Start spinning those exciting slots today and you have a great chance to top the leaderboard and snatch the main prize.

Friday Reload at Gossip Slots

Gossip Slots is one of the leading Bitcoin slots casinos online with a cool selection of the best video slots in the industry. If you love spinning slots but you’ve recently been down on your luck, the casino will give you a nice reload bonus on Friday to you can keep playing your faves.

What you get depends on your status in the casino. For example, Gold members on Level 4 get a 100% reload Friday bonus that covers 100% up to €250. You must use the specific bonus code FRI100 to unlock the bonus. The higher your status, the bigger the reload. Ivory members can get the best deal by collecting 250% up to €2,000 on Friday or as much as 165 free spins.

As you can see, it pays to be a regular at Gossip Slots, so you better start spinning.

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Zurich-based SEBA AG Now Offers Crypto Services

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Switzerland’s banks have always been known to keep the wealth of their clients off-limits. The country itself has managed to remain neutral amidst political turbulence and didn’t play a part in both World Wars. Instead, it privately safeguards the wealth of its clients and is known as a mecca for offshore accounts.

Swiss banks always come up with innovative solutions that push the banking system to its limits. Now, one of the leading private banks in the country, SEBA AG, has become one of the earliest to offer crypto services. Although it’s not the first one of its kind, the bank is the first that openly trades cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether.

Switzerland Enters a Brave New Crypto Era

In just a short time, SEBA managed to raise around over $100 million (100 million Francs), mostly due to angel investors including Guy Schwarzenbach. A libertarian who has his own Raspberry Pi-powered Lightning Network node, Schwarzenbach has said that he values SEBA’s new Bitcoin banking options. He also added that he appreciates the physical security benefits – after all, it’s much safer to store your valued Bitcoins in a bank rather than storing them online where they are vulnerable.

The pricing of the new SEBA app trades is pretty competitive due to the fact that it’s enabled by backend API integrations.  That’s another factor that intrigued Guy Schwarzenbach and the reason why he chose SEBA.

Guido Buhler, SEBA’s CEO, said that potential customers don’t even have to come to Switzerland to open up an account in the bank. “You can just call over the phone and the whole thing will be done in 15 minutes”, he stated. Many people simply don’t believe in banks, but as Buhler put it, there are things banks will always be required for. One such thing is the storage of your private key. Thanks to SEBA’s new crypto trading options, it will be safely tucked away so you don’t have to worry about it.

More than a few blockchain start-ups and rich individuals are already served by the bank which is a promising start. SEBA AG has the unique ability to hold a variety of currencies and trade BTC, ETH, and even Stellar lumens. It’s something the competition rarely offers and will surely attract high-profile investors.

Europe Changing its Stance on Bitcoin?

The news from Switzerland comes after a wave of positive news regarding Bitcoin and its legal status in Europe. Digital currencies are becoming more and more popular, and the Bank of England is now seriously examining the potential of adopting a Bitcoin-style currency along with other banks. It’s a step in the right direction for cryptocurrencies and comes amidst the emergence of private sector digital currencies including Facebook’s own Libra.

SEBA’s newfound crypto-trading options could open up the market for Bitcoin gambling and many new industries. Countries are finally starting to see the benefits of digital currencies and we think it won’t be long before a major breakthrough occurs.

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